Sasha did so well. 💕

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Watched the interview. Blown away by S.K.’s naïveté. His slant re: his friend “Billy” Gates (paraphrasing, “Now, why would he want to murder ppl when he’s done so much good for poor countries?”) gives me to believe that he is controlled opposition like Robert Malone. Really sickening! You pegged him correctly early on Katherine!

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Still waiting to watch so hopefully tomorrow. Not happy with Kirsch for how he treated Christine Massey and how aggressively he promotes existence of viruses per Malone's advice. Kirsch is a *mistakes were made" kinda hangout I can't stomach much.

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Kirsch wants to stay in the good graces of Gates on one side and Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt on the other, but that's impossible.

He will choose Gates and the important thing is to make it obvious and not let anyone forget it.

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I'm registered but hopefully I am in area with decent reception at 7pm est.

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I managed to listen live. Steve tried playing devils advocate but it wasn't as adversarial as I thought it would be. Interesting.

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Still waiting to watch so hopefully tomorrow. Not happy with Kirsch for how he treated Christine Massey and how aggressively he promotes existence of viruses per Malone's advice. Kirsch is a *mistakes were made" kinda hangout I can't stomach much.

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It was a disappointing interview because Sasha played into the hands of Kirsch’ contrived naïveté in the Devil’s Advocate.

Answering the “WHO DID IT” question, she was drawn into a discussion about a subsidiary operative like Bill Gates instead of turning it around to focus on the role of DARPA-BARDA-DOD. This was weird given that Sasha and Katherine were pioneers of the biowarfare “countermeasures” and OTA contract revelations!

Even on the question of “population reduction” she fell into Kirsch’ trap of casting it as the unlikely sole objective of the Great Reset Agenda. Only much later did she mention the aim of totalitarian control and Biosecurity State or the “fusion of digital and biological identities”.

The notion that all “gain-of-function” research to weaponize Coronavirus as precursor to the “vaccine” rolls out is “science fiction”, also played into Steve Kirsch’ trick of framing Sasha as another idiosyncratic “virus denier”.

This effectively downplayed and underestimated the advances in Nanobiotechnology incorporated in the both SARS-CoV-2 and the mRNA/LNP Bioweapons by DARPA “genius” Charles Lieber’s Labs at Harvard and Wuhan!

Big disappointment throughout and in need of some rectifying self-criticism.

Glaring inconsistencies should not lead to self-contradiction just because Sasha’s expertise -- on Pharma “best practices” in drug testing and quality control regulations -- is lacking familiarity with DARPA underground scientific and technological advances or their obvious connection with several patents funded by DOD-DARPA-NIH-NIAID!

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I missed it. Can I still watch it?

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Thank-you. The link is appreciated. I will watch the video this weekend.

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Missed today 5/11. Is there a replay?

Don’t know SK so much, though attuned to SL. Based on few comments might be helpful to hear in order to better develop my own thoughts on SK.

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Same here. Previous weekly videos are posted at SK's site vacsafety.org - so hopefully tomorrow. 👍🏻

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lookg forward to seeing how this plays out

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Many thanks for your article and links. That was very good discussion.

As regards Bill Gates he has always been for reducing rate of population growth and sterilizing people by toxic vaccines will obviously do that as you say.

It also makes people 'peculiar', mentally ill and become LGBTQi etc. etc. as this leads to less children on the whole.

It is certainly true that those like Bill Gates tread on people to get where they want to and having got there use their wealth and influence to pretend they are generous and kind.

This is the same as the wealthy of Jesus's day who give out of their plenty a proportion they can easily afford. In the meantime they still work to ensure their wealth remains.

I keep saying it is more about the money than killing people, but harming many gives great control and yet more money to 'cure' the problem such as Gates caused in the first place.


I also say we follow a timeline similar to WW2 only 80 years ago. It is a Marxist plot at least at one level, but both Nazi and communist.


I keep saying that all roads lead to Rome and the RC Church, more particularity the Vatican. It is significant that 'Vaccination' is an anagram of 'Icon Vatican'.

Behind that is the synagogue of Satan, the Jews who say they are Jews but are not. Many of these people are in positions of power in the USA and even a causal look shows this is true.

And they are Germanic in origin, germ-manic hence the issue with fraudulent germ theory!


As regards the doctors who continue to promote vaccines they are complicit in murder, accomplices to the crime at best and have no excuse. They are unfit to be doctors and only suitable for sweeping the streets.

As regards the virus I say the following:

Viruses should be considered thus:

1. They are either poisons which are chemical not biological and must be dealt with by the immune system.


2. Or they are the exosome, part of the body's defense system. This is in fact what people are seeing under the electron microscope, a ball with bits stuck on as it were.

Coronavirus is the exosome as I keep pointing out.


So it is not so much that a virus doesn't exist but that something, the exosome which is friend to the body, not foe, has been twisted into an enemy and then the lies magnified into something ginormous.

What doesn't exist except in the minds of those who fabricated the lies, are all the variants and so-called diseases, which are merely made up to make big pharma and medics look clever to justify them receiving large amounts of money for poisoning the masses of the people.

Wuhan was a psy-op pure and simple. Pollution is awful there especially in winter. Pollution causes respiratory disease. The rest was propaganda aided by the dumbing down of the public.

Northern Italy followed Wuhan and the same issues apply.


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I do not see on Steve's substack mention of this anywhere.

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That is what Klaus Schwab‘s Fourth Industrial Revolution is the people that took the vaccine. so think about it for the past three years the people that did not take this had to suffer greatly but the people that took this were allowed to do things that we weren’t. That’s only for a limited time because the trap is about to be set the trap was already set when they took the vaccine but the full control grid is when they are given the CDBC. you can see the people that did not take it. They’ve got no control over us. They can’t make us take the CBDC. and you might say well what if they crash the economy that’s fine they can do that there’s more to this than what the eyes meeting because if that does happen, then you have a revolution and their plan will be all for what? Nothing. Coming up with a two-tier system. The federal reserve is still going to exist, but only for the people that took the shot.

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