Incredible work!


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Thank you!

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Jun 3, 2022Liked by Katherine Watt

more great (though scary and offensive) information, thank you

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Thank you.

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Jun 3, 2022Liked by Katherine Watt

I am just beginning to read this article but couldn't resist a comment on:

wild reservoirs and/or mosquito vectors to

Larry Romanoff wrote and article on mosquitos: COVID Vaccinations and Oxitec's "Flying Syringes"


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Yes, and Section 607 of the 2019 amendments to the Public Health Service Act addresses:

“Strengthening mosquito abatement for safety and health.”

Tucked right in there by Bill Gates & team, for Bill Gates & team.


Another puzzle piece:

Karel von Wolferen, in his March 17, 2022 conversation with Catherine Austin Fitts, brought up the Ukraine bioweapons labs, and his conversations with Ukrainians living around them, about weird insect bites and illnesses they experienced. 36:00 to 38:00 in the video:



Hoping to someday to write up that interview - I have the notes, but haven’t got to it yet.

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Jun 3, 2022Liked by Katherine Watt

In the United States, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has authorized use of OX5034 GM Ae. aegypti mosquitoes for release in counties in Florida and Texas. This EPA authorization allows local mosquito control programs to evaluate how effective GM mosquitoes are in reducing Ae. aegypti mosquitoes in areas where they have been released.



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Jun 3, 2022Liked by Katherine Watt

Still reading. My comments relate to your citation of SeeChina’s CCP Concealed SARS-CoV-2 Presence in China as Far Back as March 2018 which strongly suggests China is/has been designing bioweapons such as sarscov2. It strongly implicates assigns responsibility to China for sars cov 2.

From this link: We find:


And Dr David Martin gives testimony to Dr Reiner Fuellmich, https://archive.org/details/david-martin-testimony_reiner-fuellmich

Dr. David Martin’s testimony via the patent trails shows at least from the 1990s the US has been working on sars cov and patenting the research results.

Patents are a significant proof of sars cov USA research.

Patent owner ship is not trival. For example Percy Schmeiser a Canadian farmer (https://theecologist.org/2004/may/01/percy-schmeiser-man-took-monsanto) lost a case to Monsanto in the Canadian supreme court with regards to ownership of his Canola crop. The court costs essentially bankrupted him, I needs to be noted that the law used to destroy Percy and gain ownership of all his family seed which had be saved for decades was patent law not common law. If Common law had been the basis he would have won. In Common law if your neighbors cattle etc. invade your property and eat crops, your neighbor has to make it right. They generally do. It rarely goes to court. Percy was out of his depths in patent law and lost.

I make this point because David’s testimony as to owner ship of the patent for sars is very strong evidence of sars ownership and thus is strongly implicated in the pandemic.

I shall keep reading. I so appreciate the work you do.

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Jun 3, 2022·edited Jun 3, 2022Author

I agree - I think that it's a US-led project, as the patent trail found by David Martin indicates.

I also find EthicalSkeptic's hypothesis that it was released in early 2018 in China persuasive. I think it was released there first, and spread from there to the rest of the world.

Edit - Having said that, I also think that at the level where the transnationalists/ globalists running the whole show work, nation-state borders are irrelevant. The corporate executives and financial/banker class care about the patents for the profiteering part, and most likely US patent law gives them the most profits.

But for the mass murder and population control part, they just want to kill and enslave as many humans as possible.

And, no doubt there's infighting and backstabbing and scrabbling for position among the globalists. Some of the Western ones probably want to undermine the CCP, or direct international anger/blame at CCP (and Russia), to further hide their transnational criminal collaborations and the actions of the American and European criminals...

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Yes it is. But incomplete. I didn't include the link before, but in 2017 the work done at Dietrich stopped for safety reasons and was transferred to Wuhan. See Ron Unz excellent article

American Pravda: "The Truth" and "The Whole Truth" About the Origins of Covid-19


...Most of these crucial points were already presented in my original April 2020 article on the subject, which quickly began to attract enormous traffic and interest in social media. Yet just days after it ran, entire website was suddenly banned from Facebook and all web pages were deranked by Google, perhaps underscoring the very dangerous nature of this material, and the reasons why so few others have been willing to raise the same points.

And Ron’s original piece...


and by Larry Romanoff

March 04, 2020 https://www.moonofshanghai.com/2020/04/chinas-coronavirus-shocking-update-did.html

Thus 3 people, David Martin, Ron Unz and Larry Romanoff come independently to the same point SarsCov 2 is a US bioweapon.

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Jun 9, 2022Liked by Katherine Watt

You are cut out for this work. The outer framework provides cover for the inner pipeline that fuels this digital bio power surge. The rise of Intelligence and the Fall into insanity. They can't all be incompetent, this is rabid capitalism unleashed. It's what poisoning and killing people, (and stealing) looks like from the platform of ethics, morals, and values... in the dark.

This pipeline needs a blast of corona light.

Federation of American Hospitals to Xavier Becerra

Feb 10, 2022

"Unwinding the complex web of PHE waiver-authorized operations, programs, and procedures - which will have been in place and relied on for more than two years - is a major undertaking that, if rushed, risks destabilizing fragile health care networks that patients rely on for care."


(I think they are not quite finished unwinding the system from one place to another system).

HHS Message to Governors


Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) under section 319 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. §247d).

It allows under section 1135 of the Social Security Act, in conjunction with a Presidential Declaration under the National Emergencies Act or Stafford Act, the Secretary to waive or modify certain Medicare, Medicaid, Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule requirements.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act (Pub. L. 116-127).

May 16, 2022


"Twelve hospital groups, including the American Hospital Association (AHA), have urged HHS to extend the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) and additional 90 days past the current July expiration date."

"The numerous flexibilities provided under the PHE have allowed for regulatory waivers and flexibilities that have proven vital in safely caring for patients and critical in enabling the country's healthcare system to quickly adapt and tackle COVID-19 and its variants," the letter stated."

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Jun 9, 2022·edited Jun 9, 2022Author

Those waivers are a big deal. They are a crucial piece of what enables the hospital homicides through forcible restraint, withholding nutrition, hydration, vitamins, and other medications (Ivermectin, HQ etc), administering Remdesivir, and then putting people on ventilators, all while blocking family and clergy from visiting or removing the patient, and blocking police from arresting staff and helping family members get the patients out.

It’s part of the ICD10 U07 coding protocols that makes the hospitals and nursing homes the main location for the direct killing program (as distinct from the ‘vaccine’ killing protocols).


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June 7, 2022

The Safety from Violence for Healthcare Employees Act


"(a) IN GENERAL - Whoever knowingly assaults or intimidates an individual employed by a hospital, or entity contracting with a hospital or other medical facility, during the course of the performance of the duties of such individual, and, as a result, interferes with the performance of the duties of such individual or limits the ability of such individual to perform such duties, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both."


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Jun 7, 2022Liked by Katherine Watt

Thank you. Your research is amazing. I have one addition to the Private Federal Reserve central bankers annual meeting in Jackson Hole Wyoming. They implemented the Going Direct financial bailout plan. https://wallstreetonparade.com/2020/06/blackrock-authored-the-bailout-plan-before-there-was-a-crisis-now-its-been-hired-by-three-central-banks-to-implement-the-plan/

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Thank you. Added it to the text today.

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Very important 2-part vault of information. I had seen a similar sequence put forward by Glenn Beck. The evidence of a massive operation is very clear. I look forward to Part 3 - Monkeypox.

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Horrifyingly brilliant summations!

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Thank you for all of your hard work, it is much appreciated. A couple of things regarding Kary Mullis- he invented PCR (first successful experiment was In 1983) and won a Nobel prize for it in 1993. He also said that it should never be used for diagnosing disease because you could find just about anything you wanted to in a sample using PCR. Personally, I don’t think any of what’s happened during the last two and a half years could have happened if Kary Mullis had still been alive as the whole charade is based on the purposeful misuse of PCR and I believe Mullis would have been very, very outspoken about its misuse

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Excellent timeline Katherine!! I really hope your publication gains more traction, and fast. #somethingwickedthiswaycomes

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