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On misconstruction of EUA countermeasures and vaccines as medicinal products, rather than weapons and poisons, and on legal-judicial system role in sustaining public ignorance and submission.

Hospital homicides, draft discovery questions.

On US-FDA worldwide non-regulation of Covid-19 vaccines construed as gene therapies.

Pretense of biological product manufacturing de-regulation layered on pretense of biological product manufacturing regulation.

Parsing "Yay, we did it!" informational misdirection campaigns.

Updated PDF collections

National and worldwide vaccination programs and US-FDA vaccine non-regulation as among the longest of long cons.

Sen. Rand Paul could introduce a bill to repeal the US laws that enable worldwide, US-led pandemic-preparedness-and-response-predicated mutilation and killing programs.

On hospital and nursing home death protocols.

Sen. Rand Paul, FDA Modernization Act 2.0, and animal testing of new drugs.

Legal frameworks for State-sponsored biochemical warfare.

On the ugliness of corrupted law as a barrier to seeing it.

On FDA buildings as virtual mailboxes to project the public illusion of biological product manufacturing regulation.

Model nullification act, draft of first few sections.

Top 10 US federal laws Congress should repeal to end worldwide vaccination, mutilation and killing programs.

There is no legal limit to the amount of so-called contamination that can legally be included in vaccines or any other biological products.

Which American federal laws must be repealed by Congress and nullified by states to shut down worldwide public health-emergency preparedness and response-kill box programs?

Global Catastrophic Risk Management Act, enacted by Congress and Biden Dec. 2022, codified at 6 USC 821-825.

Global pandemic preparedness and response provisions already in US domestic law.

Treason evidence, US Presidents, Congress members, federal agency administrators: 1970-1989.

Evidence of Presidential and Congressional treason, 1900-1969

Bits and pieces about 10 USC 1107a(a) consent waivers, EUA products, BLA products, legalized FDA non-regulation of pharmaceutical manufacturing, and related things.

Pandemics are fake. Federal and state public health emergency kill box laws can be repealed and nullified.

As cow-bird-milk flu silliness hits its stride for Summer 2024, some suggestions.

Repeal county PHE kill box law 'emergency operations plans' and withdraw from county-state and county-federal kill box contracts.

Terms, phrases and organizations involved in worldwide regulatory and manufacturing deception surrounding vaccines and other biological products.

Current Congress members have legal authority and moral agency to stop vaccine-mediated mutilation and killing programs worldwide.

Globalist misleaders focus public attention on WHO International Health Regulations to distract people from understanding and repealing federal and state public health emergency law.

Other researchers who have compiled evidence that US military-public health-vaccination programs injure and kill people.

Congressional acts passed between 1990 and 2022, implementing the World Health Organization, International Health Regulations (2005)

On why FDA revised written non-rules for non-regulation of biological products to make them more unintelligible, inapplicable and unenforceable since the 1990s.

Help state and federal lawmakers understand the legal predicaments created and maintained by international and domestic public health emergency law.

On a July 2022 petition filed by state AGs, asking HHS to give up three of the five predicates HHS uses to consolidate executive power on public health emergency pretexts.

Repeal state public health emergency, emergency management, and communicable disease control laws.

Vaccine and related biological product manufacturing as US government-licensed poison manufacturing.

Vaccines have always been heterogeneous mixtures of toxins used to intentionally sicken people and animals.

Interview with Refuge of Sinners

Deregulation of biological product manufacturing, mid-1990s to present.

Regulatory simulations at home and abroad: statutory and regulatory definitions for drugs, biological products, and biosimilars.

Regulatory simulations at home and abroad: Mutual Recognition Agreements

Four questions and four responses.

Tools for illuminating, defying and dismantling kill box laws: collection.

Poison pills, sinful structures and legal unpalatability.

On whole-of-government criminal conspiracies: pandemic preparedness, biological and chemical weapons contracting, and EUA countermeasures.

What section of the US Code did the Global Health Security and International Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response Act enter after enactment Dec. 23, 2022?

Government-directed mass murder: legal issues for further research.

Disparate standards of scientific evidence: EUA biochemical weapons program; Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program; and PACT Act military toxic exposure compensation program.

Tools for illuminating, defying and dismantling kill-box anti-laws: state nullification procedure acts.

On waivers of sovereign immunity as contract provisions for nation-states buying US military countermeasures.

Tools for illuminating, defying and dismantling kill-box anti-laws: county commission resolutions recommending against administration of mRNA shots into children.

Tools for illuminating, defying and dismantling kill-box anti-laws: Medical Countermeasures Awareness Bill.

Tools for illuminating, defying and dismantling kill-box anti-laws: Questions to stimulate curiosity about EUA countermeasures.

Tools for illuminating, defying and dismantling kill-box anti-laws: Latypova memo on legal status of EUA countermeasures.

On recursive, iterative legal instruments and intentional legal ambiguities.

Read-aloud: Malcolm Muggeridge, On Humanae Vitae, July 1978

Feb. 9, 2023 Children's Health Defense Q&A, transcript

Presentations in video format, 15 min, 30 min, 75 min, more.

2023 Bailiwick posts, larger font PDF

All Bailiwick work is available for all readers to use.

Legal challenges that can terminate the ‘public health emergencies’ kill box programs and revoke the other ‘emergency’ powers wielded by the federal executive branch for 90+ years

Reports that may help readers explain the public-health/vaccines/bioterrorism program to others.

2022 Bailiwick posts, larger font PDF.

Law and Antilaw: 1995 report by Constitution Society

Constitutional challenges to kill box laws: draft factual history and list of constitutional violations.

Bailiwick collections, 2022 and 2023

On the omission of the July 28, 1945 Senate ratification vote, from a draft Congressional repeal bill purporting to withdraw the US from the United Nations.

On the historical development and current list of 'quarantinable communicable diseases.'

Interview with Reinette Senum

Interview with Maria Zeee.

Interview with Peter and Ginger Breggin

On the importance of truthful factual history sections in civil and criminal prosecution of intentional, legalized, medicalized mass murder programs.

On international and US legal instruments governing "adjustment of domestic legislative and administrative arrangements" and exercise of political authority during declared public health emergencies.

Biologic Markers in Immunotoxicology.

Read-aloud: Cooper v. Aaron

On the continuing effort to fit a square peg (legalized manufacturing and use of biological weapons) into a round hole (FDA drug, device and biological product regulation).