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This podcast with Todd Callender may be of interest to some of your followers. Don’t listen to this before bed.


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So, we ask them to risk their lives, possible torture, being maimed.... and because unlawful, evil commands are given...

They get no support from us?

I tracked some of these soldiers and West Point cadets... they are fine, brave soldiers and Americans.

Their treatment makes me sick.

I apologize on behalf of American citizens, politicians, and punks pretending to be Generals

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No words can express how I feel. The people have been betrayed in an unfathomable way. Time to Pray up, Stock up, Lock up and Gun up.

God Speed everyone.

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Wow, it's amazing what goes on in the details of these bills. I like how you outline the history, how these things passed step by step. πŸ‘πŸΌ

I have considered the same thing when I hear Dr fauci say things that are all over the map. I think he's trying to cover his ass if he ends up in court. His lie before Congress about gain of function research I think can be easily proven, and yet Congress hasn't done a thing about it.

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Katherine, very nice picture. I'm Catholic, not in union with Francis. (A non Catholic can't become Pope).

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I'm a retired US Army NCO (26 Years ago) and what I've learned during the ensuing years makes me sick.when I was young I was trusting...gullibly so!

Truth is, my nation is guilty of democide.

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