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God has not anointed me with the ability to have a broad and long-term strategic view so theories like yours and Sage Hana's help me to see the potential consequences of what is happening thus impacting my tactical actions. Even though these scenarios are hard to read...my muscles tighten, my jaw clenches, my brow furrows, I take a deep breath and envision Jesus is holding my hand daily as I walk through life which helps to relax my shoulders and open my mind to hear Him speak to me. I remind myself to not make decisions of the flesh but to take God-inspired actions as God moves through our life in faith, not fear. The most difficult thing for me to be calm with though is knowing that God's time can be many lifetimes. Recycle...taking a deep breath, connecting with God... We're in for the long haul.

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My comment is similar to yours:

"Do not give up. One can only do their part and do their best. Your strength can help other people be strong. People must have their wits about them, be agile, understand what they need to survive, and prepare their oil lamps. In the end, truth will prevail and it will be a glorious moment."

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Those have been precisely my thoughts. Although I attribute their fail, from The Great Reset to The Great Demolition, to an absolute inability to acknowledge competence in those whose opinions do not support their goals. In fact, the competent must be deleted from their society of elites as soon as they show independent thought contrary to the implementation. I also question their ability to maintain all of the infrastructure necessary to the "control grid" for 24/7 monitoring.

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We will need highly ethical persons in all three branches of government, all levels of government, as was intended. I do not believe it's just up to the courts. Courts can be shut down or lawsuits delayed. If people just to continue to go along with whatever though, we seal our fate . That's why I believe the biggest change we can make is at the micro-level with friends and family. Even without technology to reach large masses, these are the persons we are most responsible for.

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The inevitable economic doom is always a part of civilizations in free fall? In light of the following please comment!


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I keep hoping they fail, but there can be soooo much destruction & death before all of it falls apart….

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We have world government. It relies on local government and treaties. Think of this as de-centralized governance, quasi-feudal, imposing obligations on nation states, not a Federal system. Covid-19 proves this is the case. Every nation with few exceptions is all in on vaccination. No nation has isolated or cares to do the purported virus.

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Katherine Watt wrote:

They may become irrelevant, because they no longer control the media (which may become unmanageably fragmented), or the global financial/social credit system (which may become technologically too complex to manage).


By (speaking politely) reducing the population the blob eliminate the problems outlined above. You delete the population until you reach a level that can be managed/controlled by the Blob's human and environmental management systems.

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The legal profession is captured. I found these guys hard to swallow a few years back but they are deep sea divers by comparison to others https://aim4truth.org/2022/07/12/justice-john-roberts-recuses-himself-for-conflicts-of-interest-with-knights-of-malta/

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It’s naive to think that society can continue on in any concerted way without punishment of our captors. We must show humanity that those who have sponsored immeasurable physical, spiritual and emotional devastation will be held accountable. Otherwise the threat will always remain.

Accountability and consequence is not a choice. It is pertinent to the well being of a future earth.

The fact that an aware father, for example, who lost his child to the vaccine, does not strike out in anger at those responsible is telling. We have been rendered powerless to exact our own retribution. It will have to come from those who have been able to retain a moral conscience, who can bring to bare the entire story of our captivity, and who feel compelled to lead by a higher power. It is not clear, at present, whom, if any, can be identified as such. The fog of war has blindsided us all and the tyrants, whom we once thought “good,” reveal themselves as tyrants on a daily basis. Nothing is clear.

What is certain is that many more will die before the waters part and we are led across the river. Many more will suffer. Many will starve, go mad, and certainly err on the side evil as the “normies” are doing now. We have many miles to go before we sleep.

But the hangings must be part of the greater story. As someone who has witnessed the death of family members from their bioweapon Covid, I will not settle for anything less.

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They may mot even be able to generate enough electricity to keep their tottering surveillance state going. And who is going to feed 'them' and their band of enforcers? Not the Dutch farmers anyway.

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Yes, I agree with you on this. I am more hopeful that it won't be a winner-takes-all result, but a mixed bag. Granted, so many have lost so much (lives, health, businesses, income, property, etc.) but more are also waking up. I'm trying to do the latter still.

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The NWO will likely become a reality in about 15 - 25 yrs and there will be no triumph over the masonic banking cabal until Jesus returns and judges this evil and insane world with his Trumpet and Bowl judgments.

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Chaos reminds of this post from 2014

Order Out Of Chaos: The Ebola Outbreak Is The Perfect Scenario For The Elite To Use To Implement Their NWO System

"...Ebola virus/outbreak (again whether real or fake) is the perfect scenario for the WHO/UN to implement several MAJOR elements of their wanted international New World Order system.."

-Justified chaos/breakdown

-Justified emergency powers

-Justified lockdowns/checkpoints

-Justified forced quarantines/isolation

-Justified travel restrictions

-Justified forced relocation

-Justified mass body scanners

-Justified "information" restriction/control

-Justified "false cure" restrictions

-Justified tracking/tracing

-Justified experimental vaccine testing

-Justified forced vaccination programs

-Justified food/water/gas rationing

-Justified military intervention

-Justified UN intervention

-Justified rebellion scapegoat

-Justified ban on public gatherings/protests

-Justified citizen disarmament

-Justified removal of physical money

-Justified monetary collapse(bail-in)/restructuring

-Justified international cooperation/solution

-Justified population reduction


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I think they'll blow themselves up so to speak before they can gain total control globally. Think about the type of personality it takes to want to rule the world. There will be infighting and power plays and many will want to ht the one in charge. It's their nature. The question is, how much damage will they do in the meantime?

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Actually, your scenario is the optimal one IMO. Kind of starting from scratch. I care less about punishing all of these charlatans (but don't get me wrong, I love to see them all hanged) than I do about securing a decent future for my kids. Getting out of this American "rut" even if we go bakwards a bit actually sounds great.

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