I have read you several times saying “Divinely inspired” WRT the American constitution. Have you written an article fleshing our what you mean by this? BTW I may agree😉...

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Katherine since I have discovered you and Sasha Latypova I cannot get enough of either one of you. Thank you for in your.  You two together are a force to be reckoned with.  Please keep up the superlative work and God bless you. 

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I am an attorney, and whether you like attorneys or not, I can tell you that Katherine Watt has CORRECTLY located the laws that Congress has (unfortunately) passed, and she has analyzed these laws correctly.


Katherine has also CORRECTLY located the Executive Orders, and how the HHS, and Department of Defense have gotten away with all this, and she has analyzed them correctly.


And, lastly, Katherine has CORRECTLY located the recent prohibitions of the Judiciary, and she has analyzed correctly how these acts keep the Courts from holding the tyrants accountable.

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Katherine, very well written. I am curious as to whether you have read what is at this link: https://www.newshawknetwork.com/united-state-history-constitution/dc-organic-act-1871-changed-everything/ It does have a couple of typos, at least they appear to be but maybe they were trying to indicate something else. A while back now I took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution and I still honor that to this day. At the time I did not know there were two Constitutions; the Constitution for the United States of America (1787) and the Constitution of the United States of America (circa 1871). Just for the record my oath is to the first one because that is what I believed I was pledging it to. Also, you might want to look at this link: https://expose-news.com/2022/11/16/why-are-names-on-birth-certificates-in-all-caps/ as I believe it lends credence to the first link. I am interested in your opinion regarding these articles. There is always a way to use "their" system against them. I have more to say but I will leave it there for now.

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Nice Job Katherine. I'm seeing a lot of cognitive dissonance in the alternative media and forums about the issues you and Sasha have chronicled here in substack. Many are not yet willing to accept what's right in front of them.

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Good luck. I’m reading One Nation Under Blackmail Vol.1 by Whitney Webb and so far all I see is a massive web of corruption. To correct the issues that Katherine has so nicely laid out will be a generational undertaking.

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2007,11-27.i went to jail after charged with terrorism, thrown off my own counsel after ran against Gavin in SF killafornia for mayor.

Given zadik Shapiro as unwanted lawyer, he has a speech impediment. Lawfare. Months in solitary. IsoLa. Thanks ScKamala....vice.

2020, 3-11...

London Greed and Gavin locked up the whole freaking planet, especially killafornia.

Lawfare upon all.

Both London and Gavin party without masks middle of scamdemic.

London has high security guards to protect her jail.

Fake protests in city , no real outcry. No constitution. No mercy on our poor murdered souls.

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I recommend looking into the Awaken India Movement for guidance on how to proceed in the US. These people are very strong and they go after businesses, judges, politicians and Bill Gates! Here is a link to their telegram channel: https://t.me/awakenindiamovement/6186

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No, they can’t. They have and use the same energy. A new government will not solve a thing. No government is. We all have to return to small scale. That is the only solution.

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Congress failed to act after 9/11 and they will find reasons to fail with Covid. We are in extreme devolution

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The truth starts here Theft of a Nation by the Bench and Bar by Ralph Boryszewski and he wrote a smaller book called Treason. In 1995 He wrote The Constitution that never was. The word attorney and attorney general ARE NEVER MENTIONED in the Constitution. This is because they were the real enemy back then. Claude G Bowers books all support what Ralph brought out. The Tragic Era the Revolution after Lincoln is one of the first books I got by Claude. I found out about this book from a book from Eustance Mullins wrote called The Curse of the Canaan. We need to stop using the attorney Crown Lawyer written document called the Constitution as it was never we the Real Peoples document.

Ralph spent almost his entire life tying to wake the People up to the fraud that is the Crown Document.

He passed on to Father God at 103. Yes please people get these books to learn how the BAR has hijacked our Peoples courts. Think about this here in Washington republic the STATE does not "license"

any attorney. The BAR does and this is NOT a license at all it is a "union card" All over America these non entities are running around saying we the People can not represent ourselves on any issues. They are the RICO MONOPOLY that needs to be put on a Admiralty Ship and sent back to England where they all came from.

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Jan 7·edited Jan 7

Unless we have a quick mass awakening, the argument is futile.

The tragedy witnessed Monday night in the NFL, had to have a unsuspecting sacrificial lamb for 50 million that were watching to get the ambers lit within them.

We can't fix this!

The corruption is too deep and vast to overcome, into the states and private sector.

But we can try to unite both fronts and collectively ABOLISH the entire government.

This comes with the biggest personal sacrifice to every American that will not escape the ramifications of doing this.

ABOLISHING the government is like setting off the biggest EMP every imagined.

It will shut down everything dead in its tracks.

I can not see another viable alternative until the time to shed blood arrives?

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Katherine, agree with you wholeheartedly. However, being a solutions person and moving forward, the only way to beat, stop and fight this intolerance is to get involved either locally or professionally. When you see the power of fighters like Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert, it’s inspiring to know we do have fighters in the fight.

In order to stop tyrannical power grabbers, lawful guidelines need to be installed in each branch with an appointed watchdog group like Judicial Watch to have enforcement power to ensure this behavior is nipped in the butt and reprimanded at onset. Without a trusted (constantly vetted) watchdog group that can enforce Constitutional abuse, chaos will continue and The People will continue to feel they are powerless against these regime types. Until a watchdog force like this is implemented (with powers to hold those abusing power accountable), a continuous uphill battle will ensue with no end in sight.

Also, I believe it necessary that the Supreme Court needs its own enforcement team to secure and protect itself from threats and abuse.

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To take your analysis further is to determine the root cause of the coma. It is precisely what the negative entities (globalist = globacidist) have been forcing into use; fluoride, heavy metals and parasites. Are bodies are at war with these 3 things resulting in cognitive decline and this results in a docile state. AKA the coma you speak of. Everyone must detox and decrease consumption of toxins then the docile state will fade away and with it the coma.

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Katherine, The Brunson case is up for consideration at the Supreme Court now. The Brunson brothers have demonstrated how to fight back. Info here: https://7discoveries.com/ and here: https://www.supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=/docket/docketfiles/html/public/22-380.html

Thank you for all that you do. Your work is extremely important!

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I believe one law could solve much of the problem, but Congress will never pass it. It would go something like this: "No rule of any agency shall have force of law. Rules shall be considered suggestions for Congress to consider through the normal legislative process."

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