“If you think that it’s all over and we’re doomed because the forces of evil are permanently beyond challenge — that they exist on a plane outside the realm in which change, resistance, overthrow and restoration of sound, properly-ordered goverment are possible — think again.”

Love this. Real leadership

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I'm still digesting this masterpiece. There's so much incredible information. I must admit the double-entendre in your title has captured me and won't let go. It's unforgettable, perfection.

Thank you Katherine Watt. 🙏❤

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Katherine Watt your information is so very much appreciated. Your knowledge base is extraordinary in navigating these war crimes and educating us who have no idea where to start in the process. May God shed His grace and peace upon you Katherine Watt. Thank you for your endless work.

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I love how you are always providing hope, solutions, and action steps.

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Wow, Khathrine, thank You so much... I just went from “we don’t stand a chance, they are handing us over to the WHO”.... to action plan, let’s go!!!!!

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From Swiss Pascal Najadi: in the name of Humanity


This is the two hour recording of a discussion initiated by Pascal Najadi, retired Swiss investment banker who filed criminal complaint against the President of Switzerland, regarding the WHO declaration of the Marburg pandemic. Guests with Pascal Najadi are Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD - physician from the USA, Dr. Astrid Struckleberger, MD former WHO physician from Geneva, Switzerland, and Ann Vandersteel, Co-Chair, The Zelenko Foundation, USA. We think you will find it very informative to watch.

From Pascal Najadi: “We will completely dissect the subversive terrorist WHO mass murder Organization that failed to do a Coup d‘Etat on our democracies. All bad evil actors of the UN, WHO, WEF, Pfizer, Pharma etc and respective Government members that conspired with them against the divine Humanity, us, will be meeting the wrath of Justice and will forget how their names are spelled, I promise this to all of you, for the Lord our creator will guide and protect us. We Humans are one, Divine. Please spread this to all corners of this world, fellow Humans like us need to know the Truth. Truth. Godspeed, Sincerely, Pascal”

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I watched the link you posted! Very good info. As Dr Astrid Stuckelberger stated, they are after our very souls. The want to poison us with metals& toxins to completely shut down our ability to commune with God. She is not the only one saying this. Also Dr Ana Mihalcea ( here on SS) as well as Harald Kautz and many others. God help us! We must pray pray pray!!!!

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Thank you for sharing that video.

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I appreciate this so much. I'm in the UK, where things seem to be done differently.

I've noticed the American instinct for free speech and your "can do" attitude, and think it will help other countries too. We have to do our bit too, and not wait for America to save us, but your influence will be a good one.

I'm not a Catholic, but the Bible is making a lot more sense these days! I like your Catholic content and art. Thank you, as ever.

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I agree very strongly with the first item listed. Every evening I pray the 12 years devotion of St Bridget, 15 decades of the most holy rosary of the blesséd Virgin Mary, and the 7 sorrows of St. Mary. I also pray the prayer of St. Gertrude the Great.

For we battle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places. God's will be done. Amen.

God helped me compose this prayer: Eternal Father please help us free the slaves, stop the wars, and end tyranny. Please help with guidance, resources, ingenuity, endurance, fortitude, and patience. Please show us the little fires so we may pass by them. Please bring love into our lives so we remember what we have to live for. Amen.

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I respect all that you're doing but please leave religion out of this. Many people don't believe in the same religions and they don't even know what a rosary is. Let's keep this to good vs evil and go from there.

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I've responded to this request previously:


Catholic Faith

There’s been some discussion in recent comment threads about whether it’s useful or not for me to include Catholic faith elements in my writing about Covid-times law.

I haven’t made theology a major theme of my work, and I don’t plan to increase the volume. But I am a Roman Catholic, baptized as an infant in January 1974 and given the sacrament of First Holy Communion by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, founder of the Society of St. Pius X, in Spring 1981. I wandered around outside the Faith between the ages of 16 and 48, and returned to it by the grace of God in Summer 2021 through a process described in an Oct. 13, 2021 post.

If I had not returned to the Faith, I would not have been able to do the research and writing I’ve done the last couple of years, and I would not be able to keep doing it now.

Readers who are uncomfortable with the limited references I make to the ancient war between God and Lucifer in my writing about the visible, human-world aspects of the war in American law and geopolitics, which is playing out against that supernatural backdrop, are encouraged to devote their reading and comment-drafting time elsewhere...

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Well said. God bless you, Katherine Watt. Keep punching away.

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Why, why, why should anyone expect you to self-edit your reality and perspective, K? That kind of pushback is precisely the sort of which what we need less. "Stand firm and when you've done all, keep standing" Ephesians 6:13. From a grateful, respectful Pentacostal.

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I agree, but (...& sorry for being a pedant) but you're a PentEcostal

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That is pedantic! Well done for spotting it! ☝🏼👀 👍🏼 🤣

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I should have added: "as one fellow pedant to another".

You might enjoy this : http://writethevision.substack.com


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Thank you a thousand times for telling your readers to "pray the Rosary". Some people commented that they don't know what the Rosary is, perhaps now they will research it. Protestants have absolutely no problem sharing their beliefs, as if they are the "default position". The Rosary is meditation on the life, death, and resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and is the most powerful prayer. We need more Rosaries, thank you for making the Rosary known and spreading knowledge of this devotion

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My mother-in-law was muslim and she used rosary beads. I always found that strange. Just looked it up and apparently just about every religion uses them, in some form or another.

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Yep, Zen too.

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Meditation and prayer is so important.

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Agreed! Rosary is SOOOO important...

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You stand strong on your faith and never falter Katherine Watt. 💜🙏

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Faith and belief in God drives us to be better. Katherine, your Faith is your driving force and that is a good thing. I love that you wear your faith on your sleeve. If it can be accepted that by your proclaiming your faith is about you, I doubt the people who are not religious or who are non believers will stop reading your articles and essays, if they did they’d miss out on all the good you present. God is Love.

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Debra makes a good point. She didn't ask anyone to believe or not believe. Writing your beliefs into a non-religious topic is very exclusive of citizens different than you. Does your vision of a new constitution base itself on Catholic law? On the Pope's doctrine and leadership? Are my Jewish and Lutheran neighbors excluded or will they be non-citizens because they don't accept Catholicism? What about my Hindu coworkers who do not believe in one god and believe in different multiple deities among themselves based on where they are from, are they subject to lesser citizenship because they have a different view of God and satan and possibly not satan at all? Imagine a Buddhist American sharing knowledge similar to your own and making it Buddha centric. Wouldn't you feel excluded and concerned?

There is human law and God's law and a country may choose to be influenced by one or more God's laws, but it can only administer human law, unless like the Vatican, it's a theocratic state. The US by law is not that.

Let's keep constitutional law inclusive of all citizens or else we will be down the same path with a slightly different flavor than what's happening now.

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There is no requirement that a reader shares every opinion or belief of a writer. If for some reason a reader feels not included, which is a sign of poor differentiation, she might move on to other stacks that might be more closely aligned. Otherwise it makes sense to absorb the things one likes and leave the rest. And remember, You once were dust and to dust you shall return.

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What would you say if I put a dedication on the top of my substack posts saying...

Everything I do is because of my love for my son and desire to see him healthy. He is why I get up in the morning and seek answers to share with you.

Would you tell me "increasing you p53 gene to fight cancer" has nothing to do with my son? I dont want to hear about your son? You shouldn't dedicate your aritcles to him or mention his health issues thats off topic, TMI, no one wants to hear it? Or would you respect my lived experience?

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You miss the point, you gave a directive: Pray the Rosary.

Lots of Americans don't believe that or do that. You could have said "I pray the rosary, practice your faith" or just "practice your faith." There are around 5,000 religions and at least a hundred (probably many more) practiced by US citizens. In the fight against this unprecedented evil, which I believe all religions are against, the best appeal is to not be divisive, which specific religious directives are.

And let's all come clean here. Church always encouraged me to recruit/convert others to Christianity. Christian directives have an undertone of doing that. The majority mindset of confidence that most of us readers are Christians and can push our faith because we are a majority here, does that. That's why I stepped in to agree with the point the other commenter made.

What made you who you are is great. How it helped your son is great. Sharing your experiences is useful. Directing people to practice your religious beliefs isn't. I didn't tell you what to believe, that helping your son is wrong, who to dedicate things to or not, his health issues, I didn't mention him at all or everything else you seem to need to pin on me rather than considering what the commenter ASKED of you. It sounds like you won't even consider it. WWJD? Seriously, WWJD?

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I see. Let me rephrase then. Asking Katherine to not write down her belief, that you would do well to first pray the rosary, that's not debatable.

If I told you what works for me is to take NAC every morning and recommend that you do too, you can do it or not. Don't ask me to change my belief and what I write.

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Jesus definitely wouldn't have recommended praying the rosary! End of story. Seriously though folks, just skip the religious bits even if they're annoying.

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Why do you think Jesus would object to people meditating on His life, death, and resurrection? Because that is what we do when we pray the Rosary.

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Team Humanity believes in and strives to practice the Golden Rule. We need to hold those who prey on Team Humanity, accountable for their actions.

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Praying the Rosary daily is the most effective option on the list. Make no mistake, this is a SPIRITUAL battle at the core. These are the latter days. Ave Maria!!! SHE will crush the serpents head...

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Here's a thought you might consider: the people responsible for doing this to us have a religion that they are completely committed to. It is Satanism. They worship the devil (the father of deception/evil, “…He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies”, John 8:44), whether anyone chooses to believe it/in him or not. They are playing out a scenario that was predicted (prophesied) for thousands of years and described in detail by our Lord Jesus Christ and many of his apostles. As such, it is vital to mount a spiritual as well as material/physical defense against what they are attempting to accomplish for the creature who they worship as god. Katherine is pointing out that our battle is being conducted not simply on the physical, but also the spiritual plane, hence her suggestion that people pray the rosary. As the originator of this substack, Katherine has the right and prerogative of recommending anything she believes might be of assistance. As a fellow Catholic, I wholeheartedly agree.

Scripture tells us we must pray continually (1 Thessalonians 5:17). An excellent book on the importance of prayer is Father Michael Mueller’s, Prayer the Key to Salvation, Tan Books and Publishers, Inc., Rockford, Illinois, ISBN: 0-89555-287-6. In it he refers frequently to St. Alphonsus Ligouri who taught extensively on the centrality of prayer. See for example his; Prayer: The Great Means of Salvation and of Perfection, 1759.

Let us not forget that Christ specifically instructed us, “...he who endures (perseveres) to the end will be saved.” Matthew 24:13.

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Do you understand that by stating "Pray to the rosary" that is discriminating against all those that 1) have no clue what that is and 2) believe in any other religion and I'm talking NOT about the devil (don't get me started)? Also, it's basically saying to those that don't know your religion and who have every right not to know your religion, that they aren't worthy which unfortunately sounds very familiar to what's going on in the world.

I simple stated to leave religion out of this because those people who you think actually believe in satanism are most likely just making that up for the rest of us. They are simple psychopathic monsters who only believe in themselves. You're giving them way too much credit for even having the ability to believe in that crap.

If we aren't inclusive of all religions and even those that choose not to believe but who do believe in the goodness of humanity, then we are just behaving like those who want us dead. We have to embrace everyone to save humanity. By, singling out one religion is simply not doing that.

It's also very selfish of anyone to put their religious views out there because 1) it's an imposition on others simply trying to learn what is going on in the world right now and 2) it certainly appears as those they don't recognize anyone else and their views which is totally against human freedoms.

I will end it here because this is a waste of my life!

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Do you understand that by stating "Pray to the rosary" that is discriminating against all those that 1) have no clue what that is and 2) believe in any other religion and I'm talking NOT about the devil (don't get me started)? Also, it's basically saying to those that don't know your religion and who have every right not to know your religion, that they aren't worthy which unfortunately sounds very familiar to what's going on in the world."

I don't see this at all. I see Katherine as very inclusive of everyone, inviting you to practice as she does or you can choose not to. She doesn't tell everybody if they dont, they must leave her page.

If you dont know what a rosary is you can look it up or ask someone here in the comment section or in your area.

You're the one not being inclusive of her religion by saying that she shouldn't write what she feels would benefit you.

I'm sure there's a diverse group of people here with many different religious beliefs and none of them feel excluded except the few who just don't want religion talked about it at all. It's as if you can't even stand someone else to have a belief and recommend it. I'm not Catholic but knowing Katherine believes praying the rosary helps and recommends it, good for her and anyone who wants to join her.

"I simple stated to leave religion out of this because..."

"If we aren't inclusive of all religions"

These are your beliefs.

Most of us here appear to have a level of emotional maturity which enables us to handle other people believing things different from us. I respect Katherine's beliefs and what works for her.

You might ask yourself, who's the one with the problem here? Who's asking someone else to change? Who's not accepting what somebody else writes? Who doesn't like to hear other people's advice of what works for them?

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Amen! That initial phrase turn me off too. I get tired of people preaching God when discussing these political and health issue. It is divisive. Katherine has great information in this post, and many others, but that statement is not one of them. There are more than 400 religions on this earth and many with no religion. You don't have to be religious to be humane and kind and loving and do the right thing. I grew up in one of the several Church of Christs. IMHO it was abusive and inconsistent. I know people who claim to be Christians who are anything but. The hypocrisy is disturbing. Definitely not saying that Katherine is that for sure. I just think we need to keep religion out of these discussions.

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I'm not part of any religion or church because I feel like it's part of Satan's way of dividing us. I understand initially feeling cringy by somebody talking about their religion. The truth is, your or my reaction to what Katherine is sharing says more about us than it says about Katherine.

She's inviting people to do what worked for her. She doesn't tell everybody else to go bugger off.

Might you consider what it would look and feel like if we were all emotionally mature enough to respect Katherine and not turn it into more than it is? It's Her belief she's sharing. Take it or leave it end of story.

Why take it personal? There are a lot of things in life we do based on a belief system that's very different from other people around us. Like you said there are good and bad people everywhere so why attach a bad motive or negative connotation to Katherine? What would it look like if you told yourself Katherine believes rosary prayers helps... good for her. I don't believe that way. I'm going to do what works for me.

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Nov 6, 2023·edited Nov 6, 2023

Yes Heidi, the political, social, economic,etc. concept of Divide and Rule creates conflict between the divided. Individualism vs. Collectivism ?

The individual vs. the group. If everybody becomes a “clone” of each other, then everybody becomes a nobody. Thinking as a confident individual vs. group-think is what George Orwell wrote about in “1984.”

The Ruling Class uses Divide & Rule to create chaos & hate, so we all end up arguing and hating each other. This distracts us from focusing on what the” invisible" Ruling Class is doing.

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From your remarks to Debra and now to me, clearly you do not understand the difference between attacking and not attacking. Of course I knew that you would deliberately misunderstand what I was saying just like you deliberately misunderstood what Debra was saying and attacked her. Yes, Katherine may have been "inviting" us to do what worked for her, but it sounded more like "this is what you should do". Her exact words were:

"The responses that I think hold most promise include:

Pray the Rosary.

So first and foremost she is telling us what she thinks we should do that hold the most promise - not what SHE would do.

Second she told us to file a lawsuit - not that she filed a lawsuit and it worked for her or any of the many other suggestions. These are her instructions about how we should handle the current Covidians - not how she is handling it.

Your passive aggressive accusation about me being emotionally immature might just be you projecting your emotional immaturity of not being able to understand what we are saying.

Your endless accusations have gotten way out of hand so I will not waste my time responding to your "gaslighting".

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Or you could stop acting like a victim when you're the bully

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Thank you. All I'm saying is have respect for all humanity who are for good.

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Some would say that the Death cult has been chipping away at Christianity for a loong time. Prob ever since Calvinism excused ppl making a lot of money (ostensibly to help the poor) to build mansions. So many Hypocrites. Marx said you cannot go to church on Sunday and say one thing and on Monday go do the opposite. Hence i am a Marxist Christian. be a little more tolerant Debra

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It's not about tolerance. It's about respecting everyone and as I've said over and over, not everyone knows what the rosary is. And, it's far from being inclusive if you dictate to those who are reading your posts to "Pray the rosary" especially when the one who has dictated it once removed herself from her religion for a number of decades. What if she was reading something she thought was extremely important but the first thing she was told was do something against your belief system. YOU need to be tolerant of the rest of us. Aren't the monsters NOT being tolerant of the rest of us.

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Why do you keep going back to people not knowing what the rosary is? You're on the Internet right now. Look it up.

I don't understand how you can insult someone else for posting something on their substack because you're too lazy to look it up.

Katherine didn't tell you you had to pray. You're manufacturing what-if scenarios that don't exist because these people you're talking about *don't exist*

Most people who believe in religion respect other people's religions it's the people who don't believe in religion who disrespect.

You're the non inclusive one because we're ready to include you and you're pushing us away

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Please stop. You're embarrassing yourself with your ignorance. To explain AGAIN, I'm trying to be clear because you and other DO NOT UNDERSTAND or RESPECT the differences of others. It's NOT about the what the rosary is. It's about the fact that not everyone even cares or knows what it is and that should be respected. I can ask you many questions about other religions that I'M sure you know nothing about and it's not for you to know about those things. It's about respecting everyone and NOT isolating them!!!!!! It's time to end this once and for all.

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Please help me understand, why do you censure and censor someone sharing what has helped them most, their beliefs, in order to cater to you, fighting for freedom from tyrants? Isn't that hypocrisy?

People who impose their human (not God directed) shoulds and shouldn'ts onto others attempt to incite shame in order to control others for their self serving desired outcome.

Why do you feel your evil and good is the equivalent of Katherine's God and Devil?

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I NEVER censored anyone. I just asked to keep religion out of this. It has NOTHING to do with religion. This is human law and the rights of ALL humans to have their freedom no matter what they believe. You're clearly imposing your belief system on others when you attack me as you have. I haven't done that AT ALL. It's selfish to behave as you are. I'm trying to just be open to EVERYONE by NOT imposing anyone's religion on anyone else.

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She wrote rosary and you asked her to take it out. That isnt just censorship its woke.

When someone gets their strength, motivation, direction from prayer you must accept that. It isnt something you can change or erase because it isnt part of your narrative, your lived experience. You're asking Katherine to give up her lived experience for you. This is extremely damaging and traumatic for the person who might feel compelled to show appreciation for The Mother Mary or their God. Do you know what it does to someone, eating away at their heart and soul, asking them to hide their faith? For me it would eat away at me. I would feel tremendous weight of guilt that I bent to someone elses shaming me and did not stand strong. Its strong people who stand up for themselves who will help us through this and you would spit in their face.

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You're nuts.

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Yeah, why did I know you would eventually resort to this?

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Wokeism is a psy-op meant to divide us

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OMG Debra, it looks like she wrote an entire stack about your convo. Geeesh!

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I told her I was. You know Deb. She never listens

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Thank you. It was getting quite tiring. It seems to me as if it's all about insecurity when someone has to push so hard to convince another about their agenda (sounds so familiar in this day and age, huh?). All I asked was to not dictate and include religion in a post that is to help all in the freedom movement. It turns people away and makes them feel ostracized but when it's a person's religion that you're talking about they get all defensive and can't look beyond themselves and see another's perspective and how it's hurtful.

They called me all kinds of names which has nothing to do with the conversation. If fact, it wasn't a conversation. It was more like a witch hunt just the thing they are supposedly fighting for themselves. Instead, the bullied tried to bully me. That's all about insecurity. Oh well. Some people just never grow up.

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We just have different perceptions, beliefs and we define things differently.

For example in another comment you defined discrimination as someone who recommends praying the rosary helps. You said this discriminates against people who don't know what the religion is. I said why not get curious ask questions or look it up? You assumed Katherine rejects people of other religions and is against them. Why not ask her instead? I'm sure she would tell you that Catholics believe in loving your neighbor as yourself. She doesn't believe in discriminating against others. In The Bible Jesus taught to never strong arm other people into following him. He invited them and it was their choice whether they followed him or not. That's not discrimination. It's invitation

My son is mentally and physically handicapped and I'm in an interracial marriage for 26 years. I know what discriminating against others looks and feels like. Katherine isn't discriminating against anyone by stating her beliefs and recommendations.

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Hi Katherine :) First off I want to thank you for the enormous task you have undertaken! my brain hurts just thinking about the unimaginable amount of time, effort, dedication and I'm sure money you have poured into bringing these disgusting criminal acts to light. what is and has been happening to all of us for decades sadly is now not surprising, I am astounded ( I'm actually still trying to process the how/why these "vile things, they can't be human beings!" are and have been deliberately poisoning humanity for decades... Why!? ) the scale of this organised, pre-meditated mass murder of humanity is incredulous! yet undeniable.

Has this been taken to the International Criminal Court ? Who could/would engage a second Nuremburg Trials ? is this likely given the heights of Government corruption around the globe ?

I live in Scotland and would like to start digging into the laws here ( I am left feeling useless, conned and gullible and need to do something, anything! ) it's a bit more complicated here as we have effectively two governments the UK cesspit of West Minster and the Scottish Parliament (which isn't much better!) in Edinburgh, I'm not 100% sure where to start to be honest but I think looking at Public Health would be a start in the right direction ?? Am I a bit late with these intentions ?

Thank you for all that you have done and are continuing to do.

God's speed.


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Simon — fellow brit here, a relatively rare "fish" in these waters. You are not "late" : this battle will be raging for years to come. This is the time to 'dig in' and find your groove!!

If you want to dig around the law, as you say, you may be interested in the work and perspectives of Martin Geddes, self-confessed "Professor of Mischief" — here's his SubStack, which is UK-centric https://substack.com/profile/1287903-martin-geddes.

Martin was recently interviewed by another Brit trying to make sense of "these (abhorrent) things," Richard Vobes, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m10KbRsHGFI — I'd recommend starting there, to get a handle on where Martin has come from and how he is addressing the abuse of our Common Law rights (the UK's closest equivalent of the US Constitution??!)

Finally, my own small contribution to articulating what we have witnessed and (in due course) where we might go next… https://writethevision.substack.com/p/not-safe-not-effective-not-necessary

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I've also just discovered this, which looks extraordinarily interesting and relevant: https://hardwickalliance.org/

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This is great work. I’ve shared it several places on my little Substack (search for “Battlefields”).

The trick is for everyone to do SOMETHING. Do not be overwhelmed by how MUCH there is to do. Just pick ONE thing that speaks to your interests and abilities. Then DO IT. Once that’s done, pick another and so on.

Think of this battle as a giant TUG-OF-WAR. If just one more person steps up to pull the rope, we can gain more strength to start moving things back to OUR side.

We never will know which person made the difference. Maybe it’s not just one, but everyone! Regardless, we must try. So please keep trying.

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Another thing to add onto your awesome list, share, share, share. People are waking up quickly but we have a ways to go. All it took to snap me out of "the trance" was a coworker pointing at the chemtrails in the sky and saying "what do you think they're spaying?". That day I laughed it off. Then I started looking. Fast forward a decade, I now write about geoengineering and government corruption. It took a single person saying a single sentence to break through 30 years of brainwashing. Share, share, share.

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Katherine, I am an attorney and new to your substack--you have a very impressive collection of materials and analyses. You would be interested in my approach to attacking these bioweapons utilizing the Nuremberg Code to define of the meets and bounds of the 14th Amendment liberty interest against coerced medical treatment with EUA medical products. My case is Johnson v. Brown, 22-35624, now in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. All of the filings from the District of Oregon and the 9th Circuit are linked on my website Joncus[dot]net. I am using this approach for both the experimental jabs and the experimental masks.

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Acknowledging the wonder of your work Katherine.

I just wrote to my senator thanking him for supporting a bill that Dr. Meryl Nass tells about here:


Quoting Dr. Nass:

Seventeen U.S. senators, led by Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), introduced the “No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act” on Feb 15, which states that the pandemic accord must be deemed a treaty, thus requiring the consent of a supermajority of the Senate, which is two-thirds, or 67 senators. The legislation comes as the WHO gears up to present what it calls the “zero draft” of the accord, negotiated with the help of U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, to all member nations on Feb. 27 to agree final terms.

Other sponsors of the bill included Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.), John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), Rick Scott (R-Fla.), John Hoeven (R-N.D.), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Steve Daines (R-Mont.), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Mike Braun (R-Ind.), Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.), Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), and Katie Britt (R-Ala.).

Any senators not on board could be nudged, and all the ones who are on board thanked and encouraged to "make it happen."

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They'll be out of a job if they DON'T support it!! How else will they launder their spoils?

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I'm sure you are right. It is easy to underestimate the power of the Bench Vice they have us caught in.

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I will be filing my Affadavit to my local sheriff tomorrow, thanks. As a pagan herbalist, I do have to wonder if I should create a website and only include pagans, but that would be foolish, for those on my side are not necessarily of the same beliefs as me.

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Don’t limit your efforts be all inclusive we are all human beings first and foremost.

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Nullification is an interesting concept I think.

This is something being considered in TN apparently.


~~~~~~~ per the link ~~~~~~~~

In addition, the bill declares that “federal laws, federal executive actions, and federal court opinions must comply with the jurisdictional limitations” of the Constitution and “any federal action outside” that power would be “in violation of the peace and safety of the people of this state” and “therefore, said acts are declared void and must be resisted.”

According to the bill, “nullification” of any unconstitutional federal action would involve(d) the state making an official declaration of the following:

A specific federal action has exceeded the prescribed authority under the United States Constitution;

That said action, as being ultra vires, will not be recognized as valid within the bounds of Tennessee;

That said action, as being ultra vires, is null and void in this state;

That an officeholder, agency, or government employee, whether state, county, or city, serving under the authority of the Constitution of Tennessee shall not assist in any attempted enforcement of said federal action; and

That state or local funds collected under the authority of the Constitution of Tennessee shall not be used to assist in any attempted enforcement of said federal action.


This bill may not even get voted upon, but conceptually I think it is an idea that merits support as part of the effort to assert "State Rights" as defined by the Constitution. Imagine if they actually passed it! I reckon that might lead to a Constitutional Convention, per Article V, and if such, that would be a good thing cause something has got to change.



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