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My view is that all the smaller semi-secret organizations - British Pilgrims Society, Muslim Brotherhood, Freemasons, Rothschild-Rockefeller cabal, Zionists, Jesuits, SERCO, British Crown, Kabbalism, Orsini Black Nobility, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, etc. -- are just brands or flavors of the single underlying Luciferian enterprise.

It needs to present different faces to different groups to elicit the cooperation of some people, and conflicts among others.

I think that's what drives people that yell "IT'S ALL THE BRITISH PILGRIMS SOCIETY" or whichever society they've done the most research into.

These semi-secret societies are many faces of the same core evil lie: that God is something other than Who and What He is.

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- "...proposed one-world secular materialist government"

Secular? Are you sure? It seems to me their fanatic, end justifies the means kind of tenacity could be easier explained by some supernatural or religious believes and motives.

Did you not say you believe they are working in direct cooperation with the devil? In any case, it is not uncommon to hear people refer to them as some kind of satanic cult. On the other hand. some people say Kabbalah is pretty devilish too, and anti-Christian. Have you considered some of those nonsecular options?

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Sadly, too many Americans are unaware of what is really happening.

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What else could be going on ?

Until other views or hypothesis are presented the facts lead into the direction you're suggesting.

Great work from all involved. And a special thanks to you Katherine for your diligence to expose truth.

Explains Trump's move to continually support the bio-weapon vax's.

It's the real reason nothing was accomplished from his term.

Or perhaps one should state his administration accomplished exactly what they set out to do.

Divide and conquer and we're the rats inside the maze.

But not to fear, there's always a way out.

Keep God in your heart and you will always remain free.

God Bless

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Tucker should read this great essay on prime time.

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DearKatherine, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Just when I feel about to lose my mind with thoughts going round and round , YOU ELOQUENTLY, very practically, step by step, clarify and streamline the issues at hand. God has gifted you with the ability to cut through mountains of bullsh#t with laser-like focus and make the case. This is SOOOO HELPFUL to us and I want you to know I appreciate you VERY much! It makes the task WE ALL HAVE, to educate as many as we can about what is going on, much easier when you write your analysis of the problems concisely. Love & Light

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I sent Steve Kirsch the Book of Ours video and Sasha's interview with Kim Iversen to try to get him to interview Sasha and/or Katherine on his podcast. Haven't heard anything after a week, so I have to conclude he blew it off and would rather continue beating his head against a brick wall trying to get the CDC to admit the vaccines have killed and injured people.

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Hugely impressive, as always. The shoes fit - all of them, and the focus as outlined seems shrewd and on the money. Thank you.

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I have suspected for a while that most of the candidates for US Senate and Presidency come into office compromised by material used to control them, whether it is proof of sexual deviancy or money or...whatever. That the choices that we are presented with are not really alternatives, not part of a democratic process (except perhaps Jimmy Carter), and will all further the agenda of the controlling cabal in some way. It's not all that far of a stretch to see Trump and Biden as puppets in Kabuki theatre.

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Katherine, you truly have a gift to wade through the matrix, wade through the elaborate deceptions, sentient programs, wade through all the word hollow point bullets, intentional misdirections (like Derek Johnson)... may your faith and reason hearing God’s voice reach the blinded representatives and the public, though at this point, the question is, can our republic be righted?

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It is difficult to get a clear overall view to understand the situation.

Who is fighting with and who is fighting against?

I have the impression that it is not as simple as globalists against patriots.

There seems to be three, four or even more sides, all fighting against each other.

This article answered many questions, please keep sharing your thoughts. Thank you!

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Like Katherine Watt who I agree with in measured portions on who "the powers that be" may likely be, I disagree with Derek Johnson's findings which are merely a legal version of Patel Patriot's conclusions that Martial law is in place, Trump is leading the CoG and Patriot military will rise up at just the right time to regain US govt control and everything will be fine. There is nothing in real world acts that substantiate even a morsel of that conclusion. This coup has been long planned and meticulously manned in both govt and private sector corporations and institutions. There clearly is a financial arm, military arm and a pseudo political arm. However the sheer magnitude of mind manipulation and exerted control over the public and private sectors enabling this "shadow govt" required to be on a scale that is beyond our understanding. And, when coupled with the tech aspects of AI and transhuman efforts currently being pushed on us causes me to believe this all is driven either through spiritual forces that are extra dimensional (Satan/fallen angels) or off-planet beings looking to conquer Planet Earth or comandeer Earth's resources. In my mind, this NWO is neither brought on by nation states or nefarious bankers. Although important components, there is something much larger than us behind this.

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Did you know that are Military is controlled by SERCO? Who is SERCO? Great question, SERCO is a British Crown Company. Why would a British Crown Company (KING CHARLES NOW) run our military? I believe they run FBI & CIA too. Think FIVE EYES we’re all connected & controlled Just think Putin was also a WEF student. The billionaires at the UN like China’s model of communism so much and want to implement all around the world for total slavery, TOTAL CONTROL!

Everything is a lie.

1. Vaccines - all lies

2. FDA - not doing their job, GMO food, Roundup being sprayed on are food and to dry it in the fields too (WHEAT), food pyramid WRONG. Said butter BAD & salt etc… LIES Meat BAD LIES

3. Health - no one cures anything - drug pushers which are bad for you too.

4. Government- ALL LIES, Very deceitful, selected, not elected. CFR unelected bureaucrats, SES unelected bureaucrats.everything is corrupt in federal GOVERNMENT even the JUSTICE SYSTEM.

5. Military - used to fight in other countries to overthrow the President or leaders there, billionaires use subcontractors to steal everything from them, are sons & daughters are dying for greedy billionaires, not to save humanity.

6. Weather modification - military spraying the skies with chemicals aluminum, barium just to mention a few many more so they can cause drought, pouring rain, fires, heck whatever they want. Go here and watch the video will show you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVgpzeXWCIA Or research weather warfare 101.

7. Water - they’re putting fluoride in the water so toxic.

Tons more but you get the picture, our history is 80% lies too.

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For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see it seems there is something much larger at play than the struggle of dominance in the political theater. Regarding the last paragraph of your article concerning the seemingly apathetic behavior of the legislatures, prosecutors, state and federal judges is incredulous to witness. At this point one would think the accumulative evidence would be considered “prima-facia”. It seems there is debilitating mind fog covering the land that is preventing these people from critically assessing their surroundings, especially if they’ve been personally affected by the bio weapons , lockdowns, mask mandates, from some agencies that have no real authority over personal bodily autonomy inherently given by God. Will they come to a breaking point when they are forced to put on the breastplate of righteous indignation or will it be too late for them to fulfill their oath and duty of office. Will weeping and nashing of teeth be their end?

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The "military is the only way" took new meaning after Katherine, Sasha, KarenK and others I read exposed the military driven origin of this nano lipid bioweapon injection worldwide warfare program. (as an aside, as much as I like to hear Malone speak I'm skeptical of him as he appeared high and mighty right out of those dark cellars).

The Biden Blue and Trump Red team appear to be two sides of the same Talmud encrusted dirty coin, flip for dark, flip for light, either side you lose. See Arizona and Brazil as the most recent evidence.

It does appear the Totalitarian Hierarchy Exploiting You (THEY) are directing us on a civilwarish collision course - awaiting the clearing smoke to offer their savior flavored slavery shackles.

Maybe 20 constitutionally-loyal Congress members and some non-blackwashed legal teams can do something... like defund the IRS. My only hope remains honest, hardworking people are the majority. We the people needs some way, and some wins for momentum. Why not a federal tax revolt, mass setting to 0 deductible plus never-ending tax return extensions, to starve the beast and overwhelm the enforcement.

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