Interesting that If an attorney is defending a client and knows his client is going to commit a crime it must be reported to law enforcement. Yet if we the people according to that old useless rag the US Constitution then have the power to expect the oaths taken by our elected officials seriously (promise to defend from all enemies) then finding these oaths to be broken we are defenseless against planned violence by these oath breakers? Hmn.

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Sobering. In addition to voting and seeking injunctive relief, what actions can we as individuals take to limit the reach of the statutes?

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America is OVER and so are its People. We failed our Nation, ourselves, and our Heavenly Father miserably! We coward too long to take action as the true Arbiters of our Republic, to fight back as One Force, One People, United and Strong, against these criminal seditious thugs purporting to be our lawful constitutional government. THE UNITED STATES, through the years, has been turned into a "private for profit" "foreign owned & controlled" corporation. ALL politicians in ALL three houses, are beyond Treason and Sedition. They are now guilty of MURDER, and killing us slowly through their UN Agenda 21 & 23 Depopulation. All we can do now is wait, for when the time comes where the Real God Fearing Americans; the ones knowledgeable of the immense betrayal and fraud of our so called leaders, who WILL NOT COMPLY with these satanic driven desposts, fight back with all the might we can muster, even to the death, in order to leave this planet we live in but are not of, the FREE men & women we were born as. My soul belongs to my Heavenly Father, the Creator of ALL THINGS, and it is NOT for sale. I will NOT comply, and live in a Godless New World Order, not even for a New York minute.

Alicia Lutz-Rolow

Heir of the Creator of All Things

Without Prejudice, Without Recourse

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I wish your analysis were incorrect, but I find it holds. Thank you for contributing so much, for so many Katherine. We are grateful. In one of Frances Collin's last interviews before he retired, he intimates that the President would be introducing search parties in December, 2022. I have not found anything in a Presidential speech that follows up on Collin's chilling statement here:


Perhaps I've missed something.

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