The vastness of this criminal enterprise we call "government" never ceases to amaze me.

Here Katherine has uncovered a deep and wide cavern and provides illumination for how they operate.

I've been researching and reading and going down rabbit holes for over ten years. While I know these things go on in other areas of interest, this is one of which I had no idea. I needed another rabbit hole like I needed a hole in the head, but here we are...

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I think this is a very good summary and now I'm going to speak to what we can do about it. Yes, use the courts. But in the final analysis, whether there is a fake nation with a fake constitutuion with fake, illega laws, we must stand up.

People say this is a spiritual war and I agree. If you are a medical "professional" stop giving kill shots. I don't care if you got the get out of jail free card so you can keep your job and keep killing people. Just stop it. Who the hell are you that you would trade a job for hospital and jab murder of your fellow human beings? Think about it and repent and be courageous.

If you are police or military, quit complying. Quit going along w/beating or assaulting or arresting people who are exercising their rights. Yes, I understand there are terrible consequences. What did you sign up for? Was it to fight wrongdoing or was it to cower in obedience? Repent and get on the right side of this fight!

Ministers/religious people--do not comply. Don't tell your congregation it is an act of love to go get killed or maimed by a bioweapon. That's horrific and a truly spiritual person would never say such a thing. They would be out their screaming, NO, and trying to help anyone who needed to say NO to their employer.

Business owners, what the hell? Do some research into reality and the law. Do not comply. You are helping to murder other people. Is that what you signed up for? Is this what you'll take money for? Repent and stop now.

All the professional class, you have mostly been a complete and utter failure during this crisis. You have thought only of yourself and not thought that out very well. Can't you see evil when it's right in front of you? Repent and get helping everyone you can. If you have money, help people. If you have skills, help people.

Everyone needs to stand up. In order for that to happen everyone should use any money or skills to help people in this fight. If you haven't done that, repent of it, and get going. No excuses.

This isn't going to stop coming at us. We must be courageous and help each other.

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I wanted to add . When I ran for mayor against Gavin in 2007 they found new laws to prosecute me with, for terrorism, that they'd just written.

Then I went to jail, while Gavin is now has become the king of killafornia, or is he the queen, and ScKamala the King of scAmerica

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As always, a superb piece, Katherine. Your work and that of Sasha Latypova proves that a malevolent foreign entity has controlled the US for decades using lawfare/legislative-fare/deception against the people without them knowing. This has Satan's signature all over it. He after all was a liar/murderer from the beginning, (John 8:44). The Devil sits atop this global cabal.

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After reading, I look around and see the landscape melting as a watercolor in the rain. Perspective. Perspective. My head is swimming after reading your most excellent research.

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1994 Rockefeller committee had some reasonable findings & recommendations. not sure anyone in congress does the reading /analysis anymore, outsources it. with the bills thousands of pages long, you could probably get away with hiding a lot in there as Pelosi famously bragged with ObamaCare.

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Just when I think I am wrapping my head around this evil, you point towards more that has my head shaking again. The evil one really does run this world at the moment.

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Just imagine what the CIA can do. They are essentially outside the framework of the rest of the government. There is no real oversight or reporting. Neither the people nor their reps in Congress know what they're up to. I have read they fund themselves (outside the money Congress gives them) by trafficking in weapons, drugs, and people. I say they have no legitimate reason to exist.

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As the Davos men sit down to frolic, I feel I must give most heartfelt thanks Katherine Watt for untangling this diabolical web of how their beastly ilk—dead to rights—got us here, untangling our weary perception and putting their evil in our crosshairs. But I don’t see what we have to fire at them that saves our children, grandchildren or our civilization : their "rules based"/OTA morality eludes all law, justice and God forever.

It has already happened. But resistance must not be futile.

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I thank you from the depths of my soul for all the research you have done and continue to do.

My very first thought after reading this and hearing Sasha Latypova say they legalized (un)informed consent because they reworded the “policy statement”, I am now with the conclusion they knew they were committing genocide and they needed to “protect” themselves.

My question then becomes, why and how do they think all this wordolgy lets them off the hook when we all know The Nuremberg Codes are the Law of ALL the Land . . . ?

My next question is, when will the Nuremberg Trials be front and center?

Namaste 🙏🏼


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So ok DOD did this, they prepped the laws for decades towards this culling which is global and now WHY did the DOD so fully cooperate with this and do this yo their own men. NOW I want to know why.

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You may want to take a look at www.ncio.ca/briefings and all of David Hawkins work. I think you would both benefit. He just did a piece worth seeing although they all are. Very few know his work and they should.

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I never thought I would meet Jeanne d'Arc

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KW what a beacon of shining light you truly are in this darkening world. Thank you.

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Wow...listening to the podcast about Basham. They're talking about the EUA and assuming that informed consent was still assumed. Did their attorneys not understand any of this?!

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