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It is fascinating to see the US government argue in court that they knowingly participated in creating the appearance of a clinical trial that actually had no bearing on their intent to strong arm corporations, schools, and individuals into receiving an injection.

"They can't say the fraudulent nature of the trial would have impacted our decision to purchase this substance and coerce people into having it injected because we never cared if it was safe or effective in the first place-- and we have the legal structure to prove it!"

How can a governing system survive arguing that they legalized murder as long as it is by authorized government agents during a self-declared emergency?

One memorable part of "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," was when Gibbon reported that the post-Roman tribal kingdoms of Gaul imposed a fine on a member of the ruling tribe for murder of a non-member versus the death penalty they imposed on the lower classes for the same crime. It is a sign of the end of civilization when an elite group grants themselves the power over life and death merely by their status.

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You are a blessing. We are much indebted. May the Lord keep you and watch over you.

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I’m sorry you are burnt out! I have been praying and hoping for justice!

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Interesting stance, but the defeatism arguments do need to be shelved and people need to stop parroting ridiculous nonsense. They are the "refuge" of the abused victim trying to justify why they shouldn't bravely fight back against their abuser.

Many examples of successful revolutions. American War of Independence is just one of many.

We can *all* do something to fight this tyranny, and it behooves us to act. If we're fearful, we must at the very least acknowledge that cowardice - not to justify it, but to see it as a problem to be addressed and rectified over time, like alcoholism or drug abuse.

People might be fearful if they fight the government goons will kill them, but make no mistake - they intend to kill you all anyway, whether you comply or not.

They already kill their own loyalists:


What do you think they have in-store for the compliant? They will not ignore you. The digital ID state will try to come for you and tag and control and kill you, mass processed like meat in factories.

***We are obliged to FIGHT BACK.***

No quarter to tyranny!

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The amount of information you produce is stunning. I don’t know how you keep it coming. God is obviously your source of strength and stamina. All this work you do I s so appreciated by me as are you. Brook Jackson? What a brave and principled soul she is. And she is pretty much the only one to to stand against Goliath/Pfizer. Hod bless you both and your teams.

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I'm very interested in how people are planning to respond to the new ICD code requirement when asked by their personal physician/staff. Suppose you wish to keep your PCP, and you are presently not jabbed, what is a good tactical response to the question he/she is forced to ask? Supposing the EMR only allows a yes/no answer for ICD coding purposes.

Note: the question is not about "honesty", it is about tactics.

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I'm seeing hope in that once people learn pieces of the truth, they will ask questions.

The DOD operation warp speed operation, although known since Trump in 2020, was considered a "crazy conspiracy".

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Sooner or later reform will have to happen if the medical industrial complex monolith wants to regain trust in the people.

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Lead, follow or get out of the way! Like your style.


A faithful follower from the beginning.

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One thing that has constantly bugged me is why 'they' would want so many deaths - there must be an incentive? All these false flags which kill people - money is the root of all evil, so they say. I understand the saving money in pensions part, but the deaths are among all age groups. Okay, AI needs fewer people but, but.....that's not really an incentive to kill people. Maimed people are good for business, like pharma, but not dead people. If you look into the common law stuff then there appears to be an entire fraudulent name fraud going on with birth certificates and the creation of a 'strawman'. So one's 'legal fiction' is used by corporations to make money and do business plus rake in tax etc. So we are effectively 'debt slaves' A hidden life insurance system could take out life insurance on all employees/members and then pay out to the corporation when a person dies. I was surprised to learn only recently that life insurance is not subject to probate and is quite quickly and easily paid out. I thought how easy it would be for someone of criminal intent to benefit from this and was surprised there was not a more robust system to guard against this. We know we are in the hands of a criminal cabal. Criminals profit from crime. There must be a clear financial incentive for all these deaths. Is this in part at least, an insurance scam? IF we had a robust judicial system then there would be a disincentive to commit this type of crime (killing someone to get life insurance/money). But with corrupted justice systems, corrupt police forces (criminalizing normal human behaviour and interactions) then we are in the wild west and anything goes. Occam's razor: the simplest explanations. Why do criminals do what they do? Money, psychopathy, power, sadism etc. Serial killers can be caught for crimes that are not directly related to killing - eg: GP Harold Shipman, serial killer, was only caught when he falsified one of his victim's wills. No-one could conceive that this popular doctor could be deliberately killing patients but he became too complacent. The daughter of one of his victims smelt a rat and the 'game' was up. Hubris is the downfall of many a criminal.

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As always, THANK YOU for your work. Also your decision to delete the comments from Futility-ville is most appropriate and appreciated! While it is indeed human to feel overwhelmed (at times) by the prospect of fighting such a huge amount of entrenched corruption THIS IS WHEN WE MUST REMEMBER THAT WE ARE GIFTED WITH THE BIGGEST TOOL IN THE TOOL SHED. GOD GAVE US PRAYER! Thank you Katherine for reminding us of our rosaries a couple days ago! These are absolutely Godless beings that may have money and power but they do not have the power of prayer. I encourage and invite everyone reading this to put aside some moments EACH day at 3 o'clock ( hour of Divine Mercy) and let's pray together. Let us move mountains TOGETHER!!

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Katherine, Reading your posts since the beginning, they are among the most in-depth, reasoned analyses anywhere. I can see why you are exhausted. But the Truth will out if people will let it see the light of day. Your contribution to doing that is way beyond what one would expect from any individual. I am humbled and awed to be able to read it; thank you for sharing it.

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Your list of demands that we should be making in the light of what has been found out, reminds me of an email I received from a prisoner in Wrexham jail, here in Britain. Paul Edwards was a blogger and a good one at that.

He was jailed for 21 months for smashing a window in a "vaccine " centre. He did it to save lives.

He is restricted now in what he can do as he can't use the internet, but he did write to me to suggest setting up a petition and taking it out on the streets so people can be spoken to face to face.

He thinks that the publc would support an enquiry especially if we concentrate on the fact that the injections cost a lot of money and don't work!

These are his words:



The people of the UK have been cheated.

We were promised that the Vaccine Programme would end Covid19. It hasn't worked.

£tens of billions of our taxpayers money has been wasted on them and other useless articles like masks and plastic test kits.

The economy is spiralling out of control but we are still throwing away £billions on the Vax Programme.

Not only are they useless. They are DANGEROUS!

Evidence is mounting that rather than helping people they are killing and maiming:

Over 1/2Million adverse reaction reports.

More than 14,000 extra out-of-hospital heart attacks in 2021 compared to 2020.

They weren't even tested properly, but our regulators rubber-stamped their approval.

The authorities know they are causing devastating casualties but try to bury the evidence.

We can't allow this to continue! We want:

1. Immediate suspension of the programme.

2. Immediate stop to monies being paid to the manufacturers and distributors of the vaxes.

3. The contracts made by the authorities with the pharmaceutical companies to be declared null and void as they are fraudulent.

4. A full refund of all monies paid. The vaxes didn't work. We want out money back!

5. Full compensation to be sought from the pharma cos. for those who have died and are injured.

6. The pharma cos. to be prosecuted for fraud.

7.Investigations launched into the health administrators responsible for recommending the vaxes and negotiating the contracts in order to weed out the corrupt officials, prosecute them, and imprison them.

We need our government to listen to us.

We need to show them that we know they have been lying to us.

Please sign our petition and let them know that the people of the UK are no longer fooled".






LL13 9QE.

If you want to contact Paul, you can via https://www.emailaprisoner.com/

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Why Steve Kirsh and Naomi Wolf? I was wondering. Not that I don't admire them because I very much do. Thank you.

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Thank you so much for your passionate investigative work into the shadow, criminal government that has been operating for so many years. I am not the best at actually putting your 'dots' together and making sense of them--but it is obvious that you recognize the crime scene that has been playing out for many years AND I know that all the other Lions of Truth are so very grateful that you are on the trail and baying so loudly and clearly that even I can see and hear. Thank you Katherine!

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will a figure from popular culture step up to shine a spotlight on the injustices like Billie Holiday did with her Strange Fruit?



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I agree with the scrutinisation of defeatist language. I believe that language is counter to what we are all building which is truth, morality and real and just laws. That is the last thing these criminals want to hear and that is that the people WILL prevail, the people WILL remove and right these injustices and the people WILL take back their government to serve humanity instead of tyranny posing as safety and security.

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