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Short follow-up on peak oil

On peak oil as another fraud crime inflicted on the world by central bankers to support their control-and-kill program and misdirect opposition to it.

Legal history of the American domestic bioterrorism program is useful for understanding why the crimes continue and criminal prosecutions have not happened yet.

Repost: On why and how globalists, allied with communists, are fomenting federalist conflicts in America.

Gloria in excelsis Deo

Gel bots and rubbery clots.

Reinhabiting Congress and all the other government branches: local, county, state and federal.

Distributed ledger (Central Bank Digital Currency) provisions in NDAA for FY2023

Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise

On the powers and limitations of illusionists.

Biomedical security state and state-run bioterrorism programs: six American statutory frameworks.

Repost: Democidal Master-Class v. Humanity, 1944-present.

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Globalist predator-parasites' interest in substitutes for war.

Federal militarization of local police, sheriffs and National Guard under pseudo-permanent state of emergency/state of war.

Is the power there or not?

Short report on Getting Away from the Control Grid section of UK Column/Doctors4Covid Ethics Symposium 5

Livestream: UKcolumn/Doctors4CovidEthics Symposium 5

Another outline of the legal frameworks

On the mend.

C.S. Lewis, Screwtape Letters, Chapter XXVII.

Informed, connected & brave v. ignorant, isolated & scared.

Stopping conditions.

Arkmedic on Killing Fields of Samoa, measles-coronavirus chimera designed by Baric.

Immunomodulation and fear modulation.

Some thinking about tampering with evidence and spoliation. And orientation for new readers.

International fractals of the US-DOD/HHS medical martial law system.

Thought-stopping stage sets in legal pleadings.

More SARS-CoV-2 and spike protein biology, immunology and vaccinology from Nov. 3 CHD panel discussion with Jonathan Couey, Robert Malone and others.

Legal context for the Couey hypothesis discussions.

Jonathan Couey and Mathew Crawford Gain-of-Purity discussion: new analysis of the virus, lab-manipulation, fraud-on-the-world frameworks

Update on Affidavits of Noncompliance filed in Centre County, Pennsylvania

Five Small Stones Campaign Updates

A Latypova and a Watt talk about DOD-controlled, BigPharma-manufactured, FDA-authorized bioweapons.

Tampering with public records; perjury.

Forced internment on communicable disease and public health emergency pretexts.

Is bodily trespass under medical pretexts constitutional?

Amnesty, no. Trials and executions, yes.

About the Emily Oster piece in the Atlantic.

Fighting against hospital homicide through the courts.

Legal buckshot, legal birdshot, legal slugs, legal cannonballs...

Jackson v. Pfizer, Ventavia, Icon: Barnes legal team response filed Oct. 27

How can HHS, DOD and DHS be ‘foreign terrorist organizations?’

The goal is getting one good whistle-blower and one good federal judge together, through one solid, well-argued case.

Outline for writing today. Synopsis of proposed Jackson v. Pfizer argument

Pharmaceuticidal tendencies.

Shakespeare's King Henry V, St. Crispin's Day speech before the Battle of Agincourt

Legal horror movie pitch: The World According to Darp.

Thoughts on American Organic Law

Other Transaction Authority (OTA) is to federal procurement contract regulation as Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is to federal drug safety regulation.

Alternate view of the ACIP meeting.

Please pray for US District Court Judge Michael J. Truncale

Five Small Stones - website buildout updates


18 USC 2333 cases: venue, national security, Fauci, summary judgment

John Doe v. Azar, Kadlec, Gruber and Hinton

Five Small Stones 'Write a Letter' Page

Notice of War Crimes to Local and State Officials

Homo borgiensis update/correction

In regards to fraudulent Covid-19 national emergency

Homo borg-genesis/borgiensis

State-level Mini-Me government-run bioterrorism programs.

Notes for state Attorneys General considering filing challenges to protect the people in their states.

Affidavit of Noncompliance.


Five Small Stones campaign update

DOD chemical and biological warfare program: herd-culling plus stockpile disposal in one tidy package

On why Biden’s comment that ‘the pandemic is over’ doesn’t lift the bioterrorist police state jackboot off our necks.

Spike protein, furin cleavage site, gp120, HIV, microvascular destruction, turbo-cancer and cystic fibrosis

Four American war criminals I think should be prosecuted first: Alex Azar, Robert Kadlec, Marion Gruber and Bill Gates

In Nov. 2020, Pfizer told FDA reviewers, led by Marion Gruber, that safety studies were neither needed nor conducted.

Biotech idolatry: DOD-Pfizer contracts have replaced federal constitutions and laws

If criminals commit crimes and no earthly authorities are willing to identify and punish the acts and actors, are they still crimes and criminals?

A poll about county prosecutors.

In 2011, Congress prohibited patent-based ownership of humans.

Five small stones.

Project for a New American Century - Rebuilding America’s Defenses, Sept. 2000.

Clinton Orders Human Experiments

Naming more names.

Mathew Crawford realizing that there were never any valid clinical trials; it was all fabricated.

On Health and Human Services maneuvers this summer reorganizing CDC and Office of Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response.

Some thoughts on the Nuremberg Code's 75th anniversary

More on Congressional voting records

22 worst Congressional bioterrorism authorization and funding laws passed since 1983

CORRECTIONS to Aug. 1 post on 2022 NDAA and Global Health Security Act

US federal crimes for which there is evidence to prosecute Covid-19 bioterrorists who occupy US government positions.

Law of War, War of Law.

Bailiwick News PDF compilations

2022 National Defense Authorization Act - HR4350

After Hours podcast

1971 National Cancer Act, 1972 WHO Bulletin 47, 1986 Strecker Bioattack Alert and more.

Why do local law enforcement officers side with hospitals and nursing homes in conflicts with patients, patients’ family members and pastoral care providers?

Making some headway on setting research and writing priorities for the next few months.

Action proposals for those who may soon be elected to local and county legislatures and school boards

Thinking through possible future scenarios

John Dewey, psycho-spiritual weapons and the war into which we’ve been conscripted.

More on the tiered coercion cascades.


Some recent comment threads

January through June posts, compiled and footnoted.

Possibilities for proving intent

On how things might unfold after a critical mass understands the US government’s mass control, maiming and murder program as such.

“There are treaties that prevent the usage of chemical and biological weapons to maim and kill.”

A few things globalist kill-squad commanders fear, hate and therefore blot from their public-facing acts

Smart v. Kemp


How the 1913 Federal Reserve Act may connect to the government-run bioterrorism campaign called Covid-19.

Links to interview video

Strategies for drawing out judicial admission that Constitution has been suspended since Jan. 27, 2020.

Prep notes for an interview

Compilation PDFs with footnotes

April 4, 2003 - Rep. Henry Waxman questioning FDA Commissioner Mark McClellan about informed consent waivers authorized through Project Bioshield Act.

COVID-19 injectable bioweapons as case study in legalized, government-operated domestic bioterrorism.

On why and how globalists, allied with communists, are fomenting federalist conflicts in America.

Run-up to the American bioterrorist State’s Jan. 31, 2020 declaration of war - Part 2.

On the possibility of patent-based legal enslavement of human beings under US judicial precedents and statutes.

1952 - Truman's Executive Order 10399

On the odds of Nuremberg 2.0 prosecutions for the US government’s Covid war crimes.

Public-private partnerships and pressure on the Constitution

Faith and hope.

Implications of 10 USC 2371b, the federal contracting provision cited by Pfizer

PEADs - Presidential Emergency Action Documents

Run-up to the American bioterrorist State’s Jan. 31, 2020 declaration of war - Part 1.

Pfizer’s Motion to Dismiss the Brook Jackson, federal contracting fraud, clinical trial fraud, whistleblower case.

Email sent to Senator Toomey, Senator Casey and Representative Keller, on withdrawing the US from the World Health Organization's global bioterrorism program.

Could the Dobbs opinion unite pro-life, pro-choice and pro-medical freedom people against the illegitimate, treasonous US government?

On the federal government’s plan to use force against American civilians.

On America First Legal litigation plan re WHO International Health Regulations amendments and new pandemic treaty

On the two WHO maneuvers and grassroots strategies

More on the World Health Organization, US sovereignty, individual Constitutionally-protected human rights.

Where does the current Supreme Court majority stand on whether the US Constitution protects individual human liberty against encroachment by the State?

Shifting the frame

Comment to US Health and Human Services Office of Global Affairs representatives to the World Health Organization

On legal strategies and cases already filed.

On the relationship between the World Health Organization and the US government.

Shell game.

Some thoughts on what to do.

Moral law v. secular law; standards for vaccines

January - April 2022 compilations

American Domestic Bioterrorism Program - Regulations, Rules and Guidance Documents

Faked Clinical Trials and 'Real World Evidence'

Congress appropriated billions more for domestic and international bioweapon development and deployment.

American Domestic Bioterrorism Program

Cures 2.0 Act, Sections 407 & 408: Genomic testing and pharmacogenetic consultations.

The investigational drugs that weren’t.

The Thanatos Syndrome

Permanent corporate liability exemption for vaxx manufacturers.

Administrative Procedures Act v. Public Health Service Act


Martin Armstrong with a somewhat more optimistic view.

Funeral director John O’Looney posted comments at Naked Emperor today.

Clue about motive for poor data collection by public health authorities, on post-injection injuries and deaths.

Legalized bioterrorism

Legalized bioterrorism: poisons and antidotes

Comment posted to Tess Lawrie’s Substack about WHO pandemic treaty negotiations

Send comments to World Health Organization on pandemic treaty update negotiations

Parallel statutory and international law frameworks: pandemic and countermeasures v. bioweapons

Note to Attorney Aaron Siri re: US statutes nullifying US Constitution.

Re: “judicially-unreviewable.”

Responding to Steve Kirsch, James Roguski and others

2004 Project Bioshield Act amendments to 1938 Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act attempted to legally void Nuremberg principles, through redefinitions.

Lipid nanoparticle production facilities are the munitions factories of World War Biochemistry.

Sharp, prophetic reporting from 2009

Democidal Master-Class v. Humanity, 1944-present

Project Bioshield Act of 2004 and PREP Act of 2005

Regional food security: food that can be produced in Centre County, Pennsylvania

Why Pfizer and Moderna and FDA are working toward government authorization to inject babies and small children.


Catherine Austin Fitts discussion with Karel van Wolferen

On the World Health Organization’s current round of pandemic treaty negotiations

Myriad and Moderna and the furin cleavage site.

Moderna’s 2013 patent on furin cleavage site, Brook Jackson’s 2020 report to FDA on clinical trial fraud, Pfizer 2021 SEC filings...

Claim Letter & Affidavit

Pfizer’s getaway plan.

Russia-Ukraine conflict as cover for global Internet shutdown by globalists

Vera Sharav testimony at Grand Jury of Public Opinion

SCASD Unmask Our Kids campaign

Another piece of the Russia-demonization and one-world-secular-technocratic-government puzzle

Bergoglio, Biden, Putin, Zelensky, Xi, Tedros, Soros and Schwab

National Bonds for the Win Update

Steve Kirsch, Tom Renz and Bryan Ardis: Science Uncensored event

SCASD Unmask Our Kids campaign - update

Legal Walls of the Covid-19 Kill Box

Notices of Intent to File Claims

I like big book.

Pennsylvania House Bill 2013

Unmask our kids campaign - update.

January Bailiwick PDF

Request for appointment - UPDATED

Sometimes I make memes.

Email message sent to Centre County sheriff Bryan Sampsel, Centre County District Attorney Bernie Cantorna and Centre County ADA Sean McGraw

Canada Freedom Convoy Demands

Unmask our kids - SCASD campaign

Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022

Crash course in socialism.

Updates on parent campaign to unmask our SCASD kids

“The survival of Man on this not worth having unless it can be had by honourable and merciful means.”

Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Legacy media getting a narrative jump on vaxx-induced cardiac damage, heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolisms & deaths.

Bailiwick News Volume 5 back from the printer.

Filing claims against SCASD school board directors’ surety bonds - UPDATED

World Health Organization now working toward an expansion of the 2005 International Health Regulations

The truckers are not afraid of the police.

Fabulous footage of Canadian patriots carrying empty gas cans around Parliament Hill to thwart the Trudeau Gestapo

Submit formal comment to FDA

Ransom demand from World Health Organization to G20.

Freedom Convoy 2022 Update

Horowitz: The Pentagon’s RESPONSE to the explosive DOD medical data is an even bigger story than the data.

Freedom Trucker 2022 update

Contact FDA/Pfizer Inc. to demand no FDA approval for killshots for babies.

Pray for and donate to support the Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022.

How the International Health Regulations, voiding constitutional and statutory law in signatory nation-states...

Department of Defense responds to Senator Ron Johnson

More on the International Health Regulations

January 19, 2017 Federal Register

Criminal charges.

Canadian Truckers for Freedom press conference

Attorney Todd Callender explains the legal framework for suspension of human rights and civil liberties globally

Information sources

Give me death or give me liberty.

Bailiwick News Volume 5

Keep on rockin’ in the free world

Gen Z speaking out.

Joseph Murphy report


Setting up to stuff the January bundle

Mass formation; self-destructive nature of totalitarianism; and the teleopolitical history of Poland

State College Area School District finally asks for parent feedback about pandemic policies and practices.

Happy New Year!