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Read-aloud: G.K. Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday. (A few pages from Ch. 4.)

Read-aloud: G.K. Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday. (A few pages from Ch. 4.)

For readers who would like to read along, the excerpt text is available at pp. 42-47 of this upload of the 2007 Penguin edition:

Transcript of KW commentary at the end of the recording:

I bring this up and offer it as a podcast audio recording, because it helps answer the question, why are the globalists, the Monster, the families who own the central banks, however you construe them, why are they doing this, this mass murder program that has become more visible through COVID-19 and the public health emergencies, EUA, medical countermeasures programs.

Because people often say, “What are they going to have left if they kill off most of the people? Why would they want that?”

And the case can be made that they just want there to be fewer people so that they can have more stuff to themselves.

But there's a way in which that doesn't make a whole lot of sense because they already have so much stuff. They can't possibly even use all the stuff that they have, the wealth that they have amassed for themselves.

And this lens offered by Chesterton's writing gets at the idea that they're not only trying to kill and destroy the material world of people and human souls and human bodies, human families, human societies, and all of the physical systems that human beings depend on for food and for water and for social relationships with each other and meaningful work. They're destroying all of that.

And if they're successful, they will also commit suicide themselves.

Because their goal is destruction.

There is not a creative element to what they're doing.

And so thinking about it this way makes it easier to look at all the different excuses or cover stories that they give about climate change and about overpopulation and about pandemic preparedness and one world health and the empowerment of women, the eradication of poverty, all these, all these things. Energy scarcity, peak oil, debt bubbles…financial chaos, basically.

Those are excuses that they put forward for trying to persuade other people, I guess the people in the outer ring in that passage, that these murder programs and destruction of ecosystems and chemical spraying and everything else that they want to do to destroy the whole material universe that God has created and that God sustains.

They're trying to persuade that outer circle that there's a justification for it, that it's leading to something better, that it's protecting something, and it's not.

It's just about destruction.

And it's just a cover story.

And so understanding the deceit behind all those things helps people not participate in it and not believe it.

And [instead] go on with trying to protect and sustain human society and human families and human, the countries that people live in, as social entities and institutions, rather than help the globalists participate and carry out the destruction of all of these things.

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