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In Australia's Novavax contracts it was explicitly stated that there was 'no guarantee of a positive clinical outcome.' Does this include fraud on the part of pharma? Who knows. But the Australian government (defence and health with Five Eyes Inc) sure don't seem to give a flying F. Why? Because they are the guilty party imo. https://vicparkpetition.substack.com/p/australias-novavax-contract

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The Covid con was a preplanned crisis. The goals of DARPA, NIH &CDC (fauci), Big Pharma and WEF were all in alignment. More to come. Billions and Billions being invested in the RNA injection route as being the cash cow for Big Pharma!

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Six U.S. States have laws allowing Citizen Grand Juries to be formed by groups of citizens: Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota and Oklahoma.

No doubt there are many Frankenshot victims in those states. Murder charges should be brought by Citizen Grand Juries in those states. Even if the ultimate verdict is innocent, the discovery process will uncover essential truth. Also many such cases should be brought, one for each murder. The only way to stop the tyranny is to start at the local level. The Federal government is hopelessly or nearly hopelessly corrupt.

Petitions to impanel grand juries


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When they say public health and safety that means run for your life.

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Has anyone filed a BAR grievance against this judge for the actions on record?... seems to me just like everything else if one does not want to be treated as enemy combatants ( as citizens are defined by 14th amendment) one will need to request Equity Jurisdiction and self represent

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Thank-you. It looks like an intricate spider's web 🕸 that is being woven.

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Compare to all the crooked judges who refused to look at any of the election fraud cases. The corruption is a cancer that has devoured the criminal justice system

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This one is simple to me. Do not expect the DoD to care. I'll get into that in a second. Covid and the vax were a Pentagon op from the very beginning, so when did they know about it? I'd guess 2017 when Fauxi spoke about a pandemic at a party. Maybe earlier when he stole HIV/AIDS and sent it around the world or we had another plandemic swine flu during one of Obammie's terms. Pentagon-DoD two peas in a pod.

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thank you

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We are living through exceptionally dangerous times. Never before has the entire human race faced a simultaneous global attack from an army of fascist billionaires who believe that they alone have the right to control the earth's resources and dictate the future of humanity. Pooling their incredible wealth these psychopaths have captured our democracies and institutions and now spew continuous propaganda and public disinformation to conceal their real intentions. Controlling information, suppressing dissent and abolishing freedom of speech is an essential part of their plan. They need an obedient public that is willing and eager to follow them blindly into the technocratic dystopia of total control that they are building with the UN, World Bank, WHO and WEF.

LocalResistance.org provides a safe, anonymous search tool to connect neighbours and initiate local action. By linking locally we can find strength and support, we can communicate, coordinate, educate and resist. Here we provide a searchable database to easily locate neighbours in your own city or town who share your concerns and who are willing to stand together and press for truth locally. To protect your safety and privacy you are not required to provide your real name to the database. If you are comfortable doing so later with the people you connect with that is your choice. Your level of involvement is totally up to you. You can talk privately here using our anonymous email system until you are comfortable with meeting in person, then you can work with others to establish working groups, organize events... anything is possible. No one will know your real name or see your e-mail address unless you give it to them. Your privacy is absolute.

LocalResistance.org is just a search tool, not a community group. User interests and beliefs don’t have to align with those of any other organization. There is no administrative hierarchy to restrain or approve you. Users form their own local groups independently based upon their shared concerns. LocalResistance.org exists solely to co-ordinate communications and establish partnerships… it has no other agenda of its own. We need a worldwide network of independent local resistance cells, too numerous to eliminate, autonomous and locally controlled, acting continuously to expose and expel all of the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and corporations who would deny our personal freedom, sovereignty and natural rights. Check it out. Spread the word. Thank-you. https://localresistance.org

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You wrote:

"I suggested that her lawyers ask Judge Truncale to take judicial notice of relevant statutory and regulatory changes carried out in recent decades, because those changes to American law are the foundational crimes without which the derivative crimes exposed through Covid-19 (biomedical-biowarfare fraud, torture and murder) could not have happened."

Unfortunately, the real fraud is the Judiciary itself. What made it possible to do any of this is actual Constitutional Law and actual Common Law has never really been used as a "direct restraint" against the creation of the pseudo legal structures. These structures only exist because we have never taken notice that the US Government is in fact a Federal Corporation and NOT the government based off of the Constitution, the Pseudo Legal Structure of the "Corporate Veil" is what allows this to exist. Here is a simplified description of how it works:

You are born into this world, God recognized as "Sovereign." You are then issued a "Birth certificate," which is then processed through the Dept of Commerce. On this "Certifactum" there are numbers that tie your "legal status" as a Citizen to the IMF; your "Corporate Entity" listed on this Certifactum, is a pledge to the Federal Corporation that you are an ipso facto guarantor that exists to pay off interest on the "National Debt." This Usury is a claim against your life, it is a form of ownership. Birth Certificate Trust / Bond "Cestui Que Vie" is a Security that is traded between the Federal Reserve Inc. and the Bank of International Settlements --- (among the private owner "Stakeholders") This is how the fiat paper currency is actually "backed." There are other "Legal Instruments" as well, yet it is easy to see that these Criminal Billionaire Parasites view the rest of the people world wide as their privately owned "property," they think they can dispose of us through culling. Note: ALL vaccines are poison; not medicine.

Think of it another way:

Ordinary slavery is to own the labor, but that carries with it the care for the laborer. (Healthcare) Stakeholder Capitalism is for capital to control labor by controlling the wages. THIS CAN BE DONE BY CONTROLLING REAL MONEY, this money is tied up in the Trust System, and it is the Security that holds value to the fiat (the fake money). It’s slavery re-imagined.

Yet another way to think of it:

Citizenship is like a form of Licensing; a practice of seizing your right to do something, then "selling" it back to you, as a License. To them, it's your license to exist, to eat, to sleep, to have kids, to "own" a home, to go wherever you want such as travel and to exercise "free speech." It is time to FORCE these parasites into acknowledgement that they don't own us. "Public Health" is an oxymoron; Health is NOT Public, it is personal and private. Germ theory is a lie, wrapped up in a tiny bit of truth. It's not the Germs, it's the aerosolized toxicants, and toxic ingredients of processed food.


Always think of yourself as having the status of "Sovereign Regis." Absolutely nobody is above you, nor below you.

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They are protecting Trump, who is implicated in this via collusion with the DOD in 2020. If they can claim Pfizer tricked the DOD, they can protect Trump from culpability. Our side must abandon support for Trump (even though we may wish to rallyt behind his nationalism) because continues support destroys our ability to get justice.

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You are way out on your dates. Not even in the ball park!

Go read Dr Judy Mikovits FREE book "Plague of Corruption". Learn facts!

I did voluntary research for a group-the founder of that group in an interview (Zoom) admits the HIV/PLANNED work that he and others as Scientists were doing in official government Labs in different countries in the 1980s, and others who have come forth later on verify.

WATCH a number of INTERVIEWS that a Dr David Martin has done. He is USA and not a medical Dr. He started a World company some years back that is a Leader if not THE Leader in the Patents industry . I have been kind to use precioius time here, as you NEED to learn to RESEARCH for FACTs!!!

NOT refer to " The way I heard it in 2017 Fauci was at a party talking about"....

I do write this to inform you and also many others who need to have authentic factual knowledge.

Many people in the World have already been victims of USA Fauci Lab since the mid 1980s, as BIOWEAPON research was in place in 31 or 34 countries in the World at that time. Countries had been given the task of reporting about the animal populations by USA Fauci, not just China-they came later.

USA has been using aerosol methods in many countries, long before the Jabs, and a USA Navy ship of San Francisco did exactly that in 1955. ALL vaccines contain the HIV long before Plandemic and still does, Its not only the Homosexuals who were targeted. though they were the victims of Fauci who called them undesirables.


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cc: Katherine

You Broke The World Bob.

If Not You - Solely

You And Yours Like You.

This Is Our Home.


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