It is unfortunate that people who are doing such important work so easily dismiss the idea of no viral cause of disease. It is this false premise on which rests the current biomedical state and the byzantine legal structure that supports it. If viruses don’t exist as the cause of diseases, then the entire foundation crumbles. Dismissing the discussion as unimportant or secondary is at best naive and at worst, stupid.

I was taught that viruses exist. I took many vaccines. I never questioned the THEORY until my patients began to ask me about why their babies should get a hepatitis vaccine in the delivery room. Then the HIV/AIDS crisis hit and unlike the majority of physicians, I actually read the original articles that Montagnier and Gallo published that claimed they had “isolated a novel virus” HTLVIII later to be called HIV. Neither of them accomplished this feat. They found an indirect marker called reverse transcriptase which has turned out to be a ubiquitous enzyme found in everyone that is part of the constant genetic repair and information exchange process.

But the myth of this “isolation” was cemented in the public mind by an undeserved Nobel Prize to Luc Montagnier, much like the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama.

Virology is junk science and should have long ago gone the way of phrenology and the dodo bird. As it is the cornerstone and matrix on which the incoming biomedical security state is being erected, it will continue on as a false paradigm into an onrushing dystopian future as the frightened public voluntarily line up to secure their own demise.

Until we begin to understand life as an energetic process that supports its own survival (unlike a machine), we will remained locked in this revolving nightmare of outbreaks.

Your chip please.

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I agree with you. However, early on, I tried speaking with people I’d known 20-30 years. So they know me well and that I’m careful. I achieved a zero % conversion.

It’s hopeless explaining the complex fraud to scientists let alone the general public.

So I set about attacking covid lies a different way. There are several gaping absences of things that very likely (or certainly) would happen if there was pandemic of a novel respiratory illness.

That evidence doesn’t lean on existential questions.

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One of my detectives:

Another WorldView Is Possible

16 min ago

Liked by Sage Hana

I'm going with YES - there was a virus - and I'll take "kinda like the flu, but different", Alex - for all the money in Bill Gates numbered Swiss accounts and Anonymous shell corporations.

Here's MY THOUGHTS on Denis Rancourt's ACM data point.

What are major causes of death and injury, that ground virtually to a halt - during the early phases of the Plandemic? That's RIGHT - traffic accidents and on-the-job accidents. Both of which were greatly limited by people being locked down. So no statistically significant increase (or decrease) - means that Covid was real - because the ACM should have been down by a significant amount, were Covid not real. When your miles traveled gets cut back by half or more... that's a tonne less injuries per million miles traveled. And the less crowded streets and roads mean less injuries per million miles traveled, because you have less opportunities for collisions. We were at least told that pollution levels dropped, too.

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I thought of that in U.K. in 2020.

Unfortunately for your idea, WAY too few RTA deaths to make a difference.

In U.K., 2000 RTA deaths annually.

Normal deaths all causes 620,000.

Even if ALL RTAs were prevented, it wouldn’t affect the third decimal place.

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Nobody on the entire Planet died of COVID-19.


Would that be an accurate summary of your 'NOT A POSITION' but working theory or model of understanding?

I've asked you a few times to address if toxins could have been employed.

All you can give me is nothing happened but fear and propaganda. Right?

Did anybody on the entire Planet get ill with a novel toxin, or poison in the (blank) which was not a pandemic?

I'm trying super hard to make this as regular people basic as possible, but that never flies with the Outlier STEMs.

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I have explained that in my opinion, the official narrative is a lie.

I’m not putting myself up as the authority that can explain everything. I cannot, and no one person could.

The reason I challenge the narrative is that everything hangs upon it.

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Mike I'm not going to keep engaging with you not because I don't want to, but because there is a darkness inside me that you don't deserve.

I never posed this question, not one time: "Gosh Mike, was the official narrative real?"

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"There are several gaping absences of things" -- would you kindly share with readers some of those instances, please?

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Hi Mike,

I just now tried responding to your criticism of Malone and Martin on Sage Hana's substack; but, it was not accepted because I'm not a paid subscriber to that substack and do not want to be. However, here's some information regarding Martin I believe you should be aware of:

Hi Mike,

I won't disagree with you regarding Maline; but, have you viewed everything David E. Martin?

- Martin has stated during several interviews that there is no isolated SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus.

- Martin assembled a 205 page "The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier" listing all of Fauci's felonies.




At Time = 2:00 of the above video, Martin specifically stated, "But I want to make sure we stipulate something out of the gate. This is not a public health situation. This is not even a "science" situation. And, while I appreciate the public health people and the scientists who love to talk about the nuance of this, it is like commenting of the merits of firearms at a shooting. THIS IS A CASE OF MURDER. IT IS NOT A CASE OF DISEASE. IT IS NOT A CASE OF PANDEMIC. THIS IS A CASE OF MURDER. And people who are currently doing the delivery of the agent of that murder are in fact people who wear lab coats. If they wore hoodies; If they wore anything else, we would call them murderers. Right now we call them "doctors". The fact of the matter is, this is premeditated, global terrorism. This is premeditated domestic terrorism; and, this is premeditated racketeering. And, the reason why I say that is because the evidence is that Canada and the United States collaborated...(go listen to this)... Time = 4:22 So, anyone who wants to sit here and pretend like this is anything other than premeditated murder, is actually watching freight cars roll across Germany and wondering where neighbors are going..." (video continues to Time = 11:54).

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I don’t think Katherine is dismissing the theory or argument, but rather focusing her attention on the intentional genocide and criminality behind this scamdemic. The virus debate is huge and hugely important, but it is still very early stage and yet to be proven, much less resolved. That’s a scientific debate. She’s focusing on a global crime of epic proportion.

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Indeed. She is right to do so. And eminently qualified so to do!

I also choose not to tangle with the “does the virus exist” question. While I find the claims for it unconvincing, I accept it’s not possible to prove a negative.

So what I have focussed upon is the evidence we’d expect to see if there really was a lethal virus sweeping the planet. We find that evidence wanting. That’s pretty solid weight against, I’d say.

NOT “against existence”. I couldn’t care less about that. No, against there having been a pandemic as per the narrative.

There’s instead been a pandemic of lies & of medical murder.

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That is what Rancourt has done in his work. He has shown that the patterns of mortality cannot be explained by a virus (or, at least, not rationally.) I don't think anyone needs to prove a virus doesn't exist; it's enough that there is no proof of its existence. Like unicorns and sasquatch, the onus is always on the person making the claim to demonstrate it. Otherwise I carry on as though they don't exist.

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Call it a virus, unicorn, sasquatch, Infectious clone, space alien, toxin, pathogen, Bozo the clown, virus like particle, bioweapon, MacGuffin, something made me incredibly ill and I never got tested, never went to the doctor, recovered on my own over weeks.

I had the unique collection of symptoms that felt like poison more than flu.

I don't exist in Rancourt's magical data set, Because I didn't die.

But that's inconvenient to STEMs because STEMs are annoying.

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I don't understand you, Sage Hana. I don't question for a second that you and many people have been sick over the last few years. The job of good medicine is to determine why. What caused you to be sick? The discussion here is about whether a virus that hasn't been demonstrated to exist can cause an illness. And, I don't understand why you're referring to Rancourt's data set as magical. It took a lot of work to compile and analyze. It took me quite a bit of time to read and consider. I think you should acknowledge Rancourt's contribution. Anyway, I do.

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Well I don't know why I got sick. Do you?

Does Rancourt? Is Rancourt a physician seeing patients? Examining blood samples? Analyzing causes of illness?

I'm referring to Rancourt's data set as magical because it has magical properties and can show us that there was no new toxin or pathogen apparently.

I think you should acknowledge that I will acknowledge whoever I want to acknowledge and I won't be checking in with Paul Jackson or his adorable dog for guidance on the matter.

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I don’t take a position. It’s useless to do so because it cannot be resolved in a way that all participants will accept.

That’s not science, but politics.

My piece has nothing to do with whether or not the category virus exists or not.

It’s whether there is solid evidence of a respiratory illness pandemic. The data say not.

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I think that nothing can "be resolved in a way that all participants will accept." Also (in my own experience as a PhD publishing in peer-reviewed journals and writing monographs published by university presses and having my work turned into documentaries by the National Film Board of Canada), there is nothing you can say or write that will not be twisted to conform to the agenda of powerful interests. So, what then? Answer: Just tell the truth. That's all. I'm not playing politics anymore, saying what I think will strategically further my agenda. I'm just documenting what I think is true. The rest of you can do what you want with it.

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Massive thumbs up.

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100%. And sometimes the truth is: "I don't know."

It is clear that the STEM experts don't know. They have scattered like cats in a hurricane. Brains broken. Too much. Too much not knowing = broken brains.

I'm sure it's tough. I'm sure that three years in and if you can't explain stuff, you just start pulling out the Rubik's cube with the broken pieces and start tearing off the labels and trying to glue them back on and say, Ta Da!

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"The data say not"

What data please?

Is it possible your data might be biased by your own personal experience?

Did you get extremely sick, see people around you sick and dying (like I did), have family who are doctors and nurses in the hospital treating patients, then declair the data shows no proof or were you mostly protected from the suffering? Does your data include visiting areas affected, going into hospitals, traveling to india at the height of delta covid or have you been in an area less effective, sitting in your home on zoom, reading numbers which we have all seen may be skewed, based on bias which throws out evidence to the contrary?

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I’ve no dog in this fight. I hope you’ll believe me. I’m always straightforward. My only motive is truth. I will make errors along the way. I did think there was a novel virus for a considerable period of time.

But new evidence & reasoning has forced me to change my opinion. It’s been a painful experience and I assure you, I was sorely tempted to just shrug and focus only on the deliberate toxicity of the injections.

However, if my take is correct it proves the rest of official policies were entirely fraudulent, from mass testing and lockdowns to masking and “vaccination”.

The data which I regard as unassailable is the all causes mortality data by week and state in USA for more than 100 weeks.

This is simply a patient collecting of date of deaths for any reason, sex & age.

In every prior year, there has been an increase in ACM in winter and a fall in summer. In years where there’s an outbreak of what’s medically referred to as influenza like illnesses, long assumed to be due to viruses, the ACM rises in a very characteristic way.

The older the cohort under study, the greater the extent of increase.

That pattern is completely missing in 2020 onwards.

There are several other really severe problems against the official narrative position. They’re all in the paper and interviews.

I’m not arguing that people weren’t sick or that there were increased numbers of deaths.

I’m challenging the cause.

Let me repeat: my contention says absolutely nothing about illnesses, suffering and deaths, only challenges the cause(s).

The most common objection to what I’ve written is similar to your post. I’m confused by the stance because nobody is disputing the facts of sickness and deaths.

It is solely the cause that’s at issue.

That many say I was more ill than I’ve ever been, therefore there’s a new virus is not logical. There are allegedly scores of different pathogens. It wouldn’t be possible to have experienced all of them in one lifetime. For some people, the trigger for their illness happened to be such that they were more sick than ever before, but from pre-existing causes.

The papers to review are by Dennis Rancourt and colleagues in Canada. A swift search will bring up three, I believe.

A shortcut is to search for his interviews eg on podcast Jerm Warfare, RFK Jr & others.

I’ll be interested in your reactions to that evidence!

Best wishes


Ps: to you and indeed anyone, it’s very likely that I won’t be able to answer all or even many questions here. I’m constantly rained upon with messages, questions and requests, many with links to .additional material. I think well over 500 every day. There aren’t enough hours in the day even to read let alone respond to more than a small % of them. Apologies, that’s my thin excuse!

I’m not complaining. I’m delighted to evoke such responses because it tells me I’m reaching at least some people.

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"That’s not science, but politics."


Does science indicate that a novel toxin or ANYTHING NOVEL presented?

Can you derive this from an All Cause Mortality list? And does that list cover every confounding variable such as people who don't go to the doctor, or people locked down and not getting in traffic accidents and so forth?

I guess I'm not going to be able to narrow down the criterion or word it just right, am I?

I won't bother you any more.

Whoever said that you had to make all the participants accept? Not me.

I just want some genuine answers and the answer can be, "We just don't really fucking know" and that would be fine.

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Please don’t be angry at me. I’m on the same side as you, and like you, I’m doing this for no reward.

I don’t know much. In this exchange I’m only showing why I don’t believe the official story.

I don’t have the bandwidth to do more that that.

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Dr. Mike, are you familiar with "Virus Like Particles"?

I'm not a STEM but these are apparently a known thing in the bioweapon industries as a way to create ABS sans actual virus, create the illness minus the infectivity.



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Yeadon's article explains it all without needing anything new.

Basically, pre jabs, the total death rates in most places was no different than before. Denis Rancourt did the extensive study of this, also finding that it obeyed state lines. It was statistical manipulation to create the illusion of a pandemic.

Of course later on with the toxic jabs, death rates increased which is what Ed Dowd has seen in the disability and death data. He too didn't see a surge even during the medical murder of 2020...

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People got sick, Rob. Whether they died, people got sick.

Doesn't mean "virus". Doesn't mean "pandemic".

But it means toxin of some kind. Perhaps sprayed. Perhaps run through York patented air conditioners. Maybe clones. Maybe VLPs. Maybe a virus here and there to match the VLP on the yes, bogus, PCR.

Rancourt's stuff does not account for people getting sick.

You have to account for everything. You can have a model theory, but can you take a graph and stats and then make blanket assumptions? No.

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I'm so tired of this reductionist need to make this all simple and pretend like the case is solved based on garbage in, garbage out numbers crunching.

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Mar 25, 2023·edited Mar 25, 2023

People like distilling because it is a way of simplifying. When people study ACM, they can get myopic and only consider deaths. The lens we look through is bound to introduce a bias.

The IFR aligns with the proposition that lethality was not the biggest factor.

But as you point out, there is a very sizable set of folks that were affected and sickened by *something* in that early period. We can’t just hand waive that away. Many experienced *something*, and it very likely helped to feed fear and bolster the propaganda.

Whatever that *something* was doesn’t have to be due to *one thing* in all places, and it certainly doesn’t have to be a virus, engineered or not.

A key part of Rancourt’s analysis shows that a geographic epidemic spread pattern wasn’t evident. And yet there did seem to be hot spots of sickness experienced by many. Lack of geographic spread points to the possibility and probability of a non-infectious vector, like a toxin, toxicant, or other pollutant.

Ignoring this part of the story not only smothers the experience of those who fell ill with *something*, but also is a convenient brushing aside of a kind of evidence which helps to piece together what was actually experienced, as opposed to a simplified thought model.

I think you’re right to continue to question this.

I also think this is important to dig into as it represents a possible strategy that was employed (and may be employed again) to undermine personal and community rights and sovereignty.

So: no transnational lethal pandemic of a novel virus, but possible local poisoning to elicit symptomatic reaction reinforcing the propaganda narrative, not unlike fraudulently using specific PCR primers to gather false positives off a background of long-circulating coronaviruses.

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Nanotechnology imbedded with digital IDENTIFICATION wow wow, I pretty much guessed that this panic about a virus had got to do with slaving humanity into the digital oblivion, where no jab no pay. Non disclosure of the ingredients of c19 is a crime in itself.

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Working theory: They tested the VLPs out using Vapes in the US in late 2019 as a test run. Vaping crisis, err.."crisis" had suspiciously similar symptoms as Covid.

And a few retirement homes had outbreaks of ???? pre-Covid.

And the Military Games in Wuhan. And Lombardy, Italy.


Of course, meebbeeee that was all bullshit and people were just hysterical or liars and stuff. And all the bad stuff happened in the hospitals and with the military countermeasures.

We got to make it all fit, I guess.

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Re: Italy. This blog post is about an article which dissects why that area of Italy got “hit” with Covid and became a famed “epicenter.” A perfect storm which began long ago with poor health, poor healthcare and pollution.....plus lots of lies


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Agee...the legal framework is her bailiwick!

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And that's great. No one can investigate everything. She is without equal that I know of with respect to what she has decided to concentrate on.

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She is beyond brilliant!

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I agree - I don't expect Katherine to delve into the issue of whether the virus exists or not. I think she's right to keep her focused on the legal aspects of this global mass murder plot.

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The isolation of a virus using scientific methods has not been published yet, as far as I know.

I'm open to any reliable references.

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The entire big pharma drug empire is built upon false premises, fake trials and studies and an iron fist that shuts down anyone or anything questioning big pharma doctrine. This is how you know it is ALL pretense and fantasy. If anything big pharma did or created actually was beneficial there would be no need to hide the truth and the facts would speak for themselves. The entire world would be in a much healthier state...we see the exact opposite.

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Yes, on the pharma drug empire, I highly recommend the substack post below. It ties everything together, in terms of how we became slaves in many ways from 1910-1919 (before any of us were born). It covers the debt slavery with the Federal Reserve, the Rockefeller takeover of the medical system (so slaves to pharma), and slaves to Hollywood propaganda.

The Decade We All Became Slaves 1910 - 1919


I still believe all of this traces back to the banking cartel based in the City of London


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Big Pharma = Big Buck -- that's all, forget deaths, it's collateral damage.

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This is why I think JJ Couey's biological understanding is important. Toxins can make people sick, like the spike protein toxin. Toxins can be attached to genetic sequences that people call viruses, and these can enter the human respiratory tract and cause illness. They cannot travel around the world from person to person causing mass death. They can only be released en masse. It seems a large number of these toxins were released in select cities in 2019 and made people ill. Since the genetic RNA sequences that these toxins are attached to already exist in nature, a PCR test could pick them up. Many people were already immune because of exposure to these genetic sequences in nature. Anyone else who died from the flu, pneumonia, this toxin, ventilator use, remdesivir and other illnesses were counted as deaths from covid if they tested PCR positive for genetic sequences that have already existed in nature.

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What JJ lacks in understanding he makes up for in terms of obfuscation

toxins don't need to be appended to a virus to make you ill.

do you take your whiskey neat- or with 'measles'?

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If viruses don’t exist what for instance are STD symptoms/treatments about? What proportion of Herpes or Hepatitis B patients remain chaste? Or should the transmissible pathogen known generically as ‘virus’ be called something else since “viruses don’t exist”?

Clearly infectious pathogens exist and if transmissible by sexual contact why not by other means? Doubtless virology, like ‘Climate’, has been corrupted by nefarious interests, perhaps abetted by the extent to which digital technology has usurped empirical data in both domains. But that only shows that the phenomena have been misrepresented not that they don’t exist.

CO2 exists but is plant food. Perhaps viruses exist but don’t cause seasonal respiratory symptoms, where Vitamin D deficiency could at least account for seasonal aspect? That opinion has become polarised over whether a pathogen “exists” can appear to be an ideological distraction to non-combatants.

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I agree with that infectious pathogens exist, and agree that just because virology is sometimes based on weak methods doesn't mean that infectious pathogens don't exist.

JJ Couey noticed that in studies, infectious pathogens are copied then injected into another animal in order to make then sick. Since coronaviruses are genetically unstable, and the way real covid illness was tracked around the world did not look like natural spread, both of these point to purposeful release. The best way to make sure people get sick is to release a large amount of one infectious agent. This makes the most sense to me.

My sense is that illness is a mixture of germ and terrain theory.

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Equally it seems at least plausible that seasonal respiratory symptoms typically attributed to viruses could be caused by Vit D deficiency which would at least explain seasonal aspects. Doesn’t follow that all such symptoms have the same cause. That people become invested in one proposition as against another is a symptom of a contagion that no one is immune to: the desire to be right and to prove others wrong. For many of us a chronic untreatable condition aggravated by the internet.

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Great comment. 👍🏽

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"whether a pathogen “exists”" is a separate issue; WHAT causes a sickness is the bottom line.

Food for brain: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-truth-about-contagion-thomas-s-cowan-md/1138878744

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For avoidance of doubt, my piece has nothing at all to do with whether the category virus exists or does not exist.

Since this cannot be unequivocally answered I don’t get involved.

My piece was whether or not there’s solid evidence of a fatal pandemic. The evidence says no.

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That’s been abundantly clear from your Telegram posts. Pathogens and/or naming conventions only distract from “Covid” understood as pretext for globalist / technocrat coup d’tat. That you’ve been totally unambiguous on this point is most welcome and signals your awareness that giving credence to various “theories” only serves to obfuscate and misdirect from true meaning of “Covid” which no more pertains to medicine than phlogiston to combustion.

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I love you too 🤗

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"phlogiston" -- I had to look up -- O.K.

Maybe we can look up at the tops of 9/11 towers smoothly falling down?

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So we are in agreement; boring....

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CO2 exists but is plant food. -- it also invigorates Climate Religion

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Yeah that was the point.

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The major ideological & bodily distraction causes demon possessed SOROS, Fauci and WEF

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I agree 100%!!

Virology is nothing but scientific fraud. I can't believe they have gotten away with this utter BS for decades.

I woke up to all of this with the HIV/AIDS scam after listening to Dr. Nancy Banks, author of AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire, and Dr. Robert Wilner (who injected himself with an HIV needle on live TV to prove is was a murderous fraud). And then I started reading Jon Rappoport's blog --he's an independent journalist and has been researching and writing about fake pandemics for 30 years. He knows all their tricks and that's all they have, nothing but fraud and tricks.

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Jon R.'s No More Fake News is an excellent source of information with his brilliant analysis and .. a touch of humor, thank God.

Another names worth mentioning are Kary Mullis and Mullins, Eustace.

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I agree- Rappoport is absolutely brilliant and he's able to cut through the BS with such clarity.

And yes, everyone should watch Dr. Kary Mullis' interviews on Fauci--he calls him out for being an absolute fraud with an agenda (I think the best one was with Dr Gary Null).

I consider Eustace Mullins another hero, but unfortunately most have never heard of him or the fact that Ezra Pound got him started on looking into the Federal Reserve. Ezra was apparently locked up in the insane asylum (without trial, I believe) at St., Elizabeth's Hospital in DC (I think the crime was that he tried to stop WW2 with radio broadcasts out of Italy, calling out the banking families behind the war). Anyway, I truly don't know how Ezra figured out the secrets of banking, but he understood usury and wrote a poem about it, and while locked up, he sent Eustace Mullins to the National Archives to research the Federal Reserve.


And he also wrote a book about the medical mafia (history of the AMA, etc):

Eustace Mullins - Murder by Injection YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED


Murder by Injection: The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America


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I think Ezra might have been a Fabian,

(Crypto-Communo) Fascist?

(nonetheless- wrote one of my favourite poems)

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If it wasnt for 1930's communists we would all be speaking german and wearing uniforms now....

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He knew about the bankers and was anti-war--he tried to stop world war2.

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Mar 23, 2023·edited Mar 23, 2023

I need to look into this- thx S

(must admit I've never met him)

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Mar 23, 2023·edited Mar 23, 2023

mull it over if you must.

(edit: Muffins for breakfast means crumbs in the moustache...!)


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Sure, with EB sauce...

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Mar 23, 2023·edited Mar 23, 2023


beautiful- thanx

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Mar 23, 2023·edited Mar 23, 2023

are you an aquarian ?

(edit: btw-in case you didn't know, I appreciate both Mullis and Mullins, and... I like to play with language-in public !)


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I just recently woke up to how similar HIV was to this supposable coronavirus pandemic.

I do think there are infectious agents, but I also understand that a lot of virus studies have extremely weak methodology.

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We may point out at their weaknesses but they do not care. The opposition front is negligeable, still, so they just brainwash masses waving BIG words like SAVE and EFFECTIVE, LIVE SAVING, etc..

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With respect to Katherine's disclaimer about whether viruses exist at all, it would be nice if there was a place where people who would like to consider in a rigorous scientific manner, the case for or against the existence of viruses in general. This is not that place.

What I suggest, if such a location/platform can be found is for opponents and proponents of the virus (as pathogen) theory, hash out before hand, what evidence would have to be presented that would prove the issue to the satisfaction of both. Not doing so, ends in each side largely failing to engage at the level required. I see some people alleging that there is no such thing as a communicable disease. If that is the underlying argument for those who say viruses (as pathogens) do not exist, then the debate is much different than if it is only viruses (as pathogens) that are alleged not to exist where other pathogens (bacteria, fungi and the like) do. In contradistinction, some people purport that viruses, as pathogens exist, but that there was no novel respiratory virus circulating in the late fall of 2019 and early half of 2020. These are 3 very different contentions, just as it is a separate and distinct argument that the traditional definition/characteristics of a pandemic were not present in 2020 whether a new, natural or bioengineered pathogen actually appeared. Unfortunately, the requisite precision necessary to answer the questions posed is often lacking.

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I think JJ Couey tried to get a few virus no virus people together to hash this out a little more. Dr Bailey showed up on a platform, I forget what platform it was on, I can't find it. It's been my understanding that anyone who scratches the surface can see that the studies showing viruses are such weak, impure methodology that we can't say they "exist". I think the question of sincere people is if infectious agents exist, and if/ how they spread. This is an interesting 35 min conversation about it with Dr Cowen and Dr Merritt, with some good voice over explaining terms.


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JJ Couey was invited to participate in a discussion w/ Cowan, Bailey(s), and Kaufman about a month back= apparently, he declined.

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Bummer. That group would have been skewed towards the no virus people, but perhaps they tried to find some balance and couldn't.

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I think that a prerequisite for Cowan etc... before engaging with someone, is that the person provide beforehand any studies or papers that they use in defending/explicating their position,

(I don't really know- but have a feeling it was more a matter of this)

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I agree, some people alleging that, others have quite different take on this subject and a platform to exchange their ideas is needed.

There is another aspect of the "plandemic", which can be easily discussed here -- was this a scare/fear mongering tactic, so called fear-porn, that terrified people to such an extend the sickness caused but "virus" was not needed?

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I agree with you. Also that this isn’t the place or time. Also, I don’t consider myself qualified to do more than ask questions!

For avoidance of doubt, my recent piece is not to do with the existential question of viruses. Wholly to do with absence of evidence for a pandemic.

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Whatever we want to call "virus" and "viral illnesses" - whether we can isolate them and purify seems to be an academic and semantic exercise. We know that SOMETHING transfers between people causing contagious infection. The Indigenous First Nations of the Western Hemisphere were wiped out by smallpox most of them long before the Europeans arrived anywhere near to them. It radiated out across the hemisphere through trade routes. Vaccines were irrelevant. Europeans had some limited immunity and natural resistance, because of inherited immunity and previous exposures. Indigenous communities did not... And yet - at least some percentage of their numbers managed to surviv and pass along resistance, or resistant genetic profiles.


I don't believe that BioWeapons study and manufacturing is a hoax. The Pentagon and CIA throw $Billions if not Trillions down that well... If they didn't kill and incapacitate, predictably and effectively - then why bother? They only use weapons with proven effectiveness.

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Interesting and I see powerful logic.

However, did you review the epidemiological evidence amassed by Denis Rancourt’s team?

That data is inconsistent with a respiratory illness pandemic (independent of cause).

It’s because of that evidence that I conclude that, even if others find it unlikely, I’m forced to reject the narrative.

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There is a Virus Theory that claims the viruses cause diseases AND the Terrain Theory, that weakness of a autoimmune system is the cause; I guess that you meant the first one, no?

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Yeadon makes sense. What a stunning achievement we're asked to accept by the controlled media. That on planet Earth where 150,000 humans die every day (before 2020) some astute individual(s) in Wuhan were able to perceive an subtle uptick in atypical pneumonia in the middle of the Chinese winter and in a matter of weeks declare by the power of blast sequencing to have discovered a brand new bug. Coincidentally, just the one Gates & Co. were rehearsing to find. I call bullshit. The probability grows in my mind that it was a well crafted hoax, but we don't get fooled again. Thanks KW, SL and Mike Yeadon.

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fwiw- Here's what was happening in Wuhan:

Jon Rappoport on the toxic polluted air in Wuhan https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2022/10/19/what-are-the-chinese-hiding-in-wuhan-2/

Jon Rappoport on connection between toxic air pollution and lung problems and pneumonia. https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2023/01/04/wuhan-and-the-polluted-air-as-a-cause-of-epidemic-illness-2/ Horrific air quality brings on lung infections of all kinds, including pneumonia. Pneumonia is THE illness attributed to the coronavirus. How convenient. The Chinese government has recently ruled that testing patients for the coronavirus isn’t necessary for a diagnosis of “epidemic illness.” A CT scan of the lungs is sufficient. If the patient thus shows signs of pneumonia, he is labeled “a coronavirus case.”

Jon Rappoport- Covid Greatest Hits Series: https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/category/covid-revisited/ (he's reposting his best posts on operation covid hoax)

And here's his take on the SARS scam (that was probably just a practice run for the big one)

Jon Rappoport overview on SARS fraud: https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2022/10/10/man-who-pushed-sars-dud-now-pushing-new-chinese-virus-2/ When you claim the grand death total from the SARS “epidemic,” worldwide, is 800 out of seven billion, and you can’t even prove those 800 died from the “SARS virus,” do you, the World Health Organization, admit your whole program of epidemic detection is a fraud? Do you pay Toronto several billion dollars for their troubles? Of course not. You keep calling SARS an epidemic forever. You write fake histories. You do whatever is necessary to maintain your phony reputation.

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Yes JR has been convinced of the fraud from the beginning. I find him persuasive but this old allopath is just not ready to accept that transmissible pathogenic nucleic acids (viruses) are all imaginary.

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Then what about considering that those "transmissible nucleic acids", if they do exist, serve to benefit life rather than destroy. As the theory of transmission goes wouldn't it be in the virus' best interest to keep.its host alive to spread itself? What IF their role is to transmit important information about a change in the environment eg air pollution or an increase in pm2.5 say. What IF they are not the enemy and more like an operarating system update to your microbiome and/or immune system and thus we should not seek to wage war on these information sharers but expose ourselves to their messages so we DONT get sick and die from an outdated OS and likely depressed immunity from all the drive GS and crap food laden with chems our body's were not designed to accumulate to Benin balance with nature and our microbiome to be in a state of optimal health. To expand this line of reasoning, a synthetic lab-altered version, of which no.evidence exists to date, designed to attack the hemoglobin impairing its ability to transport oxygen to mimic symptoms of a respiratory crisis resulting in a cytokine storm in the body (inflammation off the rails) which leads to other symptoms of illness that feel awful and frightening to the host such that they turn to the medical cartel for "care" who in turn deliver treatment that maims and kills. Regardless, we have multiple levels of crimes against humanity afoot and I don't see how a virus-existence or origin debate changes that fact.

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Agree completely.

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Mar 22, 2023·edited Mar 22, 2023

They are 'highly motivated' that is for sure. This plan is the most vicious premeditated coordinated act upon humans ever attempted. The state organs are filthy and poisoned and the cancerous stench of their treason is starting to fill the small rooms too many trusting peoples minds exist within.

The foul odor is not coming from the roadkill carcass on the highway. It is deep inside the heart of the home and in order to escape it, it must be routed out, using a blunt instrument, and its going to be painful.

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Yes, we are up against an evil that his hard to wrap your head around. I'm a clinical psychologist and I just don't know how to make sense of such people--they don't feel human to me.

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Jordan `petersen has a round table series with religious philosophers- sadly i came accross it on FB so dont have a link but the Jewish ...maybe a rabbi but he's the most annoying present most of the time and SO sober it hurts. Well he began to expand on the last few years havenchanged his views on incarnate evil being something necessary to get our heads round - all the others present almost instantly began to clutch materialist/psychological explanations but as the Jewish rep is SO non supernatural most of the time his words carried more weight...it maybe part of petersens Genesis thing which is a subscription only deal...anyway as an explanation for this degree of hatred and wickedness I agree. And the devils best deal is convincing people 'I am not' whereas Jesus said 'I am'

Tum ti tum Shivas drum

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Mar 23, 2023·edited Mar 23, 2023

The test is upon us. The only enlightment for us is to realise we must choose. Between these acts of Good or Evil. You can choose, and both will deliver. But the choice is made based on the knowledge of the outcome. This is the test. That we CAN choose is the enlightment. That is the moment of true responsibility. This is the moral test. One will result in misery for others and one will possibly result in 'nothing' (for the ego).

...but the nothing is the feather foot of eternal life. The gentle love of forever for all.

That is the moment we understand we must parent ourselves, and no one will save us but ourselves. That is our Jesus moment. The moment we stop seeking permission. We stop blaming others for what we can do ourselves. We realise our 'father' is God.

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Yes, all the good work you try to do, to help people, and then 'this thing' walks right up to the front row and just starts eating human souls and spitting out their bones. It reminds me of the terrifying painting of Kronus eating his children.

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well...they just read more Nietzsche.

(else, took it closer to heart)

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I do so wish the elected and appointed entities whose job it is to do this would. Putting this work on the people will indeed make it painful. Responsible parties should pray for their day in court. It won't take a day if we have to do it.

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"Why I don’t believe there ever was a Covid virus." Because you're smart, Dr. Simon Gold, "There has been no novel corona virus found in twenty years."

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Dr. Simone Gold- "I am going to sell you Ivermectin"

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Another quote, yes.

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This whole notion of "to be or not to be" re. viruses is muddying the water. Right now it's not relevant. We can have those debates another day.

We have to focus on how to combat the enemy. Some call it the Deep State. Some say WEF crowd of Fascists and Transhumanists. Some go even further and it's 8,500 Luciferian elites using lower level Masons to effect their dirty Deeds. Whichever, they have sewn up the MSM into their Bureau of Information Management and use the Internet to coax us out of our anonymity. We have to remember that they control all of this so it is pretty weird that we are even talking like this. It could be that they have bitten off more than they can chew as is often the case. They are arrogant to the Nth degree and mock us by telling us what their plans are for us. "You will own nothing and be happy" Because they will own everything and we will be drugged and meta-versed.

Our strength lies in numbers. That is the one thing they are afraid of. We MUST get the message out there re what's going on. Re DoD being in charge of the culling is a pretty big ask of the mainstream. I have noticed more and more people waking up though. We need a Medea Benjamin to design a strategy for us. Code Pink are very visible and do tremendous work. Owning a unified media outlet would be great. We could all chip in. I leave it for others who know media.

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I'd say it's the banking cartel--they have taken over the world by getting the power to issue national currencies (out of thin air) and loan it to governments at interest. This model of banking started with the Bank of England in 1694 and then started in other nations in Europe and then America in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act (after 300 years of banking families having the power to create money out of nothing--of course they are going to end up owning the world and they do)

Here's are a couple of books on how the bankers got the world enslaved with debt:

A History Of Central Banking And The Enslavement Of Mankind - Stephen Mitford Goodson https://archive.org/details/a-history-of-central-banking-and-the-enslavement-of-mankind-pdfdrive/page/n9/mode/2up

John Coleman The Rothschild Dynasty https://archive.org/details/coleman-john-the-rothschild-dynasty/page/199/mode/2up (be sure to check the last page, he predicts the world will be plunged into a brutal one world government dictatorship by 2025) (John Coleman also wrote the Committee of 300 and you can find him giving a presentation online--I think he's actually British but then became a US citizen)

Rothschild associate, Warburg openly declared their plans to the US Senate:

“We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” -James Paul Warburg, whose family co-founded the Federal Reserve – while speaking before the United States Senate, February 17, 1950

Congressman Louis McFadden tried to warn the American people about the Federal Reserve (just like former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul) and then he was poisoned: https://www.winterwatch.net/2023/02/the-assassination-of-louis-mcfadden-one-of-the-20th-centurys-most-prescient-men/

Key quotes:

"When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the people of these United States did not perceive that a world banking system was being set up here. A super-state controlled by international bankers and industrialists … acting together to enslave the world … Every effort has been made by the Fed to conceal its powers but the truth is–the Fed has usurped the government.”

“Some people think the Federal Reserve Banks are U.S. government institutions. They are not … they are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the U.S. for the benefit of themselves and their foreign and domestic swindlers, and rich and predatory money lenders. The sack of the United States by the Fed is the greatest crime in history. Every effort has been made by the Fed to conceal its powers, but the truth is the Fed has usurped the government. It controls everything here and it controls all our foreign relations. It makes and breaks governments at will.”

For anyone who doesn't understand the Federal Reserve banker takeover, the best documentaries are Bill Stills' The Money Masters (3 1/2 hours, goes over the whole history, back to Rome, Julius Ceasar, Jesus and the money changers, England, Rothschild takeover of Europe and then America) and Aaron Russo's America Freedom to Fascism.

James Madison - History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.

Thomas Jefferson - If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and the corporations which grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

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You might enjoy this: It is riveting


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I would presume these draconian measures exist in various forms across all western democracies to which average Joe Citizen is blindly unaware and even potentially happy when they are exercised because of the military grade psychological warfare we have been subjected to. These "Legal" stepping stones that have been implemented over the decades tell a pretty sad tale of individual and civil rights. All through the "emergency" here in NZ, the institutions like the Courts, Human Rights Commissioner, the Police Commissioner and others all went deaf and blind at the same time to play the Govt. line. The line up for War Crimes prosecution here alone would run to tens of thousands complicit with the LIE.

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Same here in Canada. The press was also completely complicit, never had a critical word, promoted the government narrative and still acts like they did nothing wrong. I presume it is the same in New Zealand?

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Yes they are all young, gullible and self righteous - and infecting even good kids that we raised too!!!

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Yes, "the military grade psychological warfare" and now Pfizer & Co. preparing a vaccine for cancer virus(es) as they didn't reach their revenue goals, yet.

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I want to thank Katherine for her great articles. I contine to increase my knowledge in all the malicious shenanigans that are happening in the world. I also want to thank everyone for the posts and comments. It is great to see so many people asking questions and not just complying. When we work together, we can accomplish so much.

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How the BIG-PHARMA/MED Industry works?

I'll tell you how the industry works


JD Rockefeller created modern Med & Pharma in 1911, first he had to destroy tradition medicine, because like his oil racket only one goal 'total monopoly'; Today THEY own energy and human body in USA, and their money trying to monopolize world health (DEATH), because they're eugenics people from the BEGIN the goal is world death no world health, their racket is to destroy wealth, then health.

The intend to burn the world down in their own satanic image;

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Mar 23, 2023·edited Mar 23, 2023

Why do people post links without explaining the content of the link? Pray tell??

Are people really supposed to click on a link just because its in their face??

ahh but if you told them it was a buttcoin link they wouldn't click would they?

Bitcoin is NSA, sha256 is NSA, ecdsa-256-k1 is NSA;

All is NSA; NakamotoSAtoshi is NSA;

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Bitch by name and bitch by nature, it seems?

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US is in a state of faux martial lawlessness.

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They said we needed to reach herd immunity (and the “vaccines” were the only way to get there). But what they really wanted was to cull the herd.

Katherine- I am in awe of your work. Your tireless pursuit of the truth and your efforts to expose and bring to justice this greatest of all crimes against humanity in human history puts you in a rarified position… you are a true hero. You are doing the Lord’s work. Thank you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

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Why do you bother to post something you have no interest in discussing, and you offer up Couey as something you think fits within Youden's position - that's a real stretch.

But you wouldn't know that because frankly you don't give a "f&ck".

A perfect passive aggressive post. Perhaps for once you can claim to be agnostic and leave it at that.

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Mar 22, 2023·edited Mar 22, 2023

With regard to an intentional "deliberate" release of a pathogen, rather than an unintentional release, Dr. David Martin provided excellent evidence for the former during his September 7, 2020 interview with Brian Rose available at freedomplatform.tv/martin, when he revealed that, well in advance of the spring, 2020, WHO pandemic declaration, Martin predicted exactly in which countries "coronavirus" outbreaks would occur should there be a "coronavirus" "plandemic".

Note: The above paragraph has been edited to put "coronavirus" in quotation marks, to indicate that "coronavirus" was being assumed from fraudulent PCR tests, rather that being proven to exist.

Further evidence for the "plandemic" was recently provided by a blabbing Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel at the March 6, 2023, WEF forum, when Bancel revealed that he knew in 2019 there would be a pandemic in 2020, as follows:

DAVOS LIVE: Moderna and Gavi CEOs at World Economic Forum ‘State of the Pandemic’ session


Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel: "So, the great news (unintelligible) 2020; where we are today (March 6, 2023) is we are at manufacturing capacity. As Seth knows, when the pandemic happened, Moderna had made 100,000 doses in 2019 for the whole year. And I remember walking up to the house into the office of my other manufacturing; and, I say, "How we make a billion doses the next year?" (meaning in 2020). And you (meaning Seth) look at me a bit funny and he say "What?", and I say, "Yeah, we'll make a billion doses next year. There's going to be a pandemic.""

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There’s definitely not been a pandemic.

There’s no getting around the analyses of Denis Rancourt and colleagues.

I’ve heard no rebuttal of that evidence without which his conclusion stands.

It’s the most robust proof so I’m dismayed that virtually no one even mentions it.

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Mar 23, 2023·edited Mar 23, 2023

Katherine Watt does her due diligence when it comes to pseudo-laws,

this is not the case as pertains to pseudo-science. JJ Couey has basically adopted the NAV P.OV.- but for some reason still clings to fantastical back-engineering of the psyop to fit its own terms ... (edit: and a few paragraphs later K. Watt utilizes an infectious virus metaphor- none too subtle ! ) and, I would add, the fraud of virology is foundational.

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Do you have a Link for the Rancourt analyses? I'd like to read it/them, since all I've read is there was not a sufficient number of people affected globally for the WHO to be justified in declaring a "pandemic", at the time they did make that declaration. -- Thanks.

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Interview with Jeremy Nell (“Jerm Warfare” podcast) & paper Inset in program notes here:


Also a separate analysis showing no pandemic:


It’s very important to properly rebut these papers, if one is to claim there’s been a pandemic of any kind, let alone to confidently repeat what I believe to be a psychological operation (“PsyOp”), specifically that a novel respiratory virus has caused massive scale illness and deaths.

On a similar theme, I recall U.K. emergency medical telephone number data where reason for the 999/911 call was recorded. There simply weren’t increases in urgent calls citing respiratory distress in late autumn / early winter 2020 in England and Wales, even as the nightly news was ramping up fear with daily covid death counts spiking. Sorry I don’t have that to hand. It’s definitely there, in the public data.

Too many simply don’t want to see any data of the kinds above & sone can get snarky & personal and come up with half a dozen reasons why the data must be faked or in error, so badly fo they need to adhere to the lies they’ve accepted.

Rancourt’s most important observation isn’t the lack of a numbers spike. In certain US states, there were strong increases, such in NY.

Even here, though, the “wrong” peak age of increases in deaths is apparent. Nothing like the published age/lethality relationship. In multiple prior years, Rancourt’s study of ACM shows clearly what might be termed a “respiratory illness deaths signature” appears each winter flu season (without necessarily taking a view on what killed them, but using the official narrative). The basic rule is, the older the cohort, the greater the degree of increased ACM rate. That’s simply missing in 2020 in most US states analysed separately.

There are numerous other problems that won’t go away, related to edge effects. Adjacent authorities should have somewhat similar patterns of deaths. Instead, there are violent changes in ACM rate that are geographically limited, suggesting it was policy responses and not a spreading pathogen, that killed the people.

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It was funny that Rancourt was on the rfk show and even rfk couldn't understand the depth of what Denis was saying.

It's almost like there's a mental block with some people who insist we went through a huge pandemic.

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I did notice that. Bobby isn’t a scientist but he’s a great lawyer so i was surprised.

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Yes! It was very strange. I haven't read RFK's book, but I read Ron Unz's write up about it, and he described RFK as having devoted 200 pages to the HIV/AIDS scam which he apparently portrayed as a media hoax. Anyway, I was just shocked that he could clearly see the HIV/AIDS hoax, but not see that covid was exactly the same thing--they used the same playbook. But then Ron Unz seemed to have the same mental block/cognitive dissonance because he also clearly grasped the HIV/AIDS event as a scam, but totally believes there was a pandemic and that the US released a bioweapon. I don't know how to explain it other than a mental block/cognitive dissonance. I know for me, I woke up to the HIV/AIDS scam and polio scam years ago, so as soon as covid happened, I knew it was another fraud.

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Mike did people get sick from something novel, either a toxin, or pathogen?

Not die, but get sick?

If people DID get sick but did not die, would that show up on an All Cause Mortality set of stats?

All the doctors who treated patients? Complete bullshit?

We're all lying?

This is precariously close to the hardcore Blue Pill Covidians who say that there were no uptick in VAERS, btw. The flip side.

Brains are broken. STEM Brains are breaking fastest.

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I hear you, but please note that its not possible that a virus made them sick yet didn’t have a matching fraction who perished. That’s because biological responses are a continuum. No symptoms, mild, moderate, severe, fatal. There’ll always be some in each category.

Now, do we know for sure that more people were sick than expected?

Personally we never encountered anyone who’d had “covid” in the first half of 2020. A few contacts were very unwell and tested positive but in all cases they had another illness such as heart condition, diabetes that was uncontrolled and one poor lady developed a brain tumour (which she confessed she thought she’d had for years, growing slowly. She’s never told anyone and had been living in fear for ages. My sister had two contacts in her fit / fat club die “with covid” in hospital. One was severely unwell with Stage 4 cancer and hadn’t been given long to live anyway. I don’t recall the details of the other. At least one further husband of a friend was hospitalised and was on death treatment and at my incessant urging, they got him discharged and he’s still alive.

Obviously my evidence is mere anecdote so I wonder if you have anything more independent?

It’s plausible I guess that a non infectious poison was released, but to me it flaunts the keep it simple rule for any plan with significant execution risks. The opportunities for being discovered is too severe for the perpetrators, I expect. These people don’t seem to go off half cocked.

In numerous locations where bed occupancy data has been flushed into thf open, hospitals were quieter than in the previous April, May & June. Certainly NYC & southern England were like this, despite the relentless TV news.

I could be wrong, but I think the accelerator of sickness from fear isn’t to be ignored. Chronic fear saps our vitality. That’s where I’d look first if there was evidence of inverses illness in 2020.

Once into 2021, the toxic injections are so widespread that I see no way of separating toxicity from background illness or potential new illness.

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Thanks very much. I try to read these tomorrow.

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You didn't understand my post. I completely discounted the possibility of anything being "leaked" by a lab. "Deliberate" release could easily have been a hand-seeding of a toxin in various countries by one or more 3-letter agencies.

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So far the epidemiological studies in those areas which were identified (like northern Italy and NYC, forTh example) do not suggest any novel pathogenic spread nor any novel illness.

So I disagree that this hypothesis of "release" has any real foundation beyond imagination. Couey, for example has no empirical field evidence. While David Martin may have said something at some time, for the most part he indicates that SARS-Cov-2 was purely computer generated using assembled cataloged patents. He's been pretty emphatic on this at least in 2021/22. No health panemic, except for an induced medical malpractice.

There's no need for a pathogenic virus whether manufactured, sprayed or "natural". This was a psy-op requiring induced fear based on an invisible particle.

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No where above did I suggest there has to be a "virus" of any sort. You're reading that into my post, because you are still stuck on disproving there being a "virus". You could get people sick simply by spraying an aerosolized pathogenic substance. And, I believe the military has been researching doing just that.

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People do get sick from many toxins. According to a 2022 Swiss research team over 9 million die annually of chemicals. We have evidence of geoengineering all sorts of toxins in various regions, pesticides, etc.

I'm sticking to the pandemic story which is based on a never proven "pathogenic virus" SARS-Cov-2 causing a specific novel disease: COVID-19. As I mentioned where these "cases" were said to be elevated epidemiological studies indicate a host of long term causes - mostly industrial pollution and various toxins which effect an aging population every year. Hence no novel pathogen.

A non-test RT-PCR created the false numbers that labeled these COVID.

If there have been unexplained illnesses than a hypothesis of releasing requires evidence. I see none.

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@ 47:40

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Thanks. Yes, I understand Cowan's continual harping on there being no SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus isolated per Kock's postulates; and, that's as far as I listen to Cowan; because, I understand full well that there is no SARS-CoV-2 "virus"; but, I don't see that Cowan is really doing anything to understand what's in the alleged Covid-19 injection product vials, or considering whether there could have been a deliberate release of a toxin/pathogen.

David Martin, Judy Mikovits, and others in their sphere finally came around to being more careful to state that no SARSo-CoV-2 coronavirus exists and they've really limited their explanations to the alleged mRNA injection products, not the J&J and AstraZeneca type products. But, we do know that lipidnanoprotein (LNP) has been found it at least some of the vials and that LNP can cause serious disease. For example, listen to Mikovitz in the following video, starting at time = 6:53, where she explains that this has been known for decades.

Dr David Martin Explains Covid Vaccines are not Vaccines but are Medical Devices - (duration = 9:16)


And, then you have the snake venom proponents, such as Bryan Ardis who believe that Covid-19 is the product of snake venoms and point to the June, 2020, Italian study which "confirmed 36 different venoms were present in those whose PCR tested positive for COVID...The PCR negative groups, zero venoms.

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Mar 23, 2023·edited Mar 23, 2023

I appreciate what you have written in response- There is no proof that a novel anything was released/leaked in 2019 and beyond - None ! if you've got the proof- Cite it... (and I'll give you a hint- the proof doesn't come in the form of patents, grant requests, or abstracts of scientific "studies"). The shots are deadly- and they were planned that way. There need not be a release of anything other than an idea which instills fear.

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I agree with what you've written, to a point. We know that both the Moderna and the Pfizer injection products were being developed, and at least the Moderna was being produced, prior to the end of 2019, well before the "plandemic" was declared in the spring of 2020. Therefore, a number of people obviously knew there was going to be a pandemic, as Moderna's CEO revealed in the video I posted above, which means the pandemic was deliberately planned. That's now irrefutable.

Furthermore, there's no definitive proof that all of the deaths which contributed to the WHO declaring the pandemic were due simply to wrongful diagnoses of Influenza (for example) and/or fraudulent PCR tests. Case in point, there has been the suggestion that members of the Iranian Parliament who died may have been purposefully targeted.

We do know that the U.S. military conducted "....large-scale biological weapon trials that would be conducted under a "germ warfare testing program" that went on for 20 years, from 1949 to 1969," sometimes on entire cities. - https://www.businessinsider.com/military-government-secret-experiments-biological-chemical-weapons-2016-9 ; and, there's no reason to believe such experiments and research have not continued, given the hundreds of BSL-3 and BSL-4 "Biosafety" labs the U.S. operates globally.

So, I would have to counter that there is no proof that a biological weapon was not selectively seeded globally to enable the WHO to declare a pandemic. And, nobody's saying that the biological weapon had to be "novel". An aerosolized snake venom or combination of various snake venom would suffice since that would produce similar symptoms to those alleged for Covid-19.

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didn't need it- only spells necessary- and the fact that they were planning these injections some time prior to their 'justification' only shows that the experimentation/murder was premeditated- not that 'they' were going to release a 'bio-weapon' beforehand. now, people may have been 'targeted'- but by 'what' has never - (will never-imo) be accurately described.

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I too am a fan of David Martin and what he has done, especially in regards to the public records of the US Patent Office, and to his notion of linguistic genomics, a topic I would like to learn more about.

I suspect the US Patent Office was fooled into granting a patent on a coronavirus that likely didn't exist, a patent to a specific sequence of genetic coding as I understand it.

And I find Couey's theory to be particularly plausible and practical if one intended to make many people sick so that the herd could be put into stampede.

I am happy to have encountered this excellent display of rational public dialogue here at Substack.

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The Patent Office may have been compromised in allowing this, nevertheless I agree that from a specific perspective Martin comes to the same conclusion as Dr. Yeadon.

Couey does NOT have a scientific theory. He makes a claim but without a proven suspect. In other words, it has been established as best it can given the operation at work, that "COVID" is indistinguishable from the flu. So Couey is the proverbial "play in search of an author". There's no novel illness (symptoms) and only a fake test (100% false positives) and no scientifically proven "pathogen". He doesn't even have a sample of what he's describing.

You may want to contrast the approach Yeadon makes as a scientist regarding what he has concluded, and Couey. Yeadon is skeptical and methodical and after research and discussion with scientists, he reaches a conclusion. Couey is an anxious quick to the draw academic, who spouts jargon at the tip of a hat.

So I see no plausibility regarding Couey's claim. If he had a specific novel illness which cannot be explained via epidemiological studies for all-cause mortality than he needs to provide it. Otherwise he's got a notion which is just another hairbrained distraction (now that he's moved on from promoting the "lab leak theory").

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Yes I see Couey’s theory only as a practical way (assuming such material exists) to spread flu-like symptoms all around the world. For that perspective I view it through the eyes of the criminal. If there is no way such spike protein material could be made, he theory would fail. It is possible to entertain an idea without embracing it.

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I don't question his right to ideas, but these must be taken with a grain of salt within the context of science.

If he didn't have an audience that he keeps talking at about this idea, attempting to demonstrate it through opaque jargon, fine. But that's not the case. What he's practicing is not science, imo, though he seems to be credentialed.

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Mar 23, 2023·edited Mar 23, 2023

Btw, have you viewed the following more recent video by Martin, where he speaks about holding Congress accountable and sending Fauci, Baric, et al to prison. At the end of the video, he encourages everyone to share the info he has presented.

A World at Risk


David Martin: "I'm calling out the House investigation right now on coronavirus and on SARS-CoV-2. They are willfully misleading the public into the illusion of doing anything that is ultimately substantive; and, the reason they are doing it is because they can't afford the political cost of calling into question the ultimate criminal racket that has pervaded this country since 1980. The criminal racket of active agencies, captive federal government authorized agencies, which are captive federal funded agencies who are willing, with impunity, to get into organized crime rackets with state universities and other universities for the economic benefit of those institutions to criminally conspire to create pathogens known to harm humans. And, since the passage of the Bayh-Dole Act in 1980, the entirety of this racketeering position has been known, has been promoted, has been evidenced time and time again; and, to date, no member of Congress has had the integrity to tell the American people that we need to shut down that criminal racket. That's why they're not willing to talk about it." (and much, much more)

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As Martin explained so well in "Plandemic Indoctornaton", the U.S. Patent Office could not grant a patent on a coronavirus which did exist in nature (if one does so exist), because, U.S. law prohibits the patenting of nature. The Office could, however, issue a patent on a coronavirus which was man made in a lab, but such patenting would not be lawful if that coronavirus is a bioweapon. However, no one has constructed a complete man made coronavirus...they are all just working with computer generated sequences of what they call the "spike protein". So, I believe it's these man made spike proteins are what are being patented.

Then, with regard to the mRNA injection products, the story goes that the mRNA contains the computer generated code for the spike protein (though it could code for just about any protein, including snake venom peptides). That mRNA is then enclosed in a protective lipidnanoprotein envelope which has the appropriate charge to be able to move through the cell membrane, into the cell, where the mRNA is separated from the envelope and read by ribosomes which then produce the encoded protein. That protein is seen as a toxin and the immune system reacts. This is why Mikovits made the comment that anyone who receives an mRNA jab is literally being injected with a potentially disease causing substance and not with a "vaccine".

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Mar 23, 2023·edited Mar 23, 2023

It's an old fashion CAD/CAM product developed in a computer for the injection formula. It is purely synthetic. I doubt there's anything naturally (biological) in it. (Even the word bio as used (i.e., bio-weapon) is synthetic.)

That, in a nutshell is what bio-technology is and Biden (administration) signed off on an Executive Order to spend billions on this sort of pseudo-science.

Again, no virus was needed to produce this "pandemic" which was cover operation for a much larger globalist project to induce an economic coma (2+ years) and concentrate power and wealth and convert the monetary system to digital programmable exchanges for maximum population control. This would purge the system of debt, eliminate US fiat to programmable digital exchanges. The "health and propaganda" operation is run by the DoD and big tech/media.

In effect bio-technology is integral to the entire technocratic existence which has been in the plans for many years. There's no virus, no COVID, and the injections are pure synthetic which were produced in warp speed making them even more dangerous than the usual jab.

Eliminating much of the population (collateral damage) is an incidental outcome (positive from the perspective of the elite overlords).

That is the WEF published plan. Behind that plan is virtually most of the wealth an power that has ruled over centuries. Can they pull this off? If we let them, possibly.

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Agreed. It's really chemical warfare being applied to biological entities.

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In a time of awakening from a great sleep of enchanting lies, your work, Katherine (like the inimitable Mike Yeadon), is both timely and critical.

Steering clear of the NAV debate is wise. There are proponents on both sides that neither fully understand the critiques of each, nor fully understand the biology and scientific issues involved. Engaging on this as the sole keystone issue distracts from the several vitally important foci that are before us.

Yeadon is terrific in his pointed dissection of the the fundamental flaws in the great lie. I, like you, believe that Yeadon and JJ Couey’s thinking reinforce one another and paint a highly plausible and probable picture.

I’ll end by saying I particularly appreciate your focus on the legal issues, as they are an essential aspect of the mountain of deceptions that have been piled on the public. The medical and scientific issues are obviously germaine, but so is the legal framework enabling this ongoing debacle. And no one is doing this work on the level that you are. So though Ive said it before—thank you, really. 🙏🏽

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So, my question to Katherine is this; does this mean that Biden won't open the border between Canada and the US on May 11th as Canadians were led to believe ? Canadians can't cross the border or fly into the US (the uninjected). Many are able to drive across the border depending on the border guard but many are not. They are turned away. You simply can't board a plane in Canada and fly to the US either. We were hoping the earlier announcement for opening the border would hold.

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I'm not looking to debate this. Just want to point out that there are many who think there are some "pseudo-legal, statutory and regulatory weapons used to control and kill people" issues surrounding the existence of the unproven germ theory.

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The there is no engineered GOF COVID19 virus crowd strikes me as dishonest.

COVID19 is reported to be a respiratory pathogen that impacts the ACE system, has some codons from HIV and a couple other GOF base pair sequences. The clinical presentation of the pathogen is severe head, and body aches, chills, cough sometimes severe which can linger after other symptoms subside, loss or alteration of smell/taste, and some people spike a fever.

I've know many people who got COVID19 in early 2020, and several weeks ago a number of my vaxed friends, and vaxed family members all got it as did I. We all had similar symptoms but I was not as sick as were they, and recovered a bit faster. Abbott Labs makes an antigen diagnostic for COVID19 which I used. It was positive until not long after my symptoms subsided. What is the pathogen and antigen it's testing for and why do the symptoms match a reported COVID19 GOF pathogen?

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It might well exist. I don’t take a strong view on that.

Please understand there’s a crucial distinction between it existing and it causing a global pandemic.

They’re not at all the same.

Obviously I do appreciate if it didn’t exist even in a lab, it cannot cause a global pandemic.

But merely existing is a necessary but not sufficient condition.

There’s definitely not been a pandemic, based on the epidemiological evidence.

There’s no getting around the analyses of Denis Rancourt and colleagues.

The age / all cause mortality profile is inconsistent with the notion of a pandemic.

I’ve heard no rebuttal of that evidence without which his conclusion stands.

It’s the most robust proof so I’m dismayed that virtually no one even mentions it.

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I completely understand your point. In retrospect, there was no pandemic (as the term was understood/applied prior to 2020). The global perps did many immoral/illegal things to make it appear that a global pandemic appeared in early 2020 in order to justify the roll-out of their weapon system.

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Mar 23, 2023·edited Mar 23, 2023

Thanks for clarifying your views, Dr. Yeadon. There is a contingent of nutters who insist viruses don't exist none of whom, except a few, have ever seriously studied biomedicine.

The "pandemic" was a psyop to shut down economies;, transfer wealth; pilot a global fear campaign to determine levels of societal control that could be imposed; track from where pushback was generated, and how such as litigation, legislation, etc.; and, to unleash a bioweapon genocide with mRNA that also negatively impacts fertility. It exposed the abject socio-psychopathy of the WEF, the WHO, the CDC, Bill Gates, Fauci & NIAID, and demonstrated how easy it is to pay, through the CARES Act, in the U.S., healthcare providers to murder people, and to enlist them to inject mRNA with ZERO compelling evidence it's efficacious or safe not to mention that COVID19 is neither a serious respiratory pathogen nor did its prevalence rise to the level of an epidemic nor a pandemic.

The preponderance of evidence suggests a GOF virus from Ft. Detrick, Maryland, most likely, or the level 4 bioweapon lab in Wuhan was released sometime late 2019. I know four people who contracted it around April, 2020. It's not a dangerous respiratory pathogen but causes a bit more headache, and body aches than flu but most don't spike fever. I got it several weeks ago. It's like influenza, except no fever, and it altered my sense odmf smell/taste for a while.. My 85 yr. old father fully vaxed & boosted twice got it a couple of weeks ago. He was laid out bad for 2 days and could barely walk but bounced back strong by day 3. It's all very sick.

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Mar 23, 2023·edited Mar 23, 2023

Apropos the discussion between Dr Yeadon and Sage Hana, why do some people who allegedly had CV19, based on a constellation of symptoms/signs, develop permanent anosmia, which I never saw before in any influenza patients or those with presumed other viral pathogenic illness? Does that suggest a pathogen, a toxin, neither or both?

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"The death machine will keep running until some combination — of Congress, courts, state governments, the People and/or some other political force TBD — cuts off the statutory fuel and the funding." The question is, how do you upend the deep state that made all these dubious documents into laws in the first place?

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