It's been bugging me why the DHHS-Emergency isn't called-out.

It is the E in EUA. It is the excuse for mail-in voting, it is what was used to force mask-mandates.

I'm terrified of the implications of your article, but it does explain why so many are quiet. It's much bigger then Xavier Becerra or Nancy Pelosi.

Thank you.

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While this entire global eugenics bioweapon operation was planned well in advance, the Big Pharma goons are publicly claiming that the reason for complete immunity from liability for the deadly weapons they produced is because it was the U.S. government that wanted a "vaccine" developed, and manufactured in record time. The Big Pharma goons are blaming it on the government because a key "right" or tenant of Fascism is privatize profits, socialize costs. Collectivism is not about the common good, it is about exploiting the collective or mere "commoners" by any, and all means possible including genocide.

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Yet another "Save to Disk" article!

Katherine, congratulations, very impressive.

Nothing is as it seems even after you think you dug deep.

This is Soviet Level Disinformation at work, under our "Fascist" system.

I guess we did lose WW III, and WW II as well! And WW I in 1913.

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Stellar research and reporting. Thank you for all you do.

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That's an interesting choice of words, "biotech idolatry". Personally, I lean toward "medical idolatry", with focus on "sorcery". The more I study Bible passages containing the ancient words behind these English words, and especially the ancient Greek words beginning with "φαρμα" (pharma), the more I see that the warnings and predictions still apply today, in their original senses.

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Nice work Katherine. I especially like your closing.

While writing these two pieces - https://secularheretic.substack.com/p/pharmacogenomics-toxicogenomics - https://secularheretic.substack.com/p/black-and-veatch-metabiota-hunter - I came across some photos of the contract negotiations between the contractors who built the bioweapon labs and Ukrainian officials regarding the construction of those labs there. One showed a photo of a DoD representative also sitting at the table. I remember the person wrote the article was wondering why there was a DoD guy present.

If you want to open a whole 'nuther can of worms, take a look at the contractors who built those labs and how they were funded.

I agree, the gaping biotech window seems to be closing. What will be the next major battle field? I'll be considering that in my next piece.

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Great piece.

Will distribute it.

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How many public health "emergencies" are we now under?

COVID still?


Restless Legs Syndrome?

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Great read and research! Thank you.

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 Military Secrets in the Covid Vaccines (FOIA Request): Italian Judge


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So why would all these contract lawyers allow themselves to participate in reducing people rights? Is Betrayal a common behavior for lawyers? We all knew that no one went to jail after financial schemes such as 2008. Free passes given out the norm and public accepted the verdict. How will we regain control of our individual freedoms?

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It's offensive to compare that to the Arian "heresy", especially in the context of idolatry given Trinitarianism is much closer to idolatry/polytheism in how it tries to elevate Jesus and the holy spirit as equals to God, with barely any scriptural support for doing so.

I'd encourage you to take a look at some of the scriptural arguments against

Trinitarian polytheism in https://www.biblicalunitarian.com/100-scriptural-arguments-for-the-unitarian-faith

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"But the Soros team captured and marginalized most of those groups, especially by infiltrating and weakening the Occupy Wall Street movement just at the point OWS on the left was starting to make common cause with the Tea Party on the right through their shared critique of the corporate-state."

Good observation, I agree with this claim albeit there was more to it than Soros and more to it than a critique of corporatism. What happened was that the banking industry was coming under heavy scrutiny for having captured the Treasury department, handing over billions in bailouts to banks who had been engaging in fraud. The left and right together started to ask questions about why finance was so influential, and also about why a certain ethnic group was massively overrepresented in the Fed Reserve, banks, hedge funds, treasury, etc.

What happened (as Tim Pool has talked about) is that the small minority group that Soros belongs to began to fund anti-white propaganda and a host of other 'cultural marxist' themes. They made sure that the left wing orgs, the right wing think tanks, the EPI, NPR, etc, were all focusing on grievance politics based on race, class, sexual orientation, etc.

The group taking the blame for all of this? Whites, who represent a tiny percentage of bank CEOs, hedge fund managers, tech moguls, etc. So here we are today with the anti-white hysteria, while anyone who points out the role of Soros and his tiny ethnic group gets the Kayne West treatment.

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Excellent thank you!

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