"Don’t fall for the fear campaign psy-op and informational weapons being circulated by Project Veritas (probably as unwilling, unwitting participants who just want to get scoops) and spun up by other people whose words have the effect of directing public anger away from DOD/HHS/US Gov/WHO and toward expendable Big Pharma."

Listening to highly attended and lengthy Spaces forums on Twitter I am reassured that many well know this is far larger than pharma, and aren't falling for a laser pointer misdirect. I also see this larger picture being worked out in comment sections on a variety of Substacks. We learned a lot more about how pharma operates in the deeper underbelly, about their sinister little consulting and contractor partners, and from where all that activity is ultimately sourced and funded. Like it or not this is a major event raising awareness further. Unprecedented to be able to have 10K+ on a call twice with Project Veritas, co-hosts and a panel of speakers. Listeners who wanted access to ask questions and provide input got it. This provided all kinds of impressions, feedback, and constructive criticism. Lots of leads were generated for new places to look for clues. That is unprecedented in journalism-- what such an in real time interactive audio platform can provide with such immediacy. I think we will look back at this moment and know it was a useful pivot point.

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PR firms have enormous resources and can create stories through various scripts and edits.

Maybe Pfizer pulled babies out of incubators and threw them on the floor. They would do this if the ROI was good.

The restaurant scene itself is fraught with some fairly questionable and contradictory scenes. Not really worth getting into that but I think folks should just pause and consider.

In any case the story is not whether this guy is real or is PV on the up and up it is what has been said- the overall message of this production.

So now we get to what was Malone's role in this. Yes I know some will say- "why are you bringing him into it" etc. but one must as he WAS inserted into the original video by PV- that's odd. And he was the feature in the twitter conversation which people were DIRECTED to right as this video was being plastered all over substack's and twitter and everywhere else. AND he was then interviewed by Tucker Carlson shortly after this. I'm sure he has been elsewhere managing the narrative.

And what is that narrative?

That there is/was Wuhan-Gain of Function shenanigans and the virus did spread and was responsible for this pandemic and if we don't get a handle on this we could have a MUCH WORSE pandemic and we MUST be prepared for a SUPER NASTY contagion that could come our way.

Fear- Fear- Fear.

Now who do you think will be in charge on protecting us according to this narrative? What are the tools those people would have/use to "protect" us?

Sorry it is all propganda 24/7 and people have to be raisnig a whole host of questions and should NEVER take any of this at face value.

The lab-leak theory serves the Deep State agenda in that it reinforces the idea that the virus is a real problem that needs to be solved, rather than a fear-based control narrative. This "virus" is not man made in a lab in Wuhan.

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As long as the brainwashed sheeple kneel before the altar of the germ theory and all of its ridiculous iterations, the world will constantly be fed stories of “gain of function”, “pathogenic viruses”, “mutating viruses”, “barbaric jabs being safe and effective”, and will do whatever they’re told to do by “experts” who know what’s good for them.

Until the shift in knowledge eradicates the belief in that antiquated story, we will continue to see this horror show repeated and repeated and repeated.

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"And Pray the Rosary." Amen.

We will defeat these evil people, eventually, and after years of suffering and struggle. They will lose. They've just stolen a march on us now, that's all.

They are tinkering with God's creation with their evil transhumanism scheme. God will not allow such evil to triumph.

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Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

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Thank you, Katherine. Excellent and fully agree. We are being 'directed' to a version of the 'truth' the controllers want. We need to think and be bigger than that.

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I wish this revelation from PV would be pursued criminally. It could lead to other information which leads to yet other information. And so on.

This does go much further up but typically criminal investigations don't begin at the top, they get there through diligently pursuing lower levels and working up.

That is one reason why I don't really understand so many people trashing PVs work as irrelevant. I see no reason not to pursue this revelation. There is a bunch of truly horrible stuff going on. You and Sasha have done great work but there is still more to understand. This is a huge, deep and thoroughly evil network. Here is one chance to understand more information and I would like to see that chance taken.

Yesterday, PV was offering to protect this guy as a whistleblower. That seems like a good idea. He clearly knows things and he is in real trouble, as in, his life is likely in danger. I hope they do this.

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Carlson's story about this guy who is suppose to be a Pfizer research executive talking to a "reporter" who is basically telling him what to say, really made evermore apparent that Tucker Carlson Tonight is largely a limited hangout, a Mockingbird special as are many of the reports and editorials in the MSM.

By the way, isn't Fox a Blackrock investment like all the other "news" stations?

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Yes. They only have a small piece of the puzzle. But we know major media, including Fox can’t report until (after) someone else drops the bomb. They are puppets too. Just representing a different side-for now

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"But Pharma could not have pulled off its part of the crime without the US Gov/DOD/HHS/WHO/BIS orchestration." That is such a good point! Surely there is involvement at highest levels, but at the behest of and in service to people in positions of trust fronting for DOD, layer after layer to get to the real hydra's head. They do not care what outcome is perceived. Blame Pharma? Okay, it was THEM. Gotcha, never going to happen again. Nope, doesn't pass the sniff test, does it? Taking the "blame" where it may be absorbed without disrupting the "plan" has the maximum effect of leveling blame, instilling belief in something not proven and under-investigated, causing fear. Possibly the ultimate goal is fear if nothing else, and probably the reason they go this route. After all, what can we do to stop Pharma? How much energy will be expended in a partial pursuit that allows more morphing of guilty parties before we finally see we did not go far enough... 9/11. JFK. RFK. MLK. Namig but a few of the most obvious. They have reason to feel arrogant, they get away with it time and again.

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Your stack is now officially my top must read, all signal no noise!

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The 1.3% of the American population produces the food we eat. Dive further into the demographics and economics within this group and you begin to appreciate that challenges we face. If the fear, injections weren't enough, the mass starvation will be.

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Have you thought of the Marxist infiltration of our government as the cause of our current woes?. Trevor Loudon has done a great deal of investigation in this regard as well as written several books and films...perhaps worth a look...

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It is disturbing how few are calling out DOD/HHS/US Gov/WHO.

Whenever I see a 'lawmaker' on twitter talking about the border, Ukraine, whatever...I say 'End the Emergencies, restore the Constitution, start Nuremberg 2'

I really think the lawmakers know that it is all fake.

The ones in Davos talk like their families are being held hostage. They're trying to speak just right so they don't get wished into the corn field.

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Great piece, Katherine. The more I think about it, the more I can envision that the quickening of degradation we are witnessing might have resulted from Trump's surprise victory in 2016.

Granted, Trump is a tool unto himself and not to be trusted; however, many of his actions went directly against the grain of the entrenched establishment. If true, he may have been one of the few American presidents honestly elected by the people.

With his unexpected victory, the Malthusian ruling elites lost four years of gradual creep, could not afford eight (hence the 2020 coup), and, in outrage (from the Russia hoax to Jan 6), needed to make haste in regaining ground, primarily due to the looming sovereign debt crisis. Any thoughts?

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