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Research and writing focus: structural analysis of really big lies.

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Note re: comment threads - Since November 2023, I’ve closed the comment threads on Bailiwick posts, because they became more distracting than useful. The time/opportunity costs (to find and respond to thoughtful, substantive comments and questions among the other sorts of comments) outweighs the benefits. They’re not behind a paywall. They’re just closed. I don’t plan to reopen them.

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About me - Katherine Watt is a Roman Catholic, American, Gen-X writer, paralegal, wife and mother.

About my work - In 2022, I worked on finding, reading, analyzing and reporting on statutes and regulations passed by US Congress, implemented by US Health and Human Services secretaries and Secretaries of Defense, and executive orders and legislation signed by US presidents, mostly since 1983, and on judicial decisions by federal and state courts, as criminal acts of treason that built the legal foundations for the unconstitutional, democidal American public health-police state, which was deployed fully for the first time on January 31, 2020 with HHS Secretary Alex Azar’s declaration of public health emergency on the Covid-19 pretext.

In 2023, I continued writing about those legal issues to support well-ordered constitutional republican governance on American soil and criminal prosecutions of traitors and bioterrorists exposed through Covid-19.

In 2023, I also wrote some posts addressing the history of the Catholic Church, eternal law, natural law, human law, the Church-State relationship and subsidiarity, as they relate to globalist biomedical-financial warfare and Satanic totalitarianism structures erected over the past century or so.

In 2023, I planned to further study the financial crimes committed against the Constitutional republic and our People in recent decades by the Bank for International Settlements and the Federal Reserve, including the theft of $21 trillion through the US Department of Defense and US Department Housing and Urban Development, along with current state-level efforts to establish legitimate financial systems, including sovereign state banks and bullion depositories, and potentially claw back some of the stolen assets. I didn’t get far due to other writing priorities.

I’ve written a little bit about “Organic Constitution,” state nationals and state assemblies that many readers have contacted me about. See June, October, November and December 2022, and February 2023. I do not endorse the state nationals movement, because I think it represents a disordered relationship between individual, society and God: it’s disordered differently from the also-disordered atheist-materialist global technocracy sought by the Rothschild-Rockefeller cabal, but still disordered. Interested readers can subscribe to Shire Herald and TASA for further information.

More about Bailiwick News

Bailiwick News is an independent newspaper I founded in January 2016 to offer in-depth, long-form, contextualized investigative reporting and critical analysis of Centre County, Pennsylvania public affairs.

It’s called Bailiwick News to reflect the sociopolitical, economic and legal status of the American people as peasant subjects in a neo-feudal, global jurisdiction of control and oppression; we are no longer sovereign citizens of a functioning Constitutional republic.

From 2016 to 2020, I investigated and wrote about government and corporate corruption in Centre County, Pennsylvania, aiming to support the secular work of reforming or replacing current legal, political and economic systems to restore the power of individual citizens to meaningfully govern the affairs of our own lives and our communities.

In 2020 and 2021, I wrote political and social commentary on government and media abuse of power related to Covid-19 lockdowns and medicalized totalitarianism, and how those things relate to traditional American values including liberty, the dignity, conscience and worth of the human individual, and informed consent. I also provided links to articles and reports about data on the safety and efficacy of measures such as stay-at-home orders; church, school and business closures; masking, social distancing, mass testing, and mRNA/DNA injections.

Since October 2021, I've been writing essays and investigative reports about legal, political, economic and religious systems as battlegrounds in a geopolitical spiritual war underway around the world: the fight between good and evil as reflected in human affairs.

Bound volumes

Bound volumes are available at the Penn State Special Collections Library and used to be available at Centre County Library & Historical Society (Bellefonte). Bound volumes may also be purchased by contacting the author at

For further reading, please see Malachi Martin’s  The Keys of This Blood.

Act, and God will act, work and He will work.

–St. Joan of Arc

Prayer of St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of journalists and Catholic writers:

Almighty God,

Strengthen and direct, we pray,
the will of all whose work it is to write what many read,
and to speak where many listen.

May we be bold to confront evil and injustice;
understanding and compassionate of human weakness;
rejecting alike the half-truth which deceives,
and the slanted word which corrupts.

May the power which is ours, for good or ill,
always be used with honesty and courage,
with respect and integrity,
so that when all here has been written, said and done,
we may, unashamed, meet Thee face to face.


St. Francis de Sales. Painting by Giovanni Batista Lucini.

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Gen-X Catholic writing about Covid-times law, geopolitics, philosophy and theology.


Gen-X Catholic writer, paralegal, wife and mother