Katherine, thank you for bringing into the light the names of the crooks running part of the RealOps, alongside aspects of the PsyOps needed to legitimise the actions of PHEMCE.

Folks: every one of those names are murderers or accessories before, during and after the fact of killings flowing directly from monstrously inappropriate “medical countermeasures”.

Particularly galling is that the “pandemic” required no actual circulating new & lethal pathogen, merely the belief held by most that there was one.

For the epidemiological evidence against, please see Denis Rancourt’s recent interviews, including this one.

To add...

Best wishes


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Powerful interview. Thank you for posting this, Dr. Y!

Really appreciate your voice!

Stay safe and stand strong...

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Thank you for the link and your bravery in these goings-on- from the very beginning.

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"...merely a belief held by most that there was on..."

I believe all it took was a DECLARATION there was a pandemic. Changing the definition of "pandemic" was key. I don't believe those in charge believed in anything but their need for a trigger to set off their Agenda 21/30 plans, and brought out "covid19" to do it.


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I’m sure you’re correct. The fact that there have been a dozen or so rehearsals of responses to pandemics. See YouTube documentary by Paul Schreyer - Pandemic Simulations.

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They also changed the definition of vaccine to accommodate transfection and transformation technologies. So now, a "vaccine" doesn't even have to be effective. They just declare the mantra "safe and effective", when all the evidence says otherwise.

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Thanks, Mike, for being a Good Person! And yes, kind of a "darling," I'd say, LOL.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

I'm keeping this entire post on an external drive... Never will we forget. And... Onward, to Victory!

xo Sending hugs.

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Let's hope for the best.

On my part, I wrote a criminal complaint against PM Justin Trudeau regarding these vaccines to the Honourable David Lametti, our Justice minister (in Canada).

Of course, it got nowhere. I hope for a snap election and a Conservative win next Spring. Luc

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Great list to start off with - we got a long way to go. The collusion between government and big pharma is hazardous to our health.

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I started a bigger list in August.


The PHEMCE people are a subset of the prior list.

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Public/private partnership... read that as fascism.

All those agencies need to be dismantled - they ARE the deep state. They serve globalists, not the people.

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Interconnected web of traitors, much done in secret. Some in plain sight to mock us. Only25%of us paying attn. And wave after wave. Still, I have great hope

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Excellent source of information...

What jumped out at me was BARDA and Rick Brigh who started out in the Obama administration (1st red flag), served as an advisor to the Biden Administration (2nd red flag) and who is now with the Rockefeller Foundation (third red flag). I do not ever wish anyone associated with those three sectors involved with putting forth any kind of vaccine for major public consumption.

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At the Milliken conference in 2019 Rick Bright captured the spirit of the designs for a Pharmaceutical utopia suggesting such miscellaneous problems could be sidestepped if, “there were an urgent call for an entity of excitement that is completely disruptive and is not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes.”

In accord with Bright’s sentiment Anthony Fauci lamented that the predicament facing them was that it would take at least a decade, “if everything goes perfectly”, to bring in a new type of vaccine, such as an mRNA vaccine.

From this dilemma arose one of the themes of that discussion, the “need” for something new and more frightening to emerge, as the flu no longer created enough fear in the population to warrant such a “universal vaccine” and a wholesale change in the current system.

Anthony Fauci addressed this quandary:

“So we really do have a problem of how the world perceives influenza and it’s going to be very difficult to change that unless you do it from within and say, I don’t care what your perception is, we’re going to address the problem in a disruptive and in an iterative way because she does need both.”

The hauntingly prescient Rick Bright foreshadowed the coming storm in his response to Fauci’s proposition:

“But it is not too crazy to think that an outbreak of a novel avian virus could occur in China somewhere. We could get the RNA sequence from that to a number of regional centers if not local, if not even in your home at some point, and print those vaccines on a patch of self-administer.”

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They ALWAYS reveal what they're going to do. The Catastrophic Contagion pandemic exercise using a virus that attacks mainly children was done on Oct 23, 2022, sponsored by none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Thanks, Katherine. A complex puzzle to pull over an outrageously complex plan. Thanks for supplying the pieces.

They will end up imploding, but of course, will cause great suffering in the process.

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They will eventually need to or will choose to bare their teeth. At that point, almost everyone will be able to see then, the traitors.

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I agree. Increasingly obvious, so increasingly vulnerable.

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Very, very true. (We need an emphatic head nod emoji. 😉)

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I wish they'd implode soon, so we could get this over with.

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So they codified this in 2019 - just in time for the plandemic. Hhhmmmm

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Katherine.... Great find, but very very depressing. These monsters have so infiltrated and perverted our governmental structures that I am not certain that reform is possible, Maddening. Horrifying.

Thanks for your hard work on this...

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Just because they write it does not mean will be done.

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You have a really good brain, Katherine. It always amazes me how you can put this scattered load of crap into context. Thank you.

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Thank you. God gave it to me, and I’m trying to use it for the purposes He intended, as best I can.

I’m very grateful that He did. I’m very grateful to be in a position to be useful in these crazy times.

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Thank you so much for that...a very important smoking gun.

There is no such thing as a "Pharmaceutical Utopia" except for the people making money off of such a thing.

From what I understand the vaccine was already developed and under discussion with people including the Clinton Foundation in 2016. They wanted to create a vaccine that needed to be taken over and over again, much like the HIV/AIDS pharmaceuticals that the Clinton Foundation profited from in a very big way.

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Patents go back to the early 2000s.

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Lately I have heard increasing chatter naming Eugenics as the driving force behind all of this....

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"...shielded from public oversight by corporate secrecy privileges...". That sums up the last few years for everything, vaccines and election software.

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I would love to see a web service that has names of people with links to their affiliation (where they work or team they play or movie they are in or party they represent). Then a set of facts, uncontested theories, contested theories and speculations. Then at the intersection of each of the people and facts we have them either agree, disagree, no comment or repented (disagreed, now agree and apologise in public).

An editor can set the status for any point and include a link to a public announcement.

So we could have a statement, "vaccines are not safe" and a politician might say they are and they get a red dot. If they have never said a thing they get a white dot, if they agree in public they get a green dot. If they disagreed and no longer do but have not repented they get a yellow dot. If they die before repenting they get a grey dot (they might have repented).

Clicking a name can show affiliations that will show the group they belong to and all the people and how they stand on facts. Open voting would count as evidence and voting badly on a hidden bill amendment can ruin your day on fact-base*info (TM)

This would allow a person to simply select the facts they care about and checking if the person has a clean record. Checking in general if they are clueless would be easy.

With crown editors this could cover every industry and every country. Anywhere people have a choice this will help us choose wisely.

The elite are using propaganda to counter fact, what if we get better at it and simply boycott any operation, club, team, party, candidate, shop owner, director, media outlet, institutional investor until it becomes impossible for them to operate profitably unless they espouse FACTS.

Let us canvass every person who has power over others and determine if they are worth following.

The facts can be grouped, nested, overlapped, regular expressed to allow people to choose what is important. Does human rights and personal autonomy interest you or does woke and reality shows appeal to you.

The Editors need to be collected in a chain of trust where people have the option of providing a finite number (2-10) certificates to people they trust after they have shown they are trustworthy (finding some links). If someone misbehaves (fails to immediately correct errors) their complete downline and the immediate upline are removed with all their data as UNTRUSTWORTHY. People will not want to create bogus downlines if they can get removed or join sketchy uplines..

Then we need a plug-in for Firefox and other browsers that will highlight any name that it finds in a byline of a fact check or a news report or a whatever. Even in the body of a post if a person is a public person you can right click to review their trust worthiness. REUTERS gets a zero.

Sort of like wikipedia for trust with a simple interface.

Give the set of credentials to a group of 5-20 unimpeachable activists who are prepared to meet face to face at least one trusted party each time to exchange credentials. Get ti spread into every continent and town as fast as possible. Advertise it to every activist group to get at least one member as an editor.

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What a great idea. The info should be on a block chain system held my many. Not my idea, heard someone speaking, can remember who. Would keep the censorship out. Maybe untrustworthy contributions not removed but held showing attributions of who, why, and who their master is.

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Dec 20, 2022·edited Dec 20, 2022

Do not omit Maragaret Hamburg. She is extremely influential and in the middle of virtually all things Bio-Security State. She was one of the featured speakers at the now infamous Milliken Conference held in Oct. 2019.

For example:

Following her medical training, Hamburg moved to Washington, D.C., to begin her career in public service. She served in several roles, beginning with a position in the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion at the US Department of Health and Human Services.

From May 1989 to May 1990, she worked as Assistant Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health under Anthony Fauci.

In 1997, President Bill Clinton appointed Hamburg as Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. She served in this policy role until 2001 when she became the founding Vice President for Biological Programs and later the Senior Scientist for the Nuclear Threat Initiative. In that role, Hamburg spearheaded efforts to prevent, detect, and respond to both naturally occurring and deliberately caused biological threats. She worked on reforms to reduce the dangers associated with modern bioterrorism and infectious diseases such as pandemic influenza.

In June 2001, Hamburg participated in the Operation Dark Winter exercise at Andrews Air Force Base simulating a bioterrorism event involving weaponized smallpox.

Hamburg was nominated by President Barack Obama in March 2009 to become Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and was unanimously confirmed in May 2009. As FDA Commissioner she was known for advancing regulatory science, streamlining and modernizing FDA's regulatory pathways, and globalization of the agency.

The FDA, under Hamburg's leadership approved 51 drugs in 2014 alone, which was noted as being "most in more than 20 years" to which Hamburg attributes to "innovative approaches."

In 2018, she participated in the Clade X pandemic exercise that modelled a fictional parainfluenza bioterrorism attack designed to reduce the global population. She played the role of Secretary of Health and Human Services. Hamburg joined the board of directors for Alnylam Pharmaceuticals in 2018.

In 2020, Hamburg participated in the strategic framework development for the Grand Challenge on Climate Change, Human Health, & Equity. Other notable participants included Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance, Jeremy Farrar of Wellcome Trust, and representatives from the National Institutes of Health, Rockefeller Foundation, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, ExxonMobil, University of Hong Kong, Burroughs Wellcome Fund, World Health Organization, African Development Bank, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and numerous universities.

Additionally, Hamburg was appointed by the Council on Foreign Relations to serve on its Independent Task Force on Improving Pandemic Preparedness, co-chaired by Sylvia Mathews Burwell and Frances Fragos Townsend.That year, she also served on the CSIS-LSHTM High-Level Panel on Vaccine Confidence and Misinformation amid the COVID-19 pandemic, co-chaired by Heidi Larson and J. Stephen Morrison.

Hamburg participated in a tabletop exercise at the March 2021 Munich Security Conference modelling a fictional international outbreak of monkeypox. The exercise was led by the Nuclear Threat Initiative and funded by Open Philanthropy.

Hamburg is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American College of Physicians, as well as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the National Academy of Medicine, where she now serves as Foreign Secretary.

She is a distinguished senior fellow with the Center for Strategic and International Studies and holds several Honorary Degrees.

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Will add her to the list. Thank you.

Kathleen Sebelius was instrumental too.

It's hard to know how far back to go, in these sequences of government-corporate officials.

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Scott Gottleib too as FDA/Pfizer/CNBC media mouthpiece

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On a side note Hamburg, who comes from lineage shall we say, is married to Peter Brown an AI expert.

Brown is CEO of Renaissance Technologies.Renaissance Technologies employees were the top donors to President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and the third largest donors to Hillary Clinton giving $15.5 million and $16.5 million respectively.

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"HHS Strategic National Stockpile/DoD Chemical and Biological Weapons stockpile"

Why do I suspect that the DoD is incharge of the physical storage and accounting of the national stockpiles? DLA...

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Hey Katherine,

have you ever tried interpreting this:


If you know of any articles about it or have written one yourself, I would appreciate if you could point me to it.

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