Katherine-Thank you so much; reading your words stirred my emotions positively: "We are terrified by the seeming impossibility of finding the exit from this nightmare as it becomes clearer each day that the war we are in is not a medicinal war with a virus. We are in a spiritual war between good and evil. Our government leaders are not simply ignorant, or innocently mistaken, or even innocently silent bystanders — those who do not speak up to protect and defend human dignity and free will. They are engaged in evil acts of commission and omission. However you conceive of the Divine, unless you worship Satan, God doesn’t condone or advocate for psychological and physical torture, medicalized forcible rape or killing. God doesn’t condone throwing people out of work and throwing their lives into chaos to increase profits or expand social control. Fear on all sides. Where is the ternary? Where is the mid-point in which we can find refuge and resolution and ways to regain confidence and move forward with living life? The ternary is faith in God, and God’s plans for the world and its people."

.......I am praying with you; and inviting everyone to do the same, as much as possible. Thank You

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Thank you for sharing your Christian journey. I hope you will continue to be bold as so many people are looking for answers.

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Wow ~ What a testimony! I linked to this bio you wrote in late 2021 (Ternaries and Trinities), while reading the current article (Legal history of the American domestic bioterrorism program is useful for understanding why criminal prosecutions have not happened yet.

And for helping people new to the global genocide story understand.


DEC 27, 2022)

I followed the link in order to understand your background and life journey up to this point in time because I very much appreciate your well-documented writings and perspective.

Now I understand where your wisdom emanates - from the sanctuaries of God-given wisdom and the school of hard knocks, because, simply put, you did not suck it out of your thumb. It is through much study, enhanced by the freedom to choose to live a wild and wonderful life!

I too have come from a sordid spiritual journey of late beginning in the Hawaiian islands in a Bible-based non-denominational Christian church where my girlfriend and I (now my wife of 35 yrs) chose to, “…walk in the light, as God is in the light”, and were both baptized in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It all began at a drop-in Bible study in the Catholic church on the island, to where we find ourselves back in the Catholic Church where we currently live on the West coast.

Thank you Katherine, for all your efforts and skill in disseminating the truth here in your ‘Bailiwick News’.

Your efforts will not return void but will bring to you the “peaceful fruit of righteousness”, and your work as a vine for all truth-seekers to pick from and be nourished as they wade thru the muck and mire produced by those for whom Christ prayed,” Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

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God bless you. April 2019 was my reversion back Catholicism. Glad you're back, love you're work.

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Thanks for sharing your journey in so much detail -- interesting and informative, and to some degree it aligns well with the assessments of Martin Luther, “Enemies Within the Church” (a recent documentary), and even KGB defector Bezmenov.

Just started “The Keys of This Blood” per your reco, and so far it agrees pretty much with other sources I have come to trust, so expect that our views in this area are similar. That said, the “Owners” of Atty Callender seem able to pull the strings much harder than most realize (or at least admit to), hence they must also be targets of our offenses.

Your “above and beyond” efforts to help return our republic to its Constitution, the moral standards of which have been ignored for so long that our country is in serious decline, are much appreciated. So please do not take any of the above as condescending.

God Spede

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Katherine, what a detailed spiritual journey and life experience you have had and to come. Thank you for all your writings and paintings. 😘

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God is gathering his people, many Catholics coming back home after decades lost in the wastelands of pseudo spirituality, New Age mumbo jumbo, and pervasive overt and covert anti Catholic propaganda by Academia and the entertainment industry.

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Katherine, I too was baptized Catholic (1962) and attended Mass growing up. At 16 I strayed and searched for self and God going down many paths. In my early 40's I came full circle back to the Catholic Faith via an experiment. Blessed Faustina was about to be canonized as 1st Saint of the millennium. I spoke with her and asked if she was real to give me a sign. It's a long story but she did indeed deliver. Between the prayers for Divine Mercy on the Rosary as well as prayers to our Holy Mother on the Rosary which I began in earnest in 1999, I was released from a LIFE sentence after 21 years of imprisonment in 2009. The Rosary is a gift and the most powerful tool in the shed. Thank you for sharing your journey Katherine. Many Blessings to you & all that you love.

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Thank you for explaining your spiritual background, and what gives you the strength to do your amazing work!

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