Great quote by Pope Felix III. I like this one too in a similar vein: "Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.” - Theodore Dalrymple

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I once believed Russell Means was an "Asshole in Moccasins" as the American Indian Movement (AIM) was frequently called, even by tribal elders of the 1970's. His voice was picked up and amplified by 1970's leftist-Marxist radicals. But when I recently read his own thoughts as shared by his own voice I learned that he rejected the leftist-Marxist radicals as much as he rejected conservatives on the right. And I learned that his voice was, in fact, wise and tempered. He rejected "Scientism," and the arrogance of men who imagine we are superior to nature, that we can or should "fix" what God created. It truly is fascinating to discover so much of what we thought we knew, about who we thought people were and what ideas we thought were wrong or dangerous ends up being false. Rene Descartes said it right at the dawn of the Age of Reason (Enlightenment) when he said, "Question everything" about everything he thought he knew.

"I Am Not a Leader”: Russell Means’ 1980 Mother Jones Cover Story: https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/10/russell-means-mother-jones-interview-1980/

"Faith. Science will find a way. Faith of this sort has always been known in Europe as religion. Science has become the new European religion for both capitalists and Marxists; they are truly inseparable; they are part and parcel of the same culture. So, in both theory and practice, Marxism demands that non-European peoples give up their values, their traditions, their cultural existence altogether. We will all be industrialized science addicts in a Marxist society."


"there are forces beyond anything the European mind has conceived, that humans must be in harmony with all relations or the relations will eventually eliminate the disharmony. A lopsided emphasis on humans by humans—the Europeans’ arrogance of acting as though they were beyond the nature of all related things—can only result in a total disharmony and a readjustment which cuts arrogant humans down to size, gives them a taste of that reality beyond their grasp or control and restores the harmony. There is no need for a revolutionary theory to bring this about; it’s beyond human control. The nature peoples of this planet know this and so they do not theorize about it. Theory is an abstract; our knowledge is real."


"All European tradition. Marxism included, has conspired to defy the natural order of all things. Mother Earth has been abused, the powers have been abused, and this cannot go on forever. No theory can alter that simple fact. Mother Earth will retaliate, the whole environment will retaliate, and the abusers will be eliminated. Things come full circle, back to where they started. That’s revolution. And that’s a prophecy of my people, of the Hopi people and of other correct peoples. American Indians have been trying to explain this to Europeans for centuries. But, as I said earlier, Europeans have proven themselves unable to hear. The natural order will win out, and the offenders will die out, the way deer die when they offend the harmony by overpopulating a given region. It’s only a matter of time until what Europeans call “a major catastrophe of global proportions” will occur. It is the role of all natural beings, to survive. A part of our survival is to resist. We resist not to overthrow a government or to take political power, but because it is natural to resist extermination, to survive."

The whole Rolling Stone transcript is worthwhile reading. More of my selected excerpts at:


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Apr 26, 2023·edited Apr 26, 2023

..."I think that the CDC and WHO, and all other so-called public health organizations, are military units whose purpose and function has been, for their entire institutional existence, and still is, to devise and install globalist surveillance, control and killing programs"... Yikes, that is as profound a statement as I have heard in a while. I would bet it is the down to earth truth. Makes perfect sense. Exactly what major diseases or virus rampages have the CDC and WHO ever stopped? None to my knowledge.

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........ major diseases were well on the downward spiral before their "life-saving-vaccine" was introduced anyway.

Here's the best prescription.........

Wash your hands. Drink clean water. Eat clean food. Get good sleep. Be with good people. Give thanks every day for all the good things you have; hold onto an attitude of gratitude.

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It would not surprise me if most of these so-called “outbreaks,” “pandemics,” and other “novel diseases” were caused by these same people/drugs with their supposed cures.

Thank you for calling out Hatfill’s talk. Having your talk precede his was perfect. Critical thinking fully engaged!

For those unfamiliar with the history of the AIDS/HIV shill, read Celia Farber’s recently republished book: Serious Adverse Events. Celia is also on Substack.

IMHO the playbook has been in the works for over 100 years. The AIDS/HIV debacle was a modern testing ground. You might be surprised at the parallels between AIDS/HIV and Covid responses. Recall how they have used various populations (e.g., gay men, Africans, Indians; cancer, Parkinson’s, auto-immune patients; mentally ill, terminally ill, elderly) … all ‘throw away’ populations in their sick minds.

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Apr 27, 2023·edited Apr 27, 2023

Only 100 years? What about the Elizabethan, medieval and biblical plagues? Every century, regular as clockwork?

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Improvements in living standards, better food and more of it, indoor plumbing, clean water, modern sanitation, etc., were all leading to better health and many fewer outbreaks of disease and ill health that result from the above. For the psychos among us like Fauci, et.al., they must have their "plagues" in order to justify themselves and accrue power. That's it...

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Canadian senior health official and psychiatrist Brock Chisholm was appointed WHO’s first director in 1948. Here’s one of his well-known quotations:

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” (quoted in Davis, Llewellyn B (1991) Going Home to School, p. 69)

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The "CDC" was originally the DOD's "Biological Weapons Testing and Development Lab/Facility", just as the Dept. of Defense was originally the Dept. of War.

War of The Words

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It's pretty simple, use critical thinking or as my COs would say "USE your common sense," and ask yourself do I have that feeling in my gut that something is fishy about this? If yes research it more if you have to, usually a lie should be glaring. If no, you probably are okay.

The CDC/NIH/WEF/UN/all the health organizations including the FDA are enemies of the people.

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"In his segment, Hatfill argued that the so-called pandemic events of the last several decades were pandemics; they they were poorly-managed due to slow and ineffectual surveillance programs; that there are currently massive threats of new communicable diseases brewing around the world due to population growth, wet markets, and other factors; that faster, more comprehensive, more militarized data mining, surveillance and population control are a good response; and that the CDC and WHO were originally designed and currently work to identify and control disease outbreaks."


If one has a rudimentary understanding of what the Monster wants to achieve, this serves every objective. The WEF/DOD Mall Cop/Cullers/Great Resetters want wall to wall surveillance. They wish to employ a biomedical security model as a pretext for this.

see also:

"The evidence is there, that in my opinion, this virus was engineered. And as my friend Steven Hatfill likes to point out, there is a sequence that looks like it could be what we call a super-antigen."

Signed, He's Always There



2. We need very active surveillance, tracing, testing.

August 5, 2021 tweet, He's still always there.

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Apparently, he didn't learn his lesson.

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KW this is fire. the root lie is that in march 2020, for the first time in human history, all of a sudden we were beset with hitherto unknown plagues - and that the only way to save humanity is via pharma "interventions" i.e. bioweapons.

it is crucial that we avoid that discourse and steer as many as we can away from it.

yes the ccp is evil but the democratic party, and the EU, and the deep state are equally evil. they are all committed to a global surveillance slave state.

ironically i think their inability to avoid stabbing each other in the back will be their undoing.

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fwiw, I kind of think that China has been captured by the banking cartel (just like America in 1913)--they seem to be in on the Great Reset, just like the rest (same for Russia).

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How is that? Putin was once a global leader with the WEF, but perhaps just to get up close and check it all out? Clever tactic to review one's possible enemies.

Putin is rejecting the Great Reset - including perverse notions that people can change sex!

Am thinking that's why he's hated so much in the media - so they spray more propaganda

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Yes, Russia is complicit in the Great Reset, But if you disagree with me that's okay.


"But the digital ruble is different" Didn't your mother tell you to stay away from CBDCs?


Russia is still complicit in the Great Reset: "Russia & the Great Reset - Resistance or Complicity?" — one year later


The digital noose tightens around Russia: Your identity and civil privileges, all conveniently stored on a convenient app


Russians are also "dying suddenly"- Russian activists document "sudden deaths" among young athletes


No brakes on Moscow's biosecurity charade: PCR tests & genetic injections will forever protect the "epidemiological well-being of the population"


The OTHER Globalist Conference


And in The BRICS Summit: What You Need to Know, I pointed out that the Ninth BRICS Summit—held in Xiamen in Southeast China in 2017—featured a reaffirmation of the group's commitment to the United Nation's Agenda 21/2030 scam, a recommitment to fostering a "global economic governance architecture" and a renewal of their subjugation to the World Trade Organization....

The RICS, at any rate, have pushed the biosecurity nightmare as hard as any of the Western globalist regimes, which should give you an indication of how interested they are in "sticking it to the globalists" and freeing the peoples of the world from the death grip of the technocrats....

We need reminding from time to time that the belief that the BRICS group (or any combination of its members) represents a true opposition to the global agenda is hopium of the worst sort. And what better way to do that than by quoting their own speeches from their own socially-distanced, biosecurity-promoting, "vaccine"-loving, digital currency-pimping summit?

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BRICS model has same prison planet agenda. a copycat of the BIS model.

like a chinese Fiat

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Thanks for all this Sandra.

It's 3am in my time zone so I'll have a good read tomorrow.

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I wholly agree with you, a number of people have been invited to the WEF but have not stayed ...

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Wasn't Mao a Yale man?

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Yes, I think so.

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I believe there are many “captured” politicians on both sides of the illusionary isle. The mid evil tactic of divide and conquer is alive and well via politics, race, religion, gender, etc, etc.

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GOPe is totally complicit with all those you mention, so please don't forget to list them as well. There is nothing traditional or conservative in politics and there hasn't been for over 100 years.

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Good to see that Katherine says what I've also been saying ever since I started my Substack on May 6, 2022. Well, Katherine and I have never been much different on that department.

Please, allow me a slight adjustment: a new medical paradigm is needed regarding what "illness" is; otherwise, the subject remains unclear. Here is my (quite comprehensive) summary and projection:


Other than that, only facing the Truth, the Path, and the Light can lead to anything good, because the threat is now imminent:


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"They were not naturally-occurring or naturally-circulating diseases or benevolent disease mitigation programs."

Yes, it certainly looks that way. The mania about viral outbreaks is completely irrational. Improved sanitation and water purification technology means that a lot of the diseases that used to be actual threats are not a major problem anymore. We do not need to be jabbing kids with 72 different injections just to keep them 'safe' from these diseases when there are far more pressing problems.

In the case of COVID-19, they basically had to hunt for victims. They included anyone who died with a positive PCR test, meaning that traffic accident victims and suicides were lumped into the 'COVID' category. Complete and utter fraud.

A real pandemic doesn't need dodgy stats. When the black death or athenian plague were running amok killing 1/3rd or more of the population, it was very clear that there was a real threat.

So then what is the explanation for this irrational, monomaniacal focus on viral outbreaks and vaccines? Even more odd, some of the people crying crocodile tears are also on record as wanting to reduce the world's population.

Implementing control systems. Transhumanism and manipulation of the human genome. Take your pick, they are all more believable than the prospect of a new killer virus emerging.

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“I do not believe that naturally-occurring, naturally-circulating communicable diseases, or even lab-manipulated, communicable disease strains, pose any new or severe danger to humanity or human health”

I would like to believe this myself.... but since “Covid “ all the kids I teach and my own children, who take the best supplements we can find...are sick, even if it’s just a day...fever, cough, stomach...every month it seems. They are homeschooled non vaccinated otherwise very healthy kids. It makes no sense, they aren’t building their immunity from this I don’t believe.. it’s starting to wear on us as parents. Is it the 5g, the Chem trails, the bioweapon getting triggered somehow? All of those things?

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Even if you didn’t get the jabs, we are surrounded by people who have. And it’s in the food chain. You might want to read Tess Lawrie’s Substack on reducing EMF in your home.

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In the same boat. Far more sickness in my house than ever before.

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Simply go and use a control group. Find a country that didn't vaccinate kids, etc. There are a few, mostly in Africa. If this trend is true, it could be from a number of factors such as chemical exposure, reduced exercise, lower quality food due to modern farming, etc. I suspect Amish kids won't show these symptoms.

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Some or all of those things might contribute. What are the kids eating? But, living in a "developed" country, it is difficult not to constantly be exposed to poisons, from all directions. There are also cumulative intergenerational effects that cannot be avoided.

Perhaps it is humanity itself that poses new and severe dangers to humanity and human health. We do like, though, to search for other causes.

Individual, personal change is needed. And a new world to live in.

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This article explains why even the not-jabbed might be at risk. https://worldcouncilforhealth.substack.com/p/red-line-crossed

If I find the article that explained it even more clearly, I will edit and add a link here.

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I think she is stating there are no existential threats. Severe threat is the phrase she uses. Only Bamm Bamm 1, who is away at school has any mRNA treatment in our family due to now defunct uni mandate. We are not having amy more illness in our house. But anecdotally it seems the injected families are.

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Apr 30, 2023·edited Apr 30, 2023

All of those things. The kids have radiation sickness. Mobiles, WiFi everywhere. Graphene oxide everywhere: all injections (including anaesthesia, flu ...), supplement coatings (*scrape it off and test it with a magnet), air, chemtrails, water, soil, rain, food, everything. Graphene oxide is not only what makes the vaccine highly toxic, but also embodies properties that initiate and activate electrical conductivity between molecules within body cells and between the cells themselves. Triggered by wifi and especially dangerously 5G, low frequencies are amplified and augmented. Don't forget we need to create the Internet of Things. You are a thing too. Even if you haven't had a jab you can get sick from the vaxxed (nausea, vomiting).

*See La Quinta Columna.

Read up on graphene; it's v. popular with the globalists. See the EU's Graphene Flagship Project.

"The properties of graphene are exceptional from the physical point of view, but also thermodynamic, electronic, mechanical and magnetic. Its characteristics allow its use as a superconductor, electromagnetic wave absorbing material (microwave EM), emitter, signal receiver, quantum antenna, which makes it possible to create advanced electronics on a nano and micrometric scale. Such is the case, that it is the fundamental nanomaterial for the development of nano-biomedicine "


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I completely agree with Katherine's comments that it is not nature that we need to be worried about but the globalist agenda, lies and manipulation orchestrated to entrap us.

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I agree with Katherine.

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We're within a paradigm that has been tried before. I'm thinking of the Tower of Babel. The Tower was intended as a bridge between earth and heaven, to be designed and constructed by human effort. Our technological society operates primarily on the basis of human effort (rational thought) -- God being shunted to the sidelines -- and has as its presumed goal the creation of a manageable and sustainable future. The human effort in each case is exactly analogous. The goal is also analogous: achievement of heaven = manageable and sustainable future/paradise on earth. The Tower project failed. The technological society project will likewise fail, but not before accomplishing a great evil.

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.....'G[o]od' - and religion, PARTICULARLY the Abrahamic ones always HAVE been, always WILL be, a subjective externalization, John; it's BECAUSE we can't BELIEVE we're (as an entire SPECIES) capable of doing what is necessary for GREATEST understanding, conscientious response, personal experience - but STILL, those who are most DESPERATE to CONTROL extenuating circumstances based upon RAW fear - MOST of material loss, DOMINATE any such efforts.....this dialogue with Dr. Joseph Farrell first airing Friday night (ECHOES my own physics model) really begins to articulate the TRUTH of our existence, ABSENT religious ARCHETYPES.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEMYCriJj8A&list=PLNfJkzByQRux01gvudalzEGUgoH496qay

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Bailiwick is becoming a one-stop source for people like me who appreciate the importance of Katherine’s stoic guidance towards truth and spiritual re-awakening.

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Thanks for all the work sister Katherine. Can you point me to any references on the 1918 flu, indicating it was orchestrated?

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One of the books that was recommended to me -- on the general topic of injections driving outbreaks, rather than protecting against them -- is Poisoned Needle, by Eleanor McBean


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Haven't looked into it explicitly, but there are quite a few people who believe that it wasn't viral, but rather a bacterial infection that may have arisen from laboratory experimentation.

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Apr 26, 2023·edited Apr 26, 2023



fwiw- that site whale.to has a lot of hidden info on the medical mafia, info from doctors, researchers and scientists who have spoken out over the years (we've basically been lied to about everything)

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I’ve studied it post-grad, taught it, been obsessed with the catastrophe of that era since I was a small child (my grandfather, a young artillery captain in the American expeditionary force, gassed and died of his wounds as sombre almost speechless wizened hero at 75 yoa, had ghastly screaming nightmares (hiding, shivering under the kitchen table) of Turkish bayonet charges for the rest of his life) but I could never connect these dots. Cf. Sandra, above.

Without the Spanish Flu, the paralyzing mutinies on both sides of the western front would have ended the war ... flipped power, hierarchies and the banks ... the resonances of that missed event exist in music, art and literature, everywhere. And everything taught to us since has been a false narrative.

Well, at best we all didn’t suffer Stalin. But now we are descending into Hell.

Notwithstanding, thanks Sandra !

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.....MATTER of historical FACT, even publicized on a PBS program some years ago, James: a likely GATES relative at Fort Riley KS oversaw a trial bacterial meningitis vaccine program for who ELSE but, the ROCKEFELLERS - still, as Arthur Firstenberg and others have made VERY clear, comparatively-unprecedented expansion of artificial EMFs for [primarily] wartime communication / tracking purposes, as WELL as ROUGH biological reconciliation of earliest 'antibiotics', MASKS were SIGNIFICANT contributing factors (I've already articulated though through my own pathology model, how ANY injection produces varying extents of piezoelectric corruption to KEY cytological processes, such as cell replication which optimize potential for cancers / mutagenesis, MULTIPLE autoimmune disorders - most, metabolically-caused.....)

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Weren't bacterial meningitis vaccines used as the placebos in the CV19 'trials'? I don't know if that is an important fact in the overall big picture but might be another piece in the jigsaw.

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The problem of belief in "evolving truth" is not confined to the Catholic Church. "Progressivism" among Protestant movements has a similar effect. There seems to be the notion that what God has accomplished was not enough for the needs of us moderns, and that we are somehow in a place to improve upon it.

"You will know them by their fruits..." (Mt. 7:16a)

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Traditional Catholicism rejects evolving truth but not a deepening of the understanding of defined dogmas. There is a huge difference. In the former instance, always and everywhere (Vincentian canon) believed truths can be overturned, in the latter, they cannot be and should never be.

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It's worth noting that this was stated, centuries before our "education" - or rather Department of Propaganda, formally stepped in to take a stonghold of our fruits for some 15 to 20 years.

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It’s a sharp edge—one that we’re constantly honing on both an individual and societal level. Where does the truth reside, and what is propaganda and myth? Sometimes the lies are repeated oblivious to reality, sometimes intentionally propagated and sustained. It’s in the public dialogue, challenging the prevailing narrative, that we test and temper the steel.

In this tempering flame, the liars and prevaricators are revealed.

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I fell down a rabbit hole in 1988 when I came across a little bookshop with self-published ideas and research.......... one happened to be on communicable diseases and vaccines.

Blew. My. Head. Off.

I wanted to constantly look away - or burn it - all the evidence was stacking up.......

Thanks for a fantastic substack Katherine!

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Say a bit more about that source, please.

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Apr 28, 2023·edited Apr 28, 2023

ok...... so background........ I had been a nurse at that time for 15 years and it created an atomic change in my way of thinking... add to this that around 1976, the first brick in this edifice was laid by a drug rep, who hosted an "information" evening every month at my then hospital, replete with finger foods and wine....... we were young and poor - who wouldn't go right? Back then, I learnt (and was astonished!) that drs were offered incentives for drug prescriptions linked to specific companies! That was my start to the pulling back of a curtain; I felt a sadness with it - akin to when you realise Santa ins't true — that there are people out there, enthusiastic to make money from the back of illness. The drug rep' never drank as he was "on shift", with one night's exception, when, after a few wines, he told a group of us rather surreptitiously, to be wary of any new drug that comes to maket with a forthright banner of "safe and effective", reminding us how thalidomide had been marketed. I don't know what happened to him, he never returned for drug info nights again.

Hitherto, I had held the medical & medical science fraternity in high regard, and had felt such pride in my work, but regretted being a front runner for the drug co's, whose priority seemed to be profit. I came to see the duping and pushing of meds, when often, much or none was needed, or other nursing measures could have been used over time.

Around 1980, the health system rapidly became about drugs, drugs, drugs, juxtaposed with surgery, which became more and more, rapidly refined, for the betterment of all.

Fast forward to 1988, the info from the independent author, who, sadly, said they had to "remain anonymous, due to their professional position", pointed to the multitude references which could be researched with little effort.

Those encounters did make me wary and had me looking and listening to info from another perspective. I guess you could say, I had woken from a stupor.

My regrets at belief in vaccination were enormous and our children were then, never inflicted with another vax. My focus remained what I had always emphasised anyway, that maintaining a healthy terrain, that this, thinking of your body as a "soil" that required, regular, healthy tilling, with clean air, water, food, walking - and thoughts.

I researched everything possible during discussion with a like minded, they borrowed my precious A4 spiral bound book..... full of graphs and bona fide references, never to be seen again, as they too had excitedly loaned onto X, who then loaned onto Y...... etc., ooh man, don't get me started; had to be philosophical, considering a broader group having scales fall from their eyes as well.

From 1990, I had a private practice as a midwife and came across non-vaxing parents - interestingly, many were PhD scientists. More bricks in the wall... I accepted and respected their position with regard to protecting their precious young. They were never given a hard time from me. Terrain, focus on terrain.

Later, around 2000, I was reading about RFK jnr, who must have the giggest kahunas ever - taking on the juggernaut of the drug industry (note: I DELIBERATELY use DRUG industry, rather than "pharmaceutical" as I find it difficult to edify these companies)

We now have easy access to The Children's Health Defense headed up by RFK jnr and various literature and wesites such as http://thinktwice.com

I am sorry if what I share disappoints, perhaps you were wanting names, citations - amyriad of references, but it is just my lone story, borne out of being a health carer, given drops of random insights over decades.

The genie is now out of the bottle........ no going back with laziness of those who never verified propaganda and lies drenched via free media to innocent, unsuspecting, people who steadfastly believed our over-arching health care system actually gave a dam.

Hannah Arendt said

"Even in the darkest of times we have the right to expect some illumination, and ... such illumination may well come less from theories and concepts than from the uncertain, flickering, and often weak light that some men and women, in their lives and their works, will kindle under almost all circumstances and shed over the time-span that was given them on earth."

There are people standing on the plinth of truth, though their livelihoods be erased and prior professional standing smeared. Thanks to every one of them for their courage.

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Australia seems like a tough place to be so awakened. I've always liked it but now I see and hear the tone of voice from the current medical fruitcakes there. Something ain't right. The evil is in their voices I didn't used to notice.

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Sadly, it was like heaven on earth, but not so much now..... Victoria is in immense debt and was THE most lockdown city for the longest time. Terrible... but then, the agenda is the same everywhere - especially in the 5 eyes.

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Sorry you did such a hard lockdown. I saw vids of Aussie cops chasing and tackling people at beaches and I was so mad. They said I was an essential worker so I kept going but the hysteria ruined my job. Clowns were in charge at the COVID check points and rioters were out in small groups dropping bricks on cars as they drove under overpasses... stuff like that around Kansas City and the blacks were shooting each other in high numbers. I'm too cynical and skeptical to be thrust into a situation like that as I wasn't having ANY of it. Normies abound as you can imagine so I argued a lot. Heehee

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Thanks Rose.

Re "I DELIBERATELY use DRUG industry, rather than "pharmaceutical" as I find it difficult to edify these companies"

Understandable as a company like Bayer for example used to market Heroin.

Pharmaceutical is still a useful word though as an anagram of that word is 'Uh a malpractice' which says it all. But there are a lot more anagrams which tell the truth about the poisonous industry.


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