You might want to add this to 2005. We had a radical change to the International Health Regulations and the WHO has accepted amendments to the IHR submitted by the US on 1-18-22 and they are also working on a Pandemic Treaty (International Treaty for Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Readiness) These actions will put ALL events statused by the WHO as an emergency in charge superseding our Constitution. SO the next time they release a flu on the public if the WHO mandates vaccines for all the member states are legally bound to follow. Digital Passports etc. Basically the WHO will be global governance. The amendments to IHR will be heard at the World Health Summit May 22-28 2022. This is our country selling us up the river AGAIN.

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I already know that the 2005 WHO IHR is at the center, have been writing about it several times a week since late January, after hearing Todd Callender’s Jan. 30 podcast with Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet.


And I also know about the pending pandemic treaty, and have been writing about that too.

And that the IHR already created de facto WHO global governance in US, which kicked in Jan. 30, 2020, with Tedros’ PHEIC declaration followed by Azar’s Jan. 31 public health emergency declaration. And is still in effect.


This series is focused on the US statutes passed to implement the WHO IHR at the American domestic level, but yes, I will connect it to the IHR, especially in the posts about the US statutes passed in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

I’m very glad you are writing about all those things too, and raising awareness!

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Thanks. I have a Substack blog too and have been covering this. I only recently joined your Substack so I had no idea you had cover it. We need to get the word out because so many have no clue what is happening and of course not a peep from the MSM but the alternative media isn't aware either. I am working with some folks to attempt to get those amendments pulled or to get the delegates to the WHA to vote no for the amendments in May at the WHA May 22-28. But I also know there is big money pushing their approval so as usual they bow to the money.

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I had joined your Substack too. I totally understand what we are up against but we still have to try to stop it. Believe me this is getting out all over the place. Gateway Pundit, Michelle Bachmann, Leo Hohmann, Pete Santilli, Stew Peters and Malaysia and so many more. James Roguski is doing interviews all day long.

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