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In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Your work is appreciated. Keep it up, please.

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Amen, Baa! But I think there was so much evil 100 years ago, starting with the Flexner Report, pushing what has become the disaster we see today in medical are, and followed by the Federal Reserve, taxes and then WWI (and perhaps preceded by the Spanish American war) , which even Churchill said the US should have kept out of. Philosopher/theologian Francis Schaeffer said the US became a post-Christian nation, if he had to put a date, at 1917. This is why.

I don't know the answer; but I do know that the horrible fraud Margaret Mead (Coming of Age in Samoa was a complete fraud) had perhaps one thing right in her life; "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

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Goes back well over 100 years. The background on the many wars are not what the people were led to believe.

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Those of us who instinctively knew need no clarification- those who blindly follow, still will not accept the truth based on evidence or facts. It has been a well thought out plan of Crimes Against Humanity since the beginning. The number of those knowingly involved is staggering.

What I fail to understand is why people aren’t raising Sam-hell.

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The outrage is building, but THEY are keeping people misdirected and off balance. The cognitive dissonance is multi-layered. The majority refuse to believe they were fooled into taking a toxic injection, then they refuse to believe it was a fake pandemic and the hospitals and pharma company were all in on it, and they certain will refuse to believe it's their own government trying to kill them. When they get too close to that flame, they might realize we don't even have our own government anymore, that the new world order was already here, and they are just tightening the noose. As evidence and disclosure piles up, I fully expect more distractions, misdirection and circular finger pointing, and false flag crises. Thank goodness substack and telegram and gab are not (at least yet) under the thumb of the KM.

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Indeed, I heard an educated man discuss this reaction to people’s own acceptance of the vaccine and not accepting truth by calling them “demoralized”, a perfect description - as they really cannot let go of what they’ve come to believe and accept.

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I think you said it right, especially when you say we don’t even have our own government anymore. I am eternally grateful to the many brave sources that have uncovered these truths about this dystopian nightmare.

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Hi Shoshana,

Yes I have noticed the survivors will NOT connect any dots between when their loved one had their jab or booster and when they had that sudden death or medical emergency.

Instead they blame the overburdened ambulance service not responding in a timely manner, or blame the deceased or anyone besides the vaccines.

The vaxxed are suffering from brain damage from the nanolipids crossing the blood brain barrier and causing memory loss, brain fog and early onset f dementia. Also, the vaxxed suffer from magnetic nano dots that act as receivers and may be receiving thoughts downloaded to them to influence their thinking and to make them want to get more jabs and boosters and to believe in the lies being shouted and repeated by the mass media and government.

These jabs are subtly removing freedom of thought and replacing it with socially acceptable thoughts: vaccines are always safe and effective no matter what; unvaxxed are to blame for everything, including the deaths of the vaxxed; believe everything the gov, media, and their doctors. It's really sick.

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I had previously done some research on the sheep and had come up with several theories that I believe contributed to the widespread trusting of government: psychotropics, calcification of the Pineal Gland, brainwashing, and just plain ignorance. I do agree, considering what we’ve learned about the ingredients, this “trust” was indeed leveraged byproducts. It would explain the last chapter in the updated Law of War Manual published by our government corporation.

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The vaxxed are being set on a path aka slowly being kettled like a herd of livestock being conditioned for their ultimate destination, which is a mind controlled destiny where they no longer can think for themselves.

They're letting others think for them and are just fine being dumbed down. It's like the public had been lulled into a mollycoddled state where no one can think independently.

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It’s been me versus them my entire life. I didn’t realize exactly how many this phenomenon encompasses. I had hoped for more rebels like myself.

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I am afraid that anyone who thinks independently is being targeted. I gave a nhs nurse 2 websites providing articles and studies showing problems with the fauxines, and instead of thanking me, her casual comment got morphed into a concern which her manager escalated into a bigger concern, and within a few hours I was fired with no advance notice on the basis of heresay as there were witnesses and nothing was written either. So for anyone to try to question the fauxxines has become a thought crime equivalent to gross misconduct which is equivalent to Larceny or physical assault.

Everyone has become very sheepish (aka afraid).

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I was going to send my ex-doctor’s nurse some information myself and asked for her email address. When she told me to send them to her via the portal- I just knew there would have been trouble. I just let it go and felt sorry for her.

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I meant to write: there were no witnesses to my personal conversation with the newly hired NHS nurse during which I gave her 2 websites to look at regarding problems related to these 'jabs'.

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Sorry to read that. I also have lost jobs and friends and been displaced. Telling people that things they believe in are fraudulent seems to trigger a slammed door. Tried many ways of putting it nicely, didn't matter. I became an outcast in the process of trying to save people and have just walked away from crowds of people lining up for mandatory "testing". Told them if they want to know a few things about that long scratchy qtip about to be shoved next to their brains they can follow me. I'm about to move from an area that still likes their covidian mayors and governors. Proud to say I'm no longer a citizen of USA.

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Maybe you’re the one?

“Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.”

— Heraclitus

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Thanks for that quote !

I feel better prepared and encouraged by reading it this morning .

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I volunteered in public schools during my son's student years , with grade 2-5 homeschooled .

It shocked me to see the method was very similar to the call - response of Catholic school .

There IS NO open debate/discussion like in my time attending . The teacher (authority) recites the script , the students give the scripted response. Anything else is marked incorrect . Mind you these are the Title One schools , low income majority. The same ones that our local University hospital does experiments on for Pharma , because they depend on those operating funds .

How do I know ? Because I've personally expenced and witnessed their behavior .

And the automatic conditioning of our youth to AUTOMATICALLY REPEAT what The Authorities say .

Just listen when around others , it sounds like CNN is on .

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“They’ve” had their grip on education for, at least, the last three generations. The parents obviously remained ignorant and the results are extremely disturbing to us Baby Boomers who were told constantly to butt out.

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What puzzles me is that vaxd and vax worshippers are in positions of power or influence - nearly all at big tech, media, politicians, billionaires, down to school boards and “non important” soccer moms. How can vaxd be the ones targeted for culling? If they are culled then non-v are left.

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Perhaps they are selecting for intelligence , lol. Plus some fresh DNA for their own inbred line - rulers are not followers.

They will (maybe) have robots for the manual labor needs !?

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Exactly. However, they’re still planning on getting us by other means. They have the ability to spit their mixture by sprayer. We’re the targets rest assured.

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Great summary of the evil situation we are in! Also share your frustration with “… why people aren’t raising Sam-hell”, and think this is mostly because there is no easy way for all the angry people to express their opinions in a united, well-focused way. Some related thoughts on remedies follow for consideration.

Some things to consider:

* Only peaceful resistance will work

* All branches of US Govt are too corrupt to function properly on their own

* Quite a few people inside Govt still know right from wrong, but will not standup to their corrupt leaders without massive public opinion pressure from “we the people”:

___* History shows that such public opinion pressure can work well when it is massive, narrowly-focused, and precisely-timed (ie, well-coordinated)

___* No single “peaceful resistance” group is large enough to provide the required public opinion pressure by itself, so a loose federation across PR groups is required

___* A well-known and highly-trusted person could provide the required coordination by helping PR group leaders pick narrow, but vital, objectives and related timing (that most agree on)

___* Public opinion pressure can be expressed effectively via “multiplier approach” of Childers’ substack

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While well thought out, I don’t completely agree. I believe there are more of us than you think, way beyond the majority. So, we have the numbers. We have been “holding the line” and refusing to engage in any type of violence as it is exactly what “they” are trying to push us towards. They’ve been planning for this scenario right along with their endeavors to “downsize” the population. Your ideas are too vague and obvious, plus it would invite infiltration into the mix whose goal would be to create “trouble”! We need to think outside the box of what’s been tried before, and completely catching them off guard in unexpected ways.

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Thanks for your note! Sorry my note was not clear, because there seems to be almost complete agreement:

* SM = “I believe there are … way beyond the majority”

___* Me too, but this majority is not currently able to easily express their views in a unified, well-timed, and clearly-focused way, because they are not all in the same PR group (eg, Bailiwick).

___* Is unlikely that most of this majority will ever be following just one PR leader, so multiple PR leaders need to coordinate much better than they do now, so that this majority can respond, as a group, in a unified, well-timed, and clearly-focused way.

___* Suggestion was to avoid being vague from the git-go, by having a well-known and highly-trusted person assist with the required coordination, amongst PR leaders, wrt quickly responding to a vital objective that is well-defined, and narrowly enough focused for most PR leaders to support it with their audiences. (Although this technique is not new to communist subversives, it is rare to see Americans unite on a large scale like this, until there is a Pearl Harbor level event, which btw was likely enabled by TPTB).

* Use of Childers’ “multiplier approach” -- which has worked well, with little opportunity that “it would invite infiltration into the mix whose goal would be to create “trouble”!,” --was suggested as an out-of-the-box technique, that was not widely used, and new to me at least.


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Agreed 👍. I will add that there should be generational leaders because the approach and communication varies by generation (grouping). Each has a unique purpose and language allowing for a variety of different allocations within.

In saying this, I recognize that the best approach is to offer hope because without it there would be no support. What say you?

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You sound like my niece, who has been advising me to better match the marketing message to the audience. You and she are both so right, and I could not agree more with your point about “generational leaders” being essential.

On hope, I am biased mostly by the views of people like KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov and freedom advocate G Edward Griffin. Real, not false, hope must be part of efforts to convince people we/they have existential problems to deal with, or apathy will result.

Realize that is pretty vague, but is hard to be more definitive in a few words, so will add this to Ms Watt’s exceptional presentation (situation, countermeasures, etc) -- see the John Beaudoin segment (1:11:35-1:15:04) of Ms Watt’s Q&A video on rumble.

Part of hope = What has happened is a blessing, because it exposed many evils, that otherwise would have caught us by surprise later on, giving us a better chance to use our talents to preserve freedom for those that follow us -- as you are doing, keep it up!

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Some parallels here.

"The unread Stasi files: Study examines the motives behind former East Germans’ decisions not to view their files...

Other prevalent reasons were that colleagues (58.2%) or friends or family members (54.5%) might have worked as informants, or that the information might negatively impact respondents’ ability to trust others (44%)."


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This section was extremely helpful:

"Another way to think about 21 USC 360bbb-3(k):

It’s the provision that quietly nullified every substantive way in which FDA regulatory functions would have been fulfilled, rendering the entire FDA performance a sham intended only to shield from public view, that the operation was and is actually run under 50 USC Ch. 32, the Chemical and Biological Warfare Program."

And this:

"The primary purpose of all the statutory, regulatory changes and guidance document revisions year after year, page after page, is to keep people from, first, understanding the war crimes as war crimes, and — if people do figure it out — keep them chasing their tails trying to find the FDA loophole that the war criminals somehow failed to close, through which somebody might someday be able to get them to stop killing us." "...the complexity of the web is impenetrable..." I'm afraid that's true for most of us. It's simply maddening.

Thanks, Katherine, for letting us have access to your expanded "kill-box" slide set.

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For the unsuspecting out there, we said it is very difficult to wrap their heads around the fact that there is legislation that was passed in order to harm them. And that there were congresspeople approving such legislation. In order for them to come to terms with this, they need a "bridge", the bridge being that all that legislation too was DUAL USE!

Such legislations could have good uses. (What would a state want to be able to do when it is actually attacked from outside?) And the legislations could be weaponized for nefarious intentions.

Example for benign use: Info and data "gathered in the real world" can be a substitute for clinical data gathered in a formalized setting. That rule was introduced in 2016. - That rule in itself sounds helpful. Like it was meant to lower the threshold for approval of hencetoforth off-label uses of known medications. Like, hcq has proven effective in various isolated and uncoordinated cases of off-label use against viral infections, so let's use that real world experience to justify approving that use. Innocuous. Instead, in our case with the mRNA transfection gene ferries, the real world data is being gathered in a coordinated and partially coerced, partially defrauding way.

That it is here being used in a nefarious way is proven by the development that now, off-label use of hcq and iVM is going to be outright BANNED. It is handy proof for "unsuspectors" that unbureaucratically allowing tried and tested remedies, can NOT have been the intention. (As already earlier the circumstance that off-label use was strongly discouraged, in some countries outright prohibited or impeded, so that the uncoordinated real world data basis for approval based on real world data became not feasible.) Taken together, these two measures become incontrovertible proof. -

It's important to bridge with plausibility the abyss between what the unsuspecting expect, and what is the case. They can believe more easily that a benign sounding clause was indeed able to be used for benign purposes, so could be approved by equally unsuspecting congress members - but could be exploited for nefarious purposes. They will believe it more easily this way. They won't make the jump into nefarious intent without such a bridge.

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The thing I have ALWAYS hated about politics is that to truly understand it you have to think like a crook.

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What a fantastic quote!!!

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One of the numerous aspects of the Covid Operation is to invent new markets for Pharmaceuticals.

It is impossible to underestimate the value that Pharma and the medical cartel bring to large financial investment firms. Pharmaceuticals and the "health management system" in the US is currently the largest sector of the US economy.

It is also impossible to overstate how severe the economic crash of 2019 was for the Pharma Industry.

Among the many problems for Pharma are patent windows they are currently facing and their need to continually hunt down (invent) new microbes for their "miracle cures."

Essentially the Pharma business model is broken, an industry on the brink of terminal decline looking for a solution to this problem.

The problem facing Pharma is that they need new diseases (which they create with their products) and a steady stream of blockbuster drugs to continue their Ponzi schemes. Vaccines play an enormous role in this as they are one of the largest ROI "drugs" in the Pharma playbook.

Without "blockbuster" drugs the Pharma Industry essentially falls apart. The plan is for the mRNA "vaccine" cash cow to be much bigger than Covid. The plan is for the mRNA "vaccines" and drugs to be Pharma's new "medical" and business model and launch an entirely new Bio-Tech wave of financialized "disease management."

The plan is to use similar mechanisms against any imagined viral pathogen in existence and once they get the tech to market they'll start going down the list using their readily "downloadable" mRNA platforms for these new "diseases" that they perpetually invent.

Another aspect of this part of the Covid Operation is to codify a mechanism that allows Pharma to sidestep lengthy and costly clinical trials with this new "Pharma model" as they are deemed no longer necessary with this "new" delivery system.

This allows for greater profiteering as Phase 3 clinical trials entail around 90% of all R&D costs for approved drugs.

A move towards an mRNA-based vaccine model would ‘allow’ the Industry to achieve this goal of ‘blowing up the system’, opening up the door for the mRNA delivery systems to become Pharma’s new ‘vaccine model and subsequent cash cow. With the mRNA delivery system each ‘new’ vaccine could utilize a similar mechanism against any viral pathogen in existence- updated quickly and at minimal cost. Once approved and accepted in the market they can plug the technology in and start going down the list. New “mRNA vaccines” to be created for ‘emerging’ diseases similar to a Windows update, with all regulations and trials wiped out in the blink of an eye.

It's worth noting that in the USA, disease management pumps almost $4 trillion/yr into the economy. "Health management" has replaced war as the world's primary money spinner, the elites need continuing large-scale health crises to keep the economy going. The cure du jour is the “vaccine”- especially after the last three years (though in reality this was all pre-planned years back to make it so) as not only does the “vaccine” have indemnity but now, thanks to the Covid Con, no longer do these biologics need to go through costly Phase 3 trials.

Much of this fraud has been legalized by governments who are completely controlled and betrothed to large financial interests who are heavily invested in Pharma and have a significant portion of their fortunes tied to the fate of Big Pharma and the “disease management” system.

Every human being on earth, every human body to be an endless source of revenue. The plan is to implement a subscription model for endless mRNA injections in an attempt to turn us into human pincushions in order to line the pockets of The Pharma Cartel.


This came out this week from the European Medicines Agency- ATTC stands for “Advanced Therapy Treatment Centres”:

“The ATTC project aims to develop robust systems for the routine delivery of ATMPs as a standard of care throughout the NHS in the United Kingdom.”

It then goes on to say: “Over the last five years, new cell and gene therapies have been developed to treat some cancers and inherited diseases. These advanced therapies are different from existing treatments in two important ways: they are designed to restore normal function, sometimes offering cures where an unmet medical need exists and they require new ways of working by the NHS.

The CGT Catapult is playing a central coordination role for the network and provides support to manufacturing, supply chain logistics, regulatory affairs, clinical trial capability, R&D support and upskilling via specialist training and development.”

The above changed regulations for Good Manufacturing and Distribution Practice (GMDP) allow hospital pharmacies, and similar establishments outside the regulatory safety umbrella, carte blanche to ‘experiment’ with gene and other advanced therapies.

Translation: Speed of Science= Maximization of Profits.

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I was trying to explain this to my Dad a year and a half ago. He didn’t believe me. You explained it much better than I. Basically, I told him that if Big Pharma wasn’t able to switch to the mRNA platform, they were going to crash and burn. You can only reinvent the same medications so many times for the same diseases before you run out of new tweaked formulations of old medications to patent.

Unfortunately, mRNA had been shown repeatedly to be dangerous and ineffective. Enter covid and EUA. Very convenient timing...

Brandy Vaughn was warning that Big Pharma was coming after adults for mandated vaccines because it’s the untapped market. She died unexpectedly and mysteriously in Dec 2020. RIP

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Read Dr Sherry Tenpenny

Trace Amounts

Dissolving Illusions

She called the adult mandate scheme out first

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I’m very familiar with Tenpenny and I’ve had the book “Dissolving Illussions” since 2018, thank goodness. This has been a train wreck in the making for decades.

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Yes my family trainwreck was in 1994-98

I've been reading ever since.

It's such a relief to have so many intelligent people discussing it now , it was lonely for quite some time.

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You are so right. If we are wondering how to convince the unsuspecting, then we need to provide "plausibility bridges" for the to cross from total unawareness to our claim of such large scale criminal intent. One bridge is to explain first what you were detailing above. Explain that Pharma was facing a somewhat similar situation like the fossil companies and earlier tobacco. The only difference is, the fossil companies, in order to ensure profit, try to not let go of an existing but harmful paradigm (combustion engine), whereas pharma, to ensure profit, wants to actively transition into a harmful paradigm. Which is even worse. The unsuspecting will be able to relate to that idea, given that many tend to see fossil based companies as amoral.

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Unfortunately, my dad is a retired oil field operator. I tried. I still love my parents. They now know that I was right to some degree but they keep listening to msm and so they kind of have this sense that I just got lucky and the rest of my ideas are conspiracy theories. The brainwashing is so deep. Their religious leaders were also telling them that the “vaccine” was a miracle so it was more than msm working on them. It’s such a tragedy.

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Awesome write-up.

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That objective could also describe the sudden about-face in the MSM and some "experts" now conceding that these vaccines weren't quite the ticket. "But we have better ones coming soon!"

I think they want to stop the current products because too many people and "rogue" scientists are discovering and talking about the lack of efficacy as well as the harms. And we see this pretend apology theme. So they can win back our trust! /s

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So Pharma nearly crashed on 2019. Interesting. Excellent overview of why the insatiable Pharma profit motive willingly cooperated with these sinister operatives. Thank you for taking time here on this stack to elaborate on this background.

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Thank you 🙏 for your brilliance and your time and commitment to exposing this ‘impenetrable web’, this US DOD driven global genocide.

These details you provide continue to clarify the treasonous nature of the law frame-working and that prior knowledge of this has been held by many key people entrusted with regulatory responsibility to the people.

You have made some incisive cuts to weaken the threads of this web, incremental steps toward full web destruction imho.

Hard hard work. Rest time counts as important work here also. It preserves the spirit needed to penetrate this diabolical Pharma-military monster.

This web has many big spiders. These spiders must expose themselves at times while trying to repair the threads. Big and very ugly spiders, crawling across this web in plain sight, if we want to see them. An honourable justice system, may, like a beautiful bird, fly in and pick these creatures off this web, one by one. 🤞. Stay strong.

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Feb 10, 2023·edited Feb 10, 2023

"At this point in early Summer 2021, four facts became more widely understood among the community of people trying to understand the biotechnology, risks and benefits of the products marketed as ‘Covid-19 vaccines.’

The inflammatory lipid nanoparticles and their payloads collect in the ovaries and other key organs, are not rapidly cleared from the human body and are toxic.

Pfizer scientists knew this before seeking EUA approval from the FDA through the 11/20/2020 EUA application.

FDA scientists led by Marion Gruber knew this when authorizing the product for emergency use on 12/11/2020."

Back in early 2021 when I began researching this novel vaccine technology to assess whether I wanted to submit myself to them, I came across a Stat News article dating back to 2016, in a simple online search. In the interview with both Katalin Kariko of BioNTech and Stephane Bancel of Moderna, they both characterize the LNP as having 'toxicities' and 'dangerous side effects', 'especially when given in repeat doses'. I said to my husband "These vaccines are out. In fact, good luck getting anyone to take them" because I fully expected everyone would do their homework.

I was completely wrong of course. Not even most doctors questioned a thing or bothered with even simple online research. I'll never understand this.

Thanks for your amazing work.


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Remember the Anthrax vax injured ?

The squalene was discovered to be highly toxic .

Guess what they are now putting in vaccines , including children's ??

And not a peep from our " protectors" to inform patients or doctors.

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Which children's vaccines?

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Apart from mRNA vax manufacturers like Pfizer & Moderna, what do we know about dangers of non-mRNA injections? We are told they were even worse than former. Or was this just a ruse to clear the way for take-over by these new technologies?

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This is the only thing people should read today. Let it sink in, print it into hard copy, pin it to the wall, share it with your friends and family, your local politicians, state or federal - if you can find any who have not become rigid deniers.

Here we see, again the destruction of our morals and ethics by lawyers, too clever for 'humanity', hence causing its destruction with their gyrations and manipulations of what were boundaries that should not be crossed.

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These laws are repugnant to the Constitution and are null and void. I feel that we should not accept these "laws" which the perpetrators put in place to commit crimes against the people. They are not laws, they are crimes, in and of themselves. We should understand how they are being used but never accept the perpertatros definitions and ideas as valid.

We ought to proceed as if these "laws" are the unconstitutional crimes that they are. We should proceed on our terms, not there terms. We do not need to repeal crimes. We need to file criminal charges against the criminals.

I understand it is difficult at this time to find anyone to take these crimes seriously in the US. I hope that will change.

As of right now their is a prosecutor looking into crimes by the President and former health minister of Switzerland. So at least there is one nation who will examine criminal evidence by officials. If that dam breaks, it may help the dam break in our own nation.

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They prob snuck these laws into a package at the 11th hour of a 4,000 page bill and it passed with nobody reading it. They will say We are a nation of laws. So they pass a law that says "we can do anything we want if HHS Dept head declares an emergency. We can destroy the USA and kill her population". As you point out these laws need to be nullified and it will not happen in the way it should ie congress. we need to think more creatively and, more importantly need to get the info out there. Most are asleep parotting the MSM. We need a Unified media channel that stands for universal values and truth. Right now it feels terribly dis-jointed. I do have hope. Ppl passing my house are reading my noticeboard wherein i document what's really going on

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I think these "laws" are already nullified as they violate our Constitution. Then we will be told the Constitution is not in force due to martial law.

No one should deny the statements and claims which are being made. It is important to understand how one is being oppressed but the answer is never to accept the values of the oppressor. We are free and we should not forget this truth. Oppression occurs by force and deceit. Freedom occurs by acting in freedom.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a Stockholm syndrome happening--as if we should look to oppressors to undue their own wrongdoing. They aren't going to nullify their own criminal behavior. It is nullified because it is a lie and we do not accept it as truth. We do not live as if it is truth.

That doesn't mean no one will get hurt or this will be easy. These are people committing unspeakable evil who have written "laws" to protect themselves from being charged for that evil. But we should never accept their lie as truth or accept they we are slaves, no matter the cost.

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Jill, I agree, they are perversions of law and illegal on their face. The Constitution and The Magna Carta FORBID these types of degeneracies of our human rights. They are inversions of law.

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Michelle, I agree they are inversions of law. That's a great way to put it. It would make sense from a "spiritual" point of view as many of the global psychopaths are a kind of lucifarian religion. They ironically base themselves a lot on the bible and like to invert things in the bible and in other areas of life, such as natural law. It would be truly ridiculous if it weren't so deadly.

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Yes!!!! This to me is why words like inversion, degeneracies, and perversion:

(the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended.

"a scandalous perversion of the law") are appropriate to explain how these rather cunning, surreptitiously crafted, inverse laws are written. They are like black magic spells on words/language and meant to be hidden in plain sight. This crafting ( witchcraft) makes it difficult to explain just wtf is going on to the average joe. I already am considered a tinfoil hat "conspiracy theorist" for saying things like the shots are weapons. When I endeavor to explain Luciferian influence as another angle, we'll then I'm a crazy lady. It is refreshing to find like-minded, awake people in these forums. If not for people like you I'd most likely feel much more isolated. So thank you for replying!

On a silly note: This past Halloween I covered my hardhat in aluminum foil.. I work in commercial construction and wear a hardhat 8- 10 hours a day. It was pretty funny, the reactions😁😁😁

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Michelle, I laughed so much about your hard hat! What a great idea!! Way better than wearing the real tin foil hat, aka, a mask!

Yes, the luciferian or OTO aspect of this situation is difficult for many people to open their mind to. Yet there is ample evidence of it in pedophile rings and things like the bohemian grove, which kind of send a message...

Where I live the OTO is big in the "leadership" of this community. After they declared lockdown they turned on a giant cube of light for 3 nights running. Jeesh, I wonder what a giant cube (the size of a house) was doing in a field right after that happened? Inquiring minds would like to know!

But I don't call this witch craft. It's mystery school, OTO type of thing where people say: "Do as thou wilt" and immediately follow every order to do evil. The obedience to evil doesn't show self agency. It shows a commitment to be a slave. This is why I think it is so ridiculous. I'm sorry people aren't very nice about the truth. I wish they would at least listen w/an open mind and heart. In the meantime, keep up your creativity!!!

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There should never have been a 'vaccine' response to Covid-19, it wasn't justifiable.

As I noted in a BMJ rapid response in December 2020, around that time, over the previous 11 months, around 1.64 million deaths had been attributed to Covid-19 - these deaths must be seen in context with the 56 million deaths expected in the world annually.

See: Liberal democracies being turned upside down to 'protect health services': https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m4847/rr-16

I also raised the matter with Anders Tegnell, then State epidemiologist in Sweden, questioning him on what basis he justified fast-tracked coronavirus vaccination in Sweden, based on the low mortality figures for Covid-19. See: Sweden, coronavirus, vaccination - ethical considerations: https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2020/12/sweden-coronavirus-vaccination-ethical-considerations.pdf

This is what must be tracked back now - how did a global mass population 'vaccine' response obtain approval, against a disease it was known from the beginning wasn't a serious threat to most people?

How was this 'vaccine solution' evaluated and approved? Where's the paperwork documenting this process?

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Thanks as always Katherine for your reporting, however depressing it may be. Ideally, the appropriations committees in the house & senate would ask DOD for answers or their funding would be cut. Chair of senate appropriations? Patty Murray! Ranking member? Susan Collins. Forget that route. $$$ will continue to flow to DOD, they’re laughing at us.....

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And my work proudly proclaimed the FDA approved vaccine weeks before they mandated it. I pointed out FDA approved carries no weight as flu shots are FDA approved but are not mandated.

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I am praying that legal action does not take years , and we the people have the power to take our country back 🙏

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AMEN !!!!!

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"In the meantime, they just keep killing, and we don’t find loopholes, because the complexity of the web is impenetrable, and the program is not an FDA-regulated medical treatment program anyway: it’s a military-operated global genocide."

They may imagine themselves to be clever, but what they believe does not matter. They cannot escape divine judgement.

I suspect that God appoints as leaders of the nations people that reflect the character of the people of those nations as a whole. The problem is not just with these leaders. There is only one enduring means by which this problem can be overcome, and it is a matter of time. In the meantime we are in a heap of trouble.

"Rev. 12:10 Then I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying,

'Now the salvation, and the power, and the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brothers and sisters has been thrown down, the one who accuses them before our God day and night. 11 And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death. 12 For this reason, rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them. Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you with great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time.'”

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"the provision that quietly nullified every substantive way in which FDA regulatory functions would have been fulfilled"

I wonder, does this actually give the FDA an "out", meaning that they can claim they are not responsible for this insanity? That they can point their craggy fingers at the DoD and say, "it is all their fault"? It certainly doesn't require them to lie, just to "stand aside". Is this right?

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I would financially support you but, being injection injured myself - long before the c-19 round - and living in a country where v injuries are not compensated (Australia), my pennies don't stretch far. If I manage to finish my book, and it sells well, then I can help.

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Beyond disgusting but this is SOP for many big pharma products. Scam trials, incomplete trials and manipulated trials all get by the FDA's shoddy approval process. I wonder if big pharma makes any truly valuable drugs that would help a person be healthier using them than not using them.

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