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Penn State Electrical Engineering personnel, Winter 1968

Pennsylvania Parents Protecting Children - updates

PA Coalition for Informed Consent update

December bundle - American Amateur Press Association

Documents stored at Bailiwick Wordpress at new page called Research Files

Holy Family

Thankful for these readers too.

Happy Thanksgiving


On the rocky road toward recovery.

Sky today

Support and compassion

Ternaries and Trinities

Pennsylvania attorneys

More on compassion and empathy

Legislators and law enforcement officers resisting executive abuse of power and judicial abdication.

Europe data

UK data

Some of my research

Work table.

A good thing.

On kindness and compassion for the misled.

Have Covid-19 vaccines killed ~200,000 Americans?

The UK undertaker has been suspended from his professional organization for speaking out.

The "Delta variant" is vaccine injuries

Schoolchildren walkout event tomorrow - updated

Yesterday I drove to Millheim to buy a big crescent wrench

What I did last weekend

Exude no.

Do not comply.

Prohibit vaccine passports in Centre County

Freedom of Conscience Act


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Update on attempted constructive response

On being forced to live by lies.

Funniest thing I've seen in a long, long time.

Repost from Gab

Don’t fear to live your life.

Penn State student rally against coerced medical treatments planned for Tuesday, August 31 at noon at Old Main

How to fight back.

Attempted constructive response

Leaky vaccines

Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE)

Framing and misdirection.

If the SCASD school board has any legal authority to compel people to wear medical devices, submit to medical testing, or disclose private medical information

Another good one.

Useful Video

Email sent to President Barron and Provost Jones

Encourage Penn State administrators to stay the course on respecting ethical principles of privacy, informed consent and bodily integrity.

Follow-up to legal questions sent to SCASD administration on July 29

Pennsylvania Senate hearing Friday, August 6 at 1 p.m. in Harrisburg

Penn State administrators made a good call by not mandating mRNA shots and masking for Fall 2021

Book review

Parents speaking out at another SCASD board meeting tonight

Update on Butler v. Wolf

“No government can mandate medicine.”

Pick a side.

Reading: June 8-14, 2021

Legal questions sent to State College Area School District

Response from State College Police Department

Legal question sent to State College Police Department

Senator Jake Corman survey on masking in schools

SCASD is engaged in religious discrimination if America is a constitutional republic with a functional judicial branch.

Legal authority?


SCASD school board approved ‘health and safety plan.’

SCASD Board Meeting tonight

Reading: June 1-7, 2021

On getting the 50% or more who are silently worried about tyranny to join the less than 10% who are already standing up and speaking out in defense of freedom.

Good reporting via SubStack.

On door-to-door canvassing to further push the novel mRNA injections that have no long term safety data.

Dishtowels available.

SCASD school board voted 8-1 to continue masking kids.

SB 618 passed Pennsylvania House

SCASD parents lobbying school board again tonight, 4:45 p.m. at Panorama Building (240 Villa Crest)

Call Kerry Benninghoff’s Harrisburg office to push for house floor votes.

SCASD parents lobbying at school board meeting today 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Art in the Orchard at Way Fruit Farm

Centre County parents organizing to fight mask & vaxx mandates in schools.

More on Kids for Cash 2.0

SB618 up for Pennsylvania House Vote Today

Pennsylvania Department of Education and CDC are holding public school students and parents hostage.

May 2021 Reading and Thinking

Nuremberg 2.0

Labor & Industry votes June 15 on HB262 - Right to Refuse Act

Rally in Harrisburg Monday June 14 at 10.

Letter to Matt Taibbi

Meanwhile, the CDC is announcing “strategies” for medical treatment of children, in school, without parental consent.

Pennsylvania House and Senate have both passed HR106 to end Wolf’s dictatorial emergency declarations

More Hooray!

Courts, judges, constitutions, lawsuits and evidence are no longer a plausible bulwark against tyranny.

Letter to SCASD Board

Liberty Archipelago

January 11 draft essay


Roses & rhododendrons

May 1 - May 15 Gab Posts


Custom orders

Incompetence or dishonesty?

Worldwide Rally for Freedom 2.0 Tomorrow

Mask and vaxx discrimination in schools promoted by CDC

Faculty Senate voted 113-31 to call for Penn State mandate of Covid-19 injections

Email sent to Penn State Faculty Senate members today.

Email to Pennsylvania Representative Kerry Benninghoff

Five Freedoms Campaign

I’m voting “Yes” on ballot questions 1 & 2 on May 18

HB 262 - Right to Refuse Act

Posts from Gab, April 2021

April Monthly Post - Updated

On asymptomatic spread.

New signage.

No to vaccine passports.

Liberty v. Tyranny: Pennsylvania Edition, 2020

I think American civilians who are interested in owning guns should own them, and those who own some should get more.

Gathering and telling stories of modern-day American peasants, from the resigned to the rebellious.

Naomi Wolf

Vintage camper dishtowel

Butler v. Wolf

My trust and love list.

I’ve become a “Domestic Violent Extremist”

My enemies list, after my year of house-arrest.

Penn State’s mass testing of healthy students and staff violates Nuremberg Code and CFR Title 45 Part 46 requiring informed consent for participants in human experiments.

I don’t understand why Bernie Cantorna is running for reelection as Centre County District Attorney.

Print shop dog

Reading, thinking and commenting this week.

First project on Chandler & Price Pilot

Ladies of Letterpress

Government welfare


PO Box 621

March Monthly Post

Reading, listening and thinking this week

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Preliminary 2020 all-cause mortality data available at PA Department of Health website

No country for skeptical women.

Finished birthday calendar.

Reading, thinking and commenting this week

Still no 2020 all-cause mortality data at PA Department of Health websites

Meanwhile in Free-State Florida...

Catte Black strikes again.

Good things in Georgia:

Local currency prototype

Mount Nittany Medical Center

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Tote bag

Let us pray.

Birthday & anniversary calendar

Centre County All-Cause Mortality

Three emails

Polka Party

Big Caslon Bold

Covid journals

February Monthly Post

Very short script for a very short film.

Limited Edition Typeset Bailiwick News

Domestic terrorists’ potluck

UPDATED - The “page” about Ordinance 2145 has been disappeared from the State College Borough website

The bars of the mask-mandate cage are illusions.

Please report me to our local FBI office.

Covid thoughtcrimes

Fairmount School

Letterpress printing advertisement

Subscriber cull update.

Still whittling.

Weeding out subscriber list.

Application prep.