Thank you. I fear that once opened, Pandora's box can never be closed, and I don't know what to say or do about it.

It's open. We can never go back.

A few years ago there was a TV series called "Counterpart," in which an experiment created two connected parallel worlds (with the bridge between the two in Berlin). It was a kind of cold war-type spy story.

After a few years, one world used their "defensive" bioweapons to send a killer flu out into the other world, which killed hundreds of millions.

A small group in the infected world decided to do the same thing back, and they created an even worse killer virus, which they released in the other world. The show got cancelled in 2019 after two seasons, and was replaced with reality.

It left me thinking about what a small lab could release into the world, not to mention hostile governments, including our own.

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If you think this is the way forward, I'm with you. I am APPALLED to find my country is

the biggest developer of bio warfare in the world.

What use is it to me if my country survives but loses its Constitution?

What use is it to me if I live forever, but lose my immortal soul?

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The U.S. Empire is the biggest and most dangerous terrorist organization on the planet. It has over 800 (yes, 800) military bases around the world, despite the fact we don't have any enemies that could possibly pose an existential threat to the country.

Unfortunately, though, if we want to push for disarmament, we will need to shift our focus away from the U.S. Empire and onto what has become a group of global actors whose only business is war. That shift in focus is clearly outlined by Catherine Austin Fitts in the interview linked below. We may not appreciate how evil these people are, but they focus on the fomenting and supporting wars around the world because war is the one enterprise guaranteed to be profitable, as it has been shown throughout human history. Forcing these evil actors off the war machine dole will be our most important and difficult challenge ever.


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That C.S. Lewis quote: just wow... Thanks for sharing that. Godspeed on your goals to disarm the World of biological Death. We need this.

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