I do not like how government and media are still pushing their narratives on the people. That if they call it a closed case, it is closed. I am also very angered about the health policies that governments are making with the United Nations. As a Canadian, I find there are too many lies to count.

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All our foundational ideas are illegitimate. Like "public health". Public health? Health just doesn't work like that. We all need to be enabled to take care of our own health. But the idea that forces from outside dictate the forces for inside is illegitimate, dangerous and just doesn't line up with reality. Reality is cause and effect. Public health has never worked. We can't have global anything because we are all disparate locations with disparate conditions. What works for one doesn't work for another 100 000. All our foundational ideas are invalid and antiquated for our times now.

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💯👀 Much to do. Stay strong. #DoNotComply #StopCBDC

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I suggest that you, Katherine, and Sasha push hard at Elon Musk to investigate what’s happening to your Twitter posts, and push even harder at some key Congress members like Comer, Massie, Jordan, etc.,to have what you present here researched and widely investigated by their assistants, then acted upon promptly. Treat this as urgent everywhere. Many thanks for what you are doing.

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..."Congress can fix what they broke. None of the current members appear interested; not even Ron Johnson, who is furthest along the learning curve"...wait a minute. These are the people elected to help run the country, the overseers of democracy (whatever this still is), and the people entrusted with the citizen's welfare and freedom. Protectors of the Constitution, which hasn't been burned up just yet.

There is no fixing of anything. We are well past that point. Congress, being in the extremely sorry state that it is, pretending to not know how our government is trying to murder us, is not acceptable. They must give up their positions of power or be destroyed.

Just what the heck are these people doing in the DC Swamp? On vacation 365 days of the year? And these are supposed to be "smart" and "intelligent" people? Give me a freaking break.

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Thank you Katherine, your clarity is INDISPENSABLE!

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Brilliant forthright and righteous!👍. The” Smith Mundt modernization act” included in the 2013 NDAA legalized domestic propaganda by the CIA. This destroys the guarantee of a free press because now it’s become state run. Further, the same members of BIS are the participants and controllers of the media and pharma, either directly or through board members.

Smith Mundt Modernization allows the fake news Andy media to claim they were being patriotic as a defense. It seems their conspiracy to censor truth and differing opinion and promote lies and their official narrative can be construed as a fraud against the American people.

The censorship of preventing life saving information can be attributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans. That should be actionable in a civil venue.

Good work Katherine! God bless and God speed! 👍

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Thank you very much for this post.

I live in Perú, a nation currently in turmoil as reaction to the illegal deposition of an elected President.

It has been common knowledge for decades that the country's management has been helping itself while ignoring needed public help. People cry "corruption" but nothing is done. Your problem in a nutshell, or x-rays if that sounds better.

The reaction to President Castillo's removal, and treasonous replacement, has shone the x-ray lamp on the structure of our society, wherein the families deriving their possessions from the Conquista retain possessions, privilege, and wealth sufficient for financial control of everything. That they have a racial contempt for the people whose ancestors created this landscape has added a richly poisonous ingredient to the stew. Police and Armed Forces have been given permission and orders to use live bullets on protestors, handily tagged "terrorists" (yup, I know).

Members of the Legislature, Judiciary, Prosecutors, and other high-level functionaries eat together, This includes the Forces and the Police. Clearly, the framework for what us simpletons call "corruption" is working well.

What has happened here is similar to problems reported in many, many countries. So I've used the above as illustration & proceed below to analyse and recommend.

A general hypothesis on my part is how we got here:

1. Any electoral system requiring timetabled elections is based on the common sentiment that our reps cannot be trusted. However, this is what we have.

2. The recycling of election posts requires campaigns, which requires money, which is sourced from large corporations or excessively wealthy individuals.

3. Who pays the piper calls the tune, the electorate having voted in one of the candidates supplied by the moneyed class now finds itself out of the kitchen, off the pitch, overboard in a tempest, etc.

My hypothesis is that the electorate's been swindled and will continue thus unless an alternative form can be devised. But my initial point - that recycling candidates because we feel we cannot trust them - yields a system where trust is impossible.

Anyone still with me will maybe be thinking that alternatives don't exist. My response is: if the electorate and the candidates actually trust each other then a system can be devised for this.

Naturally, "some" nations understand civic trust better than others. Pre-contact civilisations away from Europe created robust and straightforward system. The European mind, however, more attuned to "individuality", would seem to require an amount of reorientation, whereas the older, mutually-focused, nations had that baked-in.

So many of our arrangements, when you look at them this way, are well over-egged, creating a kind of inertia which adds to the thievery to which I've alluded already.

Finally, trust is not trust until it's guaranteed. Human nature is variable and fickle, mistakes are made, and from those some people learn to take advantage.

We have a great deal of thinking to do: after the monsters have been vanquished.

Best Wishes!

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Thank you Katherine - our Creator is the wind beneath your beautiful TRUTH-telling wings. This is a global genocide & takeover. I pray for ALL our TRUTH Tellers. This is Spiritual warfare - GOD help us to help ourselves ...

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i have been following youtube video ( also rumble.com) of senator Rand Paul. Video also to be watched on his own internet site. Beside being senator for kentucky, he is a ophtalmologist ( eye doctor) by profession and cannot be fooled with the answers given by criminal and corrupt dr. fauci. Further more, he seems a very decent human beeing

Katherin might benefit by contacting him and spreading her ideas

I am a european and live in europe.I was not vaccinated. And was advised no to by a " healer". Nevertheless i am also concerned by what has been done to humanity and to my family.

Just an idea that might help

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“Enemies who have built a pseudo-legal front to enable looting , enslavement and killing”. Yes there it is Katherine , you have described our current predicament in the most direct and succinct manner possible.

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I know this was tongue in cheek, the part about how can they keep doing it and seem there is no problem. We've known the problem for years and their fear porn isn't working anymore. Simple lies nope. We've drawn that red line. When I get back from NYC I'll write out a detailed plan of how we should proceed. I will say it's pretty weird.

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Call it overton or something else. Whatever the term, kudos to your efforts to obtain and decipher contracts written in blood.

This note is downbeat on how much legislation needs to be reversed. However, a few pieces of news should complement that analysis and lift spirits regarding the power people still yield….

In Holland the voters supported the new farmers party which is now in solid position in Legislature. It can be done. 💪

In Florida Gov De Santis is using State power (and encouraging other governors) to make it difficult for Federal technocrats to impose their rules/control. It can be done. 💪

In London citizens are covering street cameras and cutting their cables. It can be done. 💪

In Paris protestors are making their numbers felt in the streeets. It can be done. 💪

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The Native Americans are holding their breaths. wondering what kind of "government" will be imposed on them next. Hard to think of any of them as legitimate, god given, or any of those high fallutin' phrases.

Who's gonna rule now? What 's that quote...dying empires produce endless laws..

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Thank you Katherine for your invaluable work. The greedy indifference of people that have had it so good including my family where they won't read articles sent to them and ask not to send any further all have been jabbed. It is wonderful though to meet very young people who are questioning and reading past history but aren't able to talk to each other on the phone without a visit from police in NSW. This is a spiritual war and prayer from all is needed

God is in Control but we all have to do our share of fighting back.

We do this for the future generations who are not responsible for the mess we find ourselves in.

God Bless God's people

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There's no chance Congress would consider this. Just listening to Maxine Waters convinces you of the hopelessness of it. To say nothing of the younger members like Occasional Cortex.

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