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You are an angel Katherine. Thanks for backing us up and exposing the tyranny of the State killing apparatus. We the people credit your research for lighting a torch to help us find our way through this Minotaur’s labyrinth.

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the degree to which discovery in this case (or others like it) is allowed will be a crucial factor in determining how fast the house of cards goes down. KW, your blueprint is worth its weight in gold.

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I don't wish to upset anyone but we can't keep discussing the horrors of the realization that governments are at war with those they've sworn to protect without mentioning the catholic church & the role the vatican has played in establishing this new global order. I may wander off topic here & ramble on too much but it is to illustrate a point and encourage investigation for those who may have been deceived by both state & church. Firstly I'll say God is good & so are you, I have no issue with faith or people of faith, peace, however the New World Order is a consortium of financial, political, ecclesiastic, military, and industrial entities, its precise structure, rules of operation and agenda remains difficult to precisely confirm but we know it involves entities operating out of 3 city states: London City, Washington DC & the Vatican.

We can call this group the “Crown”, which is not a single element, but a complex arrangement of trusts and sub trusts claiming ownership of the land, the people on it and their souls. This group of trusts ultimately derived from the triple crown of Ba’al also known as the Papal Tiara of the Roman Cult. In 1302 Boniface issued his infamous Papal Bull Unam Sanctam, being the first Express Trust claiming control over the whole planet and effectively "King of the world. The 1st crown deprives mankind of all their beneficial entitlements and rights on the land, the 2nd crown deprives man of ownership of his flesh and condemns him to perpetual servitude as a Roman person & the 3rd crown being the gift of title of the soul by ones parents, without legal title over one's own soul, a man or woman may be "legally" denied all rights & may be treated as a creature and 'thing' without legally possessing a soul (remember legal & lawful are not the same thing). The law abounds in fictions and often we are presented with an order of things which do not exist but which the law prescribes or authorizes.

A fiction of law may be described as a wilful falsehood, having for its object the stealing of legislative power, by and for hands which durst not, or could not, openly claim it, and, but for the delusion thus produced, could not exercise-it.

Since 1815 the Temple Bar, which became known as the Crown Bar, or The Bar Association have been responsible for administering the "reaping" of the souls of the lost and damned.

The Vatican-approved image of God is an angry bearded man in the sky, images serve as reminders that God allowed his tortured Son, suffering, bleeding and dying with thorns gouged through his skull and nails pounded through his feet and hands are on display throughout the Vatican & across the world. These images serve as reminders that God allowed His Son to be tortured and killed to save the souls of human beings who are all born sinners.

And it is the Vatican than sells the solution to this problem that all humanity is guilty of.

It is not only the Vatican that supports this word of god; it is a different brand of the same code in all the major religions of the world. The angry god of the bible is Jehovah is YHWH is Set is Satam (the Administrator) is Enlil. Almighty god the Creator is none of these.

During the dark ages, the Catholic Church not only hoarded the wealth they collected from the poor, but they hoarded knowledge. They kept the masses ignorant and in the dark by denying them a basic education. They also prohibited anyone from reading or even possessing a Bible, under pain of death. That's pretty good marketing. And if you dared to tread on heresy, their own secret power, the Inquisition was there to burn you.

Soon after 4th July 1776, the battle of independence was fought between, on one side the East India Trading Company which was chartered by Elizabeth I Queen of England 1600 under the Tudor Crown, and calling itself the United States of America, and on the other side the Red Coats who were the United Kingdom of Great Britain, calling themselves the Virginia Company. Remember Great Britain is Britannia, which is the Roman Empire so the Virginia Company was controlled by the Holy See – Roman Catholic Church & the Jesuit order.

The Virginia Company (British/Roman) became the United States with the 1789 constitution after the treaty of Paris - They control US Senate and President of the US.

The East India trading Company (English) became the United States of America with 1776 Constitution and Declaration of Independence – They control US Congress and President of the USA.

The eagle has two heads because it has 2 identities - 2 offices of President

So the English Tudor Crown came together with British Crown of James I & VI (City of London) & the Holy see (Vatican City) after the battle of Independence to create the third city state (Washington DC) which the Jesuits would operate as the NWO’s war machine.

They remain the foundation pillars of the global finance and credit system, international law & war.

The etymology of the word Nazi is wholly Sarmatian/Sadducee/Sephardic—the founders of Venice and a set of families that had grown very rich and powerful in their connections with the Roman Cult controlling the Catholic Church since the 12th and 13th Centuries.

As a military order of the Roman Catholic Church, the Knights of the Holy See are bestowed by the "infallible" legal orders of the Roman Pontiff on behalf of the Mother Church to wage constant Holy Inquisition against all heretics, including assassinations, torture and counter-intelligence, to protect the name of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and directly represent the interests of the Holy See as its primary order of Holy Knights-- the SS (Sedes Sacrorum or Holy See).

As the primary Roman Catholic spiritual order charged with carrying out the executions of the Holy Inquisition, the Knights of the Holy See (Nazi SS) are tasked with rounding up large numbers of people, depriving them of their rights on claim of being heretics and killing them.

It is either an extraordinary coincidence that Himmler and his elite began wearing the SS symbol as Reichführer immediately after the signing of the Reich Concordat in 1933 with the SS- the Sedes Sacrorum, the Holy See. Given the four hundred year precedent of SS being associated with the Holy See, it is not unreasonable to conclude that the wearing of the symbols is associated with some as yet unpublished spiritual/temporal powers bestowed on the SS Troops by the SS- Holy See.

After WW2 the SS transferred with the Nazi scientists to NASA & CIA in the US. The symbolism already obvious in the order of Skull & Bones prior to WW2. Let’s not forget the contribution made to US history by the Bush Family (Prescott Bush, Brown Brothers Harriman funding Hitler, plus a director of CIA & 2 x Presidents)…

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You are a courageous and brilliant woman. God bless and protect you for all you are doing and exposing. 🙏🏼

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thanks Katherine wonderful analysis

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Kirsch eh? I often wonder why he skirts and distracts from the really important stuff!

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I am trying to track the actual cite that shows that through HHS Secretary continuing authority, the CV emergency has not truly been lifted. Any help would be appreciated.

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What is happening to Karen Kingston? Is it worrying you?

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