I have read military history a fair amount. These soldiers, airmen, sailors, cadets who have resisted make me extremely proud, in a very dark age... probably darkest age of America

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Thanks for this further analysis, Katherine. Look forward to hearing your interview

on the Dr. Jane Ruby show. We can't solve the problem if we aren't even aware of

what it is. These people are WAYYYY ahead of us, as you have been meticulously

pointing out with this series of articles. We need to catch up, fast.

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As an outsider, it seems to me that the US legal system is designed to withhold justice from people, seemingly on a whim.

It also seems as though the courts no longer act in the interests of the country, the constitution, or the people.

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"But they ruled that because Wolf had temporarily suspended those orders as of August 2021 (when Third Circuit ruled on the case), the case was moot, plaintiffs lacked standing and the court lacked jurisdiction to review the orders for constitutional validity."

The very same trick is being played by Trudeau in Canada - moot because the vaccine to travel mandates have been temporarily suspended until further notice. Luckily, the cases of Brian Peckford and Maxime Bernier are in the Constitutional Court of Canada, so the court has the jurisdiction?

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Sister it is truly all about Jurisdiction. I have recently found out by studying Howard Griswolds Paper Arrows and other transcripts from his calls that the Juris matters. As in the Military case you write of here the reason these judges did what they did to the men was that they may have not filed where the true juris is. It appears it would need to be filed in the CORPORATIONS Home as in DC. This is a fact as in STATE OF WASHINGTON only exists in Olympia not any where else as it has incorporated. STATE OF CALIFORNIA only exists in SACRAMENTO as Howard shares it makes sense cause he was looking at why all the judges were dismissing cases against schools in Baltimore where he lived and he found they dismissed some because they were not filed int he CAPITAL. www.freedom-school.com has this very transcript from 2003 and this was where I learned this. Peace

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Katherine, you may find this interesting. I discovered this today in a Ben Fulford article, found below. Scroll down to the 2018 Xfiles video clip. The following comment preceded the video he references:

However, did you know the X files exposed the virus to the world in 2018 (My Struggle II Season 11 Episode 10-2018)? This means they were filming it in 2017 around the time the Covid tests were being prepared and distributed. How is it they already knew what was coming? Our readers all know, all of this was planned long ago.

The Link:


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Thin, methinks, but not completely implausible. Sadly, any success we are able to have will hinge on finding that one or those two brave Federal judges willing to throw caution to the wind, to risk is life and the lives of his family, to rule against the most powerful cabal the world has ever known.

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So all the Govt. has to do is make some sort Nat. Emergency act/policy/directive and that just by passes the constitution? The declared emergency just goes on and on and on.....

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A lot to digest - excellent digs!!

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The moral of the story for this layman is the the US judiciary has but one purpose, to protect the status quo and narratives created by the other 2 branches.

It is good to see so many smart and brave women acting in pursuit of justice and rule of law.

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Another great post👏👏💯🙏

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I don’t know the chances of a lawyer or team of lawyers taking it up, but the first step toward that happening is putting the idea out there — along with any other ideas we can think of to tackle the legal beast. Going forward, only time will tell if anyone picks those ideas up and runs with them.

I’ve sent the information to Naomi Wolf several times; I had her email address because I communicated with her during Summer 2021 about the Pennsylvania legal situation.

She hasn’t responded to any of my emails over the last few months about this information though. I don’t know whether it’s just because she’s too busy with the DailyClout data analysis project, because she’s changed her email address, or because she’s actively avoiding the discouraging implications of the whole legal system, including Congress and the federal judiciary, being in on the program, and of the thing being constructed so thoroughly for so long.

The only other people I know of who talk openly about things on this scale (at least English-speaking, there may be others who work in different languages I don’t speak or read) are Todd Callender, Reiner Fuellmich and David Martin, among attorneys.

Along with non-attorneys Mike Yeadon and Robin Monotti, funeral director John O’Looney, data analyst Craig Paardekooper, Dolores Cahill, Tess Lawrie, James Roguski, Margaret Anna Alice and others.

I can see why people like Ed Dowd, Naomi Wolf, Tom Renz, Jeff Childers, Jessica Rose, Steve Kirsch, Paul Alexander, Toby Rogers and others avoid talking about it — it *is* discouraging to think about.

I think it’s better to face it head on and come up with ways to challenge and confront it, rather than ignore it or pretend it isn’t there to be dealt with.

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Good Day Katherine and all,

It has been said repeatedly that our education system fails to educate. This is the greatest failure of all! The fact that we in civics and history classes are not taught this most important and on going saga. The kids would be involved as would their parents. This would build a fire under one and all.

As I mentioned earlier I met a woman in 1969 who claimed to be a Waldensi. She was very aware of all this. In those days smoking grass was illegal (kinda still is). The man was scary. But what she told me was even scarier. She was afraid for her own freedom if she spoke to openly about these things especially cancer. I learned a lot from her. I am learning a lot from you.

Now many years later I am beginning to realize why she worked so hard in the NHF (National Heath Federation etc). For her all this was already a train wreak.

Keep up your amazing work. I hear sadness in your writing voice. You still are very determined. You as are a few others just Snow Balls in Hell. But keep going, it will be a mighty hail storm and blizzard.

Be well!

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