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These "apologies" are starting to bubble to the surface and all at the same time. This is not a coincidence. Clowns like Oster don't just "think this up" on their own. They are tasked to float these trial balloons by PR firms to gauge public sentiment.

It is a disgrace to even be having this discussion at this time. But what else would you expect from scumbag narcissists. This is not even an apology it is more gaslighting.

The only thing that should be discussed right now is justice. Crimes were and are still being committed. Millions were killed and millions more have had their lives permanently marred. 'Sorry' ain't gonna cut it.

This notion of "sorry" has gotten to the point of being pathological. To even suggest such a thing at this point is appalling and an insult to the millions who have had their lives destroyed forever and the millions who were killed.

Forgiveness of the criminals who have destroyed the lives of millions and an entire generation of children can in fact be problematic. I don't believe we should even be in a conversation about "forgiveness" at this point- we need justice. Without that these ghouls will do this again and again- they are already planning on it.

"Oops we killed 15 million people and implemented a mass surveillance control grid. Will you please forgive us? If you do we will give you extra mealworm cupcakes."

No thanks.

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No, what these ogres have done is unforgivable, and their legacy lives on in the people being murdered in hospitals by the 'treatments' they are being given: remdesivir, ventilators, being denied food and water for days on end, being denied the ability to use the bathroom and having to soil themselves in their beds, being denied access to their families, being held prisoner with no means to escape. No, forget forgiving them.

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I think it is a reverse psychological trap....backdoor victim-blaming. It also tries to absolve the INTENTIONAL psyop of their complicity [ https://igorchudov.substack.com/p/vaccine-like-inoculation-of-minds | https://dystopianliving.substack.com/p/how-the-covid-vax-campaign-convinced ].

The perpetrators will elicit the negative backlash from those who resisted the Covid psyop....and then write a new article crying at how mean those pro-life/pro-choice/pro-wellness/anti-vaxxers are reacting with so much vile. Forgiveness is perfectly fine. So is accountability.

Also notice there is a recommended reading article "America’s Epidemic of Unkindness" in that Atlantic article [ https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/11/how-be-kind/602488/ ] . Dodge the hijack.

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I called Emily Oster on her SubStack thread, after explaining how wrong she is ‘the most dangerous woman in America’. Her clientele are young Moms. She was a big vax pusher. She now sees how wrong she has been and is trying to get out from under her guilt/responsibility. The Atlantic Article was a very stupid move on her part. She is now, as you noted, linked with Fauci Walensky Gates etal. If she had kept her mouth shut and apologized and said she had been lied to, she could have reversed course and had at the least plausible deniability. Even if most wouldn’t accept it. They’d have just stopped reading her.

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Allen, well put. Exactly- a PR firm which they will continue to follow. We’ll use our own critical thinking - thank you!

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Keep heart

In the end, the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady will triumph.

Until then,

we implore our Almighty Father

to cast down the devils

in high places

and replace them

with His mighty Archangels

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I like Jaye’s comment posted herein ❤️

But another way that I have come to look at this is:

It took both sides to expose this corruption. The more heated it became (and it sure got very hot), the more it gained awareness in the collective consciousness. We are witnessing the demise of a very corrupt, for-profit only medical institution controlled by BigPharma and the WEF. The irate, righteous crowd attacking the anti-vaxxers actually played an important part in this awakening…in hindsight!

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Why don't we just send them all to the giant garden party in the sky you believe in? Would the deceased children up there have to forgive them as well? How does that work?

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Happy to forgive, to release any debt that may be owed to me personally. Doesn't mean trust or forget.

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Following orders, mandates, doing our job? Some things cannot be unseen, forgot or forgave. For those who FORGOT what it is to be HUMAN, perps & public, no excuse or apology exists. No debate, only "science" & actions revealing what they truly are. Forgive these cunning NAZI's? Nie, die ewige Verdammnis.

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I love, love, love this. 🙏❤️☦️

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Regarding Trump: I thank God for him and pray for his protection. I also pray that he can be back in office soon. He is not perfect but he deserves better than to be lumped with the likes of Biden and Fauci.

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I will only add that The Covid "miscalculations", or whatever it's being called, needs an important follow up: your "miscalculations" are about a great deal more than the Covid tyranny and persecution they felt free to vent on their neighbors, family members, and strangers.

It extends to the abuse and tyranny of many of those same people over January Six (many still await trials for walking through open doors); many face job loss, or career deadend over things like critical race, trans insanity, people disagreed with the George Floyd nonsense, defense of one man-one woman marriage; etc., etc.

It's the same process over every issue with these people...because they're vicious and they always resort to social, emotional, or physical violence and intimidation from the very beginning.

Stop resorting to tyranny, censorship, Swatting, and doxing to control or intimidate people who disagree with you.

It'll never happen. Most would never consider giving up the power that comes from violence and force.

It's all they've got.

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I am old enough that I prayed the latin rosary before everything was scuttled over to English. Love this take on the forgiveness angle, and love Ann Barnhardt too. Pray unceasingly, give thanks unendingly is a mantra I like. Thank you for this and for all your art posings. A breath of fresh air. Edited to add, I've seen this painting in person, in Madrid. Glorious!

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