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Katherine, what exactly is Jonathan Couey's hypothesis and how does that relate if at all to the information you have presented with respect to the militarization of public health that was slowly/progressively enacted over decades in which HHS/CDC/FDA function as apparent but not actual controlling entities? In other words, even though the HHS head/director can declare an emergency with little or no evidentiary justification, the 3 letter agencies clearly enact policies they have no part in making. The control/power is much higher, and apparently global/undisclosed.

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Chiseling , we got to keep chiseling. 🌞Thank you . ❤️‍🩹

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wondering if I could get some brainstorming and raise awareness


she lost her Charter Challenge

doctor refused organ transplant because she won't get vaxed.

(so death sentence)

criminal lawyer?

tort lawyers?

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Yes. Thank you for this research!

So many threads from the post 9/11 era (and prior) combining into a ‘perfect storm’ like landscape.

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Morgellons is a very painful condition, doctors generally deny it exists. I was offered antipsychotic medicine for it& the loony bin. It’s from something in the sky, my opinion. People have committed suicide over not getting help for it. Joni Mitchell is the only public figure I know that has had it. It’s related.

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I've brought your podcast with Latypova to the attention of Robert Barnes. He is preoccupied with the post midterms right now but it will be interesting to get his take on it relative to the Brooke Jackson Qui Tam lawsuit.

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Prototypes are not meant for mass production but rather for demonstration of concept and testing and later in small mfg lots.

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