Katherine, after everything you have done for us I am so ashamed to ask you for something. But I have to, as I do not know anyone else who could do this.

Digital Currency....Federal Reserve...Congresses abdication of their power....can you please find any laws/regulations/power transfers since 2018/2019 that can show us how they are going to impose a Digital (programmable) central Bank/Fed Reserve currency on us? I think the hour is very late...and it is coming with the speed of a freight train....

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This is truly an outstanding interview! A superlative in every respect. This is one of the most important discussions you'll ever hear, so please share the link with everyone you know.

Thank you both for this stellar discussion and your fearless commitment to exposing the fraud and revealing the truth!

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"An economy as advanced and complex as our own requires the planned average annual destruction of not less than 10 percent of gross national product if it is effectively to fulfill its stabilizing function…" - Wow. I had my head buried in the sand for so many years. Talk about pure evil - a stabilizing function? These Godless people are so very evil in every possible way. Thanks very much Katherine; I hope you and your family are feeling better. Just an FYI, I watched a great video today on J. Couey's channel: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1671925424

Denis Rancourt was on to the fraud decades ago. I found him through his masksdontwork website in early 2020 - the website was taken down that same year.

Thank you!!

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"The 1983 establishment of the public health emergencies program, that was the beginning of concentrating much more power in the hands of the HHS secretary, (so that) whenever a public health emergency has been declared by the HHS secretary, its a completely closed loop, once they declare it they have all the power and they are the only ones that can suspend it because of the way they wrote the laws *to the extent that federal judges and congress accept the premise that the executive branch can shut them out of everything after the announcement has been made*..."

So the congress and federal judges have committed crimes by allowing themselves to be "shut out of everything". Its *not* a closed loop, it only appears as such because this criminal abrogation has occurred.

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Very interesting to see this written down so clearly. For the US especially, war is the organizing force that gives all aspects of its government a purpose so clearly, without war, there is no state - or at least no state that our current powers-that-be can envisage. If a real war against a foreign foe cannot be fought, then the war will be fought against the citizens. This is the core of George Orwell's novel 1984 and is explained in detail in the chapter "THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF OLIGARCHICAL COLLECTIVISM by Emmanuel Goldstein" https://www.george-orwell.org/1984/16.html


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I have felt a sense of unease and foreboding since after 9/11, when the Patriot Act was passed and has been operational ever since. I always felt like martial law was/about to be declared since 9/11, especially after Bush 'won' re-election over John Kerry who was leading 3% and then after the state of ohio's website went down at midnight and then came back up, Kerry was behind 3%.

So we have had medical martial law but it wasn't triggered until trump declared pandemic in early 2020.

Horrible to think Congress was frightened into giving all oversight and essentially dissolved itself and the US Constitution.

I have felt contacting house speaker Pelosi about toxic vaccines and stopping them to be total waste of time and also any elected officials. I suspect many are being threatened.

I don't know how to move forward. This is do depressing and I have been attempting to recover from many vaxxed induced injuries from the winter 2019 flu shot that was tested by www.orwell.city la Quinta column as being loaded with graphene oxide and the first vaxx injection. Thank you for your great work.

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Sometimes simpler is better, and MD malfeasance is inevitably proven if it can be shown that they pushed mRNA use in a shot, whether it was for covid or not.

That is, MD’s are taught, from med-school textbooks, about the basic human immune system functions that cause potentially deadly mRNA injuries, so ignoring such flaws, in mRNA technology, is malpractice/incompetence. See tutorial, by Dr Bhakdi MD, re mRNA issues (21:05-34:42 of https://rumble.com/v1zzehm-doctors-for-covid-ethics-symposium-5.html )

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thanks for bringing the shocking truths to our attention. the latest being OTA and the sham trial set-up, vials as government no-trespass property up to (& including?) injection.

have tried to share but until this is produced into a slick Netflix series, not optimistic about the ratings.

meanwhile HHS CMS adding codes identifying those who pose threat to the program:


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KW = Katherine Watt

SL = Sasha Latypova


SL > : And then, because they needed that to justify this—because at least in a national emergency, you can point to something concrete, a big earthquake, a big [unintelligible], maybe somebody did attack us and a bomb exploded. You can point to concrete things. With this, it’s more playing on imagination, on fears, on something invisible, an invisible threat that you can’t identify. But it’s so deadly and so stealthy. So that’s how it all ties together with the long history of this.

reply> It seems a very long time where psyop (OK city bombing etc to the present) gradually moved from real perps to fake perps like Tim McVeigh. To folks with box cutters taking down WTC 1 & 2 & 7. And as you mention all the sci fi and other fiction that plants seeds of crazy in people so we herd like sheep.

I can't stress how important this point is. We need to reconnect with nature. Grow a garden, walks and talks in the park and so much more. When we are connected to nature our sense of reality is corrected and validated real time.

If we are lost in the world of media, medicine and corporate food, we can easily succumb to propaganda, because that reality is controlled and validated by them. By reconnecting to nature we flush corporate media nonsense from our minds and emotions.

SL> Incredible. I also recently watched—and I think they also played into people’s beliefs and religious beliefs in particular. For example, I recently stumbled on a production by History Channel, which was talking about, the book of Revelation, apocalypse, and they specifically used disease and the plagues and the disease part of it to fear monger like crazy. They got all these experts, I don’t know where they got them from, to interview in this very overdramatic fashion saying that there can be—and this was a few years before 2020.

Reply> Forgive me Katherine I don't mean to be disrespectful of your sincere practice of Roman Catholicism. But as I have grown older my perspective on the bible and other prophetic pronouncements in other traditions as being psyops in their own right. Planting seeds that grow and structure the human future via the human mind. We humans behave as self fulfilling prophesies.

I hope you will take time to purchase Gaia 2 edited by William Irwin Thompson. The important paper is the one by Francisco Varela. He sees the immune system in a much different light. I believe his view is one reason why SarsCov2 is weaponized to destroy or at least to severely dampen humanities immune system. Worth a read, as it will get you thinking outside our current box.


KW > And then they said in the contracts, the clinical trials are actually being done by—they’re not taxpayer funded—they’re done by Pfizer itself as the sponsor. I don’t know where—I think there are other contracts that would cover that. I have not seen them.

Reply > I do believe Pfizer is studying the effects of the vaccine for its own purposes. To understand the effects, which components are causing which effect. In fact the citizens of the US, Israel and the world are a giant data set. A fantastic way to get paid while conducting investigation into efficacy, harms and possible future products. All paid for. You got to love their amazing ability to pull this off.

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Maybe joining NATO will be a blessing for Finland. I suppose if all other NATO countries are in continuous economic stability it must be so.

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Regarding the initial entry -- One term says it all: BLACK BUDGET. Total secrecy of war/weaponry spending strangles the public confrontation over wasteful spending. Next: COMPARTMENTALIZATION. The spending in portions and parts of segmented research and development programs contracted throughout academia and industry becomes a greedily defended part of the economy. The myth of the needed National Security State has been exposed with the end of the Soviet Union, and obviously has meant nothing since -- seeing as Anthony Fauci can send gain of function bioresearch to Communist China and any number of other unsecured locations -- so obviously that excuse for continuing the Black Budget and Compartmentalization is no longer relevant (if it ever was). The next use of the war infrastructure was private -- the Bush Wars (Gulf Wars I and II) -- a profiteering spree for cronies, all contracts involved were no-bid contracts and oil spoils of war divvied up as projected even before the invasion of Iraq. Rampant corruption with unchallenged boondoggles has been the situation for decades.

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Wow! What a powerful interview / report!!

Love your energy and dedication, Katherine.

So, Congress gave away their power to HHS Secretary! (Unconstitutional!!)

(yet another example of unelected people in positions of power running the country)

And HHS is controlled by the DOD!

Love your line: “Clinical trials run as performance art”

This was a lot to read…and worth every minute of time to do so. Thank You ❤️

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Sasha was on our international Medical Doctors for COVID Ethics call today and discussed your important work. God Bless you both.

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Much evil revealed in this excellent article, and even though a lot of link digging remains on my part, it begs the question = are there deeper root causes underlying these evils?

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Outstanding work and great discussion.

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We had always known that waging war was/is the most profitable endeavor that man engages in. This material puts that knowledge in a wholly different context, and raises the potential or likelihood that, given the economic "consequences" of transitioning to peace, we will never in our lifetimes see it happen, as there is no profit in it.

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