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I patiently listened to the entire presentation and Q&A. Close to the end came some comments which should have joined some important dots for you all, but I guess you were all too tired by then. A speaker pointed out that the novel illness arrived in Wuhan, Tehran and Northern Italy - in that order. I was amazed that you had no acknowledgement that 5G was activated in those places, in that order at that time.

When the Military Games in October of 2019 were mentioned, it was said that "everyone got sick" and "Wuhan was deserted". Well, OF COURSE! 10,000 towers had been erected in Wuhan and the people had been issued with 5G ready phones! Everyone got sick as soon as they began to use the 5G and this pattern has been repeated continuously worldwide ever since!



I have been raising this issue since January 2020. 3 years......

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Feb 10, 2023·edited Feb 10, 2023

In Japan, 5G was launched in Tokyo and a handful of other large cities on 31Mar20. Covid cases exploded immediately afterwards and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were cancelled three weeks later. Until then, Japan had been relatively free of covid - apart from the infamous Diamond Princess cruise ship/petrie dish moored in Yokohama.

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Feb 10, 2023·edited Feb 10, 2023

5G has NOTHING to do with the genetically engineered COVID19 virus. I recently contracted it. I'm nowhere near any cell phone towers or EMF of any appreciable power, let alone 5G. And no, there were not satellites beaming down pulsed microwaves, which is what 5G is, on me for 5 days. EMF's of power are dangerous, and 5G is but they have NOTHING to do with the virus, but there is some evidence they may interact or activate the kill shots. It's all invitro evidence though.

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Nutter nonsense. I recently contracted COVID19. It's a GOF virus. I've read the crack pot stuff about how viruses don't exist, including from a virologist whose only peer-reviewed publications are a couple from 1995 on viruses who then made a few points in the BMJ about HIV. It's all quite transparent idiocy.

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OK. Preserve your delusions - it is known as Stockholm Syndrome and I am sure your love affair with authority will serve you appropriately.

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Here's how I took on corrupt authority as recognized by the endorsement for 42nd Ward Alderman in Chicago when I ran against a Mob thug. My taking on authority, including Rahm Emanuel, accomplished a great deal in housing, education, public safety, and others. It also almost got me killed in 2011.

I find your nutter nonsense about biology and electrical engineering quite amusing since you clearly KNOW NOTHING WHATSOEVER about either field. You propagate crack pot nonsense that you read on the internet.


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Ooh, triggered much? Do some research. It is obvious you have no idea about EMFs.

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Important correction: Some Covid symptoms are similar to (ionizing) radiation sickness -- not (non-ionizing) radio frequency radiation. That means beta and gamma NUCLEAR radiation, not 5G. While there are many possible long-term problems with microwave RF (cataracts, cancer, and more), there are no widely-known immediate symptoms. New information/correlations are of course welcome, but 5G is a big question mark at this time. Anyone who can confirm dates for start of service in Tehran and (where in?) northern Italy should post that info here. 5G has no strong presence in Brazil, Argentina, and certainly not rural Mexico, as far as I know, so how is the spread of Covid facilitated there?

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Non Ionising radio frequency radiation is causing sickness. You should read the book The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg and there are very many more authors and scientists who have conducted experiments proving that the ICNIRP assumptions are shockingly out of date with the science.

5G was tested in Tehran for a short period at the end of 2019.

5G was activated in Bergamo, Italy shortly after.

5G via satellite covers the entire planet progressively.

A study by a Spanish doctor correlated 5G with Covid here:


also please see all my research links archived here:


particularly read: https://francesleader.substack.com/p/the-cold-war-of-electro-magnetic

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No it's not unless the victims are really close to the sources like being close to cell phone towers. The power of an antenna drops off by the inverse of the distance of the radius cubed from the source for the near field, and by the inverse of the distance of the radius squared from the source for the far field of an antenna. Therefore there's not enough power of an electromagnetic wave to penetrate the skin unless one is very close to an antenna. Long wave, like radio wave travel farther because the don't scatter easily. Cell phone wave are very short so they don't travel far which is why there are more rely towers. That's why there are places where one can't get cell phone reception buy can still listen to the radio.

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Do you really think you are the first to try to blind me with false beliefs about 'the science'? It is obvious you have not researched, or opened even one of my linked articles.

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I receive Arthur Firstenberg's emails, but have not read his book. There is certainly an urgent need for new and better research on the subject of RF hazards to human health, and I appreciate the info you provided regarding some of the 5G rollouts.

With that said, the connections between Covid-19 and 5G are very tenuous.

1. 5G was turned on in dozens of cities (several in China); why were only a few affected?

2. Most of northern Italy did not have 5G, yet the illness was widespread throughout the area -- which incidentally, had recently been the target of flu vaccination campaign. Wouldn't the vaxx campaign be a more reasonable lead to investigate?

3. Argentina, Brazil, and rural Mexico have very little 5G service, so why were they badly affected?

4. Why did central Africa remain essentially void of Covid-19? The use of HCQ and Ivermectin in parasite-prone nations provides a pretty reasonable explanation.

5. Satellites, annoying as they are, don't fit the part of Covid criminals. Orbiting at 340 miles above the earth (or much more), the dose received on earth is trivial. For comparison, millions (maybe billions) of people live within a mile or two of land-based cell towers. Power dissipates at the square of distance, not just linearly, so

at earth's surface, you are down to microwatts from satellites, vs. milliwatts (1,000x higher) from cell towers.

5G may be a contributing stress factor, but calling it the cause of Covid-19 does not seem like a reasonable proposition.

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My responses to your points:

1. There is no way of knowing what frequencies were used. Russian studies have shown that different frequencies and rate of pulsations matter.

2. People travel to work for many hours in the fashion factories of Bergamo. Vaccines were certainly contributing to the problems they face there and all over the world. It should be noted that when radio transmissions by the US military began making servicemen sick during 1918, a vaccine cocktail programme by the Rockefeller Institute was quickly introduced, thus providing cover for the real root cause of the illness.

3. https://www.speedtest.net/ookla-5g-map shows that 5G services were rolled out in most South American countries. Again, at which frequencies? With modulation or pulses? 4G + 4.5G are also causing health problems for those who are electro-hyper sensitive.

4. Africa does not have 5G except for in the very south. (see Ookla map link) However, the satellites will eventually cover the entire planet and there will be nowhere to go to escape their radiation.

5. Satellites provide 5G to the cruise ships which were isolated due to covid outbreaks in early 2020. That is proof that the power and frequencies they emit is sufficient to trigger symptoms which have been misattributed to viruses.

I note that you have not had time to thoroughly examine the evidence I have already furnished and therefore your opinion is uninformed. Electro-magnetic radiation is a huge problem and people like you who do not research before jumping to conclusions are part of the problem.

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1. Nobody knows what tools government's use in surreptitious operations, but the 5G frequencies are quite well known, which is why specific studies would be helpful.

2. Travel could explain some of the exposure, but many people never leave their home towns. Does Covid-19 spread at home? Without 5G, how?

3. 5G was categorically NOT widespread in South America in 2020, but Covid was. The commonly used 5G freqencies are described in this article, which also makes note of the very limited coverage using newer frequencies:


4. There is no evidence that satellites pose a comparable health risk to land-based transmitters, which greatly outnumber satellites. That doesn't mean that the impacts of widespread RF "Pollution" should be disregarded.

5. Your conclusion about 5G and cruise ships is incorrect, unless fields of a few microvolts are capable of triggering illness -- and we have no evidence that is the case. TV and radar signals are much stronger than that, and nobody has connected contagious disease outbreaks to them.

Everybody's opinion is uninformed; your knowledge of radio frequency physics is just as limited as my familiarity with Firstenberg's material. (I have read the old Russian studies.)

What conclusion did I jump to? None, except that there is presently insufficient evidence (and no explanatory theory) linking 5G and Covid-19.

I am no more "Part of the problem" than you are, and I hope we are both looking for clear and accurate answers. We already know that criminal deceptions have been perpetrated, resulting is unprecedented harm. Job #1 remains to prosecute those responsible, and see that such a calamity never occurs again. Luckily, we don't need to know the precise mechanisms of Covid-19 infection and spread, to pursue criminal charges of bureaucratic perfidy and malfeasance.

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Thank you for the gracefulness, integrity, tact and thoughtfulness of your response to FL. This is all open to interpretation and further exploration for solid evidence which is open and ongoing. This is not a time to get all overzealous and extreme by demanding , I am right, you are wrong" !!The main thing is getting this death cocktail STOPPED and criminals pushing it PROSECUTED.

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I would respectfully suggest that you do not hijack Katherine's post any further with your denials of the truth I am imparting. If you wish to continue arguing this issue, please feel free to do so on one of my links as provided above.

Thank you. I will not respond further here.

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Thank you!!! Imagine the incredible power source needed on a 5G satellite given the distance from earth to pulse such short wavelength emf so that it posed some major health risk. Not even huge solar panel arrays could provide that kind of continous power, and think of the power storage capacity even if lithium ion batteries are used.

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More nutter nonsense like your virus claims. The frequency of an electromagnetic wave matters only to the extent that longer waves as in the red or near infra-red spectrum penetrate the skin farther than the shorter blue or even shorter microwave spectrums which scatter easier snd which don't penetrate skin unless one holds an antenna next to the skin. It's the power of the source or antenna that matters. The power of the near field drops off inversely to the cube of distance of the radius of the field from the source while the far field drops of inversely to the square of the distance of the radius from the source. The reason one uses a speaker or ear buds on a cell phone is the antenna is far enough away that the electromagnetic wave from the cell phone doesn't have enough power to penetrats th skin.

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Can 5G penetrate a building? If so, penetration of the skin is relatively simple.

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Isn't doctors for Covid Ethics an oxymoron? Unless you mean the ones who are exposing the lies. I'm happily discovering that there are some doctors I can trust, most are out of range for me though except two.

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Rob Polans

Do you personally need a good doctor? If so, I began a doctor/ patient relationship with Dr. Syed Haider in early 2021 via telemed when I first had C19. He quickly prescribed me meds to kick covid out of the park and I've used his service for all my medical needs since. I found him from the FLCCC affiliate list. He has a Substack page also. Great man and he TRULY treats the person, he's not a drug pusher for Big Pharma. I believe he's licensed in all states. I'm in Michigan and I think his HQ is Texas? Also Dr. Peter McCollough is the chief scientific officer of a new medical platform called The Wellness Company. I believe it's via a $20 per month subscription ( Dr Haider is NOT via sub, anyone can contact him). I hope this is helpful if you are in need of medical attention. Peace!

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Like I said, I have a few,but don't use them. Some startling news I read is pharmacies have been lacing our rxes with fentanyl. Hopefully just some.

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Yes, it is treason against each nation but isn't it also an international conspiracy?

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Perhaps "supra-national conspiracy"? Isn't war being waged against humanity from above?

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Yeah, it's aliens waging war on humanity. Hahaha

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I’m sharing with everyone. We need a majority of the masses to push against the tyranny of the governments, the un and the who.

Thank you Katherine for your hard work.

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Wowzers Katherine, that was a brilliant presentation and a highly informative Q&A session that followed. “Funneling us into an abattoir” is an stunning metaphor for what has gone on and it really hits home why some of us have instinctively reacted as we have. Massive props for all the work you have done as like so many others, finding you and Sasha has enabled me to finally see what our path out of this might look like!

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Katherine, as far as other countries are concerned, last year, a friend sent me a video from Ukraine where an inspection arrived in a hospital and told a physician that she did not produce enough deaths from covid19. Later, she was fired. https://dnk.video/w/ugTypRbcc6HQMLHCZbMzsn

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I drew a medecine card for you, Katherine. Hawk has a message for you, it seems. Hawk upright...coming...

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Well explained presentation Katherine. In totality, speaking for myself and any others who saw that this was a military operation from early 2020 because that's how the beast moved, this has been the longest, saddest, most unsatisfying "i told you so" ever.

Your devotion protects you from all harm. Rest now. 'Quantum leaps approach us.

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Well done, shared where it matters!

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Brilliant 💞.. thank u Katherine. Loved the painting. Quick note that brought a tear... early on an older couple of mine had a midlife healthy baby ! Their last name was Apollonia.... The father of the baby died of Covid early on in the ICU (intubation/ Remdesivir) death ... these are the people we are fighting for and many others like this !! Never forget ! Leave no one behind .

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Katherine, I listened into the Doctors4Covid Ethics meeting, and it's shocking that you're indicating 'informed consent' appears to have been obliterated in the US in regard to Covid jabs, as people are now defined as 'threatening objects' not human subjects, if I understood you correctly?

It's astonishing a country of 330 million people have let the destruction of 'informed consent' occur?

Similarly in Australia, voluntary informed consent has been trashed by jab mandates which have been widespread across the country, imposed by state governments, businesses, sports clubs etc.

And yet, in principle, voluntary informed consent is a legal and ethical requirement, it's unclear how this has been so effectively destroyed.

For instance the Australian Immunisation Handbook states: "For consent to be legally valid, the following elements must be present...It must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation...It can only be given after the potential risks and benefits of the relevant vaccine, the risks of not having it, and any alternative options have been explained to the person."

See: https://immunisationhandbook.health.gov.au/contents/vaccination-procedures/preparing-for-vaccination#valid-consent

I have a recent letter from the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care which confirms: "Informed consent should be obtained for every COVID-19 vaccination, as per usual consent

procedures for other vaccinations." See: https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2022/11/mc22-018819-signed-highlighted-1.pdf

There's been complete insanity here, mandating the Covid jabs against the requirement for voluntary informed consent - if people wake up, it's likely to be the those inserting the needle, the health practitioners, who will be thrown under the bus...but in that case it's likely they will want to pull others under with them.

Informed consent is shaping up to be a powder keg - surely the situation will be the same in the US? How can the freedom to maintain personal autonomy and bodily integrity be swept away from millions, billions of people around the world?

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Don't forget Australia's role in this. Our Level 4 labs are humming along nicely, creating bioweapons for all, completely out in the open https://vicparkpetition.substack.com/p/australias-gain-of-function-research

Oh and here's Bill Gates, oozing around in Australia telling everyone the "next pandemic will be man made" wow https://vicparkpetition.substack.com/p/gates-meets-with-australian-pm-to

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Thanks Michelle, no I don't need a doctor. I have a neurologist if I ever go there. Otherwise I really don't see the need to except to let him know I still live so the prescriptions aren't going to waste.

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