Very well done Katherine, as usual. I saw a stack the other day about people getting poured out of the vaccine injury court even though they had multiple doctors reports showing causation. Somewhere recently I heard (in a podcast?) a lawyer say that once you’ve been through that process and been denied, you can then sue in federal court as long as the statute of limitations on your claim hasn’t run. Do you know what I’m talking about?

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Yes, that’s the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) modeled on the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).


In both cases, injured parties have to exhaust the administrative remedy (CICP/VICP) before they can file suit in federal court.

But in the CICP cases, the manufacturers and everyone else have additional liability protection, because they can’t be sued by private plaintiffs unless or until the Attorney General or HHS Secretary first files an enforcement action against the manufacturers for “willful misconduct” and gets a favorable decision. AG and HHS Secretary will not file willful misconduct actions, because both are in the criminal cartel.

42 USC 247d-6d(c)(5)


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That’s it. What a crappy system (and yes that’s my legal opinion)...imagine any other industry having such protections

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If I were king of the forest, I’d let the states regulate this shit, bring it local, but that’s on another planet right now

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To "let the states regulate this shit" is not likely to fix it, because speaking truth -- that all mRNA jabs are unsafe as noted in above Refs -- threatens the next multi-trillion-dollar cash cow of big pharma, whose current business model is dying (per Kingston). Seems most states are bought and paid for as well.

So you will not hear such truths from most of the good substack hosts, that I still trust, and it is up to "we the people" to educate ourselves (and others) on this, so that our children can be protected from the mRNA-jab-pushing MDs.

Please help spread the word, because as noted in Ref #3 above, big pharma is rapidly moving all jabs to mRNA, without proper testing and intentionally ignoring the damning medical evidence that reveals its deep fundamental flaws.

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Agree, “people getting poured out of the vaccine injury court even though they had multiple doctors reports showing causation” suggests it was a scam, and the injured should continue to seek justice by any paths opened by being denied.

That said, suggest augmenting the “multiple doctors reports showing causation” evidence with irrefutable evidence, based on Nobel-Prize-winning discoveries that have been in med-school textbooks for decades, showing that all mRNA jabs are unsafe (see Refs #1, #2 below). And in the case of covid jabs, evidence that they were designed to injure, maim, and kill (see Ref #3 below). Please share!


1# = https://rumble.com/v21ppz6-all-mrna-vaccines-will-cause-harm-prof.-dr.-bhakdi.html (see first 13-mins, Dr Bhakdi basics at Jr-High level)

#2 = 00:45-29:00 of https://rumble.com/v1p3855-friday-roundtable-worrying-developments-with-michael-palmer-m.d.-sucharit-b.html (see first 18-mins, Dr Bhakdi credentials plus basics at Jr-High level)

#3 = 11:00-19:16 of https://sp.rmbl.ws/s8/2/o/3/7/w/o37wi.caa.mp4?u=8msc5&b=0 (see timeline below, Dr Yeadon basics at Jr-High level, plus why harm intentional)

___11:00 drug design

___11:30 3 clues jabs designed to injure/maim/kill

___12:08 #1 = toxicity of antigen

___13:03 #2 = protection for payload

___15:00 #3 = why all mRNA jabs are harmful

___16:06 tptb are moving all jabs to mRNA = disaster for humanity

___17:10 what we must do to survive

___18:10 closing


The mRNA in jabs, cause cells they infect to make foreign, non-self-proteins, which finger these mRNA-infected cells for violent death by “complement” (killer system #2). (so, all mRNA shots are unsafe)

* Blood vessels damaged first, causing blood clots and leaks (enable organ damage)

* Sudden death, and most other mRNA injuries, are explained by mechanisms in above Refs

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Roberts has no right to define the Constitution with a ruling. He needs to be impeached. Let's start with his trips to MALTA.

How do we get him removed? Or at least, no longer Chief Justice? Can the other Justices remove him? Can they reverse his directions?

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Roberts is corrupt as hell.

It seems wrong that he was directly appointed as Chief Justice.

Impeachment is the only political solution, which is why it is extremely unlikely to happen. The swamp protects its own.

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Do you remember his visits to Malta, clutching his briefcase (with I assume his ill gotten gains) to him tightly? Or the adoption of his two twins?

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Who, realistically would impeach him if the government is controlled by the global cabal? Impeachment is the only constitutional way to remove him. For some issues, the regime pretends to be governed by the constitution. Presumably, this is one of them. So no, the other justices can't remove him or reverse/nullify any of his directives (if this is wrong, someone, (Katherine Watt) please advise.

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Well, a girl can dream, can't she?

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This may sound Trite? When the US INC was formed in 1871? with the "reconstruction act" a corporation with a new corporate constitution began to have jurisdiction over all 14 amendment US CITIZENS. The current corporation is still ruling the country under "trading with the enemy act, with all men and women loaded into the same jelly bean jar...what I`m trying to say is I am an american governed only by the organic constitution (for) the united states of america circa 1787 amended by the most honorable Bill of Rights I am not a US CITIZEN WITH CIVIL RIGHTS OWEING ALLIGIANCE TO A 10 SQ MILE CORPORATION!! and as a result they treat us (including the Courts and judges) as if we are in their jurisdiction when in fact we are not!! thats why the judges respond like they do !!??? US CITIZENS ARE NOT PROTECTED BY THE CONSTITUTION!!! when I recorded on the record declaring my original political status of native "american state citizen" on the land , the organic constitution instantly becomes available to me and anyone who is not a 14th amendment US CITIZEN who is in their jurisdiction, we have 2 jurisdictions going on that many are not aware of!!?? The organic constitution article 6 chapter 2and 3 states it is the supreme law of our land!! not codes and statutes and acts!!! you see the US INC cannot make laws!!!! its not our government!! its a corporation controlling the judges because we have not declared being alive native americans with all our God given rights in place!! you might remember the clintons declaring their political status and they couldn`t be prosecuted for alot of their actions!!! I hope someone understands this cheers...

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I have heard this before, did not learn about it in school and have no idea how to ascertain if it is true or not, as you describe.

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of course not??? The English Took us back over after the European Bankers backed Lincoln to start the war of Northern aggression, The war was about the southern states succeeding and it went to a vote in the house and it passed! as it should`ve because that was written into our constitution so that ...Ready...NO CENTRAL POWER to ever control us???? but the European Bankers wanted our money right from the start so lincoln started the war the "keep the union Together " and 2/3`s thru his advisors warned him the country was in shambles ,destroyed , shermans march thru the south put the icing on that cake so THEN THE WAR BECAME ABOUT FREEING THE SLAVES!!!!! but oddly enough there were way more slaves in the north than the south???? anyway the wars over and the Brit offer to help us get on our feet ....but our regular government was never called back we didn`t even know we were supposed to???? soooo the Brits form a CORPORATION AND THEY WRITE A NEW CORPORATE CONSTITUTION (OF) THE UNITED STATED ...ALL CAPS! and slowly implement codes, statutes and acts!! because they are not our government they can`t make new laws!!!they can only institute .....READY.....POLICY !!! and they changed our 13th amendment which was "Titles of nobilty" the founding fathers found out the King was flooding our lands with the attorneys "Esquires" so they made the amendmet which forbid any people with Titles to enter our government ....READY....lawyers!!!! Lawyers run all the corporations that control us now! and they created the 14th amendment which was a slick way of enslaving all of us in the name of freeing the slaves... all thruout our history its been the banks trying always to get and make our money ,They ultimately killed lincoln because he was told to stop making the greenbacks (our own money) and guess what, Andrew jackson thru the US National bank out ...wouldn`t renew their charter so they tried to kill him twice!!! also that when Engand threatened to start another war with us , the war of 1812. they always call us a DEMOCRACY it programed into everyone now when we are a Republic with individual sovereign ownership ...thats why they got rid of the "Pledge of allegiance" so we would forget our Republic! also we don`t need licenses to do whats free!!!! anyway cheers!

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Apr 29, 2023·edited Apr 29, 2023

I'm trying to understand the things you have written. What does "of course not" refer to?

Are you arguing that Lincoln refused to allow the south to secede because he took orders from the international bankers who told him not to allow it? How can that be proven? Where's the smoking gun evidence for it? (I'm not saying it's untrue, I just want to know on what basis (set of provable facts) you think it is the case?

Are you saying the constitution specifically enumerates the right for a state to secede? If so, please direct me to the section in which it is addressed.

What exactly was it that allegedly established a US corporation after the civil war (war of northern aggression) and where does it say that said corporation replaced the constitutional republic? That may be what has transpired in fact but was it ever actually written somewhere? Is the new corporation/constitution that you allege the Brits formed/wrote, available to be read? If you're correct, there hasn't been an oath of office properly executed by any federal government official since the Civil War. Todd Calendar was opining about this issue in a recent video, asking the question how far back must we go to find a validly appointed official. Your position means that all oaths of allegiance to the US constitution have been intentionally fraudulent for ~150 years.

If Lincoln took orders from the international bankers to prevent the south from seceding, why did he have green backs printed which would enrage the international bankers he was supposedly taking orders from? Didn't he know they would retaliate and might be assassinated? It doesn't make sense as written.

How exactly does the fourteenth amendment enslave all of us?

I hope Katherine Watt responds.

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Yes. You nailed it. The Original Thirteenth Amendment was overwritten under the watchful eyes of Abraham Lincoln. "Honest Abe" committed willful treason against all civil members of the former United States. That's why he's depicted as a hero...

Political implications of Original 13th Amendment erasure. >


The People must stop seeking remedy by squandering our substance on elections.

Wishful thinking will avail us nothing. Instead, we must unite in the demand that the

uncorrupted Bill of Rights and the Real 13th Amendment be respected.

To do this, we must take back our courts from those who have assumed a constitutional authority they do not rightfully possess. Lawsuits are distractions. The legal class is a criminal class of professional liars and ambulance chasers... Constitutional Government is hijacked via corporate racketeering and the extortion of human rights.

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well said or put. gottah keep it in mind, there are oaths, and insurance bonds, but they will do the go around, sand bag or circle wagons, to what is what is their depop intentions, how it is done

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There are various books on this topic, my favorite being Fruit From A Poisonous Tree by Melvin Stamper. I believe that Robert is correct. There is a state nationals movement where you learn your rights and how to change your status from US Citizen to American National. This is the box that nobody checks when filling out government forms, non-resident alien (Non- resident meaning not residing in the 10 square miles of Washington DC.) It is a shock to realize that we are actually serfs in a feudal system, essentially. The powers that be have wrapped everything up in legalese that we have not understood.

We are supposed to be free people living under common law; no harm, no foul. Instead we can’t do the simplest of tasks without hiring a BAR ( British Accommodation Registry) attorney. Yes, we have still been under the thumb of the crown this whole time. That said, I do believe the wheels are in motion to fix this issue for everyone, not just the few who have switched their status. Definitely worth educating yourself on this topic, it is certainly eye-opening.

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Correction, that should have read British Accreditation Registry☺️

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Apr 29, 2023·edited Apr 29, 2023

If you are right, why do you think it isn't common knowledge by now?

If a person can change their status from US citizen to American National, can they avoid taxes levied by the government (federal, state, local)? What about property taxes?

If a driver's license is not required for American Nationals, what happens when you are stopped for a traffic violation and asked for you drivers license, proof of ownership and insurance?

I presume an American National has no right to medicare, medicaid or social security as a non-US citizen. Is that correct?

Is there a formal/legal process by/through which a current US citizen can become an American National? If so, where is it recorded? Must one use a lawyer? What happens to your social security number?

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You can find books by Roger Sayles, Melvin Stamper, David Robinson, Anna Von Reitz on the topic. There are many things we haven’t been aware of that are coming out. Personally I think the system needs fixed for all, not just the few but it seems like the historical premise is correct.

As I understand it:

We all have the right to travel. Technically licenses are “rights and privileges” not laws. They are meant for commercial travel by their legal language… vehicle, operator, etc.

You would likely have to patiently explain /educate the policeman that you are traveling in your personal capacity and are not a carriage for hire or other commercial operator. Seems like a mixed bag of how this turns out…

I have heard that if you put money into social security you are eligible ( as long as the system remains)

I believe you can keep your soc number.

All the stuff that comes out of Congress and the great pile of codes, rights and privileges are not laws, and they are only supposed to pertain to Washington DC. The 13th amendment freed the slaves. The 14th amendment made ALL of us second class citizens/ slaves. They count Citizens as residents of DC, not as free people of their states as they are supposed to be.

Get a law dictionary and start looking up the words, citizen, person, resident, etc.

Our courts operate under commercial law. When you go in there you are representing your ALL CAPITAL LETTERS name, or a corporation that the govt created in your name when you were born. Also referred to as a straw man or a corporate fiction. Notice how all your official docs are written that way? That’s a whole other rabbit hole…

You have to decode the legalese to get through the tax codes. We have all heard that income tax is optional but could never see how…See tax experts in this area for more info;


This is an unofficial recap of what I have read but hope it helps!

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You choose/elect the jurisdiction you want to play in.

If you use a Birth Certificate in its unqualified form as a form of identification, then you have chosen the legal jurisdiction and you have left your Republic.

The legal jurisdiction came into existence when the right to own gold was removed as most UK derived jurisdictions were placed into a form of bankruptcy.

The way out of bondage is to change the nature of your relationship with the corporate governments by manifesting an equitable trust using your property that the 'governments' are holding.

The legal trusts that bind us are derived from the equitable substance of ours that the 'governments' are using as surety in the bankruptcy.

All the power is with the people once they shed their ignorance.

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What if the overseers refuse to allow it? What if they say, "do what we say or we will take you to a re-education camp?" Are you saying people should do it anyway and expect the knock at the door and to be carted away?

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Yes, this appears to be the next level of the deception. I do hope people like Katherine who are intelligent & aware will delve deeper into this subject.

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I’m already aware of it and not planning to delve deeper.

I’ve written about these issues several times, and decided to refer interested readers to Shire Herald and TASA. See third paragraph at my About page for links:


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Great story as usual.

For your information, quite a lot of us looking into the legal side of things have come to the fact based conclusion that there is no 'legitimate government' because there never has been such a thing, at least not in the 'western' hemisphere, since Roman times.

It is all Corporate. All 'western governments' are registered on the EDGAR system.

It is how 'judges in courts' can make 'decisions' that bear no resemblance to what we all know to be justice. All their decisions are contract/debt resolution 'judgements'.

It is how 'governments' can demand their 'subjects', ie you, me, and everyone we know, to bow down to each and every demand/whim/etc of these parasites.

Registration, licences, rates, taxes, etc, ad nauseum are just contract demands that we have agreed to by filling 'applications', by not denying, by saying - I understand, etc, etc.

There is, of course, a way out. many of us have taken it already. Probably something you could look into.

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we had a government for about 12 yrs until the war of northern aggression 1871 the reconstruction act and traitors in our congress allowed England to take us back over in the name of helping us get on our feet....and that my friends is when the first CORPORATION WAS MADE, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND IT WAS A MADE BY SCOTLAND oddly enough and they began to siphon everything we had from that moment till now when they are destrying our infrastructure and completing the job wit world government!!! thats been the plan right from the start ...wars "league of Nations" but Russia wouldn`t sign on to that , next another war WW-2 and the UNITED NATIONS!!! YAY!!!! 1 world government!! we have now hundreds of NGO`S operating to help us solve our environment problems!!! YEAH BULLSHIT ...they all operate under the UN which will eventually have the authority to come in and help us from ourselves!!! yay.....

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Problem is, the way out hasn't been clearly explained, it is complicated, & is constantly shifting as the system maneuvers to make it more difficult.

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no actually its quite recognizable and simple , kick the Federal Reserve out ...like Hitler did and everyone show up as the american citizens we are and the US INC has no more power!!! sounds trite but its clear and its there...

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Go to a Campaign "rally" (I'm not American) and ask these questions and WRITE to Politicians offices' asking if they would vote to remove entirely the Federal Reserve system etc., be an interesting exercise and RFK Jnr answer would be most interesting.

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How do you propose to "kick the Federal Reserve out"? You admit the global cabal controls all governments, don't you?

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Please explain: "there is, of course, a way out. Many of us have already taken it."

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The problem we have is it’s written in DOG-LATIN which is grammatically fraudulent. It’s all complete fiction from our masters at the Vatican.


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What are you referring to that is written in DOG-LATIN rather than English which is what English common law demands? And what is the connection to the Vatican?

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What can you tell me about the Jesuitic idea of "social justice"?

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So, are the Jesuits the good guys again? Like, this whiplash is hurting my neck lol

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I don't get that.

What is your opinion about "social justice" as it is presented today, and the original conception of that term when it was invented around 1850?

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Umm, not sure the distinction to which you are referring... Are you asking if I’m a SJW? All I want to know is why you brought Jesuits into this thread as I’m close w/ a couple...

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No, I a was asking about your idea of social justice as it is presented today. It was originally a concept developed by a Jesuit thinker. I think original the purpose was to avoid all of the horrors of the 20th century that ended up happening. Many plans were attempted in the 19th century to stop more revolutions.

The problems of these years also happen because people are under the spell of propaganda. They know nothing but propaganda in the case of the young.

For instance, people are not told that Roman Law has its merits. Some people see the word "Roman" and begin to cringe like crazy. I don't know why.

As I understand it, the idea that the Law must protect people in their bodies comes from Roman Civil Law. I don't understand why people would be so ignorant as to reject wholesale an important part of the West. One of the good things of the West is the concept of limited power of the rulers, based on the Law.

Some of the Jesuits emphasize this idea of limited power.

Also, the idea of decentralization of power.

Anyone who hates Asian despotism should understand the idea of Law in the West.

But if someone has a better idea of the intellectual and political tradition of Europe, and wants to explain why tyranny is preferable to liberty, I would like to hear a real argument and not mere commie propaganda.

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This is laying the and bones bare on how these Psychopaths' are getting away (for the present) with what they have and are doing to the human race n so many areas of life. History trail related to this present predicament.

Corporatising the World.... and so much more. AUSTRALIANS this is vital reading for now and hte future of Australia.

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Thanks a bunch! I’ve been looking for legal resources since 2020 & glad I finally stumbled upon this & your previous post from February just now! :) 👏❤️👍

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again I repeat to all american citizens ..Thomas Jefferson said very clearly "shackle them to the constitution"... something no one understands if you dont know we live with 2 jurisdictions!!!

I am not a 14TH AMENDMENT US CITIZEN period!!!!

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There are things in this piece that I was not aware of. Here are some of the most stunning:

"Hundreds of cases have been filed challenging the acts of these imposters on Constitutional and other legal grounds, and none (to my knowledge) have made it past the motion to dismiss or preliminary injunction phase, into discovery." NONE have been allowed to proceed! The explanation appears to be the third and fourth paragraphs below.

"Many cases have been dismissed on grounds that the plaintiffs lacked standing to sue alleged government officials and challenge executive acts. Federal courts have accepted — without fact-finding, adversarial evidentiary testing, or legal review — that all the acts undertaken by executives during Covid-19 were and remain legitimate government functions, properly performed." As a non-lawyer, to me, this means; YOU ARE NOT allowed to hold the government accountable for violating the constitution, its own laws and regulations.

"Judges dismissing these cases have been complying with SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts’ illegitimate May 29, 2020 order in South Bay Pentecostal Church v. Newsom."

"South Bay Pentecostal is a California case through which Justice Roberts ordered federal judges to stand-down and abdicate their Constitutional review obligations, without engaging in fact-finding or legal analysis of whether “broad limits” on exercise of State power have or have not been 'exceeded:'" I did not know the Chief Justice had the authority to in any way limit the procedural activities of lower courts in the discharge of their duties, before they are commenced. Is that true or has he exceeded his authority?

This reminds me of what @legalman on twitter says about American citizens not having the legal right/ability to stop the government from exceeding its authority.

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Again, great work. In fact, for me, Balliwick News has become the litmus test by which I judge all other people’s work. The information that you have painstakingly researched and presented and for free I might add, is a gift to humanity. It is the baseline for all intelligent conversation with respect to the pandemic. Given the enormity of the problem a simple thank you for service rings hollow but it is sincere and heartfelt

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Apr 29, 2023·edited Apr 29, 2023Author

Thank you for the kind words.

You’re very, very welcome.

I’m incredibly grateful to have been given so many opportunities to be useful.

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Another excellent article Katherine 👌. I particularly like the paragraph starting: "...In other words, federal judges — as complicit war criminals ..." !! So true!

As a paralegal, do you have any like-minded legal contacts in the UK? Please send me links or contact details if possible. I've approached so many so-called legal professionals in the UK and they fob me off with excuses such as "they're not taking on any more cases"!!

Dominic Cummings, former Chief Adviser to Boris Johnson, did say in a Parliamentary grilling in May 2021 that lawyers would be bulldozed out of the way!

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"Signed, Dated and Unredacted"? FAT CHANCE. Under no circumstances are the RIIFA's Secret Society's Minions in the U.S. under bribery and/or threat of death, to provide ANYTHING YOU SUGGEST.

Sad fact of the matter is; the United States of America has grown more and more evil with the Benedict Arnold Minion's greed, terror and Idolatry equal to waning faith in Jesus Christ as planned. The People are too silly to QUESTION THE ORIGIN OF THESE RESULTS from the METHODOLOGICAL ATTACKS PERPETRATED ON OUR TRADITONAL FAITH, PATRIOTISM and magnified by the evil ORDERED TO BE ENACTED BY THE U.S. by the Royal Institute For Foreign Affiars; the outgrowth of the 'Venetian Black Nobility' of the De Medici times in Italy led by the 'House of Geulph' which is NOW KNOWN as 'WINDSOR' in England.

While War is never a desired option; sometimes War is NOT a choice as it just happens within itself as all relationships result in reproduction/creation mirroring both the negative and positive characteristics of the the soul in its entirety. THIS EVIL CONFRONTED RUNS SO DEEP AND WIDE...SO PERVASIVE AND SATURATING.

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A populous revolution with public hangings is the only way to restore our constitutional rights

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Remove the wealth from the whole family before 'Public Executions held in the Capital Building Square Grounds' and held on ALL MEDIA OUTLETS WHERE EVEN THE TREASONOUS TALKING HEADS WILL ANSWER FOR THE REASON AND THE BLOOD THEY'VE LET.

Only logical to go after the TOP...THE TOP WE MOST CERTAINLY KNOW ABOUT...Cut the money off at the source at the 'Royal Institute for International Foreign Affiars' CALLING THE SHOTS IN THE WHOLE WORLD SINCE WW2, and watch all the cockroaches scurrying around to be collected one by one for Public Accountability and Punishment.

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As I've stated dozens of times: "Lawsuits work fine for people who wear suits. Criminals remain at large because they wear fine-fitting suits." The "justice" system is corrupt.



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Our justice system has taken over by the deep state. The only way out of this chaos is by a public uprising and revolution. But people are either scared or brainwashed. God please help us

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yes, the owners/the system are trying to constantly shift/change the rules, because so many are learning what is actually going on and are quitting the system.

The way out isn't clearly explained because there are so many opinions on what is the 'best' method.

I have been reading quite a lot of these differing ideas, but also reading the Equity which is really our exit door, and there are any number of methods because the primary, fundamental, issue for us is that we have been coerced and deceived into being a part of a system that we have no say in, and we are told, there is no alternative to and so no escape from.

Fortunately this is not true. What a shock that the elites would lie to us.

The reality is that our INTENT is everything. We can use any method that suits us (to inform these parasites) that we are no longer their subjects, we are no longer quiet and obedient to their criminal deceits, etc. etc.

Our INTENT is to live as men and women on the land which is as much ours as it is for any other living thing.

This generally done through an Affidavit or affirmation, or something like that. The Statement of your Intent, as a living man or woman, is what matters. It is all that matters.

Then, if you wish to use their system, to assist you in your daily life matters, go right ahead but use the fictional entity they have created for you, not your living man or woman reality.

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The equity jurisdiction is where the people should be and where their unalienable rights are protected.

When people pretend to be legal fictions by using a Birth Certificate as a form of identification, then they have abandoned their rights.

Equity facilitates the correcting and changing of an action done in the past if it was done in ignorance of one's rights. In other words, it is possible to elect to be in the original/equitable jurisdiction and use your legal fiction to play in the legal jurisdiction, but on your terms.

This is done using trusts in the 2 jurisdictions, and equity has the exclusive jurisdiction of trusts.

When people elect to be in the legal jurisdiction, then the only rights they have is what the legislative says they can have, and that can change.

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given that John Roberts is Bush appointee, nothing is too surprising.

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We have blatant and premeditated murder committed by government upon its citizens and the courts say under the EUA it's perfectly normal and acceptable. How do you fight a crooked government that is corrupt from top to bottom? It must be abolished and perhaps a pitchfork parade is the only means to get 'er done.

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