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I can objectively accept that the depopulation has been a purposeful endeavour. I can look at the excess mortality figures in heavily dosed countries and acknowledge the danger signals. It’s all a very clinical, objective comprehension. It’s like the suit I put on when I worked as a psychologist- it distanced me from empathizing with clients.

But then last night I read a message from the uncle of a bitchute film channel I have dipped into over the last two years. I had little info on the poster - he was yet just another channel. I discovered he was only 25 with two young children who died quickly from an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer. Just like a friend of my sister - young children though he was in his mid 50’s. I cried for his passing and for all those who have been killed by their governments.

It didn’t feel like objective numbers anymore but real people. I think that’s what Marc CRISPIN Miller is trying to get across with his ‘in memory’ posts.

The dead, and disabled from the roll out are real people with families and love ones. The enormity of this evil goes beyond words or even thought concepts.

As we come up to Remembrance Sunday I can no longer say the words ‘never again’. For them it’s been ‘do it again and again’.

At a rally I held up a poster of the Dunkirk landings that read ‘Did they die in vain?’

I’m sorry to say - I think they did for we only won that battle but look to be losing this war with the same ideology.

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Well-put, is a powerful perspective that will help us fix such disasters -- Thank You!

Returning to ideology of our founders will also help as will finding/fixing root-causes.

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Keep writing when you’re tired, you get right to the point, no mincing words. Dr. Jay. J. Couey I found and listened to from the start. He remains at the head of the pack for his relentless exploration and creative thinking and caution about being too sure about anyone or anything embraced as fact. He does accept Latypova’s worldview about the scale and likelihood of evil.

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A vital point that is overlooked, altogether ignored or purposefully kept out of these discussions by many in the "Covid skeptic" movement, and especially those who have the biggest megaphones, is the simple fact that there was no pandemic- period.

A deeper dive into the history of these frauds, starting with the HIV/AIDS scandal, is essential to understanding the trajectory and operations of these "health emergencies" and the present day workings of the "Covid" fraud.

If this is not properly understood then there is fertile ground for yet "another response", "a better response" etc. for the next invented "pandemic." This then means the merry-go-round spins ad infinitum.

What must be understood is that all of these "health emergencies" are founded on fraud, money laundering and racketeering.

The propaganda is not simply limited to "how the pandemic was handled" or the countless peripheral aspects of the fraud- it is foundational to the creation of the very thing itself.

That the "Covid pandemic" was able to produce the cadavers this time (unlike the Swine Flu hoax of 2009) by killing the poor, mentally disabled and fragile elderly via policy and mass medical slaughter should make it even more imperative to investigate how and why all of that was done rather than persisting with the Big Lie that there ever was a pandemic.

That this is not front and center of the many discussions amongst 'Covid skeptics' is quite troubling.

Asserting a priori that there was a pandemic serves as cover for these ugly crimes.

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Couey's "Gain of Purity" theory essentially wholesale renounces the "Pandemic" Narrative. So while your point about which narratives have been sidelined in the 'skeptic' ecosystem is valid ('Gasp, GvB says "you don't vax into a pandemic!!" He's totally an expert FYI!'), it's not clear how it applies to this post.

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I will be rather blount here Brian and happily go into what I am saying in painstaking detail if you wish.

I watched the entirety of that discussion live and then watched certain portions of it again. I will also add that like many others I have read RFK's book on Fauci, heard Malone speak many, many times, listened to J Rose a bunch of times, GvB, Del Bigtree, Kirsch, Nass all of these people and more.

I could also add to this the research I do on this but will not do so as any 'appeal to expertise' is a logical fallacy.

The fact of the matter is that every single one of the above mentioned people adhere to some version of the pandemic narrative and when questioned on this are not able to debate this point in any meaningful way and will avoid this topic at all costs.

They are all flat wrong on this. This is demonstrable through mountains of evidence.

We could open this up by looking at various "segments" of this pandemic narrative and at every turn the evidence points clearly to human actions which caused mass death- not a viral pathogen.

Starting with what happened in the nursing homes in the US in March/April 2020 (and in only specific locales) we could rather pointedly dispel the notion that there was any unique viral event- it was administrative eldercide and hospicide.

We could then roll right through to the present and analyze one period after the next and what you would see is one fraud piled atop the other- not an epidemiological event but a criminal event.

Now once we gain an understanding of this, all of the assorted tentacles of the "pandemic narrative" become irrelevant and/or preposterous. Among these is the "lab leak", "gain of function" nonsense which Kennedy, Malone, Rose etc. keep pedaling.

This is all extremely important as people like Kennedy, Bigtree, Malone have large numbers of followers who will accept what they say at face value no matter how illogical. These 'followers' will then be led down the wrong path to understanding what ACTUALLY happened and thereafter be seduced into a dead end of wrong responses.

When they move into “gain of function” or “lab leak” they are only shifting gears and moving from one preposterous notion to another.

Some ‘establishment’ Covid sceptics have and/or are building cottage industries on the ‘lab leak’ mythology. If the ‘lab leak’ theory is torn apart then their credibility takes a big hit. This is one reason why they avoid discussions on this topic. Their "theory" will not and does not hold up to close scrutiny.

Specific to “SARS-CoV2” as a lab created virus this story has so many holes in it that it is hard to comprehend that anyone with integrity and critical thinking skills would not walk this back if they had posited this sophistry at some point.

The biggest problem as I see it is that the likes of RFK, Bigtree, Malone etc. are not just simply wrong on this matter but their insistence on using the “lab leak” red herring covers up the actual crimes that were committed and misdirects energies and resources into this dead end.

This is extraordinarily bizarre in some cases as they have covered some aspects of what happened in early 2020 in the nursing homes and covered dertain aspects of how hospital protocols killed (are still killing BTW) countless people and know that these deaths were falsely attributed to the alleged “virus.” Yet they give these atrocities, which are the real crimes, far less attention than this hypothetical theory which is riddled with holes.

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I empathize with your frustration that the most prominent voices in the war on the side that’s fighting to stop the gov-run genocide and keep it from expanding further (with more injections, for more people, plus digital IDs and digital currencies and so forth) aren’t willing to take those last few steps to really naming what’s happening as a DOD-led global death campaign to rally larger and more effective opposition among the general population.

Those who are getting down to some of the foundational lies and frauds have to just keep talking about it on smaller platforms, and hope and pray and work toward the people with larger platforms taking those last few steps soon and start speaking up.

But I also think that there’s still a lot we don’t know for sure and that will be the case for a long time.

There’s a whole lot of ordinary people trying to figure out the very complex truth about what’s been done and what’s being done now, and ordinary people don’t have access to all the information that the orchestrators and accomplices have access to.

So we’re feeling our way along in what I call low-light conditions. Not pitch black. But dim and full of planted obstacles that the killers can see better than we can, and can move around as we try to make our way, to maximize confusion, send us down blind alleys and otherwise make it really hard.

I share your frustration and I also know that patience and perseverance are important.

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Quite a bit of it is pretty straightforward.

Here's an example.

I work with a group (I'll link below) of people who had family members killed by the "Covid" hospital protocols. I'm sure you know these details so I won't elaborate.

These people are seeking legal action and go into great detail as to what happenedand do so from personal experience and from the hospital records they will use to litigate their cases.

Bigtree just had two lawyers on his second to last show and an individual from the group. Great, but how do you have these people on hear their stories and not start connected more dots.

Now once you hear these stories you have to think, "Hmmm, are there more of these out there?" And there are. Not a few thousand more or tens of thousands more but literally a few hundred thousand additional cases where people were killed by the hospital protocols.

Every one of these people were listed as a "Covid death"- every single one. Not one of these people died from "Covid."

So okay if you establish this you connect the next dot and see that, or at least ask the question, was there even a single death attributable to this supposedly deadly pathogen. As someone who has looked at all the data on this the answer is pretty clear.

This then completely invalidates the various "theories" that RFK, Malone, Rose and so many others are espousing. So all of the energies get misdirected into the dead end of looking into "Wuhan" lab instead of right here were the crimes were committed.

And I must add that while a big one the data point I just sketched out is only one.

I find it disturbing that the likes of Bigtree, RFK aren't pursuing this further. They have copious resources that could be focused at the targets of the crimes.

Meanwhile those families and the souls that were killed in the nursing homes are pushed off the table.


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Big Tree and RFK have an anti-vaccine agenda that predates covid. The covid vaccine presents an irresistible (and justifiable)target for them.

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Just when I think I'm not naive, I find there's another layer! I found JJ's explanation of swarms and infectious clones fascinating. I've watched it twice, I'll need another watch because it is so deep but really interesting. Do you remember in winter 2020 there was the first large but weird outbreak in Brooklyn? This ICU doctor made some videos at the time and he said that what he was seeing was totally new to him; people came in with low Ox but were not out of breath. They were sitting up talking, not gasping as they should have been. It seemed to him more like altitude sickness. Something wrong with the blood. He was placing the patients on respirators but at 100% Ox and no mechanical breathing assist. He then said he'd gotten into trouble with his hospital for making these videos and they demoted him to ER. I'm wondering if DOD released an infectious clone in winter 2020 in that specific area that was just infective enough to cause some strange illnesses in a small number of mostly elderly people. Just enough to get the media machine going and the fraudulent PRC tests creating lots of false positives. Meanwhile the bioweapon was burning itself out and reverting to natural form, as JJ says they do (I think this is correct). Even the virus as dangerous bioweapon is a fraud and could account for why there was an odd symptom cluster in them Brooklyn area and no where else. But the damage was done. The mission accomplished. The media could sensationalize it (I remember thinking at first that this was a very dangerous virus). And then we never heard about this strange low oxygen-related condition again. JJ noted that most of these kinds of bioweapons are not very dangerous. Not very virulent. Hopefully that continues. I think the real bioweapon is the injections and "covid" was just an excuse to give us the real poison.

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"low-light conditions" Perfect description.

The media, owned by a few corporations, has been turned off or turned away by the cabal. Their audience is dwindling fast and looking elsewhere. Hopefully honest alternatives will emerge and prove popular with those who only watch tv.

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Right on, Allen!!!!


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Thanks Bill, I just slightly edited it mainly for spelling errors but also added a few things. Same essential message.

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You may enjoy reading Apocalyptic Yoga. I am working on a video right now focused on Paul Marik / Ivermectin, but branches off to destroy the entire narrative in a way I've never heard from anyone, inc. Kaufman, Cowan, Vollmer, Baileys, Massey, Lanka.... (I'm not criticising! These are my heroes!)

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Is that video going to be on your substack?

I don't have a substack, twitter, facebook, telegram etc.

I'll send you a note shortly- in the mean time enjoy this oldie:


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How do I follow you!!?

Do you write a Substack?

Effing great stuff, man. Stuff I could have written!

(only you're a better writer)

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Thank you Katherine for your heroism. And may God bless you.

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I just recently subscribed to your substack and enjoyed, in particular, your topics and synopses here. What resonated most, though, was your reflection on our inability to conceive of such evil -- largely because our schools have not taught us the historical precedents for, literally, generations. Incompetence, or by design for that long?

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By design.

H/t Teresa L of Teresa’s Impromptu Scribblings


Charlotte Iserbyt, Deliberate Dumbing Down of America


“It chronicles (with a massive paper trail) the major changes planned for the US educational system especially since the signing of that agreement between Reagan and Gorbachev. (But it started even before that.) Thus, what you see today in the schools of America.”

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Cannot ever thank you enough for giving us information we so desparately need. Never heard of Charlotte Iserbyt...another eye opener.

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If not already considered, may also be worth taking into account some of the flaws in mRNA vaccine technology pointed out in this excerpt from CHD TV 2022.10.21 (00:45-29:00) ( https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/shows/friday-roundtable/worrying-developments-with-michael-palmer-m-d-sucharit-bhadki-m-d/ ) by Dr Bhakdi MD, which in summary shows that:

* Antibodies generated by covid.shots are both useless and dangerous (even if spike protein was not dangerous in its own right, like it is); that is, the antibodies generated:

___* Never leave bloodstream in order to reach lining of airways, where they would need to be in order to capture/neutralize viruses that are breathed in

___* Automatically activate "complement" (killer system #2) to kill cells that produce spike protein (a non-self, foreign protein), resulting in damage to cells lining blood vessels, which in-turn causes blood clots to form in blood vessels while also exposing organs around damaged blood vessels to attacks by “complement” (as they can now be penetrated by mRNA, which is housed in lipid nano particles)

* Such serious, life--threatening flaws also exist in non-covid mRNA vaccines that are being rolled out

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Eugenics is a racket. Always has been. Science is also a racket, but at least it's debatable, or at least it's supposed to be. Scientists are purveyors of ideas seeking funding. Which means they are also salesmen. Which means they all live by the old sales slogan - baffle 'em with bullshit.

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you nailed it!

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mRNA is a red herring:


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Ah, yes. That's how red herrings work. You throw a biologically nuanced, complex risk at the reader to distract them from the Alien Graphene Worm Lifeforms.

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The one topic that is not allowed any public discussion is the repeated finding by researchers in multiple geographic locations of non-disclosed exotic contents in all of the alleged genetic manipulation injections. As far as I am aware, none of the CHD participants referred to above have addressed these findings in any detail, for example, they have not either accepted them as valid or provided a detailed critique of the procedures utilized. I think that is extremely telling. It the ultimate goal is not only depopulation but total digital enslavement of survivors and forced transhuman alteration, then this reticence on the part of the most famous/influential members of the resistance makes more sense. Globalists have made their goals public for decades and they now appear to possess the technology to achieve them.

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McCairn only found some unexpected copper in Janssen and missing phosphorus (implying no mRNA) in Pfizer. Nothing weird. Unfortunately his presentation of his work is... quite messy https://www.mccairndojo.com/research/

If CHD (minus Couey) are all handled assets, then it could still be the case that they are ignoring the "exotic contents" because their handlers are 100% aware that these are just grifters either faking their results or losing their hats over literal dust in their slides. Or even just another prong in the whole op.

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This is what Kevin McKernan and Steve Kirsch both independently reported, too--no phosphorus was found in the vials they tested (so no mRNA). Steve said something like the LNPs were empty; blanks. One of them reported finding only metals. So Kevin McCairn is further confirmation. I would guess he's a source independent of either of those guys. I have watched his videos in the past; I'm not sure if Kirsch or McKernan know him. Last year if memory serves I think he was having some kind of health issues--major back pain or something so he may be distracted and therefore messy. To be fair, many have not had the chance to examine vials 1. It is hard to obtain them, actually illegal I think and 2. It is hard to get access to the very expensive equipment needed to run analysis - most of this tech is installed at universities - which are already captured. (I think Dr. Mihalcea, a doctor who treats vax injuries with chelation claimed this...or it could have been Sasha Latypova of Team Enigma, when Dr. Mihalcea interviewed her.) But I want to know what is in these vials. Many, many vials from many different batches. Is the government/pharma just gaslighting us about mRNA "vaccines"? Or did the mRNA tech simply fail spectacularly? I also agree that Couey is beyond reproach--he's real.

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I think is time already to see those responsible in front of a judge!!! Haga International Tribunal?, maybe? How many people need to die ? we talk, we explain, we demonstrate..and still people continue to suffer and the vaxx is still pushed on us; I personally know o family who lost a man 53 and two teenagers after vax; and this , because they were forced to take the jab in order to continue to play hockey! Corona Committee with mr. Reiner was a hope, 400 interviews , depositions,.... still no action to prosecute!!! in between, the plan go on as designed ! Here is Australia: https://elylazar.substack.com/p/does-australia-really-need-more-central?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=531192&post_id=83827611&isFreemail=true&utm_medium=email

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Side track. I've heard about a Japanese MD in Nagasaki and his hospital staff and patients who were not affected by radiation exposure, bc they were consuming Miso (fermented soya) and seaweed (Iodine). Subsequently Japanese researchers investigated further the effect of Miso.

But I have never heard of these Jesuits in Hiroshima. I looked it up on the internet. There was a Jesuit monastery 4.5 km away from the epicentre. It was partially destroyed. (There was a small church closer to the epicentre too)

More recent research revealed 16 Jesuits had suffered from radiation exposure.

So I am curious about this unaffected Jesuit story. Is this a kind of urban legend?

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That segment is a repost of a Rosary.com newsletter.

I put it in because the Catholic faith holds that the intercession of the Virgin Mary is powerfully protective of human souls confronting evil.

For me and any other readers looking for ways to protect ourselves and others against the evils of the present day, the Rosary is an important weapon.

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Thanks. Sure it must be a useful tool for you. Your relationship with all that is is unique and it's a personal thing. I don't mean to interfere with that. However these days it's becoming obvious organised religion is likely to be meddled with commercialism. (That's universal. Seen it in the UK and Japan and everywhere else)

Btw have you seen Scorsese's movie Silence?

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Haven't seen the movie. Come to think of it I haven't been to see a film in a theatre in over 15 years. In any case, I wouldn't look to Hollywood for answers nor enlightenment. Generally speaking, Hollywood is a huge part of the brainwashing/dumbing down problem here in the U.S.

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I hear you. It's based on the history. Written by a Japanese Christian. I read the original. Didn't see the entire movie tho. I thought it might offer a different perspective. Perhaps more existential. You can still watch the trailer on YouTube and see what you think of.

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Why did the legitimate businesses accept that? Insane, disgusting.

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from Steve Kirsch' substack:

"Did Doug Brignole die from COVID or the vaccine?"


"The coroner did not take any tissue samples so we’ll never know for sure."

So a registry of people who demand autopsies if they die, and tissue samples taken as part of those autopsies, is needed.

I would have posted this as a comment to that article but its for paid subscribers only.

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