"the ideological materialists (Putin, Chinese Communist Party, etc.)" Major error to equate Putin's idealogy with that of the CCP. Putin is a religious man, Russian Orthodox and baptised at night in secret by the Patriarch. It was pretty brave of his mother during Soviet times and could have resulted in her death if caught. He appears to be quite devout and observes Mass. He even showed much interest in Third Secret Prophesy of Fatima. He is not a communist and that's why he was "chosen" supposedly by a top influential Russian to be the leader. He has won elections democratically for several decades. He is not a globalist, believing as he does in a multipolar world. A lot of misleading propaganda and lies swirls around his name: "dictator", "thug", etc and against Russia in general in the Anglo-Saxon press, as the war in Ukraine dictates. Digging into the history the current situation becomes clear as to whose side bears responsibility for provocation in that war.

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Pfizer's Chairman and CEO Albert Bourla, was unable to attend the start of Israel's Jab "project".

He sent his apologies to Netanyahu. At that time a Contract was already signed, that Pfizer would build a new Pharma Factory in Israel.

As you stated the Country was and is of immense interest to Pfizer due to its unique medical records from Birth to death of EVERY Citizen in Israel, now what may be referred to as a super experimental "Lab rat" study,

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