I am very grateful for your articles.

From your first sentence it can be understood that WHO and EU are working together to put in place the pandemic treaties. WHO is an UN agency. And the USA is controlling this institution, the principal headquarter is located in New York, the International Court of Justice is the only principal UN organ not located in New York city, but in Hague, NL. As for EU- currently is occupied by NATO(US) forces, around 70,000 US military personnel, with NATO bases across all EU countries. So to say that WHO and EU can have any independent initiative and action- does not seem to be real. American citizens are victims, like the entire EU/ Australia/New Zealand populations. Who is in charge- the one who has the military and economic power.

Why all of these countries leaders colluded and are destroying their own people, culture and civilization? The only explanation can be madness, divorce from the real world. From a spiritual point of view, they are not free, but slaves of the evil.

We can be free only in God.

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Now it all makes sense

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Excellent analysis and facts Katherine.

You would find the "income tax" scheme and enactment interesting as it involves the same legal trickery. An excellent researcher with documentation is Pete Hendrickson and his website and books. In essence, "income" was originally considered in the Constitution as privileged money for government work. This was flushed out in the first Supreme court case (Brushaber) after the 13th amendment's passage. It has been expanded and memory-holed ever since. No one cared because it only started with multimillion dollar levels of "income" of others. (Blame can be laid upon human greed or lust if you want.) That is how the "direct" and "indirect" tax rules have been evaded and upheld by the courts. It has been to impoverish us. If you look at where we are today with taxes which had a 50-70 year head start, you can see how overwhelming the Federal push will be in the "emergency" arena. Now, the federal government provides 50% of state money and 30% or more of corporate "income" and, as you correctly show, pulls the strings. In essence, the constitution is a dead old piece of paper which has been neutered..

Any unconstitutional law is void before it starts but in whose eyes and how is it going to be enforced?

We have been had! "Criminal" seems to general and soft a word to describe our conquerors.

Excellent work of yours as usual.

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Recent UN document about all sorts of Complex Global Shocks:


The Emergency Platform would not be a standing body or entity but a set of protocols that could be activated when needed.

pg 5 explains what these shocks are, covers just about anything they want:

The types of global shocks the world might experience in the future are uncertain. We are faced with a range of different risks that could result in

complex global shocks.

Several factors, including climate change, global interconnectedness and rapid technological advances, mean that there is a growing likelihood that complex global shocks will become more frequent in the future, while the multilateral system’s tools to respond have not kept up with the risks we face. Some of the global shocks that we may encounter in the future include:

a) Large-scale climatic or environmental events that cause major socioeconomic disruptions and/or environmental degradation;

b) Future pandemics with cascading secondary impacts;

c) High-impact events involving a biological agent (deliberate or accidental);

d) Events leading to disruptions to global flows of goods, people or finance;

e) Large-scale destructive and/or disruptive activity in cyberspace or disruptions to global digital connectivity;

f) A major event in outer space that causes severe disruptions to one or several critical systems on Earth;

g) Unforeseen risks (“black swan” events).

The range of risks that could potentially lead to future complex global shocks is broad and

diverse, and there are several potential future shocks in which the multilateral response architecture is underdeveloped or non-existent.

pg 7 - the WHY behind it:

Complex global shocks can severely undermine progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals

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The US and every other sovereign nation needs to get out of the WHO and the UN.

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