Reader asked via email: Does the President have the legal (read: constitutional) authority to transfer US sovereign rights (on any regulatory matter) to a foreign entity?

My reply:

Does he have the moral right?


Does he have the legal right under current laws?

Yes, in a three-step process.

1) Congress transfers all legislative power to President during state of emergency declared by President.

2) President transfers all legislative and executive power to HHS Secretary during public health emergency declared by HHS Secretary, and the HHS Secretary declaration is judicially unreviewable by Congressional statute signed by President.

3) HHS Secretary legally functions thereafter as legal subsidiary of foreign entity: WHO.

Are the acts of President, Congress and HHS Secretary treason?

Yes, because they are acts of war on American people, conducted on behalf of foreign entity.

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😭 I just want my country back.

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Gov Brown and Wheeler Are so Treasonous and bought by Soros, WEF, China.

Just like Gavin and Inslee.

Sheriffs have the constitutional duty to arrest any Governors who are guilty.

Nancy too. Why isn’t she charge w insider trading at a minimum.

Gawd the cesspool is so huge.

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"Griner challenges the CDC classification of the products as “vaccines,” but offers as the alternative that they’re therapeutic or medical treatments which Griner has the right to refuse."

This is also a crucial finding in that it would remove the liability shield for the jabs. If that occurs, the manufacturers will immediately remove the bioweapons from use.

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Politicians have complicated the common sense out of the system. It clearly makes no common sense to encourage everybody to take a shot of a concoction that uses brand new technology that has never been FDA approved to help protect people from an aggressive flu that has a 99.997 percent survival rate. To top it off, they restrict physicians from doing their job and prescribe medicine to treat early symptoms. Completely absurd.

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