May 2, 2022Liked by Katherine Watt

Katherine, you are a warrior and modern day Joan of Arc (absent her demise of course). Thank You for your work, and what seems to be a natural talent for unearthing these abominations. The legislation you’ve dug up is completely nauseating. And where does all that money come from? We the American people.

They must be confident those plans will be fruitful—it’s all too unbelievable! But it is true, correct? They are not only rats they are demon rats.

Every American ought to read your posts in order to realize the depth and breath of the socialist, fascist, tyrannical agenda playing out. How can so many Americans still be so oblivious? Gradualization, and an interconnected web of social engineering so, cunning, and diabolical, over many decades in this country.

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The money is one of the biggest insults. We’re paying (either real-time, or for many generations hence through debt) for the mass murder campaign being run against ourselves.

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Congratulations! Once again you’ve educated us in vital ways. A full understanding of these collective rabbit holes may await the peace we will hopefully enjoy on the other side of all this. May our increasing understanding help save our children and contribute to the survival of the life in Planet Earth.

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