"This is a blank check approach. It could be looked at as an abdication of congressional responsibility."

See also: Patriot Act (Surveillance for all, endless definition of war, mockery of civil liberties)

See also: AUMF (Endless authorization for war on any pretense, bypasses checks and balances)

The authorization granted the President the authority to use all "necessary and appropriate force" against those whom he determined "planned, authorized, committed or aided" the September 11 attacks, or who harbored said persons or groups. The AUMF was passed by the 107th Congress on September 14, 2001, and signed into law by President George W. Bush on September 18, 2001.

Since 2001, U.S. Presidents have interpreted their authority under the AUMF to extend beyond al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan to apply to numerous other groups as well as other geographic locales.

In December 2016, the Office of the President published a brief interpreting the AUMF as providing Congressional authorization for the use of force against al-Qaeda and other militant groups. Today, the full list of actors the U.S. military is fighting or believes itself authorized to fight under the 2001 AUMF is classified and therefore a secret unknown to the American public.


Got that? It's a secret who the baddies are and spoiler alert: it's you, Wrongthink Citizen who say, opposes Exp. Injection mandates, or wars.


See also: Espionage Act of 1917 (Assange)

See also: RICO Statutes

They WANT the blank check. They (the floating "they") may actually think they will only use the blank check on the "baddies" if they are needed.

This is how Power works. And this is how checks and balances were overturned to kill what we said we stood for as a nation.

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Clearly the United States has been functioning as a Fascist Administrative Dictatorship for many decades - certainly since 1913. Thank you so much Ms. Watt. Your posts are beyond informative.

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Just goes to show how long this forced vaxx and government pandemic response plan has been in planning, and now we can see all the puzzle pieces snapping together after they dusted it off and put it into effect before all their worldwide financial crimes came to light.

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Mike Adams of Natural News just wrote an article on Bioweapons and Ukraine. I ask Dr. Malone to confirm the following. He will not touch it for obvious reasons. This is a excerpt:

Under the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Act of 2005, the US seized Soviet labs and took possession of dangerous bioweapons research, under the pretense of destroying stockpiles of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the US justifies its gain-of-function and “directed evolution” research on viruses around the world, and lies about their government’s involvement in bioweapons research.

Did Putin learn that Ukraine was going to move against Russia with bioweapons? Don't know.

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I am not able to remember and even follow all the details of all that but i think these swamp creatures are satanic and possessed by demons, or simply worshippers of Satan, The Prince of this word, as Jesus called him, the Deceiver, the Liar whose mission is to separate Humans from God. Only God can stop these evil persons. But, smart people like Katleen Watt and Latypova and the like ... do a really a good job at helping us understand their evil plans. God bless and protect lthe hungry for Justice. I don't understand everything in this world full of corrupted evil persons but it makes me feel good that really smart people do understand and are watching these evil predators all over the world. Thank you, God bless people of good will. God please delivers us from Evil !

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Our government employees continue to outsource decisions to unelected entities including possibly WHO moving toward Bigger out of control bureaucracies without voter feedback loops.

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Katherine - first off, please let me express my tremendous gratitude for the unwavering work you are doing, uncovering all this, connecting the dots and then skillfully explaining it in simple layman's terms to us, the purposefully "dumb-downed" masses. If we still have history books in the future, your name will surely be there, as one who was instrumental in waking people up. It kind of eminds me of Sophie and Hans Scholl and their White Rose project during WW2 in Nazi Germany, but on a much larger and complicated scale. Thank you!

I guess we were too busy back in 2005 to notice all this, I wonder if this removal of informed consent even made the "news" back then. I know we were quite busy dealing with Hurricane Katrina and then Hurricane Rita a couple of months later. I have grave concerns about that period of time now, now knowing about how our weather can, is and has been is artifically manipulated. Learning about this legislation today, makes me wonder what drugs/treatments, injections, if any, were pushed on the evacuees of the affected areas. The evacuees of New Orleans were shipped all over the country, many never returning to NOLA. (How could they? If they couldn't afford to leave NOLA willingly to avoid the hurricane, how can they afford to return from some state far away and then address their damaged homes? (Different subject, tho.) And we know their propensity to take advantage of a certain subset of people in "emergency" situations. I read the other day, that in other poor (black) countries after a "natural disaster" (such as the Haiti earthquakes in 2010 and 2021) that one of the first things done by the responding aid organizations, even before addressing issues like sanitation, food, water and shelter, is to make sure that birth control and abortions are widely available to the disaster victims, even if (especially if) it is against that area's culture. Priorities...

There's a key phrase in Rep Waxman's statement about understanding the justification of oversight restriction. "....we want to assure that funding will be there so that the companies that are taking the *financial risk* of developing these products know that they will be able to count on those funds." It is my understanding that Trump gave big pharma at least $10B dollars from OWS for developing the covid vaxes. Where, exactly, did Pfizer, Moderna and others actually "take any financial risk"? No only was there no finacial risk up front, they're keeping ALL the profits, too! Shouldn't they, at least, be bound to pay back the Americans who funded it all?

I give kudos to Rep Waxman. Apparently back in 2005, at least some of our Congress members actually read and questioned some of the legislation coming across their desks. I guess Nancy's "just pass it, then you can read it" only became popular after pushing through Obamacare (ACA). No one ever explained why there was such a rush to do that. Ridiculous.

Mark McClellan is the typical bureaucratic witness who appears before Congress. He said alot of nothing basically in order to not answer Rep Waxman's question about the need for removing Congress' oversight during an "emergency". To me, seems like exactly opposite should occur during an emergency. 🤷‍♀️ Grifters gonna grift.

Lastly, I really urge you to do redundant backups of your data, and follow strict data protection protocols such as off-site storage and rotation. At this point with what's happening with our sun and the weakening magnetosphere, a Faraday bag for electronic media storage wouldn't be a bag idea either. I also hope you're doing all you can to protect yourself, too. Besides whatever physical, personal security you have, a large dog roommate is a great idea.

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You Safe.

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Katherine... O.M.G.

The scope of the criminality that you are uncovering is quite astounding. It is so wide and so deep that we are into supernatural manipulation. I see a malevolent spirit directing it all... I think we know who and what it is. Thanks for all you are doing.

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Great Article!! Thanks for adding the additional information I wrote in my substack: https://drtenpenny.substack.com/p/the-laws-that-got-us-here

The info about Rep. Obey is the most important part of my article.

Let's connect soon!

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Thank you some more.

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The legal edifice built by all the different laws have to be completely understood and part of the foundation of the different pandemic planning sessions that have been held. Gates participated in one and I believe there was another separate planning session held by another group. I can’t remember the names of each. It means that the comfort level for those involved and the ease at implementation was already in place in their minds.

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Just learning today that Mattis may have withheld information from Trump about Balloons in the US during his administration because they could not control what he might do. This seems to be a pattern. When you have a rogue DOD that thinks it knows better than a nationalist president, and an administration all around doing the same, we have a situation in which permanent washington with friends, would create a crime a rogue action.

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Thank You Katherine Watt for all your work. I actually got through 68 pages of The Project Bioshield link you shared, after page 68 I wanted to scream, these so-called heads of agencies couldn't answer most of the questions, they "think" we are doing well, they "think" we are under threat, they "think we should pour out billions just in case., and worse Fauci "predicted" genetically modified bio-weapons. And willy-nilly after his 2010 pact with Gates "The decade of vaccines" we have a genetically modified weapon used against our citizens across the planet. That whole hearing sounded more like a colluded sales job, and fear mongering of course to go with it. Clearly, it was already in the planning stages. They claimed to have no product development, and the private sector poor guys just had no incentive to work in this area, so we have to manufacture it for them, so the investors will follow. Exactly what Peter Dazack said to Fauci. Infuriating, if 9/11 was staged False Flag like reports have said, and Colin Powell threatening with fearmongering in Congress with his little stunt., just shortly before this hearing, then clearly these agencies saw an "opportunity" as Fauci stated for Billions in Federal Funding even though they could not name where, when and if they had a threat on our Nation. I couldn't read further their little show was so blatantly a sales job where they put Congress on a blackmail seat, and pharma putting these agencies on a blackmail seat, "don't give us the money" and we are all in "danger". Yet these are the same people that created the threat and executed it.

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Usurpers and unauthorized people making up rules to further enslave the people...

Care to fight against slavery?


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Knowing what has been done and why is important. It can help us figure out what we can do to try to undo it and why we should. Thank you for this monumental work that you do.

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i thought (and still think) Trump is on the good side with us, the people. It's so confusing, hard to understand all this crazy world full of evil persons ( i am not as smart as you guys, i am just a minor painter). We live satanic times, demons are unleashed/descending on Earth. Already in MDLXII =1562, Bruegel the Elder, the genial painter, made a painting on this satanic period that has begun long time ago, but seems to be dangerously accelerating now.



Au plus près du chef-d'oeuvre

Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique


Thanks for the sharing of your researches and infos

christine Hamel, minor painter

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