Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your family , again , I cannot thank you enough for your knowledge and wisdom. 🤗

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Keep on reading and watching / Optimal Treatment of Disease with Thomas Levy MD, JD, Invitation by Lillian McDermott.mp4 / https://vimeo.com/765882302

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Nov 24, 2022Liked by Katherine Watt

Excellent article!

“ So long as states stay tethered to the federal government's bribery schemes (federal funding for programs perceived as essential), they will not stand up to federal government tyranny.”

Well stated.

That is how Common Core (developed and paid for by Bill Gates and people with little educational teaching background) infiltrated our schools. It truly was “the dumbing down of America”. Once the states signed on for the federal money, the catch was a new curriculum….with emphasis on group think; doing away with the classics in literature; dumbing down the math and engineering foundations.

You do great and important work, Bailiwick!

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Grateful for your presence on Substack ! Thank you and have a blessed Thanksgiving feast !

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I think the Federal Constitution was the original hijack. The Articles of Confederation empowered the several States. On the other hand, the 51st Federalist Paper did in my opinion have a reasonable point. War between states vying for power was quite feasible. As many standing armies as we have states. Difficult to know what outcome would be without a strong Federal government given the rapacious desire for land and wealth. While Charles Beard has been roundly attacked since his writing on the Economic Thesis of the Constitution I think understanding our moment is best grasped as land piracy and oligarchical quarrels.

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As a note to help answer your question/point, look at the Constitution for your answer. Constitutions are the by-laws for the foreign service contractors of the enumerated and restricted powers given by “We, the People”.

Bill of Rights - Amendment II

A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 & 16

To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions; To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

Now ask yourself; is the public servants in the federal government performing their duties for a militia? Why are they trying to make that a dirty word?

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My point strictly was as many standing armies as States in the 18th century Confederation. For instance what if Virginia got in conflict with Pennsylvania over territorial expansion to the West? To deter such conflict both states "might" decide to build a standing army, not a militia. Men are evil in a certain sense and mere rearrangement of politics changes nothing in mankind. Land and desire for more wealth are often pretexts for conflict. Further the history of the new Federal government demonstrates strong oligarchical interest in keeping the masses in check.

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Very true. And that is why we gave that responsibility to the federal contractors (government). But, they are also strictly prohibited from turning said army on the people regardless of their word play (domestic terrorism). Each State is a national sovereign "country" by itself. So, your point is a good one. However; since the lines are now defined, it seems that is the last concern and the bigger issue at hand is the plenary oligarchy situation and their convenient memory of who is actually in charge.

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Even though we obtain swaths of information contradicting the official narrative on the covid fraud, the people we are trying to save from their demise are so innately stupid that they refuse to listen to lifesaving words.

These people are often relatives that prefer to believe in the powers that be & of the mainstream media.

And most of all, we often get vilified. In the end, this isn't good.


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As always - great work! (and from a previous thread - I am starting to see Dr Robert Malone take more personal responsibility - so there is hope).

It is refreshing that this material is now bubbling up. I am well aware of the topic Ann Vandersteel is discussing as I have gone down the status change as a State National and dug into the history. You are correct that the start of this hijack of the Constitution goes much further back. Start with the Southern secession (The Confederate States of America) 1860-1861 and their Declaration(s) for said seceding. https://www.battlefields.org/learn/primary-sources/declaration-causes-seceding-states? It was about money and power. Slavery just set a competitive playing field in the bigger commercial war against imports and the corporate subsidies (yep you got it) to those corporations in the north. As you noted federal grants are what rope in the state, county and local (now municipal) governments into complicity. With those grants through corporate entities comes certain duties and responsibilities.

After this review (assuming you can find the time given your current excellent work), look into the fact that the Civil "War" was a mercenary conflict (and as such falls under different law), that started with the invasion of Southern Federal Troops against the a northern federal fort. The ensuing conflict was between federal troops and ended with a series of cease fires between federal troops, but no actual peace treaty (meaning the state assemblies upon re-unification are still in reconstruction). And much to the disappointment of many, Abraham Lincoln was not a great President as he had a Title of Nobility as an Esquire. Another major sore spot for the southern states as it was in direct conflict with Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8.

After the "civil war", the banks controlled by the Westminster City of London (Originally Established in 43 A.D. under the Roman Empire) came in and orchestrated the bankruptcy take over of the United States by changing names subtly and placing the service organizations into Corporations and Franchises in Scotland. The Act of 1871 (ratified later) assisted this initial change and the incorporation of DC.

Rhetorical Question: If a man can make a corporation, estate, franchise, or entity; can the corporation, estate, franchise, or entity make a man? That should answer the sovereignty question and who has the higher hierarchy over what (the word what being used intentionally) when faced with jurisdiction conflicts at court.

Check the names and history. It is all available for the ones who care how they became a federal citizen with rights, duties, obligations and responsibilities; instead of freedom. If you are not a federal citizen, the federal legal codes, rules, acts and statutes do not apply to you. All enumerated duties apply to our contract (Constitution) to the federal employees and our public servants. We look at the current condition through the lens the federal government and the laws (small "l") they created. We rarely look through the lens of Common Law and a sovereign man or woman. If we take a step back and contemplate the idea that we do not need to be a federal citizen, but a State Citizen, State National, or even better, a man or woman (enter pronouns), we may have a different perspective on lawyers, judges and jurisdiction. Also, look up case law on sovereign, licenses, registrations, and titles. Include Black's Law Dictionary review of the definitions of words, particularly "person". There is a specific reference to the XIV Amendment in that definition that will be an eye opener.

The actual name of our republican union of states is: The United States.

The actual name of our land jurisdiction Federation of States is: The United States of America.

These are Proper Names, and they include the definite article “The”.

The British Territorial Government operates as “the” United States of America.

The Papal Municipal Government operates as “the” United States.

Do the work and be enlightened. Trust but verify.

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"Trust but verify." This is good general wisdom. "Do the work and be enlightened...." what work exactly? Too many people in the sovereign movements do not consider the fact that there are structures in society they will eventually interact with to which they will have no control over (e.g. banks, unmanned drones, chemtrails, et al).

Isn't that why Rockefeller said that he didn't care who makes the laws? Just give me control of how money is formed [paraphrasing]. Perhaps he realized that everyone must exchange what they value (products or service) with another "person" somehow. All he has to do is just control the flow of that money. Education is good, but too much focus on "the law" on paper makes the solutions less pragmatic.

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I am gaining a whole new perspective on how we got to current predicament. Thank you for your diligence. Have a restful holiday.

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With respect to the need for good legislators and judges ...

Three take-aways for the Georgia Senate Runoff: Herschel Walker's stand for health freedom contrasts Raphael Warnock's recent "not voting"


Have a great Thanksgiving break!

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Thank you Katherine and very Happy Thanksgiving.

Q for next week: How do you suggest safeguarding the rewriting of the Constitution? The time of greatest danger will inevitably be the time of reform.

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I don’t suggest rewriting the Constitution.

I suggest restoring the one the founders wrote.

I strongly oppose any effort to rewrite it.

I think the globalists will control the delegates and agendas for a new constitutional convention, and will use it to create a globalist governing document.

One of the reports that led me to that conclusion is this interview between Catherine Austin Fitts and Edwin Vieira. The PDF link to the transcript is now broken, but the audio works.


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Agreed. A close study of the ACTUAL Constitutions (federal, national, municipal) contracts shows they were/are written very well. We allowed the word magic with terms like "person" in subsequent Bill of Rights. The interesting history of the Bill or Rights is that certain States would only ratify the contract to the federal government if certain rights of the People were clarified and put in writing. With all contracts, specifying certain things rather than the simple "all other reserved for the States or the People" makes a perceived open door to "other". As a result, a common misconception is that the rest of the contract pertained to the People when it actually ONLY pertains to the government for the People.

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Nov 24, 2022·edited Nov 24, 2022

I've managed to download the PDF from Solari so might be worth another crack.

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Thanks for kindly clarifying, and for the link. Very happy Thanksgiving.

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All actual assets, gold, silver, land, etc., have their existence on or in the land.

All fictional assets such as titles, stocks, bonds, etc. have their existence on or in the sea.

Anyone notice a crossover of jurisdiction with your car title, registration, paper notes, warranty deed, etc...?

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Executive Orders stem from the failure of the government to rescind the declaration of martial law enacted by Abraham Lincoln (for the federal government) since the Civil War. Remember – no peace treaty – only cease fires between federal military.

Executive Orders are dictatorial, with extraordinary powers being granted to the President that supersede constitutional limitations within the federal system.

Executive Orders (EO) are required to be published in the Federal Register. The United States, Inc. has been operating under a perpetual state of national emergency since 1933. Any new “crisis” gives an excuse to extend/add the ongoing emergency powers.

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is Washington DC still part of the British empire?🤔

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What do you mean by The British Empire?

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There is some interesting articles as to wether the USA is an independent country or is still shackled to the United Kingdom.

I am hoping some one may post a comment to help clarify this👍

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Comment deleted
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The world has become inverted and nothing is as it seems.The American flag is a flag within a flag as are many others.The colours are the same as the union jack.I wonder if the States within the flag are within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.On a side note a document I read had the word VACcine on it on three separate occasions ,it becomes a non word it's an innoculation. We are all being coned.

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Comment deleted
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There is a great channel on YouTube called "Justinian deception" which covers in some detail the inverted world we currently live in but this deception has been in the making over many centuries.We need to awaken from our sleep and step out from the shadows and revel in the glory of our light, it is fear that blinds us and it is the awakening that they are scared of.Disinformation and fear are there weapons of choice.Stay strong and besafe ,happy Thanksgiving to you and loved ones.

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This is very insightful and will get a careful re-reading from me.

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I really appreciate the info and insights. I have been thinking about aristocrats and bankers being behind the US and the stealth moves of East Indi Company for many years and this was really useful.

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If you do not mind, I will comment on your very valid and important insights.

Seems overwhelming and daunting does it not?

Yes, the system is setup for roadblocks everywhere. They have had the better part of 150+ years to build the game in its current form and setup the monopoly board and place everyone on it and convince us we ARE the monopoly play token. All while we did not realize it was happening. Yep, even credit unions are setup that you must identify as a federal citizen (we have discussed this definition), permanent resident (a residency is to have a presence with a purpose or temporary or secondary location - a man or woman has a domicile), or naturalized citizen. This is because they are audited by obscure federal agencies that do the bidding of the FED (bankers) and dictate to the boards of these credit unions what is permitted in status of an individual.

So, have fun playing their game. Use the SS# when it is convenient and step forward as a man when you need to. Keep your driver's license active, but limit the authority of the Police Officer (policy enforcer) to the license and registration only. Learn what a motor vehicle is versus private property (car). Know that you are playing the game and not in the game. But, revoking federal citizenship is tremendously important and cancelling your voter registration. These adhesion contracts (birth certificate and federal citizen status and voter registration) are proof that you "voluntarily" are in the game and they assume you agree to being IN the game.

Sovereign as a movement is a VERY silly idea in reality. I hear things like "sovereign Citizen" or "free man on the land". The reality is sovereign Citizen is an oxymoron. A man can't be a citizen (duties and responsibilities) and be sovereign at the same time. Being a man or the status of a sovereign (single word only) is protected though:

Cruden v. Neale, 2 N.C. 338 May Term, 1796 – United States Supreme Court (pre-civil war) “…every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowman without his consent.”

Hurtado v. People of the State of California, 110 US 516: “The state cannot diminish the rights of the people.”

Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 US 356, 370: “Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law.”

Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th Edition, page 318: Court – “…suit of the sovereign; the place where the sovereign sojourns with his regal retinue, wherever that may be.”

Isbill v. Stovall, United States Supreme Court definition of court: “An agency of the sovereign created by it directly or indirectly under its authority, consisting of one or more officers, established and maintained for the purpose of hearing and determining issues of law and fact regarding legal rights and alleged violations thereof, and of applying the sanctions of the law, authorized to exercise its powers in the course of law at times and places previously determined by lawful authority.”

Once I realized I was acting as a piece on the playing board and not being a man, it became easier to step back and observe and research. Be a man or woman. Period. With this comes the full accountability and responsibility for ALL actions. It is no longer about everyone else like they want you to believe with "public health". You take responsibility for you in thoughts, emotions, reactions, and actions. Do everything being personally accountable and not harming another.

I would completely disagree on the lack of focus on the Law. We simply are not taught it on purpose. If we were, we would throw out all the lawyers. It is the only way to be pragmatic. Meaning Common Law and Natural Law, not legal. They are completely different.

You bring up good points on the drones, chem trials, etc... So, let's agree we are all going to die someday, correct? That is a no-brainer. It is going to happen somehow or another. With that in mind, how do we chose to live the rest of our life once we decide to be a man or a woman and not a title or a piece on the game board?

We assume the drones are an issue since we live with electronics and all kinds of convenience. What if... we all had "pocket" EMPs? They run on batteries. Is the electricity more important, you and your families life, all the conveniences of modern day? What if the paradigm shifted and all the fears become a reality tomorrow? What about having a permanent solution to drones regardless the personal convenience like EMPs? Changes perspective on what is pragmatic.

Do you have EDTA, Zinc, zeolite, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin D, E, B12, quercitin, NAC, etc readily available? The chem trails are heavy metals that perform multiple functions. They are to increase heavy metals in your body for one. This speeds up some cancers and organ failure and Alzheimers, but it also provides material for the Q-dot technology and hydrogel to build smart circuits in your body. How do you get rid of them? It also kills plant life and contaminates your water.

Pragmatic is about when all other choices are gone, what is the most important decision - left or right - what is practical? When you are about to die in an unplanned (for you) fashion, practical has a new point of view.

Do you have silver or gold? I started this activity way too late in life. What else do you have to offer a decentralized community? What is your currency?

We have it too easy right now to think about the real meaning of pragmatic and the people who came across on boats seeking freedom and built this new America. Or the American Indians who had everything taken from them and were recipients of the Genocide we all now face. They killed the buffalo to take away the food supply of the American Indians. What do you see happening today? What is your plan to soften this impact?

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"Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that it is allowing undiluted frozen vials of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine to be transported and stored at conventional temperatures commonly found in pharmaceutical freezers for a period of up to two weeks. This reflects an alternative to the preferred storage of the undiluted vials in an ultra-low temperature freezer between -80ºC to -60ºC (-112ºF to -76ºF). The change is being reflected in updates to the Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers Administering Vaccine (Vaccination Providers)."


Is this contradictory to Sasha's assertions that DOD controls the transport of the injections?

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Forwarded to Sasha. Will post her reply if she sends one.

My view is that it doesn’t alter DOD overarching control; it’s just another element of the play-acting at regulation, being performed by FDA to maintain the illusion.

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Thank you!

The broader context:

This came up in service of a larger dilemma as to why the plots on her graph declined precipitously in the Coronavirus committee presentation. (screengrabbed in below post)

Flurm, one of my detectives suggested that they did this temp control relaxation (FDA) to expressly slow the rate of deaths. Which I rejected, but now I'm curious.


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Plausible. But if so, I think FDA made the move in response to DOD orders, because DOD wanted to slow the death rate to delay the signals that could be independently observed, to get more people to take the shots.

Sasha has specifically emphasized the point that another aspect of the data supporting the conclusion that they’re bioweapons is that their harmfulness goes down the more degraded the product is.

With true medicinal products, in her experience, the benefits of the product correlate with the purity and consistency of the product.

Not sure I’m saying that clearly. But if you have a product that does less harm/more good the longer it sits on a shelf and degrades, then its lethality was highest at the highest purity level. Not a good product.

Jabs bad.

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I am down with this. It makes sense.

I run into some resistance on the DOD control angle, b/c it is really the Monster that nobody wants to deal with.

I would like to find DOD-FDA communication, but this may be akin to finding out Twitter/USG collusion. Heavily protected.

But it's the only "Central Command" thing that makes sense,

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I think Sasha has seen some of that, through FOIAs via Judicial Watch.

She has definitely seen emails that make clear which people in FDA knew about the op, and were very relaxed about all the regulatory violations, and which people did not know about the op and were freaking out that the timelines were too fast and corners were being cut and it was bad.

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I feel like people are peeling off like fighter jets aborting the mission to get to the bottom of this as it ripples into their heroes.

I feel like we could have smoking gun receipts of DOD and FDA saying, Yes we need to kill lot so them.

And we would have people in this space still yammering about statistics.

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