The bottom line is that might makes right, whether we like it or not.

We may be headed for a conflict between the states and the federal government. If so, it would behoove those recently expelled from the federal military to enter service with their state guards, and for state legislatures to protect their guard from federal usurpation. In a conflict between an overwhelming majority of states and the federal government, one would be tempted to think the federal government has the overwhelming power due to its control of the most advanced weapons systems. However, the most overwhelming weapons systems are in the Air Force and Marines (air power). The dispute over whether pilots can be discharged for refusing the jab may turn out to be pivotal.

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Martial Law is child's play compared to COG although it is unclear what the connections between the two may be. The issue is the ever growing increasingly dark, and dangerous cloud of secrecy of the national security state essentially kicked off by Truman when he authorized the unconstitutional OSS/CIA which he later regretted, and wrote an Op Ed to the Washington Post about shortly after he left office. Eisenhower warned us about it in his last televised talk to the American public, and JFK was murdered by it in a coup to install the socio-psychopath LBJ.

Professor Peter Dale Scott is the only academic to my knowledge who has written about COG (Continuity Of Government) which the socio-psychopath, and most sadistic rapist to whom Cathy O' Brien was subjected, Dick Cheney, and his partner in crime, creepy Don Rumsfeld, were both deeply involved for decades in crafting elements thereof.

COG has been used numerous times to subvert, and degrade our Constitution. It was used when closeted homosexual, sexual abuser of black boys (according to Franklin Scandal victim, Paul Bonaci) GHW Bush was acting as a drug kingpin from the White House during Iran Contra. This was also at the time when even the presstitute bordello the Washington Post reported that children were being ushered into the White House after hours. COG communications were used when the CIA murdered JFK in a coup. It was also used when the Zionist terrorist state of Israel, and the Bush Crime Family took down the WTC on 9/11.

Patel Patriot's excellent series on devolution adds many more layers of complexity to the Martial Law, COG, devolution mix. If Trump's a white hat and is using COG against the socio-psychopaths who fashioned it, and have used it many times in our past then we're likely in good shape. If Trump's fronting a clever psyop, were in deep, deep shit. The problem is there is evidence for both Trump the white hat, and Trump the black hat.

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Katherine, I think Reader B might be taking it from Clif High and another site call Devolution...Clif has written some letters to legislatures might be worth a chat.


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"The practical effect of martial law — whether legally favoring murderous governments or favoring civilians trying to defend themselves from murderous governments — may lie in where the military commanders’ allegiance rests."


Same as it ever was, same as it ever was...

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Everybody needs to read: stopworldcontrol.com/cabal

Our problem is bigger than US federal government.

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Is there any reason to believe that these people who are occupying high-level positions in government intend to play by any of these "rule books"?

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The declarations of perpetual states of emergency are used to operate unconstitutional despotism on the Citizen. It’s been going on since at least the Civil War and Reconstruction. Martial law.

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Dr Chris Exley, one of the world's exports in aluminium, explains how he was defunded not that long before the scamdemic. Prof Chris Exley: #aluminium in the context of current events, interview by Tony Gosling


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Hi I m not sure if you have ever heard of Ralph Boryszewski a retired Rochester New York police officer. He wrote 3 very important books, The Constitution That Never Was, Treason and Theft of a Nation by the Bench and Bar. I also wonder if you have ever known about the original 13th Amendment that was passed and ratified in 1810 which forbid any Crown lawyer from being in a position of Public Trust. So Lincoln being a attorney never had any authority to put Americans under anything. He was not even official in office due to the Original 13th. This was the main reason for the war of 1812. They were burning the books of evidence to show that the People did not want any Crown lawyer ruling over them. There is a lot of research Ralph did in those 3 books they are the most important books I have ever read. I see now through everything and Ralph lived to be 103 years old. The true hero of Americans. His books are available on Amazon. The first Congress is where all the treason began. They wrote 2 different "Cons" and they never wanted us to have a Bill of Rights.

I really hope you all get these books and you will see things with new eyes as I have. They really have hood winked Americans but now is the time we break the chains. Blessings to all of you.

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CS Lewis. Thank you thank you. Besides being reminded that there are others in this world like yourself, it is never the less of no comfort that it is what it is. A realist and representative, aye, even mouth piece for our eternal keeper that implores: be not of sad heart for to pass from this existence unless there be much gnashing of teeth as far as to whence to next. This needs not being said.

Could it in part, be to do with a vortex all are seemingly caught up in. To be carried off and not otherwise, lovingly welcomed.

With how you have represented yourself, why then has there been a necessity to do so?

How such a person as yourself came to be who you were. But you left a trace to another even to emphasize that a simple life is to be aimed at, not otherwise. Thank you

How much more could be said about being alive! But how much.

Please don't take this the wrong way. With a high of highs comes a low of lows.

Will a high be eventuating?? A low??? Just give me calmer waters for gods sake.

No, with what has been learned already in this life, a seeking out of dizzying heights is only an indication of much out of balance. Be of caution. Again, that universally, should go without saying.

But, there we go. We (us), appear to have been lulled into a sense of false security and seen not any reason. So, where is it that reason can be found now then? When too many still see no need to see reason!

Wandering holy ones? Local representatives? Look high look low. Look within. Look without, for we are now all without any way or means to extricate ourselves as a species. Call it an interplanetary take over or bacterial dominance. Somewhere there will be an answer to it. Until then that answer will take it's own sweet time in revealing itself. Individually, or in mass.

It once was so exquisite to be alive. Second to being not here. "Don't be afraid" is what life cries out to her children. Don't be afraid.


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Interesting piece.

But I'm captivated with the artwork. Why has Marys cape taken on such a sinister shape, with its 'arms' wrapped around Mary? And why is the other woman looking at the cape in such a horrified way? And why are there two severed heads on the plate that Dominic is looking at? Can anyone else identify any of the flowers around the around the perimeter?

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At the end of the day, people decide one by one. I do not see US army standing against people. Once the veil is of the table, this “business as usual” regime has no justification whatsoever.

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