I would strongly urge that people also recognize that by signing onto the first Agenda 2021 that any proceeding developments if those signatories failed to submit any objections that UN/WHO treats them as legally binding and that this is happening in states all over the world where through these apparatus' clearly the way that WHO/UN operates is not unlike how the U.S. intelligence complex operates with many tentacles of corporations, foundations, academia, military, justice systems, public health, pharmaceuticals, research and development, NGOs, contractors, etc.

What has occurred in the United States is the issuance of patents to individuals connected to tech companies and surveillance corporations whose operations have flowed from completely unlawful human experimentation and patents, specifically, the first IOT patent shows a weaponized system already capable of targeting a single person with satellites, planes, emergency vehicles, intelligence agencies, military, and even the EPA, DOT, etc are included in that patent in the illustrations showing the intentions and capabilities of that system.

To me, this extended out from some early patents to use the human body as an antenna, to use the human body as a power source, to access the brain wave patterns remotely from a computer, to access the brain wave patterns for modification and manipulation, and to use that for a cryptocurrency system, there are many patents that were granted to access humans and animals before this first IOT patent so that what flows from that is just further issuance of more unlawful patents. EO 12333 is what seems to have allowed the human experimentation to occur without having to gain informed consent and because this was allowed on the basis of national security, they really did not even need FISA though it is certainly being used and abused .

Though my guess is the unlawful system will continue regardless of FISA approval because of what is in EO 12333, the surveillance of people domestically was already taking place with that EO without the need for FISA that was put in place by Ronald Reagan and former CIA George H.W. Bush, and why would they allow people to be experimented upon with CIA/DOD/DARPA, etc. technologies without their consent when low and behold there is this patent showing GPS satellite tracking systems most likely created by all the above and with on the ground deep sensing methods used to monitor the person with a military and intelligence industrial complex apparatus of horrors, and this was possible long before 9/11, all that Patriot Act did from what I can tell is to add in additional agencies like the Department of Homeland Security which then included FUSION centers and from there it flowed into any person who gets a community policing job at city hall for instance to stalk, track, terrorize another person can legally do so and police will do nothing whatsoever about it and neither will congress because this is from an executive order that made national security done by these means practically permanent.

And, with those UN/WHO agreements this is just adding in even more reasons to do this to people actually, it will be because the person has been said by someone anonymously not to be vaccinated, has an infectious illness which can be diabetes and or auto immune conditions are considered infectious illness that means a person can be on a list for that or maybe the person has been accused of violating climate change mandates or 15 minute city area restrictions. This is a very planned out program of eugenics that at some point began to include frequency methods to shorten and or end a person's life,

I think we have Barrie Trower on record saying that is in fact what these frequency based weapons are designed to do and to do so without leaving a trace, and they were made legal to use on people by way of EO 12333, that is my interpretation since no person claiming this is being done to them can get a single agency to assist them. This is also being reported globally which proves that this does extend to those UN/WHO agreements and just like how our government extends these things here bilaterally, that is being done with Agenda 2030 and beyond that is now adding in further ways to abuse and torture people to submit them to being held in open air prisons basically without any redress and it gives them full impunity because they can add in more dangers, hazards etc and since they have patented all of this they will only get even richer simply by torturing and submitting people,. animals and the earth to this tyranny and terror.

Also, for years people have said that FEMA had actually set up various camps across the country, and in fact this program is also real and just happens to be connected to the potential situation that might arise should the entire country break out into a civil war because of an out of control immigration problem, this is a UN plan so again that is connected to UN's Replacement Migration program that I would suggest is really not unlike a Nazi Germany program that was used, it seems very similar and it also seems remarkably similar to what George Soros has been up to for years with his Color Revolutions that have the intent of doing exactly what the UN Replacement Migration program does which is to expel unwanted people from areas to replace those people with the ones who desire to take the land basically. These FEMA, DOD, etc programs have been called various names and they are indeed real, these were initially revealed in 1987 during the Iran/Contra hearings. People really need to educate themselves, these things are not conspiracy theories they can be verified, these plans are all published. The REX 84 program is real and was based on civil unrest due to a racial divide, but we have one being staged right now at our border, I can guarantee that this is part of a UN/Biden/Obama/Clinton/Soros/Schumer/Pelosi plan of Replacement Migration, I would say that these people have an MO and we are seeing it being manufactured for the upcoming election, they are already warning that if Trump does not win, there will be violence it shows the propensity of these people for blood lust to me.

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Thanks. That's a very comprehensive representation of where the world is. Having been targeted for most of Life, and robbed of my intellectual Property, I can and will attest to the global, off-the-Planet Satellite-based capabilities of the targeting program. 24/7 harassment and torture just for their kicks, and "they" seem to be button-pushing monkey parasites without the capacity to live by their wits, ethically, for a day.

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I am a constitutionalist (Australia) and do not for one moment accept that the Commonwealth of Australia had any constitutional powers to hand over any sovereign powers to a foreign entity. The article white showing key points doesn't seem to set out details. I appreciate anyone providing additional details and email them to me. My email address is shown at my blog https://www.scribd.com/inspectorrikati. On 19 July 2006 I representing myself defeated the Commonwealth and the 9 Attorney-Generals on constitutional ground regarding FAILING TO VOTE in both cases, as I submitted to the court that "compulsory" part of voting was unconstitutional. While the Commonwealth and States/Territories nevertheless enforce compulsory voting it is because they ignore court decisions albeit cannot take me on again. Obviously for the USA the issue is if the Federal Government actually had the powers to assign its sovereign powers to the WHO, etc. And if Congress had any such constitutional powers. I understand that George W. H. Bush in 1991 (on video) made clear that the CDC is not a Government Department and neither are its employees public servants as the CDC must pursue the best interest of its sponsors (pharmaceutical companies, etc) and this then question why on earth the CDC was dictating hospital protocols regarding covid issues, etc?

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Good questions. Do you know where I can find detailed discussion along the lines of Katherine Watt's analysis, but regarding the context in the Commonwealth of Australia?

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