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"Socially messy." What an understatement! Not that it wouldn't help in the long run....

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Last paragraph.... humbly suggest:

The courts would be acting as Counter Revolutiories.. Counter Revolutiories are doing God's work

The other branches are the Revolutiories.

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Thank you Katherine for listening and publishing - we need help here in GA to get the word out about this as it affects ALL states.

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So I hope everyone understands the depth of the criminality. I have filed a case for the conspiracy under 42 1986 , Rico , ect., In the 7th Circuit court of Appeals , Pro-se . My intention is to Amend and file again with the knowledge and input from Y O U !

We the people must work together. !

Alternative method of attack is when Y O U

file a complaint against (all "public servants") their "surety bond" . Bondsforthewin.com

We must work together, amend my original complaint with Your help , anything is possible.

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Wow, fascinating what you've written so far about the Kemp case. I look forward to hearing more.

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This is a wonderful post! I am looking forward to more on this topic!😊

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Daniel 7:25 the ultimate goal is to change God’s laws. And HE WILL put a stop to it!

And he (the anti christ power)shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High,

and think to change times and laws:

and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

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The essence of the Organic Constitution, The Constitution for the united States of America of 1789-'91, is summed up by the first four words of the Tenth Amendment, to wit: "The powers not delegated..." Our founding generation understood that we had a constitution of 'strictly delegated powers only'. Thus there was no legislation on it, and few court cases. That fact was understood.

Legislation introduced was primarily after 1871, when a fraudulent 1871 Act of Congress converted the wording of the Organic Constitution to the corporate charter of the District of Columbia and called it the Constitution 'of' the United States (Incorporated), and everyone thought it was the same as the Organic one. In the aftermath, SCOTUS and the lower Courts failed to formally distinguish between the two, pretending they were ruling on the first while rendering decisions on the second outside the Tenth Amendment parameter.

Bob Jungles bobj3631@gmail.com

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A Catholic who follows the old calendar. Nice. St Paulinus, ora pro nobis.

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Title II of the ADA strips immunity from the state for ADA claims. The COVID countermeasures were largely discriminatory under ADA, because these policies regard the populace as disabled, through the undeniable inference that we have non-working immune systems.

The claims are there. The lawyers are on vacay...

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Istituto Superiore di Sanita

Rapporto ISS COVID-19


Ethical aspects in the testing of anti-COVID-19 vaccines

ISS COVID-19 Bioethics Working Group


No Constitutional Rights in Italy. It's probably the same all around the world during the COVID-19 "emergency."

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This regime loves messy. Xiden is signing another illegal and demented executive order, avoiding congress, to somehow override state laws against various forms of trans child abuse.

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