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I keep saying ... all they’ve actually got is a Potemkin village of cardboard cutouts (with smoke and lights and mirrors and lotsa fear-porn talking heads talkin’ fear porn 24/7). We just gotta keep kicking down and punching through the cutouts to reveal the criminals on the other side.

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“Things are not as they seem. They seem as they seem. But they are not as they seem” We know against whom we wrestle!!

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This comment may seem randomly out of place, but it is not. During the early part of lockdowns, I somehow stumbled upon the Killing Nurses of Hitler. A poor name as their practice started in the 20s under the direction of doctors who were inspired by the US/UK theories on Eugenics. Those theories, in turn, inspired Hitler. Apparently Hitler's vision inspired Bayer Company to use interned prisoners as guinea pigs for vaxxes and other chemicals. This point is discussed 5 minutes in https://youtu.be/RXp35NxsVPw. We need to rebuild the worth of the individual and strip away the glib veneer of those in power who see us as only a means to their visionary end. It means we need the "deeper discernment of the differences between things as they appear and things as they are. "

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“much of what’s happening is based on people treating an illusion as if it were reality, which has the effect of making the lies operable in peoples’ earthly lives, but doesn’t have the effect of converting the lies to truth”

The first step to dispel an illusion is to disbelieve—the truth permeates, is within us, and all around us, all the time.

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Dec 19, 2022·edited Dec 20, 2022

I have wondered what separates those of us who see from those who do not. My son explained it was the grace of the Holy Spirit. Yet there are several aggressive atheists also with us in this gift to see. I do not understand that from my limited human perspective.

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Excellent post.

FWIW, Archbishop Vigano also has the two best synopses of the mechanisms by which the sinister new world order is being brought into existence. Lifesitenews.com published his first exemplary summary a few months back. It is truly a must-read document that should go down in the history books as an invaluable testament to the events unfolding around us.

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We’re in the apocalypse. Apocalypse means “lifting of the veil”.

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A bit off topic I know but words and how there used is so important.

COVID-19. Why all capitals and why the hyphen?

It was interesting to note in a BMJ article that the word VACcine was used on three separate occasions and on all three this was how it was typed.I don't think this was accidental but I don't have an explanation. I have also sought clarification on why it is not required to asperate when these novel gene therapy products are being injected but again as yet no explanation🤔Any ideas???

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"Illusionists", I love it. That's what I always call their work: Illusion magic.

As Sun Tzu wrote:

"All Warfare Is Based on Deception"

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We are told that the word "maya" means "Illusion". If you seek the etymology of the word, you'll find that the original meaning is "measure".

In the measure is the illusion. The binary duality, the split. Any definition of any part of creation that is cut apart from the rest.

Heed the words of our brilliant poet laureate, many years and changes ago:

"Don't speak too soon while the wheel's still in spin, for there's no telling who that it's naming."

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Plato's analogy of the cave was very accurate. People only see what is shown to them.

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Scientific cure without big pharma - Stop covid and cancer


PUBLIC COMPLAINT AGAINST GOVERNMENTS 01/12/2022 - Action, legal action


F mn Espionage NATO, the revolutionary engine -


Best regards,

Andrea Salvatore Buffa

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The duality of this world happened because we as Spirit, a singular Oneness created by God, fashioned ourselves a separate Ego… yet only what God created is everlasting.

The outside world of duality captures our attention so convincingly, so thoroughly that minutes, hours, days comprise a collective-mind dream world where we are lured to engage through the maze of attention distractions in the Matrix, the Great Illusion.

“We think in secret and it comes to pass,

The world is but our looking glass” - James Allen

The reflection, these days especially, is the chaos of inner landscapes, storm-damaged emotional fields invested in reactions where we seem to struggle between fear and Love…forgetting that only Love was created by our Creator.

Stillness in the storm is an inside job, an inside choice. A quiet, calm mind is no small gift to the world for in Stillness we remember: “I am here only to be truly helpful”


I enjoyed reading your post, Katherine ❤️

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Love reading Archbishop Vigano’s words.

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WOW !!! Katherine! Archbishop Vigano really gets it! He names the evils and calls for returning to Christ! This is a good read - hopefully many will see it!

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Simmering in my mind this year has been “My soul doth magnify the Lord.” As Lanza in Biocentrism might. The double slit vision excites supposition of the keyhole that Mary’s statement nailed for our species. Do we magnify by seeing with our cognititive lense and choose to be an essential part of the expanding universe? Is our free will, the expanding of our noosphere pushing, energizing the universe, a perpetual motion system? That “Biocentrism” could be a new spiritual platform for our species!

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