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Political Authority and the Duties of Conscience.

Merry Christmas, Bailiwick readers.

Ending National Suicide Act

Legalized FDA non-regulation of biological products effective May 2, 2019, by Federal Register Final Rule, signed by then-FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

Re-post - Transcript: Brook Jackson vs Pfizer, Case Dismissed. What Next?

Conspiracy Sarah is doing good reporting and analysis of Federal Register decrees by HHS Secretary-Dictator Xavier Becerra on ebolavirus, marburgvirus, and acute radiation syndrome.

The PCR test viewed from the legal kill box perspective.

Read-aloud: G.K. Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday. (A few pages from Ch. 4.)

Discussion of litigation strategies built on full understanding that EUA countermeasures are, by definition, not regulated pharmaceuticals.

PDF compilations

Litigation proposals for state Attorneys General.

More on the workings of the war machine running on public health emergency determinations, PREP Act license-to-kill declarations, and EUA countermeasures.

Project idea for graphic designers and videographers.

EUA Countermeasures are neither investigational nor experimental!

On 'mandates,' and the irrelevance of informed consent principles in the EUA countermeasures use context.

Model Restoring State Sovereignty Through Nullification Act: Tennessee HB726

Sasha Latypova interviewed by Willem Engel: FDA flooded the market with illegal drugs.

The Oracle of the Dog

Interview with Bruce de Torres.

For those working at the state and county level in the United States.

Read-aloud: Garcia v. San Antonio Metropolitan Transit System, dissent by Justice Lewis Powell (US Supreme Court, 1985)

Separation of powers, reservation of powers (federalism), and the PREP Act.

Opportunities for US state lawmakers to shield their populations from the next 'public health emergency'-predicated federal assaults.

PDF compilations

Interview with James Delingpole

Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt discussing non-regulation of non-medicines known as 'vaccines,' and other US military biochemical weapons.

Short list of questions for Pfizer executives.

Litigation framing: biochemical weapons used on military targets, not experimental drugs used on clinical trial subjects.

Whatever is in the biochemical weapons bearing Pfizer and other pharma labels, is there because US SecDefs and their WHO-BIS handlers ordered it to be there.

21 USC 360bbb-3(e)(3) and 360bbb-3a(c): federal law authorizing HHS Secretary to waive current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) for EUA products.

Some county and state lawmakers are starting to get better informed and more concerned.

On civil suits against Pfizer for “contamination” of Covid-19 biochemical weapons.

Weaponized "healthcare" for global population control and enslavement; Intentional killing - legal frameworks for State-sponsored biochemical warfare.

There is never going to be another "deadly global pandemic." There have not been any in the past.

Texas and Oklahoma v. US Department of Health and Human Services and Xavier Becerra: case documents

On the materiality and immateriality of fraud and of government knowledge of fraud for legal challenges to US government Covid policies, programs and product use.

On the moral agency of living human lawmakers.

PDF compilations

Prayer request: that God provide for the spiritual and material needs of those preparing to file cases confronting biochemical warfare-enabling treaties and statutes.

On urging county, municipal and regional law enforcement and health officials to defy orders to capture and kill people under public health emergency pretexts.

On the European Union lawmaking process.

51 Congress members co-sponsoring Rep. Andy Biggs HR-79, WHO Withdrawal Act.

UN-WHO overthrow of sovereignty: threat of imminent supranational law-based invasion, or almost-completed supranational law-based occupation?

On how globalists covertly, gradually insert communitarian law at the nation-state level to supersede constitutional law and sovereignty.

On sovereign immunity. Re-post: Dual-use government officials of concern.

C.S. Lewis on turning back to return to the right road, when you discover you're on the wrong road.

Event in Iceland - Oct. 4, 2023

On Catholic subsidiarity as the counterweight to Satanic secular-materialist centralization of power.

March 15, 2023 and May 11, 2023 HHS Dictator-Secretary determinations and declarations.

Bridges v. Houston Methodist Hospital

More on Tower of Basel by Adam Lebor.

PDF compilations and some Catholic quotes.

New video interviews. Two with Dr. Jane Ruby, and one with Grace Asagra and Roy Coughlan of Freedom International Livestream

USA v. Dr. Kirk Moore et al.

Project NoNextGen — Inducing disease and weaponizing chronic fear of fake pandemics.

On the interpretation of selective silence.

Sasha Latypova and Brook Jackson interviews by James Patrick of Planet Lockdown.

Stay as out-of-date as possible on the CDC-recommended biochemical weapons schedule.

On migration, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, rights and privileges of truth, tolerance of error.

Catechisms of the counterchurch.

Seven Statements on faith, hope, charity, prudence, justice, courage and temperance.

On skipping past definition of the interlocking crises.

Video presentations, interviews, slide decks and transcripts.

Another sign that tide of covert war is turning will be pharmacies that refuse to take delivery of DoD biochemical weapons and pharmacists who refuse to use them on targets.

On Brownstone coverage of global biomunitions racketeering and intentional, planned, executed DoD-WHO-BMGF-Pfizer biowarfare programs.

Transcript: Brook Jackson vs Pfizer, Case Dismissed. What Next?

Make murder a crime again.

Public health emergencies are camouflaged power grabs.

The European Commission and WHO launch landmark digital slavery initiative to centralize and institutionalize global technocratic idolatry.

Eternal law, natural law, human law.

On the Relations Between Church and State and On Religious Tolerance

Repost: Federal judge in Brook Jackson’s case covered up DoD’s Dec. 2020 knowledge of Pfizer’s clinical trial fraud, to fabricate a false timeline, to better immunize DoD from prosecution.

Retooling and realigning.

93 biochemical weapons to decline whenever a medical mercenary offers them to you or your children.

Laws that contradict each other.

A three-part spiritual-geopolitical framework.

Josef Pieper on the source of man's rights

Sasha Latypova on Steve Kirsch's VSRF call: Thursday, May 11 at 4 p.m. Pacific/ 7 p.m. Eastern.

Transcript: Jan. 24, 2023 Legal Walls of the Covid-19 Kill Box presentation.

Language, lies and law.

Construction of the kill box: legal history.

mRNA-LNP compounds are cellular genetic dirty bombs.

Draft discovery materials for civil and criminal cases.

Say true things. Don't participate in lies by repeating them.

At-home gain-of-function kits.

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, Sasha Latypova, Katherine Watt discuss Brook Jackson’s case.

Deepen the backlash against public health.

Vaccine production facilities are indistinguishable from bioweapon production facilities, and vaccines are indistinguishable from bioweapons.

Biden rescinding Trump-Biden Proclamation 9994 under 1976 National Emergencies Act does not terminate Azar-Becerra’s Public Health Emergency authorities under 1983 PHE amendment to the 1944 PHSA.

Judge Truncale went out of his way to decline to "take judicial notice" of Brook Jackson's Dec. 14, 2020 letter to DoD.

On the alleged neutrality of Switzerland.

On demonic possession as it relates to the war between human banksters and the rest of humanity.

On enforcement mechanisms wielded against non-compliant nation-states.

Government by silent immobility: an effective ruling innovation developed by the globalists, capitalizing on natural human aversion to hard work, conflict and pain.

Repost: Thought-stopping stage sets in legal pleadings.

Sen. Ron Johnson gets senators on record re: international contracts that enslave Americans to globalists through the World Health Organization and pharmaco-martial law.

On beauty, book arts and architecture: endpapers, Mont-Saint-Michel and more.

Rand Paul proposed an amendment to S.316, to repeal the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), which is one of the statutes enabling globalist herd-culling war on the world's people.

Transcript - Feb. 18, 2023 China Rising interview with James Bradley and Jeff Brown

Trying to figure out how to make bound volumes available for interested book readers.

On the utility, for inducing peaceful compliance with violent globalist control-and-kill programs, of presenting fake threats as real.

Smashing the Overton window.

Contracting for facilitation of crimes: contract killing and biomunitions hitmen.

Duress, State-sponsored, State-protected contract crimes, and the Bank for International Settlements

Bioweapons ban resolution for county and state use; pioneered in Lee County, Florida.

Available informational packages that can be used to understand global biofascism through regulatory, statutory and executive order lenses.

Rep. Bud Hulsey in Tennessee understands the scale of the Constitutional crisis, and what states can and should do to respond.

Key quotes from Pfizer's April 22, 2022 Motion to Dismiss and US Government's Oct. 4, 2022 Statement of Interest in Support of MtD.

Organizational Chart, Bank for International Settlements Kill Box

When reading or listening to globalist communications, translate 'vaccine' as bioweapon.

Notice of War Crimes To Health Care Providers and Health Insurance Providers

Idaho leading the charge to criminalize administration of Covid-19 bioweapons.

Reconstitution starter pack.

Jackson v. Pfizer/DOD scheduled for March 1 oral argument on Motion to Dismiss

Written artifacts of informational warfare.

European Commission regulations implementing the global pharma-military kill box

Shire Herald: new Substack about ancient, medieval and modern developments in the law; and how they relate to current events.

On initiating awkward conversations about global pharmaco-military genocide with public officeholders, so as to embolden resistance.

On the significance of 21 USC 360bbb-3(k): "use" of EUA products "shall not constitute clinical investigation."

Expanded Kill Box slide deck and new videos

On the impalement of embedded, treasonous, DOD-HHS bioterrorists on the horns of their dilemmas.

Wyoming state lawmakers standing up.

Recap of Jackson v. Pfizer, whistleblower Brook Jackson’s False Claims Act case.

Patrick Delaney writing at LifeSite News; Shabnam Palesa Mohamed interview at Children's Health Defense

Draft Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to DOD and HHS

August 2020 - Elizabeth Sadove presentation to FDA-CDC: Regulatory Updates on Use of Medical Countermeasures.

Smoke and mirrors.

On harboring and financing contract terrorists.

Some thoughts about J6 and razor-tipped chain link fence perimeters, literal and metaphorical.

US Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) COVID-19 Operational Picture

Orientation for new readers.

A little more on the laser pointer/limited hangout campaign to sacrifice Pfizer & other Pharma-Weapons shell corporations but keep the WHO-DOD-HHS death machine humming.

Why all the breathless finger-wagging at Pfizer?

War criminals.

Legal Walls of Covid-19 Kill Box - slide deck

On Trump's role and secret military-led continuity of government for purposes of swamp-draining.


Repost - Pharmaco-military genocide, enabling laws Congress should repeal and courts should nullify.

Repost - Other Transaction Authority (OTA) is to federal procurement contract regulation as Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is to federal drug safety regulation.

On quietly bringing county, state and federal officials up to speed.

Dual-use government officials of concern

Reposts - DOD chemical and biological warfare program: herd-culling plus stockpile disposal in one tidy package. Published Sept. 28, 2022.

Weaponization of Language and Law: US Government Bioterrorism Program from 1969 to Covid

Covid-19 bioweapons and the Defense Production Act of 1950

Repost - Biotech idolatry: DOD-Pfizer contracts have replaced federal constitutions and laws, and the DOD-DOJ-HHS complex has replaced federal legislatures and courts.

Christine Dolan of CD Media interview with Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt

Could Congress members, federal and state judges, state legislators, governors and prosecutors restore the American Constitutional republic?

US no longer Constitutional republic; domestic deployment of military has been pseudo-legalized.

The New Constitution - Living War Crimes

On American state-level prosecution for federal government chemical and biological WMD crimes.

Bioweapons, EUA products, IND products, Constitutional crisis.

Bioweapon prototype deployments, informed consent, targeted enemies, state of war, doctrine of necessity.