Comprehensive piece. Have often fantasized about being an attorney since late 1919 & through these past years, as like everyone else, our family & community struggled to comprehend. I had to make do with an education in the sciences. So my understanding was shaped more by this view.

First came to ask why governments, corporations, institutions would want to do this. From a Machiavellian, pragmatic view this wasn’t difficult. I looked for deeper motivation than greed, corruption, and control & there were those elements too.

Then it came to so how. Once I understood that using mRNA (messenger which encodes for protein synthesis in the cell) and other substances to support & direct it’s mechanisms including apparently an electromagnetic substance plus the weaponizing of the virus through gain of function research - the how became more clear.

Even for those like myself with a wild imagination and a rebellious nature it was hard to believe. The legal framework combined with the scientific becomes so diabolical it would be very difficult to make up.

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Some of your links are hard to notice. Here is the link to Griner vs Biden which is very useful: https://dockets.justia.com/docket/utah/utdce/2:2022cv00149/130857

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I'll go along, but think it would be wise to consider three facts:

1) 10th Amendment allows each state to ignore unconstitutional laws.

2) States often go along with unconstitutional laws to get Federal funding.

3) Red states have not experienced loss of Constitutional rights in at least a year except for folks who are employed in such a way to receive federal funding.

This leads to a clear path forward: decline the federal dollars and be (thankfully) kicked out of the federal programs.

Add to that withholding of state payments such as oil and gas taxes to the federal government.

Win-win for sure! Starves the govt of money and control.

It worked for the national ID law. It's worked for CV19 insanity past 12 months.

Set up parallel transportation systems. Give the problems created by federal govt back to the feds. Bus every illegal to DC.

It's really simple. DO NOT COMPLY.

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Thanks for the great writeup. Sub'd!

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Read more on Self-Amplifying RNA and Pfizer's Covid vaccines: https://howbadismybatch.com/selfamp.html

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I am so grateful for your scholarly works.

Forgive me if I missed that you've seen this website and different articles on it; in case it may be of interest regarding Intellectual Property, Patent Law changes and protections:




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"Plaintiffs have asked the court to find, as a matter of fact and law, that the products marketed as vaccines are not vaccines, but rather that they are medical treatments or gene therapy devices, such that mandates “violate the liberty protected by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution, which includes rights of personal autonomy, self-determination, bodily integrity and the right to reject medical treatment.”"

Isn't vaccination ALSO a medical treatment? Or is it an act of God?

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